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Match For Max.

Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:52 pm by Scarf

Just wondering if I could get something going for my newest Friction wrestler.
If anybody finds themselves interested or has any possible ideas for the future don't hesitate to hit me up, I'd be happy to hear from you.

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Inconsistent posting

Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:53 pm by RJD

I have stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks and will not be able to post anywhere near as often as usual/before. To be honest this has already been showing it's effects lately but it will do so even more from now on. I'll prioritise my Avalanche match and multi character matches but other than that I'll respond probably once every few days, I'll try not to leave anyone hanging though.

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Looking for Friction matches!

Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:07 pm by tehbohemian

Hey everybody just posting a notice I have 2 wrestlers that could use some love!

Shinobu just got out of her match and I'm looking for some wins or losses to add to her record, she is a serious fighter and is looking for more straight forward fights, she could be a good match up against other "martial artist" type characters looking for a challenge or she could stand up to a violent heel, anything works.

Sonic is also up for matches, people familiar with Ring Dream or Wrestle Angels should …

[ Full reading ]

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Mistress Isabelle

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Mistress Isabelle

Post by AmishStalker on Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:15 pm

Name: Mistress Isabelle
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Eyes: Green
Hair: Violet
Height: 5'6
Weight: 115
Nationality: German
Favoured moves: German suplex, stalling vertical suplex, power slam
Finishing move/s: Figure 4 headscissors
Entrance music: "Reich Mir Die Hand" from Blutengel

Personality: She's very arrogant. She taunts and attempts to verbally humiliate and degrade everyone. To her, everyone is an inferior with no exceptions. She claims that God himself bows before her. Outside of the ring, even her friends believe she is full of herself. It's surprising that she even has friends.

History: Born and raised in Dortmund, Germany, Isabelle always wanted to travel the world, especially after the death of her parents when she was sixteen years old. After living with her grandparents and dealing with their deaths, she decided that Dortmund was her Hell on Earth. She moved to Ireland, where she remained living with a long-time friend, who she met in Berlin years earlier. While living with her friend, she became interested in professional wrestling. At eighteen, she began training at a local wrestling school. She quickly honed her basic in-ring skills and proved to be a very quick learner. She quickly developed her first in-ring persona, referring to herself as the German Goddess. After learning everything there was to learn at that particular school, she traveled to the United States, where she planned to establish herself as the most dominant woman in professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling didn't pay well in the least. She had to find away to bring supplemental income to her pockets, and she quickly learned that she could take advantage horny, desperate men and women. She became a pro-Domme, charging outrageous hourly rates to provide both sensual and sadistic domination to those who wanted it. In addition to her earned hourly wages, she was able to extort her worthless clients, collecting gifts of great value as tribute. During her time as a Pro-Domme, she developed the Mistress Isabelle in-ring persona. She took well to sucking money out of people, and in the ring, she enjoyed sucking the life out of her opponents.

In-ring tendencies: Verbal humiliation is what she enjoys the most. She tends to spank her opponents for their insolence and tries to make them kiss her feet when they're in a very weak state.

Favored moves: She likes to dominate. She finds that she can dominate the best using scissor holds. She seems to think that her legs, when locked around her opponents, are inescapable. She also enjoys using the German suplex and the power slam.

Finisher: She uses a figure four headscissors. With the opponent on her back, she will lift the opponent's head and sit, resting the back of the opponent's head on her crotch. She will then wrap her right leg around the opponent's neck and secure the hold by wrapping her left leg around her right foot/ankle. She will pull her left foot toward her, crushing her opponent's throat with her right calf.

Figure four headscissor pin. A variation of the figure four headscissors, she sits on her opponent with her legs around her neck in a figure four/schoolgirl pin position. She will flex her arms to humiliate her victim.

Upon winning a match, she will wield her whip and use it on her victim, and force them to kneel at her feet.

Attire: She usually wears latex. This includes skin-tight latex pants, and occasionally latex skirts. Her top normally matches the bottoms. She wears heeled boots. Her kicks are lethal and deadly. She often wears wigs to the ring, but they usually pop off in the match.

Favorite match type: Submission, although she rarely turns down other match types. She feels confident that she is the best in each match.

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Re: Mistress Isabelle

Post by Kelsea on Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:46 pm

This character could do with a detailed personality section and a lot more detail in the history.. The current bio doesn't tell us anything about this character, what she is like, her motives or past other then the fact that she is German and a dominatrix who moved to Ireland at some point in her life.

I'd advise perhaps looking at other peoples bios for examples of how much detail to put in ^_^

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Re: Mistress Isabelle

Post by Kelsea on Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:48 pm

looking a lot better now, so this is approved

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Re: Mistress Isabelle

Post by Sponsored content Today at 10:27 am

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