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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

[ Full reading ]

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Looking for debut thread.

Sat May 12, 2018 9:28 pm by Hedgehawk

Hello All.

I am looking for a debut for my girl Trinity (

This doesn't have to be a match, it could be a gym battle, interview or anything else. I just want something to help get Trinity off the ground. If you wanna plot feel free to reply to this message or fire me a PM.

Many thanks in advance and thank you for reading my message,

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Robert "Robbo" Easter

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Robert "Robbo" Easter

Post by Presso on Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:30 pm

General Information

Name: Robert Easter
Alias: Robbo, The Lancaster Bomber.
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Red
Height: 5´11
Weight: 160 lbs
Origin: UK
Alignment: Face
Entrance Music: "Hysteria" - Muse.


Combat Information
Combat Attitude: Strong and game for a laugh, he's more out for the thrill of the fight but if he does see something that he doesn't like then he'll let you know about it..usually with his fists.
Combat Strategy: Usually through a combination of trickery and brute force outwits his opponents. Spends a lot of time studying his opponents previous matches and works out how to use their moves against them with varying (i.e. comedy) results.
Combat Style: A grappler and a brawler depending on if he's out on the town on a friday night.
Combat Type: Wrestling.


Strength: ★★★★
Defense: ★★★
Endurance: ★★★★★
Speed: ★★★★
Technique: ★★★★





Usual Attacks: Tries to rely on wrestling and submission holds but also falls back on combos of punches and kicks. Likes to perform the odd areial move.
Usual Matches: He is usually okay with most matches but is better in some than others.

Style Information: Robbo tends to fight fairly, he doesn't feel right if he has to cheat to win. He's out to have fun and not to piss people off.


Attack information


Favorite Attacks

- Spear (from his rugby league days)

- Abdominal stretch

- Bulldog

- Surfboard hold

- Armbar

Common Finishers

- Friday night special: from behind Robbo will jump up and pull his opponent back into a double knee backbreaker. If successful he will roll his prone victim onto his/her front and then pull on a "straightjacket" hold: sitting on the opponent's back and grabbing his/her arms and crossing them before yanking backwards.

- Blackpool buster: A fireman's carry gutbuster where Robbo will pick up his opponent into a firemans carry and then drop onto one knee while at the same time pushing his victim over his head and down onto his other knee stomach first.

Critical Finisher

- Northern Soul: Robbo has his opponent in a seated position and from behind pulls in a "rear naked choke": wrapping his legs around his victim's body for a sitting body scissors with his arms pulling in a sleeper hold, squeezing the life out of his opponent.

Hentai Finisher

- 3am finisher: (females & ring only): Hoists opponent onto his shoulders and eats her out until orgasm upon which he will drop his unsuspecting victim into a powerbomb leaving them dazed, drained and probably very confused.

Tag Team Finisher

- The grand slam: With the aid of her sister Jess he will pull their victim up into what is normally the position ready for a powerbomb. With his back to the turnbuckle Jess will be able to jump and deliver a flying drop kick to the chest of their opponent knocking them down to the canvas.


Personal Information


Personality: Whilst undeniably the quieter of the Easter family, Robbo is still a happy and friendly guy to know. A definite team player he would probably find it a pleasure to take part in an impromptu tag match as long as he was friends with the team mates. When calm and confident he is clearand almost clinical in his actions however he can get wound up and rattled which leads him to taking rash and sometimes disastrous decisions.

History: Robbo was born in the north of England in the UK to a decent middle class family. The parents ran a successful business which continues to this day and has enabled the Easter twins to have a comfortable upbringing. The family have stayed together through their life and when the children were offered the opportunity to go to a pretigious boarding school the parents chose to send the Easter twins to a good local school and made up the odds with private tuition instead. This kept Robbo and Jess together and formed what was to be a close bond between the two as they grew up in the
same class.

The fact that the family had lots of quality time to spend meant that they could indulge in a fun hobby popular with some in parts of the North of England which was was watching local wrestling matches. More a form of amusing entertainment with legends such as Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy from matches past the spectacle plus the occassional chance to see touring Mexican luchadore wrestling promotions inspired both Robbo and Jess to take it up which their parents encouraged more as a form of execise than anything else. The pair practiced most evenings in the local gym after their homelessons and formed quite a formidable tag team in youth wrestling circles in England. They worked hard and played harder.

By the time the pair had reached 17 they had passed their exams at school and had earnt good enough grades to merit a scholarship at a pretigious American University. The pair jumped at the chance not only for a good degree but also because they'd be in the right timezone for some of the best pro and luchadore wrestling in the continent! They also had the chance to launch their product in America and immediately joined a local wrestling promotion where they excelled with a kind of "British invasion" gimmick. Robbo did raise an eyebrow at Jess's antics at University after she got involved in an underground hentai wrestling league at the Uni but chose to let her do her own thing outside of studies and pro-wrestling. Robbo graduated recently with a degree in sports physiotherapy.

The pair were too late to take part in a few of the bigger European wrestling promotions as they folded leaving them to go back to America and wrestle there in the smaller leagues before they got their chance with an offer to wrestle with the AFW in Japan making their parents very proud in the process.


Additional information


Fun facts! Robbo is a fan of Rugby league and football and has season tickets with St Helens and Liverpool. He usually likes running and weights in the morning and a good pint in the evening usually watching wrestling or other sport. He wears a help for heroes bracelet on his right arm for his mates
serving abroad.

Likes: Wrestling, rugby league, football, boozing, execising hard to work the booze off, Jess Easter.
Dislikes: Anybody who confuses Rugby Union with Rugby League, people who mock him or his St Helens RLFC bed cover.

Siblings: Jess Easter

Acquaintances: Cecilia Northman


Allies: Jess Easter



Alliance memberships:

Tag-team: [url=]the Axis of Awesome.[/url:17pasncy]


Titles: None.
Contender-ships: None.

Wins: 0

Losses: 1 - [url=]Standard match to Cecilia Northman by pin[/url:17pasncy].

Draws: 0

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Re: Robert "Robbo" Easter

Post by Tatyina on Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:54 pm

Approved! You can begin rping and getting matches

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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