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Apologies in advance!

Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:49 pm by acuya

Just dropping in to apologize in advance - for the next week or two, I'm going to be a bit sporadic with my posts. I'm doing a little Uber to make some extra money for some personal things in my life, and that'll take up some time that was previously used for writing.

I will get to everyone I owe a post for, it'll just take a bit longer than you're probably used to from me. So just bear with me and things will return to normalcy.

Also, sorry about the delay with the battle royale. That's all …

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Comments: 2

Back to leave again^^"

Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:08 pm by xalex

hey guys just a short heads up... my finals are finally done... no plan how they went^^"

but i only got this weekend "free" meaning that this week a lot of shit is going down and it will go on for some time meaning i have no plan how much time i have for roleplays and this page^^"

i just wanted to say sorry for anyone i leave hanging

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Looking to revive

Mon Jul 03, 2017 7:06 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello I apologize for my long absence from here, real life issues have been kicking my ass but I feel like I can return on here so if anyone is interested in taking on either Takeichi Mori or Takeshi Kawai feel free to get in touch. And if you are one of the people I was having a match with before my lengthy hiatus and wish to resume that match also feel more than welcomed to get in touch with me as well.

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Selena Takahashi

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Selena Takahashi

Post by Vivian on Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:05 am

Name : Selena Takahashi
Alias : The Dojo girl
Gender : female
Age : 18
Eyes : Green
Hair : Black
Height : 5'2"
Weight : 105 lbs
Nationality : Spanish/Japanese/American
Citizenship : The United States and Japan (doesn't have Spain citizenship cause she never actually step foot on that country)
Origins : Miami ,FL (currently living at Nagoya ,Japan...haven't visited her hometown since she started to stay at Japan 3 years ago)
Entrance Music : Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

[size=150:yo9w8y7b]Wrestling Information

Wrestling Strategy : Moving quickly around the ring with her remarkable stamina and looking for counter-attacks which she believes is the best way to win a match.

Wrestling : Rank B (3 1/2 stars) ,"Well what can i say??? i love the feeling of my opponent's body straining on mine"

Aerial : Rank A (4 stars) ,"Aerial strikes is one of my favorite too but i tend to do it rarely cause it hurts both me and my opponent a lot"

Powerhouse : Rank D (2 stars) ,"Look at me ,i'm small and there's no way i could lift someone up except for the one who is smaller than i am"

Martial Arts : Rank S (5 or more stars) ,"Woohoo! This is what i've made of. Not to be bragging about anything but i could fight like the legendary Jackie Chan so don't mess up with me or i'll stuff your ass into a trash can ^_^"

Strikes with hand/fist : Rank S (5 or more stars) ,"Haiyaaa!!!! i can break a couple of bricks just using my palm ,doesn't believe it?? well come to my dojo and i'll show you!!!"

Strikes with leg/foot : Rank S (5 or more stars) ,Well you guys know Chun-Li?? if you know her then you'll know that my foot is strong as hers!"

Preferred Attacks : Full-frontal palms to the front part of her opponent's body

Preferred Matches : Martial arts match ,wrestling ("Ok to do that once i get into the mood) ,hentai ("Hmmm...yummy ^_^")

[size=150:yo9w8y7b]Stats :

Strenght : Rank C (3 stars) ,"Average i could say"
Defense : Rank A (4 stars) ,"I've almost mastered all of martial arts defensive technique soooo i'll say that i'm good at it"
Endurance : Rank D (2 stars) ,"Well darn ,i'm not good at fighting too long and i guess every martial arts fighters have the same weakness"
Speed : Rank S (5 or more stars) ,"Haiyaaa!!! i'm quick ,i could bob and weave like Jack Dempsey and stings like a bee...hehe ,i'm just kidding but i'm fast"
Technique : Rank S (5 or more stars) ,"Wuiiiiii!!! you don't need to ask me this cause you already know it!"
Counter : Rank A (4 stars) ,"Can't say my counter is flawless ,sometime i get too excited and forget about countering ^^;;"

[size=150:yo9w8y7b]Attack information

- The Dojo's kick - Selena will finish her opponent with a powerful and devastating right straight kick to the chest.
- Dojo's lotus - Selena will stun her opponent and lay her down near the turnbuckle before she climbs on the turnbuckle ,turn her body around on the turnbuckle before she jumps and spins her body in the air then lands her head on her opponent's poor belly.

[size=150:yo9w8y7b]Personal information

"Someone woke me up too early and i'm not happy about it!!! grrrr!!!"

Personality: She is a feisty and pretty cheerful person ,really takes you an effort to make her angry but once she's angry she'll use her martial arts skill to KO you and even to break your bones. Her life inside the ring is completely different with her life outside the ring ,inside the ring she is a total bitch who doesn't give her opponent some mercy before she crushes them and end the match so better be don't try to be a jobber if you're fighting against her.

History: Daughter from a famous martial arts experts and kickboxer. Her dad is a famous kickboxer at his time and her mom is well-known martial arts experts who can bring her opponent down in a single punch or kick maybe it's already in Selena's DNA. Daddy is half Spanish and half American while her mother is total Japanese but she can't speak Spanish and Japanese cause she was born in the States so the only thing she knows is English. Her dad wants to trained her kickboxing but her mom said it was to rough for a pretty girl like her so they decided to train her martial-arts since she was 6 years old...They really pleased with how Selena is shaping in martial-arts ,she can even break a brick with her own hand when she was only 8 years old. Her incredible achievement made her parents decides to give her a try at the rough sports called as wrestling. They always took her to the wrestling gym and watch her to practice with her trainer. After years of training and with a good martial-arts skill ,her parents gives her a go at the wrestling sport and joins her in The AFW...hoping she'll find a perfect match for her and have a good time at the league.

Additional information

Facts of Selena :
- Selena appears in a show once ,a local Japanese TV show that has a similarity to "MTV CRIBS" because her overly huge and unique Japan's traditional looking mansion
- Selena once appears on the front page of a local magazine as one of the sailor moons along with 8 or 9 other girls ,probably even more (Well vivian is having a trouble to remember all of the sailormoons' names n the exact numbers of their members so cut vivian some slack ^^;Wink
- Has a sexual disorientation ,she tends to love females instead of males but that doesn't mean she hate males or something. She likes them but as far as being friend ,nothing more...perhaps she'll change her mind one day but dunno.

- Cute ,kind and submissive gals ,"Reyna-chan describes this perfectly ,she is now what i wanted but how could i tell her about my feelings to her?? well i'm such in a dillemma >.<"
- Orange juice ,"Tasty ^_^"
- Her tiny cute bright green bike ,"Ahhh i ride it since i was a kid and now i'm still riding it on my Sundays ^^"
- Anything which has a black and green colours on it ,"Anything ,literally"
- Her bright green one piece swimsuits

- Trash talk
- Cocky gals
- Big gals
- Motorbike (fell off her dad's bike when the first time she rides it) ,"It hurts ya know >.<"

Most Used Quotes:
"Tch..tch...tch...wasting my time"
"Last chance for you to give up before you''l ended up KO"

AFW record
Wins: -
Losses:- pinned by Lyrical Lily

General Status

Friends: Her school friends

Allies: looking for one

Rivals: -

Enemies: -

Crushes: -

Alliance: -

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