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Hey guys!! Tsuka's back!!

Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:06 am by TomboyTsuka

I'm back from my holiday to Shanghai, China. Although I actually already returned yesterday but I was kinda tired.... But now I can finally RP here again with my pals at AFW!!

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Back From Hiatus

Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:34 am by Gwyndolin

I mentioned awhile back that I was expecting to be absent from this site for 2-3 weeks as I worked to finish my last college semester. That pause turned into two months due to some extra tasks that kept me busy, but I finally have the free time to roleplay again! Grades for the last quarter turned out great, so it looks like I'll graduate as I hoped I would once my degree is certified.

I'll update my ongoing roleplays shortly. Glad to be back!

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Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:38 am by LtLukas

Hey there. You want to have a match? What's that? You want to have a match with the best goddamn RPer on this site? Well, then go ask acuya or Alexandra (RIP) because you are going to be stuck with me. But you should still sit the fuck down because I am about to slap your bitch tits with some awesome shit, whether you like it or not.

Eka is a nice girl. She has stamina for days, and can submit an alligator. She is really sweet though, but if you want to see her get real unsweet, well, why …

[ Full reading ]

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Sumiko Tomoyo

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Sumiko Tomoyo

Post by Mastery on Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:29 pm

General Information

Name: Sumiko Tomoyo
Alias: None Currently
Sex/Gender: Female
Age: 18
Eyes: Indigo/Purple
Hair: White/Silver
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Nationality: Japanese
Citizenship: Japanese

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Defensive (Sumiko usually waits for the opponent to strike so she can counter it into a submission maneuver.)
Style: Submission (Sumiko usually uses submission techniques that targets all kind of body parts. When she finds a weak spot on the opponent, she will stick on that spot for the majority of the match.)
Type: Technique (Sumiko can perform all kinds of submission to its effectiveness. She is also an expert of suplexes and DDTs, and often uses them to further damage the opponent in gives more opinions for her submissions techniques. However, she is not well versed in power and speed, and can easily get overwhelmed by wrestlers who uses these attributes. She also doesn't have a high endurance or resistance against people's offensive moves, and even gets defeated if a signature move is connected onto her.)
Preferred Attacks: Submission, Suplex and DDT Techniques (Sumiko usually uses Submission Techniques as her height and weight allows her to perform almost every known submission. She also uses Suplex and DDT Techniques to further strengthen the submission's effectiveness.)
Preferred Matches: Any matches that doesn't uses weapons, especially submissions matches. (Sumiko usually prefers submission matches for her submission repertoire, but aside from that, any matches can do as long as no weapons are used, since a match is suppose to be purely clean in her opinion.)
Favored Moves:

Argentine DDT: Sumiko lifts the opponent onto her shoulders as in an Argentine backbreaker rack, pushes the opponent's legs while still holding the front facelock, flipping them over to the front of Sumiko. Sumiko falls down to the mat back first, driving the opponent face first down to the mat.

Elevated DDT: This version of a DDT first sees Sumiko place the opponent on an elevated surface, usually the ropes/turnbuckle, while applying a front facelock. Sumiko next draws the opponent away from the elevated surface, leaving the opponent's feet over the elevated surface (i.e. ring ropes), making them the only thing other than Sumiko keeping the opponent off the ground. Sumiko then falls backwards so that the opponent is forced to dive forward onto her head with extra force due to the height of which they were dropped. This can also be performed as a double team move.

Flip DDT: Also known as a front flip DDT. After applying a front facelock, Sumiko pushes off the mat with her legs to flip the opponent and drive them onto the top of their head in a manner similar to the flip piledriver.

Flip-Over DDT: Also known as a Samurai Driver, this DDT sees Sumiko place her head between the thighs of an opponent before jumping up while pushing away from the opponent's thighs to flip up and sit on the shoulders of the opponent. The wrestler then spreads their legs, dropping off the opponent's shoulders as they grab hold of the opponent's head in a front facelock to fall down to the mat back first, driving the opponent's head down to the mat. This move sees Sumiko get lifted up in a powerbomb position so often, this move is used as a counter to a powerbomb.

Fireman's Carry DDT: Also described as a fireman's carry implant DDT, this move sees Sumiko first put an opponent up in the fireman's carry (across Sumiko's shoulders) position, then throw the opponent's legs out in front of her to spin them out while Sumiko switches the position of her arm that's holding the opponent's head to a front facelock and falls backwards to drive the top of the opponent's head into the mat.

Fisherman DDT: After applying a front facelock, Sumiko hooks the opponent's near leg with her other arm, lifts them up into a vertical position, and falls backwards on to her back, driving the opponent's head down to the mat. This move is also known as a Leg hook DDT.

Implant DDT: Implant DDT refers to variations of the DDT where the opponent is driven to the mat face first, as in a faceplant, and not on to their heads. The most common variation is the Lifting DDT. A common variation of the Double underhook DDT is the implant variation. Another variation of the implant DDT sees Sumiko place their opponent in a headlock, but instead of falling backwards they leap backwards onto their back, pulling the opponent with them face first to the mat.

Lifting Inverted DDT: Sometimes referred to as an inverted suplex. Sumiko applies an inverted facelock on the opponent with one arm, and lifts the opponent up with the other. The wrestler then falls backwards down onto their back, slightly to their side, driving the opponent down to the mat upper back and head first. Another variation used can be done where Sumiko falls on their stomach instead of their back, which is known as a lifting falling inverted/lifting falling reverse DDT.

Reversed Tornado DDT: Sumiko applies an inverted facelock from an elevated position (for example, sitting on the top turnbuckle against an opponent standing on the mat, or from the apron against an opponent standing on the ground). She then jumps off so that she swings around the opponent. Using the momentum from the jump, she falls forwards and slams the back of the opponent's head into the mat. It could also be done when Sumiko is standing on the mat instead of an elevated position.

Rolling Release Suplex: This suplex starts with Sumiko applying a front face lock to her opponent and draping the opponent's near arm over her shoulder, then lifting her up in the vertical position. At this point, the face lock is partly released as Sumiko falls forward. The momentum of Sumiko forces the opponent to roll out of the face lock and drop back-first down to the mat.

Superplex: A superplex is a name that comes from the term "super suplex" and refers to any suplex performed by Sumiko standing on the second or third rope against an opponent sitting on the top rope or top turnbuckle. The most common suplex used for this top rope move is the standard vertical suplex variation (known as the suicide-plex), in which Sumiko apply a front face lock to the opponent, draping the opponent's near arm over their respective shoulders. At this point, the wrestler falls backwards and flips the opponent over them so they both land on their backs. Most if not all suplex can be performed off the top/middle rope, though they are generally known as "top/middle rope (super) [name of the suplex]" (i.e. Super belly to belly suplex) and are frequently performed to prevent the opponent from performing a high-flying technique.

Suplex Slam: This move is similar to most suplexes and starts with Sumiko applying a front face lock to her opponent and draping the opponent's near arm over her shoulder, then lifting her up and holding the opponent in the vertical position. This is where the move differs from most of its counterparts with the attacker not falling with the opponent, but rather shifting themselves slightly and throwing their opponent to the mat. Sometimes, this involves Sumiko turning the opponent in midair and slamming the opponent down to the mat in front of her onto their back, similar to a high-angled body slam.

Cobra Clutch Suplex: Sumiko places the opponent in a cobra clutch. Sumiko then lifts the opponent up and falls backwards, driving the opponent to the mat on their head.

Gutwrench Suplex: A gutwrench suplex involves Sumiko standing on one side of an opponent locking her arms around the opponent's waist (near arm in front of the opponent and far arm behind) and lifting her up and slamming her over back-first down to the mat.

Wheelbarrow Suplex: This move is performed when Sumiko wraps a forward facing opponent's legs around her waist, in a wheelbarrow hold, from either standing behind an opponent who is laying face-first on the mat or by catching a charging opponent before then applying a gutwrench to lift the opponent up off the ground into the air. Then Sumiko would then continue lifting the opponent over her while falling backwards to hit this variation of a German suplex.

X-Plex: A variation of the German suplex where the opponent's arms are crossed across their chest, in a straight jacket hold, and held by Sumiko. Sumiko uses the crossed arms as leverage to aid in lifting the opponent up while falling backwards, throwing the opponent like a German suplex. The move is commonly referred to as a straight jacket suplex or an Aztec suplex.

Pumphandle Suplex: Sumiko stands behind the opponent and bends her forward. One of the opponent's arms is pulled back between her legs and held, while the opponent's other arm is hooked by Sumiko, maneuvering her arm around in front of the opponent's shoulder and securing it behind the head (a quarter-nelson). Sumiko then lifts her opponent up over her head and falls backwards to slam the opponent against the mat back-first. There are many variations of the pumphandle suplex, including the maintaining of the grip in order to land the opponent on the mat face-first, or inverting the opponent's body position and securing the opponent's free arm using a half-nelson grip instead of the normal quarter-nelson, etc.

Sleeper Suplex: Sumiko places the opponent in a Sleeper hold and then hooks one of the opponents arms with her free arm. Sumiko then lifts the opponent up and falls backwards, driving the opponent on their head.

Three Quarte-Nelson Suplex: While behind the opponent, Sumiko places the opponent in a three-quarter nelson, one arm in a half nelson and the other in a chickenwing, and proceeds to fall backwards while lifting the opponent overhead in the hold and driving them into the mat behind them. This is sometimes referred to as a half and half suplex as it is a combination of a half nelson suplex and a tiger suplex.

Belly To Belly Suplex: Sumiko wraps her arms around her opponent in a waistlock or a bodylock position and flips her over by violently bridging her own body so the opponent lands on her back. This can be done either overhead or to the side. It can also be performed in a "snap" fashion, where Sumiko stomps down hard and suplexes the opponent stiffly, resulting in a quicker throw.

Super Belly To Belly Suplex: This version of a superplex is an overhead belly to belly suplex executed on an opponent sitting or standing on the top rope, facing inward.

Trapping Suplex: This is when Sumiko holds both the opponent's arms under her own (known as overhooks in mixed martial arts and amateur wrestling, as the arms loop under the opponent's arms from above) with the hands connected below the opponent's triceps. From here, the opponent is left secure and unable to counter or move away from the attacker while she delivers a belly to belly throw, flipping the opponent overhead in the normal belly to belly motion. In amateur wrestling and other contact-sports, the trapping suplex is called the suicide throw. It is done slightly differently. Usually the opponent is tossed to the side and lands on their back.

Inverted Vertical Suplex: Also known as a Reverse suplex, this move sees Sumiko stands behind an opponent and applies an inverted facelock with one arm, and uses the other arm to aid in elevating the opponent so that she is lifted up and held upside-down before Sumiko falls to her back, driving the opponent down to the mat face first, behind Sumiko.

Single Leg Boston Crab With Knee: Similar to a normal half Boston crab, this move sees Sumiko use a single knee to add additional pressure by pressing it into the opponent's back.

Finishing Move/s:

Torture Paths -Path 1-: (Single Leg Boston Crab) Also known as a Half Boston crab or a Half crab, a move that typically starts with the opponent on her back, and Sumiko standing and facing them. Sumiko hooks one of the opponent's legs in one of her arms, and then turns the opponent face-down, stepping over her in the process. The final position has Sumiko in a semi-sitting position and facing away from her opponent, with the opponent's back and leg bent back toward her face. Sometimes, Sumiko will place their leg so that her knee digs into the back of the opponent. A variation with Sumiko kneeling side-ways while having the leg hooked can be performed.

Torture Paths -Path 2-: (Crossed-Legged Boston Crab) This variation of a normal Boston crab sees Sumiko get a hold of both of the opponent's feet, then crossing both legs over before tucking both legs under its opposite armpit (i.e. left leg under Sumiko’️s right armpit). After completing this, Sumiko turns the opponent face-down, stepping over her in the process to secure the hold. This is usually followed right after the Single Leg Boston Crab if Sumiko's opponent haven't tapped out yet.

Torture Paths -Path 3-: (Bow & Arrow Hold) Sumiko kneels on her opponent's back with both knees, hooking the head with one arm and the legs with the other. She then rolls back so that her opponent is suspended on her knees above her, facing up. Sumiko pulls down with both arms while pushing up with the knees to bend the opponent's back. This is usually followed right after the Crossed-Legged Boston Crab if Sumiko's opponent haven't tapped out yet.

Torture Paths -Path 4-: (Ceiling Hold) The opponent starts on their stomach on the mat. Sumiko steps on the back of each of the opponent's thighs just above the back of the opponent's knees. Sumiko then laces the opponent's lower legs around their own. Next, Sumiko gets hold of the opponents's arms, throws their weight backwards and rolls onto their back, hoisting the opponent into the air. This is usually followed right after the Bow & Arrow Hold if Sumiko's opponent haven't tapped out yet.

Torture Paths -Path 5-: (Argentine Backbreaker Rack) This backbreaker submission, better known as a Torture Rack, sees Sumiko place her opponent face-up across Sumiko's own shoulders before hooking the head with one hand and a leg with the other to then pull down on both ends to flex the opponent's back. This is usually followed right after the Ceiling Hold if Sumiko's opponent haven't tapped out yet.

Torture Paths -Path 6-: (Bearhug) The bear hug is a grappling term for a clinch hold and stand-up grappling position where the arms are wrapped around the opponent, either around the opponent's chest or midsections; sometimes with one or both of the opponents arms pinned to the opponent's body. The hands are locked around the opponent and the opponent is held tightly to the chest. The bear hug is a dominant position, with great control over the opponent, and is often a precursor to a takedown. This is usually followed right after the Argentine Backbreaker Rack if Sumiko's opponent haven't tapped out yet.

Torture Paths -Final Path-: (Sleeper) This variant is considered to be a "blood choke" because it restricts blood flow to the brain via the carotid arteries. When done correctly, it can cause temporary unconsciousness in a few seconds. The following is a description of this technique using the left arm.

Step 1: Sumiko's left arm encircles the opponent's neck, with the opponent's trachea at the crook of the elbow.
Step 2: Sumiko's left hand then grasps her own upper right arm [biceps].
Step 3: The right hand is placed behind (or occasionally on top of) the opponent's head.
Step 4: The elbows are then brought together such that lateral pressure is applied to the neck on both sides.

When applied properly, unconsciousness occurs in about 10 seconds and recovery from the choke is just as quick. Since the technique only applies pressure on the arteries in the neck that take blood to the brain, no permanent damage is done to the body. This is usually followed right after the Bearhug if Sumiko's opponent haven't tapped out yet.

Hentai Moves:

Torture Paths Bonus -Rising Path-: (Chickenwing) Sumiko stands behind the opponent and hooks one of her arms so that both wrestlers' elbow joints are snug together and their arms are wrapped around one another. The wrestler then pulls the arm upward against the back of her opponent.

Torture Paths Bonus -Standing Path-: (Elevated Double Chickenwing) This maneuver sees Sumiko hook both of the opponent's arms and then pushes upward on the opponent's back (lower Scapula), lifting them in the air in a torturous manner followed by the opponent being slammed to the mat. She usually uses this right after her Chickenwing.

Torture Paths Bonus -Falling Path-: (Double Underhook Backbreaker Drop) The double underhook backbreaker drop sees Sumiko first face a bent over opponent and hook both of the opponent's arms with their own arms before then flipping the opponent up and over so the opponent's back is resting on the wrestler's shoulder, with the opponent's head pointing in the direction that the wrestler is facing. Sumiko then drops to a kneeling or sitting position while maintaining the hold, thus jarring the back of the victim by driving the victim's spine into Sumiko's shoulder. This is also effective if her opponent's body is nude or at least the top half is naked as Sumiko grabs both the opponent's breast while in this hold.

Entrance Music: Paradise Lost By Minori Chihara


Visual Apperance:
Physical Appearance: (Excluding Eyes, Hair, Height, Weight, Nationality and Citizenship) Sumiko has average length hair that reaches to her breast, but are smooth and silky. She is very athletic, also knowing gymnastic movements and nevertheless, healthy as every wrestler should be.
Personality: Sumiko is a girl that is polite and nice, and even calm in most situations. When in a submission, she always ask her opponent to submit/tap out before continuing on, stating the consequences if the opponent doesn't submit. She likes to wrestle, and always compete up to her best. She likes to analyze her opponent first, planning ahead a step or two before making her move. She believes that submission is the dominate way to declare who is better, as one submits to another, and likes to compete against other submissive wrestlers. She somewhat does like Hentai matches, where she can win through submission to humiliate the opponent even more, but finds it inappropriate, and definitely prefers Kawaii matches over it.

Past/History: Sumiko was born in Japan, Tokyo, and was always a Japanese ever since birth. She was just a normal girl, doing good in her education. But she has been bullied countless times for her attitude. So she decided to take a self-defense course against the bullies. She decided to do wrestling, but more preferably submission techniques in wrestling, as it suits her the best. She was trained by the best trainers, and quickly became an expert. Additional moves was learned because Sumiko was dedicated to submission, where she learned some other wrestling moves. When she was about to be bullied again in school, she defends herself and no one ever bullied her again.

But, Sumiko doesn't want these knowledge go to waste, so after graduating from high school, she went to AFW to start her own professional career. She likes to test out her submission against the other best submission wrestlers. But she was inexperienced in sexual acts, as she never did liked the other parts of wrestling, such as Hentai, etc. However, in order to become a true wrestler in the AFW, she decided to learn it anyways, despite being inexperienced in the very beginning. So she started out in AFW, and hopes to make new friends that possibly fares better than her bullied past.

Attire: In regular and Hentai wrestling matches, Sumiko usually wears a red/white horizontally striped Bikini set with white knee and forearm pads, white ankle-length socks and shoes, as seen in her picture (Except her wrestling items). She can also choose to wears pants, skirts or a more covering top in either red, white or red/white striped horizontally, but usually prefers this attire. Her pyjama set is red/white striped horizontally, and wears them in some occasions.

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