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Offline for next week or two

Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:17 pm by peek6

I need to go back offline for a bit, probably gone for about a week and a half.

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Thinking about making my return

Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:46 pm by KillerV

After it feels like a long long time, do feel like coming back but gonna keep it minimum on how many rosters Im using, currently three right now? But I am strictly doing male (me) vs female and maybe female (me) vs male, intergender matches that is.

So if theres anyone is interested, please let me know through PM, thanks.

Though I would like to use my King in matches >.>

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Gauging Interest For A Couple Matches

Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:07 pm by HighFly

Hey everyone! I was just throwing this out there to see who would be interested in doing matches with either Suzumi or Peggy! Look them over and if ya have any ideas please PM me!

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A Challenge to the Champ! (For egge)

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A Challenge to the Champ! (For egge)

Post by zxn666 on Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:44 pm

Kanai sat on a couch, facing a studio audience. As one of the Anime Network's most popular idols, and a successful and extremely popular idol in the network's wrestling league, Kanai had plenty of chances to get high-profile interviews like this. She normally didn't accept, but today she had a special announcement. And what time to make it than on primetime TV?

The interviewer threw mostly softball questions at Kanai, not wanting to offend her. She knew that Kanai was a bit capricious at times, and acted like a child at others. The girl might throw a tantrum and just leave. And considering how Kanai was just stringing the audience along with her cuteness, there was no real worries about ratings drops either. They finally got to the last question.

"So, Kanamori-san," the interviewer said, "What are our plans for the future? Are you still hoping to enter Friction proper? Or do you have something else in mind?"

"This is it!" Kanai thought, feeling giddy at the announcement she was about to make. "Well, I don't think they'll let me enter Friction anytime soon, since I'm too cute to fight those mean tough girls," Kanai said, "But there's still room for me in the Kawaii league too! As a matter of fact, there's only one way for me to go, and that's up! So I'd like to make an announcement here." She took a deep breath.

"I am entering into the contendership for the Kawaii title!" she said. The crowd sat silently for a moment, then began to applaud. "Not only that, I'm gonna challenge the champ right here! Valerie Makuro, I hope you're watching, cuz I'm coming for you! I'm gonna beat you and take your title, try and stop me!"


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Re: A Challenge to the Champ! (For egge)

Post by anegge on Sun Jul 10, 2011 3:22 pm

Three days later at the AFW arena:

As the current match ended, the lights went low and the humongous video screens descended lighting up with an image of the kawaii champion standing proudly on her massive bed holding a neon pink microphone.

"Kanai-tan, I saw what you said on 'Softball' [size=75:31cb294h]Japan's number one rated weekly television new magazine for three years running, and I accept your' challenge! But, 'cutie', if you really are a cutie, this is my bed and that means my rules! I saw what you did to my friend Shizuka-chan, and I'm going to get you for humiliating her. So, if you want this title you have to beat me in a match where the winner strips the other girl's clothes all off and then knocks her out. But you won't! Beat me! I will prove that I am the best wrestler ever, at stopping you from trying to take my championship belt!"

Valerie made a big frowny face at the camera. These stupid twintails were always giving her trouble. If only she could get rid of that dumb hairstyle when she won too. She pointed her finger right into the camera. "But if you lose then you have to," (shave off all of your hair! Whoa, that was a bit too mean. Kanai's hair was pretty long, it would take forever to grow back that much.) "not wear any ponytails for a month!"

Well.,I think the dust has settled, any other skateboarders around here? - Sparkplug71

NEWS FLASH: the Archergurl who you speaking of is not part of AFW anymore and she's currently working in production for new game titles in Japan. I'm her Canadian friend who she gave her PC due to mines has crashed. She was nice enough to give it to me to help a friend in need. So she got a spared one that she uses for the things I've mention above. BTW, Anegge and Alexandra be sure to check the E-mail adresses carefully. As Archergurl and me aren't the same thing.

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Re: A Challenge to the Champ! (For egge)

Post by zxn666 on Sun Jul 10, 2011 3:34 pm

Kanai was in one of the private viewing rooms when she saw Valerie's counter-proposal. At first, she was quite happy that the champ got back to her so quickly on this. It seemed that Valerie was quite eager as well, which was good news. But as Valerie talked, Kanai's happiness was replaced by muted frustration. Oh, so the champ wanted her to fight on her terms? Kanai knew that it would be a disadvantage, but she was too eager to argue. Too eager to beat up Valerie that is. Valerie's final demand made Kanai furious. What, the girl had a problem with how she wore her hair? Her face puffing up cutely in anger, she quickly pulled out her cell phone and made a call.

"Yes? Manager-san," Kanai said, "Tell Valerie I accept her terms, and that I'm gonna go over there right now to beat her up! What? No, I'm not being too hasty! If I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do it right now! No don't tell me to calm down! I haven't been this excited in ages... ohh I can't wait to win!"


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Re: A Challenge to the Champ! (For egge)

Post by Sponsored content

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