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More balanced match simulations and new content!

Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:56 am by WrestleMind

Howdy, everyone! I've recently put some work into making the match simulations more balanced and inclusive of a greater variety of stats.

New stuff:

Since many of you have expressed interest and provided helpful feedback I decided to add a few other tools people can use on the site.

  1. a tournament simulator! Essentially you enter a list of wrestlers decide the odds for each individual match and the tournament bracket will automatically adjust.
  2. A random character creator. Press a button and a character …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 9

open for Matches or rps

Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:02 am by kiranar

I have several characters open if someone wants to wrestle them. Message me if you want to face one of them with the match ideas. If you have a character that was wanting to hunt we can somewhat copy the concept of the new Monster Hunter movie to warp your character into that dangerous world or your character contacts mine to hire me guard them while they gather herbs or minerals from the area.

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A fight wanted for a furry

Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:00 am by Sebastian

Would like a fight against my fighter which is included in the signature.
Wrestling matches. Bar fights, Street brawls etc. I'm all too it

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Sindel declares War..

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Sindel declares War..

Post by Cirno on Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:25 pm

Sindel stood in the center of the ring, looking with a serious glare out infront of her and holding a mic in her hand, the crowd was booing at her because of the previous things she had done to the wrestlers here, mainly Cerbera. When the booing became louder she got angry and boomed out from the mic,


The crowd immidiatly went quiet, Sindel looking around at them all before easing up and muttering clearly:

" Now! As many of you know I USED to be the manager of the miserable grunt of a girl that's wandering around here. She has betrayed ME and went her own way, leaving me without a job! NOW is the time I changed THAT. We all know that little mishap that happened when Cerbera was fighting Haruka-- "

Before Sindel could speak further the crowd was cheering loudly and chanting out the name "Haruka", Sindel growled loudly when it didn't stop, yelling out.

" SHUT UP! "

The crowd once again went silent, allowing Sindel to hear the faint echo's of the words that were being bellowed out by herself and the crowd, Sindel was quite irritated now as she continued:

" As I was SAYING! After that humiliating defeat that girl went on and gone her own way and let some piece of filth beat me when my guard was down! I DEMAND Revenge! On Cerbera, on Haruka and that brat called Lethe! I won't be hiring a other wrestler to do this, instead I will go myself! I have signed myself to be one of the new wrestlers within this federation and I will seek out judgement brought upon those three! I will make sure every one of them suffers greatly! While trying to find them I will take ANY challenge from any opponent here wishing to fight me. I will beat the hell out of ANY who tries to challenge me! Heed my words, Masato! I will also go after YOU, You and that brat will be on the ground soon enough! "

With that Sindel threw the mic onto the ground and turned to walk out of the ring and backstage, the crowd Booing again.

( Yes, finally I've put Sindel in the fighter's list after a few requests, hehe! )


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Re: Sindel declares War..

Post by Yatori on Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:17 am

(OOC: lol)

A gaggle of people watched Sindel's announcement on the big flat screen TV of one Mafiosi's living room.

"Sindel can fight?" Masato exclaimed.

"She's really angry," Haruka said. "I hope Cerbera-san will be fine..."

"I think your friend will be fine," Yatori commented. "Especially with her new friend helping her out."

"Haii," Momoko agreed. "Cerbera-san strikes me as a very strong person. She can protect herself. In fact, I am happy for her. Now she has a chance to avenge herself upon that wicked woman."

"You should worry more about yourself, Haru-chan," Yatori suggested. "Well, actually, I think you can take her, so long as you keep your act together." She glanced at Masato. "Masato-kun, on the other hand..."

"Ah! She did threaten Masato-kun, too!" Haruka realized.

Masato paled. "But... but... but I'm just a manager... I can't fight..."

"We can solve that," Yatori chuckled.

Somehow that did not reassure him.

"I'll protect Masato-kun!" Haruka declared.

"A-arigatou, Haruka..."

"Wow, the gender roles have been totally reversed..."

"I feel really bad with agreeing with you, Yatori-san, but... I'll be in your care, Haruka-san," Masato mumbled.

* * *

The next day...

"Excuse me! Aido Masato, Amami Haruka? I'm Elenore Drake of AFW News. May I ask you for a couple of minutes of your time?"

"Aren't you with Sex Wars?" the confused Masato asked. "Shouldn't it be Andrew Bennit interviewing us?"

"I have an expanded license like Bennit's," Elenore said.

"Oh. You okay with this, Haruka?"


"Okay," Masato decided. "Ask away..."

"Last night-"

Masato grimaced. He knew what was up.

"-Sindel announced her joining AFW as a wrestler. She made some very dire threats against people who have offended her, including you two. What can you say about that?" Elenore asked.

Haruka turned serious. "If Sindel goes after Masato-kun, I'll stop her! I won't let her hurt my friends!"

Masato felt like he should be crying with joy or something. We're just friends... I'm just her manager... she's just my first crush and the love of my life...

Elenore looked at him.

"Ah... well, if she wants a match with us, she'll have to wait in line. After all," Masato forced a smile, "Haruka's got a title shot to handle first. More important things first." Hah! Take that, Sindel! You're not important! "Ne, Haruka?" he asked his ward.


"Besides," Masato said, now feeling his oats in an effort to impress Haruka, "Sindel's one to talk about revenge when what she got was only what she deserved. Before she thinks to take Haruka on, she should worry about Cerbera-san and Lethe-san first. Or else," he haughtily implied, "She might get beaten down again when she drops her guard to go after us first."

"That's right!" Haruka supported. "Cerbera-san will beat Sindel and get revenge for every bad thing that Sindel's done to her! I'm sure of it!"

"You seem to be rooting pretty hard for Cerbera," Elenore observed. "Aren't the two of you rivals?"

"We are, but that doesn't mean I can't admire her. Cerbera-san is a very good wrestler, and I think she'd also be a very good idol. I saw her outfit during the Halloween photo shoot," she elaborated. "She looked very good in it." A small grin looked surprisingly good on Haruka. "She'll will against Sindel, no question about it!"

"And there you have it, AFW fans," Elenore told the camera. "Straight from the idol's lips..."

"I've forgotten about that," Masato said after Elenore left. "The Halloween photo shoot, I mean."

"We went there, remember?" Haruka insisted. "I went as a Munak."

"Yeah. You did."

Friction: Momoko "The Sumo Fan" Hanayama

Friction: Yatori; Kawaii: Haruka, Ort; Alternative: Harumi; Tension: Shizuka, Rena, Taka

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Re: Sindel declares War..

Post by Cirno on Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:33 am

The big screen goes on above the entrance near the ring, lights dimmed so the crowd could see who was on the screen, it was Sindel. With a grin upon her face and a remote in her hand she spoke with a clear tone.

" So, I decided to use this instead! Little Masato and little Haruka are SCARED! I don't care either way, I got my revenge on one of you already! Let's see shall we? "

She holds up her remote and presses a button, changing the view to one of the recorded videos, where Cerbera was seen, walking to her room where she gets ambushed by Sindel, who smacks a steel chair right in the back of her head. When Cerbera fell Sindel kicks her a few times before picking her up on her now wobbly feet. Sindel threw the steel chair on the ground before positioning Cerbera near it for a DDT. When she had the position she wanted she DDT'd Cerbera's face straight against the steel chair, who lets out a scream and rolling onto her side. Sindel crouches down and says loudly.

" Thank Masato for telling me who to strike first! "

Sindel grips Cerbera's hair and forced the half unconsious Cerbera to look painfully at the screen before the screen goes black and then back at Sindel.

" Well now.. Wasn't that very nice of me? Ha ha ha ha! Awww, don't worry. She isn't broken yet. I'll finish with her later.. Consider this a WARNING that I will be coming after you! "

Sindel stared angrily at the cameraman before the screen goes black again, the crowd booing at what they saw.


Hug to see the full roster.

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Re: Sindel declares War..

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