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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Mon May 21, 2018 8:31 pm by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Sun May 20, 2018 11:21 pm by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Rebecca Vs Vicky: Amazon Vs Brawler (Complete)

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Rebecca Vs Vicky: Amazon Vs Brawler (Complete)

Post by Clyton on Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:12 pm 9:22 am
"Hearts on Fire" by hammerfall echoed throughout the arena as the 6'4" amazon Rebecca Tomko slowly made her way to the ring. Ignoring the crowd's mixture of cheers and jeers (normal for anyone who just doesn't pay attention to the crowd without doing anything to antagonize them) she stood in her corner waiting for her opponent. She had heard that the one she was facing was supposed to be a real tough one; she'd see how tough she really was.

AFWProphet 9:26 am
After Rebecca's entrance, "Karma" by Kamelot started blasting on the arena's speakers, before the 5'11" brawler Vicky Harper appeared on the ramp, dressed in a skimpy black bikini. Ignoring the cheers and whistles from the crowd that were attracted to her amazing body figure, she walked down the ramp, before rolling under the bottom ropes, entering the ring. She stood up, and was immediately astonished by Rebecca's appearance. "Wow... You sure do look strong..." The girl commented, a smirk forming on her face. "This will be fun." She said as she got into her corner, waiting for the bell. 9:28 am
"You obviously have a weird definition of fun, or you're just being delusional." Rebecca said just before the bell rung, holding her hands up as to get Vicky in a test of strength.

AFWProphet 9:30 am
"Really?" Vicky responded as the bell rang. "Maybe you should get the hang of having my type of fun." The large woman approached the other larger woman, and she raised her hands, slowly entwining her fingers between the girl's. She has never fought opponents larger than her, so this will be a first for her. After locking in the test of strength, Vicky pushed, using all the power she has to try to overwhelm the amazon and bring her opponent to her knees. 9:33 am
Rebecca pushed back, meeting every bit of force Vicky could muster with her own trying to force the smaller (but still tall) girl down onto her knees instead.

AFWProphet 9:35 am
Vicky let out small grunts as the test of strength continued on, slowly starting to pant softly. Sweat started forming on her skin, clearly using all her strength. But instead of overwhelming her opponent, she was getting overwhelmed instead, her face clearly showing struggles, before she slumped down to one, then two knees. "Ugh... You're really strong! ..." She commented, glaring up at the taller girl, rarely getting into this kind of situation. 9:36 am
"Is this fun to you now?" Rebecca asked, breaking the lock on both hands so she could pick up the Brawler and hoist her into the air.

AFWProphet 9:37 am
"Definitely!" Vicky immediately replied, before her eyes widened as she was easily lifted up in the air. "WOAH!" She exclaimed in surprise, before gritting her teeth and sending a kick towards Rebecca's mid-section, trying to make her let go. 9:39 am
Rebecca shook her head at Vicky's... enthusiasm... as she continued to try to pick her up. A surprise kick to the mid-section changed that though and with an "Ugh" let Vicky drop down to the floor.

AFWProphet 9:41 am
Vicky landed on the mat, her breasts slightly bouncing upon impact. Not one to let up the offense, she spun around, before sending out her right foot aimed towards Rebecca's cheek for a powerful spin kick, trying to wear down the larger opponent first. 9:43 am
"Argh!" Rebecca grunted as Vicky's boot connected with her face. But it hadn't been strong enough to knock her down and the amazon remained standing, waiting more a moment to regain some lost momentum.

AFWProphet 9:44 am
Vicky was slightly surprised that someone like her was still standing after her spin kick. Growling lowly in frustration, she ran towards the ropes, bounced off, and aimed to lash out her right arm and lariat it across Rebecca's massive well-toned breasts. 9:46 am
Rebecca hissed out in pain as her breasts were struck, the force of the lariat knocking her on her back finally. Lying down for a few seconds to stop her breasts stinging too badly she picked herself up and would try to lock up with Vicky again.

AFWProphet 9:47 am
Vicky backed off after the lariat, letting Rebecca stand back up, before the two collided in a lock-up. Grunting, she knew she wasn't going to overcome her opponent, so using the momentum in the lock-up, she grabbed one of the amazon's arms and tried hiptossing her onto the mat. 9:50 am
Blocking the hiptoss by using her strength to plant herself on the ground, Rebecca would pull back her trapped arm to pull the smaller brawler into a clothesline of her own, trying to get in a bit more offence.

AFWProphet 9:52 am
Vicky's eyes widened as her opponent countered the move with brute strength, before she was pulled in and smashed in a clothesline, letting out a short grunt as she landed hard on the mat, her face wincing in pain and her breasts shaking from both impacts. However, she wasn't going to fall easily to Rebecca, immediately getting onto all fours and trying to get to a standing position. 9:53 am
"Your breasts shake a lot, don't they?" Rebecca commented as Vicky got onto all fours, but as she tried to stand up Rebecca would grab her around the waist, and pull her up and over with a gutwrench suplex.

AFWProphet 9:56 am
"H-Haha... T-They are large, aren't they?..." Vicky said casually as she slowly got up, before letting out a short gasp as she was thrown in a gutwrench suplex, landing harshly on the mat by her back as she let out small spittle from her mouth, arching off the surface. "Gah!" She yelped, her eyes widening and her large breasts shaking once more from the impact, before she flopped back down onto the mat, her limbs slightly sprawled apart, and her eyes softly closed. Her panting became more apparent, and she let out weak groans, trying to get some recovery going. 10:00 am
Rebecca picked herself up off the ground, smirk hidden by her collar as she admired her handiwork. "Maybe you need something more supportive than this." She said, reaching down to grab Vicky's skimpy top.

AFWProphet 10:02 am
Vicky weakly opened her eyes, looking up into Rebecca's eyes, her body slowly getting more sweaty, and her breasts heaving up and down as the amazon grabbed her skimpy top. "W-What about yours? ... They don't really... look supportive as well..." She commented with a clumsy smirk. 10:04 am
"You mean this?" Rebecca asked, pointing to her own top which showed off quite a bit by virtue of not being quite big enough to cover herself. "Fair point" She conceded as she went to rip off the black bikini top while simultaneously, taking off her own top, leaving both of them glistening with sweat and their breasts exposed to the cheering crowd.

AFWProphet 10:07 am
Vicky's face slightly blushed red from her large breasts being exposed to the crowd, but she was used to it. However, taking advantage of this opening, she attempted to kick out Rebecca's legs from underneath and trip her onto the mat. 10:08 am
Rebecca's face contorted in frustration as her legs were swept out from under her. If she'd paid a little more attention to Vicky's movements and not her large, delicious looking breasts, this wouldn't have happened.

AFWProphet 10:09 am
Vicky quickly got onto all fours, looking back at the prone Rebecca, before she quickly stood up. Moving around, she forced the amazon to sit up, pressing her large orbs against the girl's back as she knelt down behind her, before clamping both of her hands on her opponent's head and squeezing hard in a clawhold, trying to wear down the larger girl. "I can tell that you… love my breasts..." She whispered between pants. 10:12 am
Rebecca grunted as her head was crushed. As much as she didn't want to admit it, Vicky was strong in her own right, and all the abuse she had taken was adding up. As her head thumped as she tried to stand up, still in the clawhold, panting slightly she tried to ram her opponent back first into one of the turnbuckles, crushing Vicky with her large frame, pressing her breasts into her back.

AFWProphet 10:16 am
Vicky was shocked as Rebecca was standing through the painful clawhold. Squeezing with all her might is not putting the amazon in her place, and soon, she gasped out as she was forced backwards and her back was rammed against the turnbuckles, the large girl letting out a mixture of a gasp and small spittle from her mouth. Her arms slumped down to her sides, her own large breasts getting crushed by Rebecca's large frame, letting out small groans. 10:22 am
Rebecca smirked as she heard Vicky gasp as she squeezed her against the corner, her own breasts jiggling slightly as she thrusted back with her hips, ramming her ass repeatedly into Vicky's gut. "You know, this is kind of fun." She said.

AFWProphet 10:25 am
"UGH!" Vicky's eyes widened each time Rebecca slammed her toned ass against her toned mid-section, forcefully doubling over. But with her opponent's massive frame blocking her way, she couldn't really double over, her large orbs pressing and being crushed on the girl’️s back. Her arms are weakly slumped over each of the top ropes, trying to endure this torture. 10:27 am
Pleased that her ass had taken a lot of the wind out of Vicky's sails, she simply stepped forward and turned around. Watching to see if the she'd stay standing or what Rebecca thought was more likely: slump to the ground.

AFWProphet 10:28 am
After Rebecca moved forward, Vicky slumped forward, almost falling onto the mat if it wasn't for her arms already hooked over each of the top ropes. Her head slumped down; she let out weak groans, getting womanhandled by Rebecca for most of the match. 10:29 am
"What about you?" The amazon asked, a cruel smile on her face as she lifted up Vicky's chin so she could see her looking down at her. "Still finding this fun?"

AFWProphet 10:31 am
Vicky's head forced up, her eyes slowly fluttered open, weakly glaring into Rebecca's eyes, before she cracked up a smirk. "Y-Yeah... I-I'm loving it..." She muttered, still too weak to defend herself. 10:35 am
"Then you'll really love this." Rebecca said back as she pulled her newest plaything out of the corner, lifting her up onto her shoulders in a torture rack position but didn't pull down to stretch her out. "Do you get motion sickness?" She asked, without waiting for an answer she began to spin around with Vicky on top.

AFWProphet 10:38 am
Vicky was pulled out from the corner, before she was lifted up on Rebecca's shoulders in a torture rack. She was expecting pain, but she realized that her opponent wasn't pulling down. "N-Not really..." The girl weakly answered, before she let out a weak "woah!" from her mouth as the amazon was spinning herself and Vicky around, the latter immediately getting light-headed and dizzy. 10:40 am
As Rebecca spun faster and faster, she started to get slightly dizzy herself but not enough to stop her own fun. Once she got enough speed, she let go of Vicky's body so as she spun around she would only weakly be holding onto Rebecca before she grabbed her leg and threw her off her shoulders and onto the mat, completing her UFO finisher.

AFWProphet 10:43 am
Vicky continued letting out weak whimpers from the spin, her limbs flailing around as she felt like she could fly away any moment. Suddenly, she was brutally slammed onto the mat, Vicky's eyes widening with small spittle escaping her mouth, her breasts shaking from impact as she grew motionless, her limbs sprawled apart. She let out a long groan, her eyes softly closing, completely dizzy from that move. 10:47 am
Waiting for her head to stop spinning as Vicky lay lifeless, only her groans giving any indication that she was anything other than a rag doll, Rebecca started taking off her boots and pants., leaving only a black pair of panties for clothing as she poked Vicky with her foot trying to stir some life back into her.

AFWProphet 10:49 am
Vicky started letting out more groans as Rebecca poked her, her eyes fluttering open as she glared up at the amazon. Her view was spinning around, clearly still dazed from the finisher. She couldn't even bother to speak. 10:51 am
"Hey." Rebecca said as Vicky stirred awake. "Do you want to end this now or do you really want some fun?" She asked in a wicked tone, her barefoot pinning the small girl down to the ground.

AFWProphet 10:53 am
Vicky let out a clumsy smile. "F-Fun..." She muttered weakly, trying to move, but could only move a little inch. "U-Ugh... You're just... too strong..." 10:55 am
"Fun it is." She said, taking her foot off Vicky's stomach before moving it to her face. "Now lick." She commanded. "Lick or our fun's going to be cut short."

AFWProphet 10:58 am
At first, Vicky was hesitant. But then, she realized and had to admit, Rebecca was clearly stronger. She had no shame in doing something as low as licking her foot, especially licking the foot of a woman that's just more superior to her in every way. Slowly, the smaller girl stuck out her tongue and slowly licked her tongue through the underside of the amazon's foot. 11:06 am
Rebecca hummed at the pleasure she got from dominating Vicky. She always had a small dominant streak within her which she normally kept repressed but to allow it to run free on such a willing victim felt great, moving her foot away from Vicky's mouth she moved to the smaller girl's black bikini bottoms and with one mighty heave would try to snap them off, leaving Vicky completely naked and her mercy.

AFWProphet 11:08 am
Vicky let out a small gasp as her bottoms were pulled off of her in an instant, leaving her large and sweaty body completely naked. Her large breasts heaving up and down due to her heavy panting, and her limbs spread out, she is almost out of it. "W-What are you trying to do? ..." She asked out of curiosity with a clumsy smirk on her face. "B-Because it better be fun..." 11:11 am
"What I do depends on what you say next." Rebecca said to the defeated brawler. "Do you think of me as a goddess?" She asked her as she stood over her, one leg each side of Vicky's toned frame. "Someone you would worship?"

AFWProphet 11:16 am
Vicky looked up at Rebecca's towering figure. The ceiling lights behind her opponent sure do gives the appearance of her as a goddess. She admired every bit of this girl. Her amazing well-toned body, probably even more toned than her's. Even her assets; her breasts and her ass, are bigger and more well-shaped than her own's. And how she dominated throughout the entire match, she loved it so much. She had been utterly defeated. "Oh... Definitely... I'll worship you... with my life..." She muttered out between heavy pants. "... E-Even though you're only my 2nd opponent... in this league... you are someone who will dominate the entire landscape... Y-You are truly superior..." She continued as her right hand rose up and reached for Rebecca, like if she was trying to reach something very far away, before she let it drop back down onto the mat. 11:22 am
"Good. You'll be the first sacrifice to your new goddess." Rebbeca said, stepping to one side and discarding her own panties. She picked up Vicky by the arm in a way so that when she was standing up she'd have her back to the amazon. She'd then lift her into the air, flipping her upside down before dropping for her piledriver variation the Gran Ray Cero.

AFWProphet 11:27 am
Vicky let out a weak groan as she was forced standing, her back pressing against Rebecca's hard and large orbs. She was then lifted up upside down in a swift motion before her head was driven onto the mat in a brutal fashion in Rebecca's other finisher, her body immediately flopping onto her front and laid in front of Rebecca's divine form completely motionless and unconscious, her buttcheeks shaking from impact. 11:29 am
"Hope you found" She said, as she looked down on her fallen foe, flipping her onto her back before sitting on her cute face for a pin, forcing Vicky's nose to rub against her pussy while she moaned.

AFWProphet 11:32 am
Rolled onto her back, Vicky's limbs would be completely spread out, her eyes closed and her breasts heaving up and down slowly, her breathing becoming much softer, her sweaty and large body underneath the larger woman's. The ref girl immediately started count. "One! Two! Three!" In quick succession, the match was over as the bell rang, and Vicky still lay unconscious underneath Rebecca. 11:33 am
Winner: Rebecca Tomko via pinfall

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