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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Sonsaku Vs Vicky: Clash of Two Fighters (Complete)

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Sonsaku Vs Vicky: Clash of Two Fighters (Complete)

Post by Clyton on Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:43 pm

Stephen Axling says (7:20 PM)
Heart & Soul started to blast out of the speakers, as Sonsaku got out on the ramp, her long dark blonde hair tied into a pony tail by a red ribbon, she stood at ´7 feet, wearing her pink bikini, showing off her large breasts and her well-toned body, she began walking towards the ring, with every step her breasts bounced, she rolled in under the bottom rope and then went to her corner, awaiting her

Calvin Ly says (7:22 PM)
Soon after, Karma started to play on the arena's speakers, before Vicky got onto the ramp. Her facial expression showing great determination for victory, she was wearing her skimpy and tight black bikini, revealing much of her larger breasts and amazing 5'11" physique. She slowly walked down the ramp, her breasts bouncing with every step as well, before she rolled under the bottom ropes, her gaze
Calvin Ly says (7:23 PM)
never leaving Sonsaku's appearance. She then merely went to her corner, waiting for the match to start.

Stephen Axling says (7:29 PM)
Sonsaku looked on as Vicky made her way to the ring, Vicky´s eyes dead set on Sonsaku, her opponent seemed like a strong girl, she was bigger than her, Sonsaku looked on as Vicky rolled in under the bottom rope, “Hope you´re as strong as you look.” Sonsaku said in a confident tone, as she started to walk to the center of the ring, once there she lifted her right hand up high,
Stephen Axling says (7:30 PM)
“Care to test and see if you´re stronger than me?” as she offered a test of strength.

Calvin Ly says (7:31 PM)
Vicky formed a smirk when she heard her opponent's confident tone. "I should be asking you that." She said as she also made her way towards the center of the ring. Her smirk only grew wider as Sonsaku offered a test of strength. "You sure do think like me." She stated as she also raised her right hand high, before she would softly entwine the fingers. She would then raise her left hand high,
waiting for the other girl to do her part. "Ready?"

Stephen Axling says (7:37 PM)
Sonsaku entwined her fingers with Vicky´s hand, “I´m always ready to win.” Sonsaku said, as she raised her left arm and began to lock it with Vicky´s, Sonsaku would then press her body against Vicky, their large breasts mashing together, she grunted as she began pushing, putting a lot of strength into this, hoping to bring Vicky down to her knees.

Calvin Ly says (7:39 PM)
Vicky slightly blushed at the feeling of Sonsaku's large orbs pressing against her own, but that only excited her to beat her even more after hearing her opponent's overwhelming overconfidence. She immediately pushed with all her strength, grunting with effort, her legs wobbling underneath her. After about 30 seconds in, her face started to show signs of fatigue. Sweat slightly formed on her skin,
Calvin Ly says (7:40 PM)
her breathing becoming more rapid, before she finally fell onto one knee, which soon became both knees. "U-Ugh!... Y-You're strong!..."

Stephen Axling says (7:47 PM)
Vicky certainly was a well-built opponent, she had faced few opponents as tall or with a body as well shaped as Vicky´s was, Vicky was strong as well managing to give Sonsaku a hard time in, sweat began to form on her soft skin, grunting as she felt Vicky falter slightly, Vicky then fell to her knees, “T..Thanks, not…to bad..yourself.” Sonsaku replied between panted breaths,
as she would, light up the pressure a tiny bit before she would shoot her knee up from the ground aiming for Vicky´s face.

Calvin Ly says (7:49 PM)
Vicky looked up at Sonsaku with the look of helplessness in this position, panting softly. Her eyes widened as she saw the knee coming straight for her face. Unable to put up any defenses, the knee struck hard on her face, before her arms suddenly became near-limp, being held up by her opponent's entwined hands as her head slowly slumped down, groaning softly from the blow.

Stephen Axling says (7:55 PM)
Sonsaku would try and lift Vicky up, to a standing position, and then wrap her arms around Vicky´s back under her armpits; she would then lift her off the ground as she would spin around and slam Vicky´s back down crushing down her own weight on Vicky as she fell along in a belly to belly slam.

Calvin Ly says (7:56 PM)
Vicky, still clearly dazed from that powerful blow, was slowly dragged up to her feet. She didn't felt a strike so powerful such as that one in a long time, and now, she was in trouble as she let out another soft groan when Sonsaku wrapped her arms around her back. Her own world would fly around as she was lifted up and spun, before crashing down onto the mat, the ring trembling beneath the two
Calvin Ly says (7:57 PM)
girls as Vicky let out a loud "GAH!" sound, spittle flying out from her mouth as she would arch off the mat under her opponent's well-toned body, before slowly flopping back down, her limps somewhat sprawled out and her breathing becoming more rapid, her breasts rising up and down.

Stephen Axling says (8:02 PM)
Sonsaku stepped off of Vicky, watching her for a second, before she would step to Vicky´s side and then run back to the ropes bouncing of them as she ran towards Vicky with added speed and momentum, when she reached Vicky she would do a quick half-spin around and holding out her elbow, as she would drop down, slamming her elbow against Vicky´s chest.

Calvin Ly says (8:06 PM)
Vicky could only and weakly look at Sonsaku as the latter got off and ran towards the ropes. She was still stunned from that powerful knee strike, and now, the recent belly to belly slam. Bracing herself as the other girl neared, the elbow struck true against Vicky's chest, her breasts bouncing wildly from the impact, the girl's eyes immediately widening as her hands clutched her chest, rolling to
one side to caress it, coughing out some spittle from her mouth.

Stephen Axling says (8:13 PM)
Sonsaku rose to her feet looking over Vicky as she rolled to her side, clutching her large chest, Sonsaku would move in and grab a handful of Vicky´s red hair, and begin to pull her up to her feet, thinking to herself 'I got this match in the bag.' Once there she would throw an uppercut aimed at Vicky´s chin.

Calvin Ly says (8:15 PM)
Vicky let out a grunt as her short red hair was grabbed, slowly being forced up to her feet. Still clutching her chest, she couldn't defend herself as the uppercut hit, her head snapping upwards instantly with some spittle flying out of her mouth. She staggered a couple of steps back, before she suddenly rushed in and launched her own right fisted uppercut towards Sonsaku's chin, falling down to
one knee afterwards, panting.

Stephen Axling says (8:21 PM)
Completely taken aback by Vicky´s action, Sonsaku couldn´t defend against the uppercut, it struck her chin hard as she staggered a few steps back before trying to regain her footing, she loved that even after she seemed to have taken complete control of the match Vicky still fought back, she loved opponents like that, once she regained her footing she would dart towards Vicky,
readying her right leg, as she would attempt to send a quick kick to the side of Vicky´s head.

Calvin Ly says (8:23 PM)
Vicky weakly looked up, and saw Sonsaku charging for her. Seeing the kick, she would jump over it, landing with the mat shaking beneath the two girls, her breasts bouncing upon landing. She then quickly spun around and sent her own spinning kick aimed for her opponent's cheeks, trying to get back a stronghold in this match.

Stephen Axling says (8:26 PM)
Once again taken aback by Vicky´s actions, as she managed to jump away from the kick, putting Sonsaku a bit off balance, she was surprised to see Vicky send her own kick towards her own face, as she took the strong hit right to her cheek, stumbling backwards before falling to her knees, her breathing started to turn rapid, as for the moment the was slightly stunned by the kick.

Calvin Ly says (8:29 PM)
Vicky, quickly taking the time to observe Sonsaku's position, decided to run the opposite direction and towards the ropes, before bouncing off and charging straight at her opponent full speed. She then jumped at her and lashed out her right arm, aiming to smash it across the girl's chest in a powerful flying lariat, landing on the mat with a thud afterwards.

Stephen Axling says (8:34 PM)
Sonsaku rose her head and as Vicky ran towards her, Sonsaku tried to act up, getting up on her feet, as she stood Vicky leapt into the air, and lashed out her arm, Sonsaku was not prepared for that, as Vicky arm struck across Sonsaku´s large chest, “Guuaagh!” resounded from Sonsaku as she was struck and fell to the mat on her back, her breast bouncing wildly,
she clutched her chest and rolled from side to side, her breath had turned rapid and heavy at this point.

Calvin Ly says (8:37 PM)
Vicky slowly got onto all fours, trying to regain her breathing after suffering those continued blows to her. Looking over to Sonsaku, who was rolling in pain, a smirk formed on her face once more. Slowly, she stood up, grabbing a handful of the girl's hair as she pulled her opponent up to her feet. She would then slightly bend down and put one arm between Sonsaku's legs, before scooping her up
Calvin Ly says (8:38 PM)
upside down and onto her shoulders. Positioning herself so that she's facing the turnbuckle, she would run and ram the girl's back against the corner, before turning around swiftly and falling to her knees, slamming Sonsaku in a massive powerslam.

Stephen Axling says (8:48 PM)
Sonsaku was pulled up to her feet by her hair, she tried to struggle but it was to no avail, as Vicky snaked her arm between her legs and scoop her upside down, she didn´t know what Vicky had planned but she knew it would hurt, suddenly Vicky started to run, uncertain of why at first, but as a sharp pain struck her back, she knew, “Unngh!” escaped mouth as some spittle flew out,
but Vicky wasn’️t done as she turned around and slammed Sonsaku´s back down hard on the mat in a brutal powerslam, her body had accumulated some amount of sweat, some her’️s, some Vicky´s, Sonsaku´s heavy and rapid breath caused her breasts to rise and fall, lying on the ground with her limbs spread out.

Calvin Ly says (8:50 PM)
After the powerslam, Vicky slumped onto all fours and towered above Sonsaku, panting heavily after the use of energy to get back into this match. Her body had gained more sweat as well, mostly from her own, but also from her opponent's. Not one to let this momentum stop, she would move back a bit, grab Sonsaku's head and force her to sit up. She would then start squeezing with all her might, the
pressure focused on Sonsaku's head in a painful clawhold, trying to weaken her enough so she can land in more powerful moves.

Stephen Axling says (8:57 PM)
Sonsaku´s eyes opened softly as Vicky face looking down on her slightly above her, before her head was grabbed and she was forced to a seated position, Sonsaku thinking to herself that she needed to get back into the match, her opponent seemed stronger than what the first impression she had gotten from her, Vicky then began to squeeze her head, “Gyaaah!” Sonsaku screamed in pain,
as she felt immense pain run through her head, Sonsaku would curl her right hand into a fist and aim to uppercut Vicky´s chin with all the might she could muster.

Calvin Ly says (9:02 PM)
Vicky was sure she had this under control, squeezing with all her might, before suddenly, her head snapped up, letting out a grunt as she quickly released the hold. One of her hands rubbed her chin gently, softly closing her eyes as she was stunned for a bit, allowing Sonsaku some time for breather.

Stephen Axling says (9:05 PM)
Sonsaku didn´t take the chance to stop just yet, she took one hand and placed it on her head trying to prevent the pain somehow, as she would take her other hand and pull it back before swinging it forward trying for a strong punch to Vicky´s face.

Calvin Ly says (9:06 PM)
Slowly opening her eyes, Vicky gritted her teeth, aiming to give Sonsaku some payback before another punch smashed across her face, snapping her head to the side as she slumped down onto her front, letting out another groan due to another powerful strike. Shaking her head slowly and trying to get rid of the cobwebs, she slowly tried getting back onto all fours, her arms slightly shaking and her
Calvin Ly says (9:07 PM)
panting still rapid, her breasts heaving up and down.

Stephen Axling says (9:12 PM)
Sonsaku was on her knees right by Vicky trying to clear her head, her heavy rapid breathing heaving her breasts up and down, her sweat covered well-toned body gleamed under the arena lights, she would say to Vicky not so loudly “´re…really…good.” as Vicky started to get to all fours,
Sonsaku moved in she took both her hands together in a double axe handle hold and lifted them high up into the air, and then slammed them down on the small of Vicky´s back.

Calvin Ly says (9:14 PM)
Staring down at the mat, she couldn't look up, only smiling as she heard the comment. "W-Why... Thanks-AGH!" She shouted out loudly as the double axe handle smashed into her back, sending the girl onto her front once more as she released some spittle from her mouth. She didn't move after that, her head tilted to the side with her eyes closed, panting really heavily as she was nearly at her limit,
her entire body covered with both girl's sweat.

Stephen Axling says (9:23 PM)
Sonsaku would grab a handful of Vicky´s hair as she would then try and get up on her feet, pulling Vicky up along with her, she rose on wobbly legs, once up she would turn so her shoulder faced Vicky as she would bend down and attempt to get Vicky´s body across her shoulders in a fireman´s carry, it if worked she would groan and grunt as she held Vicky up
before adjusting her slightly so Vicky´s belly pressed against the side of her head instead of her side, Sonsaku´s heavy and rapid breath still caused her breast to rise and fall, her well-toned sweat covered body shaking a bit as she held Vicky up, before she would throw herself backwards slamming Vicky down on the mat in a Samoan drop.

Calvin Ly says (9:25 PM)
Vicky let out a groan as her hair was grabbed. Sonsaku's strikes really did hurt, and it dazed her long enough for her opponent to perform a move. Standing up on unstable legs, her body would be lifted on the girl's shoulders, groaning once more as her legs and arms are dangling in mid-air. Not knowing what Sonsaku will do next, she braced herself as the latter finished adjusting the position,
Calvin Ly says (9:27 PM)
before finally, Vicky's back was met with the mat in a brutal fashion in a powerful Samoan drop, the larger woman immediately widening her eyes, the ring trembling, as she released some spittle from her mouth, arching her back off the mat, before flopping back down. All of her limbs were completely sprawled out, her head tilted on its side, her eyes closed, her breasts rising up and down rapidly
as she laid there motionless, her breathing at a high pace.

Stephen Axling says (9:34 PM)
Sonsaku lied on top of Vicky for a moment catching her breath, she knew she had to capitalize her, it was a good moment to try to pin the larger red haired woman, she rolled onto her stomach on top of Vicky´s body, as she slid an arm in between Vicky´s legs and under hooked one of Vicky´s legs, going for a pin, her chest pressing against Vicky´s belly,
sweat from her body dripped and rolled down onto Vicky´s body, both wrestlers cowered in sweat. The ref girl walked over to the two girls and slammed her hand down.

Calvin Ly says (9:39 PM)
Vicky felt one of her legs hooked, her breathing still rapid, trying to do her best to recover. She groaned as she heard the first count, both girls covered in a lot of sweat. "2!" The ref girl counted. Just before the final third count, Vicky mustered her strength and kicked out, rolling her shoulder and flopping onto her side, her breasts heaving up and down still as she laid there, trying to
do her best to stay in this match.

Stephen Axling says (9:46 PM)
As Vicky kicked out a smile could be seen on Sonsaku´s face, she was happy that her opponent was so strong and determined, who she kept fighting back, Sonsaku really had a lot of respect for people like that, she would grab a hold of Vicky´s hair and pull her up along with her as she would rise to her feet,
once there she would send a light swift kick to Vicky´s lower abdomen to stun her and double her over, as she would then shove the larger woman´s head in between her warm sweaty thighs, and bend her upper body forward pressing her breasts against Vicky´s back, and wrapping her arms around her waist, “…did…good..let´s…see if you…can kick out of this.”

Calvin Ly says (9:49 PM)
Vicky let out another groan once more as her hair was grabbed, being forced onto her trembling feet. She was then quickly kicked in the stomach, letting out a weak "Gah!" sound from her mouth as she doubled over, before her head was shoved between Sonsaku's warm and sweaty thighs, slightly being muffled as her arms dangled in mid-air, barely having any resistance. Feeling her opponent's large orbs
Calvin Ly says (9:50 PM)
pressing against her back and her arms wrapping around her slim yet well-built waist, her eyes were still softly closed, awaiting the inevitable success of the move, and probably her defeat of the match, her breathing still rapid and her breasts still rising up and down.

Stephen Axling says (9:57 PM)
With a loud grunt, Sonsaku would lift and roll Vicky up onto her shoulder, in a powerbomb hold, her legs could wobbling as she held Vicky up, her well-toned form stood tall as it was holding up a larger woman, Sonsaku then moved a step forward as she slammed Vicky down on her back in a powerbomb, but she kept a hold of her legs and lifted her up again,
when she got her up it almost looked like she was going to stumble but she stood strong, as she quickly turned around with Vicky on her shoulders before slamming her down hard once again.

Calvin Ly says (9:59 PM)
Before long, Vicky's world turned upside down, and then back downside up in a swift moment, being rolled onto Sonsaku's shoulders. Her gaze drifted far into the audience as she sat there dazed, before suddenly, she was driven onto the mat in the first powerbomb, her eyes widening, her mouth hung open with flying spittles and a loud gasping sound. She arched her back off the mat in huge pain, the
Calvin Ly says (10:00 PM)
mat trembling beneath the two strong competitors. Her arms eaglespread, her breasts bouncing upon impact, she thought it was over as she became more unresponsive, her eyes slowly closing, before suddenly, she was lifted once more. This time, she was spun around, before came the second powerbomb, her eyes widening once more. She released a silent, wailing gasp this time as the force of the second powerbomb was so strong that her
Calvin Ly says (10:01 PM)
back rebounded off the shaking mat into a sitting position, her breasts bouncing wildly once more. Her eyes fluttered before it softly closed and she silently fell backwards, landing on her back completely eagle spread, her head tilted to the side and her breasts rising up and down in such a rhythmic and fast pace. It looks like it's over for Vicky. Her body completely covered in sweat, and her seemingly unconscious face gentle as ever.

Stephen Axling says (10:08 PM)
Sonsaku´s breath was heavy and rapid, her sweat covered body on her knees, her breast rising and falling with every breath, Vicky lied in front of her, as she would snake her arms in between Vicky´s legs and under her knees, before pushing herself over Vicky holding her legs and pinning Vicky to the mat.
The ref girl then approached for the count.
“1!” She called out as she slammed her hand down on the mat.

Calvin Ly says (10:12 PM)
Vicky was still completely unconscious as her legs were folded up against her, her knees making contact with her own large orbs. "2!" The ref girl yelled as she slammed a second time on the mat. Then the ref girl raised her hand, coming in for the third count, before out of nowhere, Vicky kicked out of the pin in a spilt second! She flopped onto her side, the crowd in shock as they cheered on,
Calvin Ly says (10:13 PM)
the match still going on. Her breasts rapidly were rising up and down as she was on her side; she let out a long groan, still having some fight in her, her eyes slowly fluttering open.

Stephen Axling says (10:21 PM)
“N..not gonna…give up…yet.. Huh? that.” Sonsaku said between heavy and rapid panting with a smile on her tired face, she began to rise towards her feet as she stood there waiting for a few seconds, recovering her energy and trying to regain her breath before she would take hold of one of Vicky´s arms and pull her up to her feet,
she would then turn Vicky around so she was facing her back and then under hook Vicky´s arms behind her back and lift her up above the ground, wincing as she kept her up, she would run towards a corner attempting to ram Vicky´s front into a corner.

Calvin Ly says (10:30 PM)
Sonsaku would have to deal with dragging Vicky's entire dead body weight as the girl was still nearly out of it. Shakingly forced onto her trembling feet, the larger woman suddenly sprung to life as she attempted to wrap her arms around Sonsaku's well-toned waist and her arms before trying to lift and squeeze with all her might in a powerful bear hug, burying her face in the other girl's rounded
large orbs to prevent any headbutt counters, and lifting the smaller girl off the mat by a few inches.

Stephen Axling says (10:39 PM)
Sonsaku unprepared for Vicky´s sudden vitality, as the larger opponent wrapped her arms around Sonsaku´s slim but strong waist, trapping her arms as well, Vicky´s face buried itself in-between Sonsaku´s large sweaty breasts, as Sonsaku was lifted slightly over the mat, and squeezed fiercely, a pained “Guaagh!” sounded from Sonsaku, her face wincing in pain, shaking her head slightly,
After a few second in the hold the ref girl came up and asked if Sonsaku wanted to give up, she responded in a sharp and resounding “NEVER!” as she tried to think of something to do for now.

Calvin Ly says (10:40 PM)
Vicky tried to keep her breathing constant, puffing into Sonsaku's well-defined breasts as she kept up her massive squeeze. She had to make sure to weaken her to the point where she can land in one of her own finishers. For now, she continued what she has to do: survive and recover while weakening her opponent.

Stephen Axling says (11:00 PM)
Sonsaku tried to pry open Vicky´s powerful bearhug, but the larger opponent, ran towards a corner, ramming her back against it, her head jolted up and spittle flew out of her mouth, her breath was heavy and rapid, her body and face showed signs of fatigue, but with what life she had left in her she would attempt to grab the ropes by the corner with both of her hands,
and then warp her legs around Vicky´s waist and squeeze with all the strength she had.

Calvin Ly says (9:31 AM)
Vicky was extremely tired, worn out, and in pain. Her entire sweaty body radiating under the arena’️s lights along with Sonsaku’️s body, she let out a rough grunt as suddenly the other girl’️s legs wrapped around her own waist. Her face wincing from the strong legs wrapped around her slim waist, her breasts rising and falling against her opponent’️s crotch, she continued squeezing hard, until she
decided to counter at this moment. Quickly releasing the hug, she planted her hands underneath Sonsaku’️s upper thighs, before with a loud grunt, lifted the girl onto her shoulders. Clearly struggling as her body shook under pressure, she tried to yank back away from the corner before she would turn around, facing the center of the ring. Finally, Vicky would jump before landing on her ass, slamming
her opponent in a massive and jumping sit-out powerbomb.

Stephen Axling says (9:42 AM)
Sonsaku was putting all her strength into squeezing her opponents waist with her strong legs, the close contact of the two girls well-built and sweaty body’️s was quite sensual, Sonsaku´s back was in quite the deal of pain, it felt like Vicky was trying to crush the life out of her, but Sonsaku tried to get out of this and counter, when she finally managed to wrap her legs around Vicky.
A feeling of relief came over her, when Vicky let go of the bearhug Sonaku let out a loud sigh, what she didn´t know was what Vicky had planned, Vicky placed her hands under Sonsaku´s upper thighs and pushed her up. “WHOAAA!” Sonsaku yelped as she was lifted up on the larger girl’️s shoulder and then yanked away from the corner, and turned around, Sonsaku saw all of the audience
from her high up position, Vicky then jumped into the air and slammed Sonsaku down on the mat hard, hitting her back Sonsaku rebounded off the mat into a sitting position before falling back onto her back with her limbs spread.

Calvin Ly says (9:45 AM)
After landing that last resort powerbomb, Vicky decided to go for her first pin against Sonsaku, her hands gently snaking around each of her opponent's legs from under the knees, before she would push and fold the girl in half, intiating a pin. "1!" The ref girl counted as she slammed the mat, the larger woman panting really heavily, her breasts heaving up and down, and sweat dripping everywhere
on her skin.

Stephen Axling says (9:53 AM)
Sonsaku lied on the mat, as Vicky initiated the pin, her eyes were closed softly, her legs pushed up so her knees pressed against her large chest, as the ref girl slammed her hand down for the first time, she heard a loud “1!”, her eyes begun fluttering as the crowd was dead silent waiting to see what would happen, “2!” Resounded loudly as the ref girl slammed down her hand for a second time,
as the ref girl was about to slam her hand down for a third time, Sonsaku would push up her legs and use her hands to push her body up from the mat, to add to the push she would need to kick out.

Calvin Ly says (9:57 AM)
Just when Vicky thought she had it, Sonsaku kicked out mere miliseconds before the final count, the larger woman forcefully pushed away from the strength of the kick out as she fell to her back. However, this only excited Vicky more as she formed a wide smile on her face. "Hah... I-I would want nothing... more than this..." She said between panting breaths as she slowly rolled onto her front, then
Calvin Ly says (9:59 AM)
proceeded to stand, her legs slightly trembling below. She then slowly walked up to the prone opponent, before she would grab the girl's hair and drag her up to a standing position. "I'd... like to see you... get out of this..." Vicky muttered as she suddenly landed a swift gut punch to double the girl over, before tucking her head between her warm thighs, her left hand getting a grip on Sonsaku's
pink underwear just so she would stay doubled over and won't collapse, readying herself for her next move.

Stephen Axling says (10:07 AM)
Sonsaku was to hurt at the moment to respond to Vicky, Vicky then grabbed Sonsaku´s long dark blonde hair and pulled her up, she took her weak arms and tried to pry Vicky´s arms off, but to no avail.
Sonsaku´s eyes then shoot open as she was on the receiving end of a gut punch as a slight amount of spittle escaped her mouth and she double over holding her belly with one arm.
Sonsaku´s head was then shoved in between Vicky´s warm sweaty thighs, Vicky grabbed a hold of her pink underwear, holding her up a bit so she didn´t fall to her knees, Sonsaku would attempt to place both her hands against the back of Vicky upper thighs and squeeze a bit, holding on strongly, readying herself for what´s to come.

Calvin Ly says (10:09 AM)
Taking this time to take a breather, Vicky slowly leaned forward, pressing her large orbs against Sonsaku's back as she moved her arms to wrap around the girl's waist. It was getting hot here, and she was beyond exhausted, but her will to fight makes her able to continue on fighting. With a loud grunt, she would roll her opponent up and over so that her back is against Vicky's in a cross
Calvin Ly says (10:10 AM)
formation, the larger woman's hands under each of the girl's armpits. Moving back so she would have enough space, her body shaking from the burden of withstanding Sonsaku's body weight, she ran forward before dropping to her knees as she threw Sonsaku towards the center of the ring in a crucifix powerbomb, slamming the girl's neck and upper back as a result.

Stephen Axling says (10:21 AM)
When Vicky pressed her breast against Sonsaku´s back and wrapped her arms around her waist, Sonsaku would begin to act, holding Vicky´s upper thighs strongly she would attempt to lift her body up along with Vicky, she screamed out loud as she lifted and held Vicky upside down against her back, holding her up by her thighs,
as she would then jump and throw her body backwards slamming Vicky´s back against the mat, with her landing on top.
She would lie there a second before attempting to roll off onto her front and push herself up to her feet, her breath heavy and rapid causing her breasts to rise and fall, a body almost completely covered in the sweat of both girls and a smile on her tired and pained face,
as she would take a breather for a few seconds. Almost like she was waiting Vicky to begin rising by herself.

Calvin Ly says (10:29 AM)
"WOAH!!!" Vicky screamed out as she was lifted upside down, her front pressing against Sonsaku's back, her breasts heaving up and down as she was feeling light-headed from being upside down, her arms wailing helplessly in mid-air. She then let out a resounding "GAH!!!" sound as her body was crushed between the mat and her opponent's body, before she merely laid there with limbs sprawled out, near
Calvin Ly says (10:31 AM)
motionless as her eyes were closed, panting really heavily. As soon as the other girl got off of her, Vicky started groaning, slowly rolling onto her front. She would then try get back to her feet, her limbs shaking under pressure, her eyes wearily looking at Sonsaku.

Stephen Axling says (10:35 AM)
Sonsaku looked on as Vicky rose to her feet, “Y…you´re… really….good.” she said in between heavy panting, when Vicky got to her feet Sonsaku would take a swift step forward before turning and spin her entire body around, stretching out her right arm, her hand curled into a fist, as she would aim it towards Vicky´s head, attempting to down Vicky in that one shot, she put all her remaining strength
into this move, her finisher the Water Dragon Fist.

Calvin Ly says (10:39 AM)
Vicky smirked at the compliment as she rised to shakey feet. Then she saw Sonsaku coming towards her. Gritting her teeth, she would narrowly duck the backfist, the backfist only grazing her red hair as she grabbed that arm, before trying to swing and throw the girl in a hiptoss. Afterwards, she would quickly stumble back and lean against the ropes. "C-Come on... It's my turn..." The larger woman
Calvin Ly says (10:40 AM)
muttered as she clenched her right hand into a hard fist. When Sonsaku would stand back up and turn around, Vicky would lunge forward with her right fist, aiming to knock the girl out with all her remaining strength with her Lights Out finisher, trying to smash the fist across the girl's cheeks.

Stephen Axling says (10:46 AM)
Sonsaku face riddled with surprise when Vicky dodged her fist and threw her in a hip toss, landing hard on her back, her face wincing in pain as she would then scramble her way to her feet, her legs were unsteady and her breath was rapid, as she turned around she saw Vicky rebound of the ropes coming at her with her fist ready,
Sonsaku knew she had to react fast and would go low attempting to lunge forward while bending down her upper body and dart for Vicky´s midsection with a spear.

Calvin Ly says (10:49 AM)
"GUAH!!!" Vicky screamed out loudly as she missed her finisher and her opponent's shoulder drived into her stomach in a decisive spear, releasing some spittle from her mouth as she landed on the mat in a harsh manner. Her limbs sprawled out, her breathing at its highest, her breasts rising up and down like flowing water, and sweat was everywhere on her worned out body. Her eyes softly closed with
Calvin Ly says (10:50 AM)
head tilted to the side, she didn't have the strength to move at all now. "Y-You win... N-Now... Y-You know what... to do..." The large woman muttered out between panted breaths, knowing that her body, mind, and spirit can not go on with the match anymore. Now she just needs to be finished in one amazing fashion.

Stephen Axling says (11:04 AM)
Sonsaku was on her knees in front of Vicky, looking down on her, with her heavy panting causing her large breast to bounce, just as Vicky´s were, “y…Yeah…I’️ll…Finish…this.“ as she would bend forward and grab one of Vicky´s arms and pull her up along with her as she rose to her feet, she would send a kick to Vicky´s lower abdomen to double her over and shove her in between her warm sweaty thighs,
Stephen Axling says (11:05 AM)
and then bend forward and press her breasts against Vicky´s back and wrap her arms around Vicky slim well-toned waist.
She would then roll Vicky up into a cross formation against her back, holding Vicky up under her armpits, as she would throw Vicky´s body forward over her head, almost like she was performing a crucifix powerbomb, but she kept swinging Vicky´s body forward a tiny bit,
so instead of landing on her upper back and neck, she would land on the top of her head in a sort of piledriver, it was her new finisher the Dragon Crucifix.
If it hit she would turn Vicky´s body over onto its front and just lie across her chest and pin her.

Calvin Ly says (11:10 AM)
Vicky would be dragged up to her feet lifelessly, before she muttered out a weak grunt as she was kicked in the mid-section, doubling over as her head was shoved between Sonsaku's warm and sweaty thighs, her arms dangling in mid-air without any form of resistance showing in her body. Feeling the girl's large orbs pressing against her back made her feel sensual as her opponent's arms wrapped around
Calvin Ly says (11:11 AM)
her slim yet toned waist. Just before she collapsed to her knees, she let out a groan as she was rolled up and over into a cross formation, feeling very familiar with this position as she once attempted to do that to Sonsaku. Her legs dangling in mid-air now, she was suddenly thrown forward and down and her head was driven onto the mat in Sonsaku's deadly finisher, her body immediately flopping
Calvin Ly says (11:13 AM)
onto her front, the mat trembling from the impact as Vicky's breasts and ass shook. She was then rolled onto her back, completely unconscious as her head tilted to the side, her eyes shut tight, her breasts heaving up and down rapidly, and her limbs sprawled out. Her breathing just became much softer as the other girl laid her sweaty body over her own sweaty body.

Stephen Axling says (11:20 AM)
The ref girl went over to their side and began to count slamming her hand down hard as she shouted “1!”
Several thought went through Sonsaku´s head but there was one more prominent then all others and that was, how great of an opponent Vicky was, how they fought so similar and pushed each other well past their limits, she loved almost everything about Vicky, how she fought,
how she kept pushing Sonsaku through the course of the match, and how she looked, the larger woman´s well-toned body exhilarated Sonsaku´s senses.
“2!“ could now be heard from the ref girl and the crowd as they had joined in on the count as well.

Calvin Ly says (11:22 AM)
"3!" The ref girl and the audience said in unison as the bell rang, and Vicky was still unconscious. But probably deep within her unconscious state, she was glad that she fought someone really strong like Sonsaku, and would always be proud of fighting her as she accepted defeat like a fighter.

Stephen Axling says (11:27 AM)
Sonsaku rose unsteadily to her feet as the ref girl took her hand and raised it high into the air, her breath still heavy and her body drenched in sweats of both her’️s and Vicky´s, she looked out to the crowd that was roaring after this amazing match, the feeling was great as she would drop down to her keens next to Vicky´s head and whisper to her, “Good..match!..hope we meet…again”,
then she would rise to her feet and walk out of the ring and on her unsteady legs walk up and out of the arena.

Calvin Ly says (11:30 AM)
Vicky couldn't hear the last words of Sonsaku's as she was still unconscious and the latter started leaving the arena. Even when the girl had left, the large woman was still lying on the mat unconscious, apparently completely exhausted that she drifted off into a deep sleep for a good rest. The ref girl started rolling the woman out of the ring, before she would drag her to a standing position
and drape one arm over her shoulders, before she would guide the unconscious Vicky out of the arena.

Stephen Axling says (11:33 AM)
Winner via Pin Fall: Sonsaku Hakufu

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