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Hey guys!! Tsuka's back!!

Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:06 am by TomboyTsuka

I'm back from my holiday to Shanghai, China. Although I actually already returned yesterday but I was kinda tired.... But now I can finally RP here again with my pals at AFW!!

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Back From Hiatus

Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:34 am by Gwyndolin

I mentioned awhile back that I was expecting to be absent from this site for 2-3 weeks as I worked to finish my last college semester. That pause turned into two months due to some extra tasks that kept me busy, but I finally have the free time to roleplay again! Grades for the last quarter turned out great, so it looks like I'll graduate as I hoped I would once my degree is certified.

I'll update my ongoing roleplays shortly. Glad to be back!

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Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:38 am by LtLukas

Hey there. You want to have a match? What's that? You want to have a match with the best goddamn RPer on this site? Well, then go ask acuya or Alexandra (RIP) because you are going to be stuck with me. But you should still sit the fuck down because I am about to slap your bitch tits with some awesome shit, whether you like it or not.

Eka is a nice girl. She has stamina for days, and can submit an alligator. She is really sweet though, but if you want to see her get real unsweet, well, why …

[ Full reading ]

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Aika Inoue - The Silent Idol

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Aika Inoue - The Silent Idol

Post by Ryoku on Wed May 11, 2011 10:54 pm

[align=center:t810ag6m][size=150:t810ag6m] Aika Inoue[/align:t810ag6m]


[size=150:t810ag6m][align=center:t810ag6m]General Information[/align:t810ag6m]


Name: Aika Inoue
Nickname: “The Silent Idol”
Sex/Gender: Female
Age: 18 – February 3rd.
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Long, blonde.
Height: 5'2'' ft.
Weight: 102 lbs.
B/W/H: 79A/61/88
Nationality: Japanese
Citizenship: Prefecture of Hiroshima
Allignment: Face
Entrance Music: [url=]Love & Roll - Supercell[/url:t810ag6m]


[size=150:t810ag6m][align=center:t810ag6m]Combat Information[/align:t810ag6m]


Wrestling Tactic: Offensive/Defensive.
Strategy: Making the match as soft and tender as possible. Tries to avoid hurting her opponents, and focus only on enjoying.
Style: Low-Level Pro-Wrestling, Bed-Wrestling
Preferred Matches: Standard. Humiliation.
Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5 stars - Medium

RPG Style Stat spread (Out of 5 Stars):

Sexuality: ★★★★

Style Information:

Wrestling Style: D Rank
Bed-Wrestling Style: A Rank
High Flying Style: E Rank
Martial Arts: E Rank
Strikes with the hand/fist: C Rank
Strikes with the leg/foot: D Rank

Favorite Moves/Holds:

• Headscissors

• Sleeper Hold

• Butt Slam

• SchoolGirl Pin

Finishing Moves:

Silent Lullaby:
K.O. Humiliation. Aika lays completely on top of her opponent, placing her bust upon their face and using her breasts to smother them. If her opponent doesn’️t stay still, she will often wrap her arms around their heads and hug them against her chest to keep them from escaping.




Physical Apperance:

Aika is very nice and warm. She truly cares about the people around her, and will always do everything in her power to make everyone happy. Due to a vow she made to herself, though, she won’️t pronounce a word, not even to her friends. In a match, she can be gentle or rough, depending on her opponent’️s attitude. Her only reason to wrestle lies in the feeling of intimacy she gets from full on contact. Skin against skin, breast to breast, the love of an intimate nature she shares with those that enjoy wrestling the way she does.

Aika was once a very popular idol, discovered by a very important business man when she was barely 14. She loved singing, and her parents were more than happy that she could make money out of her passion. She was allowed to quit school, and she started to travel very often, visiting different countries and amazing everyone with her beautiful voice. Her friends couldn’️t believe it when they first saw her on TV! It was really hard to believe that not long ago, she was sitting among them, listening to their boring teacher. They were really happy to see her become such a great celebrity, and wished the same for themselves.

Not everything was sugar and rainbows, though. While everybody thought that her life was pretty nice, Aika was not having as much fun as she’️d have liked to. The life of an idol is never easy, they say. Concerts every two days, screaming fans knocking on her door day and night and countless paparazzi taking million of pictures of her for their magazines. The lack of rest made her pass out on stage and during rehearsals. People got tired of buying their ticket just to watch her leave halfway through the concert. Soon, angry letters from her beloved fans started to arrive.

“But... I... really can’️t handle this... It’️s too much...”

Aika cried. She cried, and cried, and cried. But the letters didn’️t stop coming. The people didn’️t stop complaining. The time didn’️t stop advancing.

It was enough. She was sick of them. If they were going to complain, maybe they didn’️t deserve to hear her voice. And that was exactly the punishment she was going to apply. Several magazines took care of covering the article.

“This is it. From today on, I am out of the music business. I asked you to be patient, but you weren’️t. So I have decided to stop speaking. Yes. I refuse to spell a word again – let alone singing.”

Aika returned to her hometown not more than a few days after that declaration. There, she resumed her studies and started to bond again with the friends she had left behind when she became an idol. Since she didn’️t talk, it was kind of hard for her to communicate with others. Still, her childhood friends remained loyal to her despite this, which made Aika feel really loved.

That’️s when she found out she... liked girls. Not only as friends, but as lovers, “playmates”. While some people preffered to stay away from her, others accepted her just the way she was. Aika opened her heart to her beloved friends, but... as close as she was to them, they never heard her speak. Not a single word did she mutter through all those years.

Time passed, and she finally graduated. Aika and her friends parted ways once again. However, it was her who decided to stay and live a peaceful life. That didn’️t last long, though. A year later, she discovered the AFW. A place where she could have fun with other girls without having to worry about fans; they’️d love her for participating, not for winning.


- Yuri.
- Idols.
- Nudity.

- Crazy fans.
- Being scolded.
- Heavy Metal.

Facts of :
- Since she doesn’️t speak, Aika carries a sketch pad everywhere she goes.
- Magazines don’️t know about this, but she was involved with several other idols. You know what I’️m talking about.
- Her theme song, “Love & Roll”, is sung by herself. It’️s one of her most popular singles.
- Only people very dear to her can hope to ever hear her speak.


[size=150:t810ag6m] Aika's AFW Record:














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