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I'm Back

Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:57 am by RadiantKarna332

Alright, after a few days of hiatus, I'm back. I'm sorry for my absence, for those who have threads with me here. Razz

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Looking for a match.

Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:27 am by Silentcoins

As the title says, I'm looking for a match up.

I can do just about any kind of match up, though I prefer one with some hentai elements mixed into it. Wonder if there's anyone interested in a match of any kind?

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Taking a Few Days Off

Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:46 pm by RadiantKarna332

Well, I'm kind of burned out these days, so I'll be taking a break from RPing for a while. Maybe a few days? Sorry for the inconvenience, guys. Sad

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Adrian Kytes, the occasionly hardcore Anime

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Adrian Kytes, the occasionly hardcore Anime

Post by kerflubble on Mon Apr 25, 2011 11:56 pm

General Information


Name: Adrian Kytes
Gender: female
Age: 26
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130lb
Origin: American
Alignment: Face (former heel)
Entrance Music:  Fury Of The Storm by Shadows Fall


Combat Information


Combat Attitude: Frustrated, yet determined.
Combat Style: Internationally influenced American Cruiserweight
Combat Type: High flying, showy.

Prefered Matches:
Last Woman standing

Style Strategy:
Trained in the wrestle factory in Philidelphia, Adrian utilises a combination of styles of people she grew up idolising and respected such as Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Christian, and later in life Mike Quackenbush. Although the ground and striking games have somewhat passed her by she mixes technical ability high high risk moves However, she combines this with an approach to the rules that would make Rowdy Roddy Piper act shocked. While lately she has cleaned up her act, she still opperates on Mutually Assured Dickery, feeling obliged to cheat back if cheated against.

She also likes to be subversive, going for unexpected moves and techniques, especially when focusing on a limb which she usualy does for opponents who aren't going to be fooled by a poison mist spray followed by a roll up with a handful of panties. While there are probably more obvious holds and counters to holds she'll go for the more obscure ones on the basis of "since I don't really know them that well, hopefully my opponent won't either." and with most of these coming from 1970s British wrestling tapes she usually gets away with it, surprising any opponent who had planned to deal with a more orthodox style.


Attack information


Favorite Attacks:

-Double foot stomp/Goomba Stomp/Double Jump

-Hadoken (double palm thrust made to look like a Street Fighter Hadoken)

-Diving Elbow Drop

-Reverse DDT

-'68 comeback special (hangman's neckbreaker to DDT)

Common Finishers:

-FUS RO DAH: A superkick, the more words in the shout used, the longer the set up i.e. FUS is just a simple outtanowhere superkick, FUS RO requires the victim to get into position and the full FUS RO DAH requires the whole "Tuning up the band routine" stomping the mat in the corner to make the opponent get up so she can smack her boot right under her chin.

-Last Surprise: An attack no-one ever sees coming. A shining wizard delivered to the back of the head. as shown here

-Kyte Strings: Adrian's submission finisher. With the opponent on the ground facing up, Adrian will pull their right arm up, positioning herself kneeling away with the victim's arm between her legs and the opponent's neck hooked up. From this position Adrian will hook the opponent's left leg and apply a wrist lock, preventing the opponent from scrambling away to the ropes.

Critical Finisher:

-Bankai: Canadian Destroyer/Yoshi Tonic/sunset flip piledriver: with the opponent doubled over Adrian catches them in a standing headscissor before flipping over them, pulling their head along ending with Adrian in a seated position and her opponent landing on their head.


Personal information:

Current Attire (in AFW magazine)

Big pics:

Old Attire:

Appearance: Her appearance used to often vary due to her cosplay habits. Her hair is dyed regularly and her attire is rarely the same two nights in a row. However, a series of events forced her to look back and consider a more appropriate wrestling attire: tights, boots, a tank top and a bunch of pads.

Adrian is surprisingly affable for the times she'd gotten booed out of the building, tries to make friends and pull people in to whatever she's doing at the moment. However she doesn't get that her cheating ways enrage people who have to face her and who take pride in their job and her perkyness tends to annoy more serious competitors.

However, there is a darker side to the cosplayer. Usually as a result from being on the receiving end of a beating coupled with endless taunts. If she gets the upper hand in that situation she may snap, completely losing all emotional control, her attacks get a lot more vicious, cheating to inflict pain and for the hell of it instead of just to get out of a bad one herself. Often times in a mixture of crying, uncontrollable anger and manic laughter. Making the normally un-intimidating otaku look a lot scarier to be around.

Growing up watching wrestling throughout childhood thanks to an older brother who caught the tail end of the 80s, a slightly younger brother who was caught up in the late 90s boom and being 5 minutes away from the arena heralding the birth of hardcore can have a profound affect on a young girl. Adrian loved wrestling from an early age and quickly started training in the local wrestling school as soon as she graduated from high school. She picked up other interests as well and whereas people told her that she might be better off focussing on one aspect for at least a short while, Adrian was determined to combine them all into one, resulting in the numerous costumes she wears in the ring and around backstage. It's said that no-one's seen her in regular clothes for several years.

Her decision to enter the AWF rather than continue training and perhaps move up to her trainer's fed was driven mostly by the desire to get to performing on a main roster as quickly as possible, and by a certain intrigue: very few places that advertised hentai wrestling had people of who wrestled normal matches as well. Deciding to take a gamble, Adrian signed up for the AWF tryout and was quickly pulled up to the Friction brand.


Additional information:

Facts of :
-Caught all the original 150 pokemon by herself (with 2 gameboys and a link cable), working on the over 700 mark in X and Y
-Gets withdrawal symptoms if away from a screen for more than 24 hours
-Allergic to cheese

Likes: Video Games, Comics, Manga, Anime, sugar, Yaoi

Dislikes: Pain, Refs who aren't stupid, chokeholds, rap music, Tequila

Most Used Quotes:
"Oh come on!"
"Sorry about that"
"I didn't do anything"

General Status

20-9-3 (18-8-2 Friction singles, 2-1-0 tag, 0-0-1 Tension singles)

Adrian Kytes defeated Asami (submission)
Adrian Kytes defeated Natalia (pinfall)
Adrian Kytes defeated Victoria Baynes (cage match, escape)
Nha & Sha defeated Adrian Kytes & Rebecca Tomko (pinfall)
Adrian Kytes defeated Cecilia Northman (submission)
Adrian Kytes & Rebecca Tomko defeated The Morrigan (misc. victory condition)
Adrian Kytes had a No Contest with Clyde Gastin (mutual agreement)
Adrian Kytes defeated Taylor (I Quit match, verbal submission)
Adrian Kytes defeated Chigusa Yuuki (pinfall)
Adrian Kytes defeated Tomomi (Schoolgirl pinfall)
Adrian Kytes No Contest with Cerbera (Ref died)
Adrian Kytes No Contest vs Taylor vs Lia Cross (Adrian went crazy, match pulled)
Adrian Kytes & Heather Sunderland defeated Chigusa Yuuki and Akashi Tanzaki (DQ)
Adrian Kytes defeated Angel (pinfall)
Adrian Kytes defeated Cerbera (pinfall)
Adrian Kytes defeated Raiye (Table'd)
Natasha Loclear defeated Adrian Kytes (KO/submission)
Brittany Lurvve defeated Adrian Kytes (Pyramid match)
Kelly Conway defeated Adrian Kytes (pinfall)
Adrian Kytes defeated Natasha Loclear (Last Woman Standing)
Angel defeated Adrian Kytes (Ladder match) for the AFW championship
Adrian Kytes defeated Big Barda (pinfall)
Taylor defeated Adrian Kytes (2 out of 3 falls, 2-1)
Kelly Conway defeated Adrian Kytes (pinfall)
River Styx defeated Adrian Kytes (pinfall)
Adrian Kytes defeated Brittany Lurve (c) (pinfall) Hardcore Championship match
Adrian Kytes (c) defeated River Styx (Escape/Boiler Room Brawl) Hardcore Championship match
Adrian Kytes defeated Grizzly Yamamoto (pinfall)
Adrian Kytes defeated Alicia Wells (KO) Hardcore Championship Match
Adrian Kytes defeated Cecilia Northman (pinfall) Hardcore Championship Match
Silver Ace defeated Adrian Kytes (Pinfall) Hardcore Championship match
Adrian Kytes defeated Akiha Kosha (pinfall) FWC 2016

2012 Temple games captain
Former no.1 contender for AFW championship (Avalanche 2013)
Reigning ICW/ICWA Tri-State TV champion
1 time AFW Hardcore Champion (SS 2015-AV 2016, 3 defenses)


Rebecca Tomoko: Now official girlfriend and long time best friend, there isn't much Adrian wouldn't do for the Amazon and visa versa +++++
Bonnie Gastin: A friend and ally, the two have shared touching moments together when they were both at their lowest +++
Clyde Gastin: A fun loving freind for the most part, although she won't touch the drama with a standard issue 20ft barge pole +++
Heather Sunderland: friend of a friend and ally in the Avengers. Not really much interactions between the two, but she wouldn't be opposed to it.+
Cecilia Northman: Pretty much Adrian's best friend (since Rebecca got promoted to lover at least) even putting up with all of Adrian's neuroses when it comes to training with a lot of hugs. +++++
Asami: Adrian's first opponent and victory in AFW, although Adrian won by questionable means the two made up quickly and are on good terms still ++
Tina Armstrong: Adrian's one time trainer. Still keeps in touch every now and then and generally parted on decent terms ++

Cecilia: Although she's still her closest friend, Adrian does harbor a fair amount of resentment as to how the Swede treats her like a kid and seems to have outpaced her in skill despite the cosplayer winning the only official match between the two. -
River Styx: Adrian's main rival as Hardcore champion. River's brutality combined with Adrian's natural talent at escalating minor conflicts bloomed into a full blown blood fued. You don't make nice with someone you trap under a forklift in Mongolia ----
Gwendolyn: Adrian had only brief exposure to the Heiress, doesn't mean she doesn't want to pound her face in. Just that she's not going out of her way to do so. --
Brittany: The Viper made sure Adrian was on the shelf for a long time, where do these freaks keep getting tazers!? ----
Natasha "Rain" Loclear: The one responsible for her first official singles competition loss and arguably the woman who put her out of contention for any title in the forceable future. To say she harbours a grudge over that match would be a horrific understatement and for a brief while it looked like Adrian had found someone other than Taylor to deem as someone who needed to be destroyed for making her feel small and pathetic, especially in her return promo. While her recent victory had put her self doubt on the backburner, the resentment blossomed into hatred and the feeling is now mutual. ----

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Re: Adrian Kytes, the occasionly hardcore Anime

Post by Tatyina on Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:31 am

Profile approved. Have fun ^ ^

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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Re: Adrian Kytes, the occasionly hardcore Anime

Post by kerflubble on Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:16 pm

Thank you, any tips on where to start off?

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Re: Adrian Kytes, the occasionly hardcore Anime

Post by kerflubble on Fri May 06, 2011 2:40 pm

[size=150:jizgwffp]new section: Tricks of the Trade

since Adrian considers a fight where she has to fight fair inherently unfair, she knows quite a few ways to get an unfair advantage in a match. In addition to the below, most of her costumes include weapons, the Scout's baseball bat, dog tags, and any wooden swords will be used. Sometimes the hilt is actually a detachable lead pipe.

Favourite Tricks:

Poison mist: A sachet of a randomly coloured water with a few extra things involved (depending on how much prior preperation is done) is sprayed from her mouth into the opponents eyes. A common variation is to use dark red mist, allowing Adrian to feint bleeding from the mouth which might get an opponent to lower her guard to risk a bigger move.

Wounded Gazelle Gambit: a weapon is brought into the ring while the referee is distracted. Adrian gives her opponent the weapon then falls flat on her back pretending as though she got hit. If this does not earn her an outright DQ victory she will use the time when the ref chastises her opponent to get something a bit more painful.

Hero's Elbow: During a match, Adrian may put on a loaded elbow pad, or switch to one on her right arm. This means that any shot from that elbow has the potential to outright KO someone despite Kytes not being one for strikes normaly.

Lawyer Ball: While this does not cause any damage or allow for a cheap victory it will often put her opponent at a disadvantage. Dredging up old rules that were never removed to stop her opponent trying anything. These are often announced before a match begins and when she's sure that the referee is going to trust her. The fools.

ICW/ICWA Tri-State TV Champion: Adrian will place her own custom made belt on the line for a match under the conditions that it's fought under ICW/ICWA regulations. However, the company does not exist allowing her to make up her own rules on the spot. "No Martial Arts Strikes" and "$500 fine for every punch thrown" are common ones. Also to prevent her losing the made up title under her own rules the Champion's Advantage is in full effect. If she gets counted out or DQ'd she retains the title even if the match is lost.
Unless she gets knocked out within a really short amount of time, [url=]but that would be silly[/url:jizgwffp]

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Re: Adrian Kytes, the occasionly hardcore Anime

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