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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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Tracy Snow vs Cham Cham: The Duel of the Savages

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Tracy Snow vs Cham Cham: The Duel of the Savages

Post by Ryoku on Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:28 pm

[size=150:3elka7n6][Match done over IM]

Standard Match
Terms of Victory - Pinfall, submission or K.O.

Tracy came out of the backstage, wearing a white loose T-shirt with a black skull print on the chest, a black skirt and thigh high striped stockings, as well as black shoes. Her long, scarlet hair swayed from side to side as she walked down the ramp, the crowd going nuts for her. She didnt really care about their cheers, but well, what could she do about it? It's not like they were bothering her. The redhead climbed into the ring, rolling under the bottom rope and pushing herself up to her feet, then headed towards her corner, leaning back against the turnbuckle as she waited for her unknown opponent to make her appearance.

The music kicked in and a few moments later a rather curious looking opponent appeared at the top of the ramp way. A messy green haired rugged looking cat girl in primitive tiger stripe rags. The girl perched all all in a sitting position like a cat... on her butt with the sole of her feet on the ground and her hands balancing down right in front of her. After a few moments she suddenly galloped down to the ring, but she did so on her hands and feet, actually looking quite nimble. The feline jumped and slid in under the bottom ropes into the ring with Tracy

Now, her opponent was rather cute. Those cat ears made Tracy like her almost instantly. With those clothes, she looked more of a tiger, but those were cute too. She watched as the green haired girl entered the ring, staying in her corner. She had to focus on the match if she didnt want to lose to her cute opponent.

Though very cute, Cham Cham did have a kind of rough cave girl look to her. Cham Cham had taken a seat in the corner, agily using her foot to at the side of her head for a moment before suddenly stopping as if she had only just noticed Tracy was watching her. She jumped to her feet "We wrestle now!" She exclaimed, evidently quick to get bored "Cham Cham knock you about like ball of string." She said mimicing the paw motions she might use to bat a ball of string from one side to the other

Tracy didnt feel really bad. For once, she got to fight someone as flat as her. Maybe it wasnt totally satisfying, but at least it kept her from being victim of some annoying nicknames. The red haired kawaii stared at her opponent from across the ring, listening to those words she said. Now wasnt she confident! At first she thought Cham Cham was acting like a caveman, and decided to play along. "Well, Cham Cham regret messing with Tracy!"

The bell rang and Cham Cham wasted no time in charging straight in towards Tracy with the direct and aggressive approach.. Trying to take her down to the mat with a clothesline

Tracy heard the bell ring and stepped out of her corner with her arms up. Watching her opponent come at her with her arm stretched out, the redhead would prepare to receive the other girl with a bearhug, crouching a bit and holding both of her arms out.

Cham Cham kinda stupidly ran right into Tracy's waiting arms, although her body would still bump pretty heftily against Tracy's with the speed at which she was running. "Ugh!" She huffed out as her rogish kawaii body collided with Tracy and felt her arms catch her up, small chest against small chest

Tracy wrapped her arms around Cham Cham's waist. The clash was strong enough to make her take one or two steps back. Still she was able to keep her green haired opponent trapped in the bearhug. She squeezed Cham's body tightly, her flat chest pressing against her opponent's. "Cham Cham submit?"

Cham Cham put her gloved paws on Tracy's shoulders, clenching her teeth a little as she squirmed and wriggled in Tracy's grasp, her barely covered nips grinding and rubbing into Tracy's chest as her tail whipped around behind her

Tracy was having some troubles keeping her opponent in the hold with so much struggling and squirming. Not much later, the redhead would be forced to release Cham Cham, letting go of her waist and moving her hands to her shoulders in an attempt to shove her away.

As Tracy readjusted her grip and tried to move her hands to her opponent's shoulders, Cham Cham saw her chance.. Opening her arms out wide and leting out a playfully feline like "Rawr!!!" She tried to clap her arms around the side of Tracy's head together

Cheap! Tracy was too busy trying to push Cham away to avoid her attack. The impact stunned and dazed the red haired kawaii, making her blink a few times as she staggered back. "Nnhh.." That was unexpected. And since her head was spinning now, she was wide open for an attack.

Cham Cham moved forwards, her waist hurting a bit fromt he bear hug but she brushed it off.. Cham Cham would try to grab her paws around the back of Tracy's thighs, trying to lift her up off the mat so that her legs were either side of the cat girl's hips... The cat girl would then charge towards the corner right behind Tracy, trying to ram her back right against the turnbuckles

Tracy was lifted up and off the mat by the back of her thighs, right below her buttcheeks, by her opponent. Her arms wrapped lightly around Cham Cham's neck in order to keep herself from falling. Not ready for what came next, Tracy let out a grunt of pain as her back was slammed strongly into the corner. "Nnghh!" It left her a bit stunned, but probably not as much as the previous attack. Plus, she was good at enduring pain

"Meowth!" Cham Cham lets out as she dunks Tracy in the corner and uses her own small body to squash Tracy up against it a bit. the feline took a step back and gripped her paws at the middle ropes either side of Tracy's body, bending over and would aim to ram her shoulder deep into Tracy's stomach

Tracy had an idea of what Cham Cham was planning to do now. The redhead brought her hands to her opponent's shoulders, and attempted to shove her away before she could attack, not willing to let the green haired girl do as she wished with her.

Cham Cham was a little annoyed to feel Tracy pressing her hands on her shoulders and pushing her back so that she couldn't do the shoulder barges like she wanted to. Letting go of the ropes, Cham Cham would lift up and try to slap her paw firmly right across Tracy's chest

As she was too busy trying to keep Cham away, Tracy's chest was completely uncovered. The slap connected beautifully, making her grunt in pain. "Gaah..." Darn, Cham Cham could sure deal some damage. She had to get away from there, and soon! Tracy would let go of her opponent's shoulders and grab the top ropes. Then, she'd leap up and bring her feet up to Cham Cham's chest, attempting to kick her away.

Cham Cham tried to move towards Tracy just as the kawaii lifted herself up on the ropes and shoved her feet out forcefully right against her small chest "Ugh!!" The primitive cat girl grunted out as she fell backwards onto the mat. Cham Cham rolled over onto all fours, her butt sticking up a bit for Tracy and giving the red head the indication that Cham Cham wasn't wearing any panties on underneath

Tracy planned on making Cham Cham pay for what she had done. However, as she stepped out of the corner and walked towards her opponent, she gasped. "...Why Cham Cham not wear panties?" She asked, blushing brightly and taking a step back. It was.. uhh... weird. For example, she couldnt do a bodyslam without grabbing her naked crotch.

"Stop mocking Cham Cham talk!" Cham Cham complained as she turned on the mat so that she wasn't showing off her bare butt to Tracy.. On all fours still, Cham Cham would swipe out with her paw like a cat, trying to hook around Tracy's ankle and leg and trip her down to the mat

Tracy was just trying to be nice. She wasnt mocking Cham Cham! In any case, the sight of her opponent's groin kept Tracy distracted for long enough. She was tripped down to the mat by the other girl, falling down onto her butt with a cute grunt. "Heey... I was just trying to be nice!"

Cham Cham squated back on all fours for a moment and then would pounce at Tracy, trying to propel herself forwards at tracy and collide with her chest on. She'd try to scramble on top of her opponent and sit that cute naked butt down right on Tracy's belly. "Cham Cham play rough not nice." She murmured, looking down at Tracy and trying to bap her paws against Tracy's cheeks

"Eeep!" Tracy was taken down by her opponent, ending up laying on the ground onto her back with Cham Cham sitting atop of her. The redhead didnt waste a moment, though. She was quick to bring her arms in front of her face. Her experience told her that the bottom position was never good. Specially for MMA participants and street fighters. Considering how strong Cham Cham was, it'd be reaaaally bad for her if she didnt protect herself.

Cham Cham wrinkled her nose and made a low kind of purring noise at the back of her throat as she saw that Tracy was putting her arms up in a defensive position. Getting her paws and feet under her, Cham Cham was hop up off of Tracy and the mat and kick her legs out, trying to come down right back on Tracy's tummy in a miniature cute butt splash

Tracy was definitely not expecting such a move. She thought a primitive girl like Cham Cham would choose to pound her face. "Oofff...!" The air abandoned her lungs as her opponent landed on her tummy, making her cough a bit. She didnt drop her guard, though, and would quickly try to buck her opponent off before she could go for another attack.

Satisfied with the butt splash she'd done, Cham Cham was squating down like a feline ready to pounce, preparing herself to give Tracy another of them, when suddenly the kawaii brawler bucked hard. "Yarg!" Cham Cham cried out as she was flung up and off Tracy, falling front first onto the mat

Tracy was fast to roll away from her opponent and near to the ropes, helping herself up with them. It's not like if she were too out of it to get up normally, but since you was close to them, she figured she'd just use them. Up on her feet, the redhead would bring her arms up again, watching Cham Cham, leaving a good distance between them in order to avoid any kind of traps.

Cham Cham rolled onto all fours after being deseated, she caught Tracy in her sights over by the ropes and would immediately bolt for her as she got to her feet... Going about the match like a bull in a china shop as she tried to propel herself at Tracy and slam her shoulder right into her stomach for a spear

Being so close to the ropes, Tracy had a plan. As she saw her opponent charge at her, the red haired girl would simply wait for her right there. Once she was close enough, the redhead would attempt to move out of the way just in time to avoid Cham Cham's attack.

Cham Cham flung her little body right at where Tracy was only for to nibbly move out of the way, leaving Cham Cham spearing right through the ropes "Weow!!!" she cried out as she went clean through the ropes and into free fall right out onto the hard matted floor around the ring

Tracy felt a little bad as she heard the loud thud caused by Cham Cham's fall, but it was still a match. She stepped away from the ropes and waited for her opponent inside the ring, watching her, a part of her hoping she got up soon. It was not a nice fall from the ring to the concrete.

Cham Cham had quite a bit taken out of her by the landing, she was stunned and feeling a bit sluggish and was ending up taking quite a bit of time in getting up.. Holding onto the gaurd railing to rise to her feet with a groan..

Tracy then decided to take advantage of this opportunity. With Cham Cham so stunned, the red haired kawaii would run towards the ropes and leap up, landing on the top rope and using it to prop herself up again, now aiming her feet at Cham Cham's chest as she approached to her opponent.

Cham Cham shook her head, turning around to face the ring just as Tracy came flying over the ropes and her feet embedded themselves deep in Cham Cham's petite bust. "Uhff!!" Cham Cham huffed out gruffily, the force of Tracy's drop kick forcing Cham Cham to fall back heavily against the gaurd railings, her arms slinging over the top to keep her up as she panted short soft breaths of air... Part of her ragged tiger cloth pulled down by the drop kick so that she was showing a bit of nipple...

Tracy was glad her kick had connected so perfectly. She had to endure the pain of falling to the ground onto her side, letting out a loud grunt of pain. It'd take her a bit to get back up on her feet, but considering how much damage she must have caused to Cham Cham, there was no hurry.

Cham Cham groaned faintly, moving one arm off the railings to hold against her hurting bust. Tracy had really got her good there, she slump down against the gaurd railing, plomping down onto her butt as she continued to pant gently for breath

Tracy got up slowly, a bit hurt. Nothing serious, though. Besides, she was pretty sure the one in troubles was Cham Cham, not her. The redhead would move her hand to her opponent's green hair and use it to drag her to the ring. Not before noticing Cham Cham's nipple exposed and pulling her suit up a little bit.

"meow.." Cham Cham murmured softlya s Tracy grabbed her by her green messy hair, dragging her unwillingly up to her feet and starting to walk her towards the ring. Just as they got there and as Tracy tried to move Cham Cham's costume up a bit, the feline would swing her arm up in a desperation move and try to catch Tracy off gaurd with a clubbing blow

Tracy didnt like humiliating her opponents. Uhh... well, she didnt like humiliating opponents that she liked. Too busy trying to cover her opponent's chest, Cham Cham's forearm would hit her right in the side of her head, making her stumble back a bit, leaving Cham Cham alone.

Without Tracy holding her up any longer, Cham Cham stumbled and almost fell to the floor if not for reaching one arm to grab onto the apron of the ring. The feline knew she had to follow up quickly even though she was still hurting, forcing herself to move she'd bolt towards Tracy and swing her arm up to try and strike across Tracy's small chest with a clothesline

Tracy was a bit dazed after the blow to her head, and before she could even complain to Cham Cham, she was taken down to the cold ground by her opponent's clothesline, which was a lot fiercer than what she would have expected. "Uuhh..."

Cham Cham huffed out a sigh of relief after scoring the clothesline on Tracy.. She now had a bit of breathing time which she really needed, but she didn't want to spend too long resting... Soon enough Cham Cham trotted over to Tracy, standing in such a way that Tracy would be able to see right up Cham Cham's loin cloth before she reached down to grab her up by her red hair..

Tracy had other things to worry about instead of looking at Cham Cham's groin. Like clearing the cobwebs in her head and trying to recover from the clothesline. Before she could do much, she'd be forced back up to her feet by her hair, groaning lowly. "Nnhh.." She'd hold the side of her head with one hand.

"Now Cham Cham smash you..." Cham Cham slipped one hand in between Tracy's thighs and hooked her other arm around her shoulders to try and scope the red head right off her feet "Nnngh!!" Cham Cham grunted out with effort and combating the throbbing pain in her body still. Cham Cham would try to lift Tracy upside down before scooping her down right onto her back on the matted concrete floor

Tracy had no way to escape now. Held upside down, her panties were exposed. She kicked her legs wildly in the air for a moment before being strongly slammed into the ground. She moved her hand to her back, rubbing it lightly as she tried to calm the pain. "Nnhh...!"

Cham Cham let out a few pants downward after throwing Tracy's small body down. "Cham Cham got you good there... huh..?" She muttered before reaching down again for Tracy's hair... She'd try to pull Tracy up and then roll her in under the bottom ropes

Tracy was rolled under the bottom rope after being picked up from the ground. She was not doing pretty well, it was clear. Still, she was not going to give up! She slowly climbed back up to her feet, staring at Cham Cham from the mat.

Cham Cham slid in under the bottom ropes as soon as she had rolled Tracy into the ring. Seeing the other kawaii trying to get up, Cham Cham would swipe her paw out to grab her and try to force her back down onto the mat. Cham Cham would try to scramble on top of Tracy, moving so that her bare crotch was right over Tracy's face. "Meowth!" Cham Cham let out as she flopped her rough kawaii body down on top of Tracy for a cover

Tracy was interrupted when she tried to get up again, being forced to lay on the mat again. Now this wasnt fun! Before she could even open her eyes to see what Cham Cham was doing, she'd feel her opponent's bare crotch press down on her face. She couldnt tell what it was right away, but as soon as she did... "Kyaaah!" She'd let out a scream of desperation, immediatly starting to kick her feet wildly and trying to shove Cham Cham off with her hands.

Cham Cham felt Tracy starting to shove and struggle and tried to make herself become dead weight on top of her. Squashing her small warm chest down on top of Tracy's belly as her bare crotch got all in Tracy's face. The ref came down to the mat to make the count, but with all of Tracy's struggling her shoulder kept llifting off the mat to prevent a count...

Indeed, Tracy refused to let the count even start. She kept struggling in a desperate attempt to shove her opponent off. Meanwhile, she was forced to breathe in Cham Cham's scent, which made the red haired kawaii blush brightly, her squirms only becoming more and more savage.

Eventually with all of Tracy's frantic struggling, Cham Cham was forced to pop up off of Tracy, staying on all fours over her so that her mound still loomed over her face "Cham Cham make you stay down!" Cham Cham would growl out, climbing up to her feet and reach down to grab onto Tracy's hair...

Tracy was glad she had escaped from the pin. But, as she tried to get back up, Cham Cham would grab onto her hair. The redhead would then bring her hands to her opponent's wrists, trying to make her let go of her. "Like I'm gonna let you...." She'd murmur, starting to get a little annoyed by Cham Cham.

Cham Cham pulled Tracy up to her feet and then moved along side the scrappy red head. Swinging her arm around the back of her head, Cham Cham would squat down and then try to lift Tracy up over her shoulders into a torture rack "Grrrr.." She growled out in effort

Tracy had a hard time fighting against Cham Cham's grip on her hair. As a result, she'd be forced to get back up to her feet. But that was it. She wasnt going to let Cham Cham go any further. Even if she was cute, she will have no mercy. As her green haired opponent moved to her side, the redhead would quickly send an elbow blow to the side of Cham Cham's head, not willing to let her catch her in a new hold.

"Ughh!" Cham Cham huffed out as Tracy's back elbow struck back into her face, making her head snap backwards and knocking the cat girl off of her a bit. Cham Cham stumbled back a couple of steps, holding her face and feeling kinda stunned

Tracy grinned as her elbow blow connected. She quickly turned around, watching as Cham Cham staggered a bit. The red haired girl had no intention of letting up, though, and would immediatly charge at her, holding one of her arms back and sending it forward as hard as she could, trying to hit her green haired opponent's pretty face with a destructive punch.

Cham Cham had her hands up in front of her face after the previous elbow, so as Tracy came in for the punch she was able to block most of the blow with her wrists "Nh!" Cham Cham grunted out as she stumbled backwards into the ropes.

Tracy stepped forward and towards Cham Cham. She had an idea! The redhead would attempt to grab one of her opponent's arms by the wrist, spin around and send the green haired girl running towards the opposite ropes in an irish whip! "Here you go!"

Cham Cham had her wrist grabed as she was yanked from the ropes and forced to run across the ring.. She bounced off the opposite ropes and started coming back towards Tracy

Tracy waited for Cham Cham to come back, and as she did, she'd take a couple of steps forward, outstretching her arm and holding it out as she tried to hit her opponent right across the chest in a powerful clothesline.

Cham Cham squeeled out as she ran right into Tracy's outstretched arm, her forearm slapping firmly against Cham Cham's poor small orbs. Cham Cham's legs swing out in front of her and she drops firmly onto her back holding her chest

Tracy wouldnt waste this opportunity, and thinking she had done plenty of damage to Cham Cham, she'd leap up and attempt a cross body splash, which, if successfuly, would be followed by a pin.

"Ouff!!" Cham Cham huffed out as Tracy's small cute body splashed down right on top of her, making her legs and arm kick up in the air and then flop back down. She lay under Tracy, her head turning slightly and panting cute soft pants against the side of Tracy's cheek.

Tracy slid one of her arms around the back of Cham Cham's thighs and lifted both of them up, while she pressed her forearm down across her chest, trying to keep her down for the full count. The referee would quickly come down and start counting the green haired girl out. "One!"

"nh!!" CHam Cham grunted out as Tracy pulled up both her legs so forcefully, lifting her ass up off the mat a slight bit so that it was showing off to the cameras. Cham Cham moved her arm against the mat slightly, panting deeply as she remained pinned

Tracy was pretty sure she had the match in the bag. Cham Cham didnt seem to be doing really good, and she had to take advantage of that. She'd keep her tightly pinned to the ground, the referee's hand coming down for the second time. "Two!"

"ya..!" Cham Cham whimpered out cutely, as Tracy kept both her legs hooked up, her naked butt being pulled up a little further off the mat as her body was curled up.. Unable to answer the count as Tracy's body continued to press on her

"Three!" The count - and the match - reached its inevitables ugly end for Cham Cham as the referee slapped the mat strongly for the third and last time. Tracy slowly let go of her opponent's legs and climbed back up to her feet, the bell ringing as the referee proceeded to lift her arm and declare her the winner. Moments later, she'd bend over and hold her arm out to Cham Cham, offering her some help to stand up.

"erf.." Cham Cham huffed out softly as her legs flopped back to the mat, her loin cloth flapped up a bit to show off just about enough to possibly make Tracy blush again. Cham Cham took Tracy's hand to climb to her feet "Cham Cham got beat up..." She said softly, blushing

Tracy gave Cham Cham a warm smile before placing her hand on top of her opponent's head and petting her a bit. "But Cham Cham fought well." She said, smirking widely at the green haired girl. It's been a long while since she saw someone as strong and determined as this girl.

Cham Cham still blushed as Tracy patted her head, her tail swishing a little behind her

"Cham Cham want to be friends with Tracy?" The redhead said, bringing her hand up and offering the green haired girl a friendly handshake, which, if accepted, would seal their friendship.

Cham Cham nodded and then took Tracy's hand in her paw gloved hand "Cham Cham will be Tracy's friend." she said shaking it

"Great~!" Tracy said as she shook her new friend's hand. "Alright then. Tracy will see Cham Cham later~!" With that, the red haired girl would ruffle the other girl's hair and turn around, climbing out of the ring and taking her leave.

[size=150:3elka7n6][align=right:3elka7n6]Winner, through pinfall: Tracy Snow[/align:3elka7n6]

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