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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Looking for debut thread.

Sat May 12, 2018 9:28 pm by Hedgehawk

Hello All.

I am looking for a debut for my girl Trinity (

This doesn't have to be a match, it could be a gym battle, interview or anything else. I just want something to help get Trinity off the ground. If you wanna plot feel free to reply to this message or fire me a PM.

Many thanks in advance and thank you for reading my message,

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Nikaido vs angel wing (IM match)

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Nikaido vs angel wing (IM match)

Post by dragonswill on Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:06 am

hentia Ko match

ashley 5:52 PM
Nikaido took a deep breath before stepping out from behind the curtains. She was wearing a bright red bikini that gently hugged her curves. The match was to be a KO Hentai match in Milk. Having never been in a KO match, she didn't know how long she would last, but that wasn't on her mind as she bounced around to the music that resounded across the arena. She did her trademark cartwheel and --
wounded up at the ring which had been altered to accomodate the new filling. She stepped through the ropes and into the mixture which came up to her knees. She looked towards the entrance, ignoring the peering eyes of the crowd, to see who her opponent would be.
((Your turn))
kevin 5:58 PM
angel wing was a bit nervouse thinking that this was her very first hentai match and it was a KO on aswell she punched her fist into her palm and told her self that she can win over and over once she heard her entance music she walked down the ramp in a black two piece bikini--
as she walked she kept smiling seeing her oponnent and once she got in the ring she bowed to Nikaido showing her respect soon goign to he conner of the ring
ashley 6:04 PM
Nikaido spied the cute girl walking towards her. While looking at the girl, Nikaido blushed. She dipped into the milk and hid her blush. She wadded back into her corner. "You're a bit flat." She said. Nikaido never did say the right thing when she was embarrassed, but who does?
ashley signed off
6:06 PM
ashley signed on
6:07 PM
ashley 6:07 PM
((Sorry about that.))
kevin 6:10 PM
angel in clenched her fist tightly and looked at Nikaido"WELL ALEAST IM NOT AS FLAT AS YOU YOU BITCH!!"angel yelled at NIkaido angerly already wanting ot KO her right now and looked at her again* why dont we make things alittle easier and take off our bikinis right now angle said as she took her bikini off out of anger ((its ok))
ashley 6:12 PM
Nikaido was taken back a bit. "Ah! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you!" Nikaido cried out. "Way to go, Nikaido." She said to herself. The bell interuptted her apology. It was time to begin the match. Nikaido decided to give Angel the first move as a peace offering.
kevin 6:15 PM
angel grabed Nikaido by the head slamed her knee to her opponets tummy befor putting her head betweens angels legs sitting her up for a power bomb so soon as angel was still in rage
ashley 6:18 PM
"GAH!" Nikaido let out a cry, she wasn't use to this kind of pain in the kind of matches she had been in. She was lifted into the power bomb position, but wouldn't let the attack connect unless she took something of hers. Nikaido reached out for the string of Angel's bikini and grabbed ahold.
kevin 6:23 PM
angel didn't notice that Nikaiko grabbed her bikini sting as she exicute the power bomb her bikini coming off she gasped and covered her breast very embarrased and her anger cooling down making her able to think better.she thought that she should go and grab NIkaido's bikini and reap it right off her
ashley 6:27 PM
Nikaido went into the milk and hit the ring hard and it hurt. "ARGH! YOU WHORE!" She screamed as she balled up the bikini top, dipped it in the milk and threw it into the crowd. "You're not going to need that." She yelled. She saw what the girl was going for and held onto her bikini top tight. "No! Stop!" She yelled.
kevin 6:30 PM
Angel sat on top of Nikaido and kept trying to grab her bikini"what's the matter afraid to show the crowd how flat you are bitch"she manged to grab NIkaidos bikini and tried to rip it off*
ashley 6:34 PM
She never did like to get naked during a match. She never broke that habit. She tried her hardest to keep ahold of the bikini top but eventually it had to come off. It slide out from a hole in her arms and into Angel's hands.
kevin 6:37 PM
angel smirk as she twirled it around befor throwing it to the crowd behind her then she looked back to you"now how abotu we get rid of the bottoms now"she smirked and grabbed Nikaidos bikini bottoms
ashley 6:42 PM
Nikaido held onto her bikini bottoms with even greater force than before although, the fabric stretched out and eventually tore. "I hate you." She mumbled. She sat in the milk naked staring at the other girl. "I really do."
kevin 6:47 PM
Angel smiled"consider that payback for calling me flat *she jump back from Nikaido and gets ready for her"well i been looking for a raival that could push me harder to my limits but you seem to weak for me "although Angel knew they were kinda of the same strenght
ashley 6:49 PM
Nikaido spat at her. "Don't you dare look down on me." Despite her embarassment, she stood up, dripping in milk and ran to tackle the other girl. She let out a battle cry of sorts, hoping to build up her own courage.
kevin 6:49 PM
angel wasn
((sorry my bad hang on))
Angle wasnt able to anticipate Nikaidos attack and was tackled by her slaming down on the milk and mat with a splat"why you.."she wraped her legs around her so she wouldnt get away form here
ashley 6:56 PM
Nikaido grabbed the other girl's head and held it under the milk. "Like that, whore? Does it hurt?" She yelled. This side of Nikaido rarely came out and it was ugly. She had no intention of keepingg the other girl under there, but she still wanted her to suffer.
kevin 7:00 PM
"you bit-"Angel was cut off befor she can finish by Nikaido puting her head under the milk angel held her breath as long as she could aadn grabed Nikaidos breast and squeezed them roughly
ashley 7:02 PM
She withstood the pain for as long as she could but there was point where she had to give up. She lifted Angel's head off out of the milk and fished under the milk for Angel's bikini bottoms.
kevin 7:04 PM
Angel thought of a way to distract Nikaido but thought it was a bad but she decided to try it as she grabbed Nikaidos head and kissed her so she wouldnt grab her bikini bottoms
ashley 7:07 PM
"Mrfff! Mrrfff! Mrrrrfffffff!" Nikaido let out as she was kissed by the other girl. It was a tongue battle, now. She turned her attention to the kiss and began to force her tongue into the other girl's mouth.
kevin 7:10 PM
"mmmm"Angel kept kissing her and fought her tounge with her own trying ot push it back in her mouth . angel was some how being turn on by kissing Nikaido
ashley 7:15 PM
((Sorry, I was eating.)) Nikaido had a bit of experience with kisses but decided to break it. She had to put them on equal footing, so she decided to sink into milk and try to rip her panties with her teeth.
kevin 7:19 PM
angel gasped again as Nikaido tried to go for her bottoms and she grabed them so they wont be pulled off so easily and thought that she was in the perfect spot as angel went and grabed Nikaidos head with her legs and apply a head sisccors and squeeze her head as hard as she could
ashley 7:28 PM
Nikaido tried to dig her nails into the cloth bikini and rip it apart. She felt her great pressure on her head and let out a cry. She tried to scratch Angel's thighs.
kevin 7:32 PM
"how you like my legs bitch"angel said as she whince form Nikaido scratching her thighs and apply more pressure on her head
ashley 7:35 PM
Nikaido quickly developed a headache. "Let . . . me . . . go, you slut!" She yelled at the girl. When she found that scratching her thighs were to no avail, she decided to try and claw at the small girl's chest. "I bet they mistake you for a boy!" She yelled through her legs.
kevin 7:38 PM
"ahhh"angel yelled as her chest was clawed at and got angery again as she tried to sit on top of her opponent and slap her on the face till she leaves red marks"take that back you whore!!"
ashley 7:41 PM
She felt the balance of weight shift and soon the girl was on top of her. Slap after slap made Nikaido's face sting. She finally grabbed her arm before it hit her face. If she was able to, she would try and shift Angel into a siting position and spank her.
kevin 7:44 PM
angel fell victim to her anger again and the tables turned as Nikaido shiftid Angel to a sitting postsion and she moaned as she was spanked "you lil bitch!!"
ashley 7:46 PM
"Oooo. Stop talking about what you are, bitch." She raised her hand back and thrusted it back down. "Now, give these people a show, you slut." She grabbed Angel's bikini bottoms and tried to pull them down.
kevin 7:48 PM
"nooo"was all angel was able to say as she was now naked just like her oponent "you slut *angel tried to get away form her and think of something to come back and have her at the advantage
ashley 7:51 PM
"Slut? Yes, you are a little slut. I'm proud, you haven't suck a dick all match." Nikaido taunted as she brought an even harder slap to Angel's butt.
kevin 7:54 PM
angeled remeber that this was a hentai match and decided to get drity and grabed Nikaidos sex as she started to rub it roughly"well at least im going to win by making you have so many orgasms that youll be unable to take it liek the slut you are?
ashley 8:01 PM
Nikaido felt herself get rubbed by the smaller girl. She let out a moan. "Care to put your money where your mouth is? Loser gets gang raped. How's about it?" She moaned as she saw the position that Angel was in. Instead of another spank, she tried to insert her finger into Angel's sex.
kevin 8:04 PM
"how abotu instaid of a gang rape they have to be the winners slave for a week or so"angel said confident that she will wen and inserted a finger of hers in Nikaidos sec trying to turn around to fast her
ashley 8:08 PM
"Hmm, I suppose I can make you take a couple of cocks while you're my slave. Deal." Nikaido retorted as Angel turned over. "That's right. Give them a good vieeeeeeee~w." She moaned as Angel's finger was pushed in. She took her finger out and tried to shove it into Angel's mouth to make her taste her own juices.
kevin 8:12 PM
Angel tried to kiss Nikaido again and pulled her finger out and rubed her sexs against the other womans.angel soon grabed her ass for better levrage confident she is going to win still
ashley 8:21 PM
Nikaido fought to push her own tongue into Angel's mouth. She leaned her body forward to lay on top of the smaller girl. "Let's see who's the better girl."
kevin 8:25 PM
angel smirked"gladly she grind her sex against Nikaido and moaned abit ,She fought back in the tongue battle and pushed her body against hers as ther breast to rubbed against each other
ashley 8:35 PM
Angel spanked Angel again to excite her. "Call me, master." She whispered, temporarily breaking the kiss. She resumed the kissing battle once again.
kevin 8:36 PM
((you put my girls name not yours lol))
angel moaned and spanked Nikaidos ass awell getting turned on more and breakes the kiss just to say"make my slut"shes goes back to the kiss
ashley 8:52 PM
((Sorry. Gimme a minute.))
kevin 8:54 PM
((dont worry take you time if you must))
ashley 9:02 PM
Nikaido thrusted her tongue into Angel's mouth. She was a bit more experienced than the other girl and hoped that her experience would pay off in the sexual battle.
kevin 9:05 PM
Angel was still new to this but was confident that shell win still and pushed Nikaidos tounge back into her mouth and pushed her body agaisnt her thinking that she should really get taller somehow but continues with the sexual battle
Angel was still new to this but was confident that shell win still and pushed Nikaidos tounge back into her mouth and pushed her body agaisnt her thinking that she should really get taller somehow but continues with the sexual battle
ashley is idle
11:33 PM
ashley is no longer idle
11:33 PM
ashley 11:35 PM
Nikaido felt Angel's petite body push against her own. She was actually kind of cute but Nikaido would never admit it. "Perhaps when she's my bitch." She thought quietly to herself. Nikaido let Angel win the kiss for a price. Nikaido broke her kiss and tried to lick milk off of the small girl's breasts.
kevin 11:38 PM
Angel moaned abit form the licking of her breast but wanted to make Nikaido cum befor she did so she tryied to move one of here hands down to their sexes hoping that her foe want see her moving her hand and if she was able to she would pinched Nikaidos clit
ashley 11:41 PM
Nikaido was too preoccupied with her licking and teasing to notice Angel move her fingers down. "Haaaa~" She moaned as the girl attacked a weakspot. In retaliation, she began to nibble on Angel
Angel's nipples.
kevin 11:43 PM
"mmm"she moaned somehow enjoining this as she felt weak but knew if she lost now she would never let it go as Angel pinched Nikaido's clit and insreted her middle finger in her"you like that ?!!"she yelled
ashley 11:52 PM
Angel's milky finger found their way into Nikaido's hot sex. "N-No, I-I dooon't~." Nikaido cooed, not wanting to be beaten by such a rude, yet sexy opponent. Nikaido refused to lose. She used one hand to grab a firm hold on Angel's butt and used the other to mimic Angel's sexual domination while she continued to tease Angel's breasts.
((Gah. Nevermind.))
ashley is away
11:53 PM
kevin 11:53 PM
Angel moaned loudly as she fingered Nikaido's sex more but soon to was being teased by her breasts and having her sex be fingered aswelled .she continue to pinch Nikaidos clit more trying despretly to make her cum befor she reached her limits which was very soon
ashley is available
11:57 PM
saturday, february 26, 2011
12:02 AM
ashley 12:02 AM
Nikaido tried to excite Angel even more. She licked up her body to her ear and whispered to smaller girl, "I'm going to make you cum like a slut. Do you like it when I talk dirty like that? I bet you do." She soon began nibbling on her ear before gentlely bitting the other girl's bottom lip.
ashley is away
12:03 AM
ashley is available
12:03 AM
kevin 12:05 AM
Angel moaned more "n-not if i make you cum first you bitch."as she bite Nikaidos neck and slaped her ass wiht her free hand figering her more wiht the other as she despertly fought to win this match hearing a voice saying that she can win even if she was about to lose thinking that Nikaidos was sure one sexy girl and wanted her to be her rival for some reason
ashley 12:08 AM
((Isn't this a hentai KO match? So, cumming now wouldn't make you lose. If you pass out from cumming, then you lose.))
kevin 12:08 AM
((yeah i know but its the first cum that somtimes diceds things
ashley 12:10 AM
((Yeah, but you don't always have to go back and forth so much. Since Angel's new and has had no Hentai match experience, she really wouldn't have much sexual endurance.))
kevin 12:10 AM
((that is true ok then ))
((sorry i forgot taht lol))
ashley 12:12 AM
((No, it's fine. It's your first match, so it's understandable. I was a bit too agressive in my first match, too. xD))
kevin 12:13 AM
((which match was that ? and you know the first win on your first match is kinda big to you huh))
ashley 12:14 AM
((The pudding match. I was a bit too aggressive with Nikaido's sexual endurance when in reality, she wouldn't be able to withstand a maid who has been trained.))
kevin 12:15 AM
((yeah that was one of my fave matches lol it was nice reading it lol))
ashley 12:15 AM
((Thanks. Okay, my turn.))
Nikaido ignored the other girl's statement. She could feel the other girl about to give, she had to act fast. "If you beg and plead for you orgasm, I'll gladly give it to you." She taunted, hoping to play more mind games with Angel.
kevin 12:19 AM
Angel was always weak when it came to mind games but she didnt mange to say a word befor she finally came on her foes hand as she tried to recover her strengh as fast as she cool and twisted Nikaidos clit hoping that would make her cum
ashley 12:23 AM
"Aww. That's no fuuuuuuuu~aaaaaahh~" Nikaido screamed as she soon fell victim to the exact same fate as Angel. She fell backwards into the milk before coming up for air. "Well, it looks like that wasn't enough for you, huh?" She said before slowly reaching for her head and pushing it into the milk where they had both just orgasmed.
kevin 12:25 AM
Angel mange to get most of her strength befor looking at her foe and smirked"you havent had enough "Angel said crawling to Nikaido thinking of what her next move well be
ashley 12:27 AM
Nikaido pounced. She grabbed the girl's head and tried to dunk it in the mixture of milk and cum they had created. "I bet you love drinking this, huh?" She taunted again.
kevin 12:30 AM
Angel wasnt able to perdict fast enough and was dunked in to the mixture as she held her breath and grabed Nikaido's legs hoping ot flip her to ther back and get on top
ashley 12:31 AM
"That's right. Drink it up." There was a pause and suddenly Nikaido was flipped. She stared up at the ceiling of the arena wondering what the hell had just happened.
kevin 12:34 AM
Angel quickly tried to get on top and revise straddle her opponent so she could like finger her and not get any fighting back fomr Nikaido hopefully as she began to figner Nikaido again*you got to work on your footing bitch or youll get flip over more then once"
Beads of milk dripped from Nikaido's tender breasts as she was put into the hold. She clenched her teeth as Angel slid her finger into her. "I'm not used to getting flipped, but I bet you are, slut." She whispered through her clenched teeth.
kevin 1:37 PM
"whats that calling your self a slut bitch"angel smirked and pumped her fingers deep in Nikaidos sex "now why dont you make it easier and cum like the slut you are"she fingered her faster
ashley 1:39 PM
"Dirty . . . dyke." Nikaido managed to let out in between moans. Nikaido had sexual experience but was still shakey after an orgasm. As much as it might kill her, it may not be long until she submitted to the girl's order and cum.
((Hey, I'm not totally sure about that position. Can you describe it?))
kevin 1:43 PM
((ok let its sortof like angel is sitting on nikaidos stomich but facing her back towards nikaidos face and angel forgot to pin down nikaidos arms does that help?))
ashley 1:43 PM
((Great. Thanks.))
kevin 1:44 PM
((your welcome))
"what was that bitch you say your a dirty slut"Angel laughed abit and kept on wiht her fingering on Nikaidos sex"you know i dont think yoru worth to be my slave"
ashley 1:50 PM
Nikaido reached up towards Angel's breasts. She tried to bring her belly to back into the milk and roll so she was facing down into the milk. "Trying to look down on me? You can't, you're too short." Nikaido retorted despite only being an inch taller.
kevin 1:54 PM
Angel didnt see that Nikaido rolled her to her belly nad put her face down to the milk as she tried to hold her breath again and get back up wish she had a snappy comeback about the hight comment and also tried not to blow her fuse again
ashley 1:56 PM
She tried once again to drown her in the shallow milk. "Shutting up? Good, a bitch should know how to be obedient." Nikaido taunted as she kept her right hand firm on Angel's head while running her other down Angel's back.
kevin 2:00 PM
Angel did her best to grab Nikaidos hands and push her off of her knowing she needed to breath soon.She then tried to kick Nikaido with her legs thinking it would connect somehow
ashley 2:02 PM
It was typical of someone to flail and Nikaido knew it. Nikaido grabbed Angel's incoming leg before pulling her head above the milk, keeping her up just long enough to catch one breath before attempting to push her down once again.
kevin 2:06 PM
Angel mange to get in a breath and was about to say something but was soon back in the milk.she tried to roll over and apply a body scissors on Nikaido and squizze her with all she had
ashley 2:08 PM
Nikaido saw bubbles emerge from the milk. "What was that? Couldn't hear you, you had a cock in your mouth." Before long, though, Angel started twisting and eventually switched places with the taller girl. She felt the body scissors get applied and knew she was screwed.
((I have to leave in about 10 minutes. QAQ I am really really sorry!))
kevin 2:09 PM
((its ok i hope well get to finish this someday tho
Angel looked at her foe and slaped her putting more persure on the body scissors "whats the matter bitch thought i would let you keep trying to drown me you slut*she then started to twiest Nikaidos nipples
ashley 2:15 PM
Nikaido opened her mouth but soon realized that it wasn't in her best interest to speak. She instead calmed herself and slowly started to rock from side to side. That is, until Angel began to target her nipples. She winced in pain but tried her best to retain as much oxygen as she could.
Angel smiled more "aww what wrong slut cant say anything"she tiwsted Nikaidos nipples more and reached one of her hands down to the other girls sex and rubs it again as best she could
ashley 10:12 PM
Nikaido's rocking gave her the momentum needed to push Angel off of her. She rose her head out of the milk and took some much needed deep breaths. "You should be used to not saying anything with those cocks in your mouth!" Nikaido unwisely retorted.
kevin 10:14 PM
angel got up and looked at her with a smirk"please you shoud talk i bet you had even more cocks in your mouthe slut"angel ran at her tackled her down on the milk again as she sat on Nikaidos belly and grabed her tites again
ashley 10:20 PM
Nikaido growled at the targeting of her breasts once again. "What? Jealous of what you don't and will never have?" She laughed as she grabbed the smaller girl's wrists to stop the constant assault on her breasts. Nikaido decided to take a bit more tender approach with the girl. With wrists in hand, she slowly leaned in for a passionate kiss.
kevin 10:24 PM
angel blushed and got mad again "sh-shut u-*she was cut short by the kiss and as she slowly kissed Nikaido back. she tried to get her wrists freed now form her opponentes graspes
ashley 10:26 PM
Nikaido continued with her warm and tender kiss. She let go of her opponent's wrists to run her hands down Angel's back and to her tight butt. She would give it a playful pinch after caressing it a bit.
kevin 10:30 PM
Angel jumped abit when Nikaido pinched her butt and sooned remember she was in a match. she pushed Nikaido way and jumped a few steps away form her blushing abit .she looked back at her oponent
ashley 10:35 PM
Nikaido let out a cat smirk and held out her hand as if it were a paw. "Meow. Falling in love, nya?" Nikaido said, trying to be cute, however Angel will soon realize that this cat has claws when Nikaido jumps from her spot to the awaiting Angel. Her movements didn't flow as smoothly as it once had due to the cereal thickening the milk quite a bit.
kevin 10:40 PM
angel got ready for her by huging her self as soon as NIkaido was close enough she slaped her away and ran to her put her in a powerbomb postion again this time how ever she was going to keep Nikaido in place and start licking her pussy
ashley 10:46 PM
One of Nikaido's favorite tactics used against her. The thought of that infuriated her yet she couldn't help but let out a moan while she was getting teased and played with by the other girl.
kevin 10:49 PM
Angel kept licking Nikaido's pussy and bit her clit abit as well to make her cum faster as she pinched Nikaidos butt just like she did to her "whats the matter bitch got nothing to say "she said almost enjoying this

Angel kept licking Nikaido's pussy and bit her clit abit as well to make her cum faster as she pinched Nikaidos butt just like she did to her "whats the matter bitch got nothing to say "she said almost enjoying this
((its in a powerbomb postion ok))
ashley 2:43 PM
"Haaaaa~ S-Stop!" Nikaido called out as her juices began to mix with the milk once again. She spread her legs and attempted to bring Angel into a headscissors. It was a longshot but it would pay off.
kevin 2:48 PM
Angel didn't stop and continued to eat NIkaido out but she was caught in the headscissors. the move caught Angel by surprised adn she slip in to the milk "let go of me bitch" Angel tried to free her self
ashley 3:00 PM
((Shit. I am so sorry. Gimme just one minute, please. QAQ))
"Never!" Nikaido had no plan and didn't know what to do after she got the girl into the headscissors. She hoped something would come to her while she was in that position.
kevin 3:03 PM
((its ok dont worry about ))
Angel tried to apply her own head scissors to Nikaido that way they be on even terms as she also tried to free herself again
((sorry if its short))
ashley 3:09 PM
Nikaido hoped to tire the girl out so it would be easier to make her pass out from her orgasm. She strengthened her hold on Angel as much as she could.
kevin 3:13 PM
Angel started to fell light headed now and slowly keep trying to free her self but was getting to weak form the lack of oxegen.she thought of an idea to free her self and taht was to play possom so nikaido could let go of her so she tried that by making her self look half passed out
ashley 3:19 PM
Nikaido saw the girl slowly go under. "This win is in the bag." She released the hold on the girl to focus more on Angel's lower parts. She fell for the girl's trick and it would cost her quite a bit.
kevin 3:24 PM
angel opened her eyes and jumped at Nikaido hopefully she had enough strenght to bring her down if she was seccusfull she would try and finger Nikaidos sex once more and hopefully her oppoonent would pass out if she came this time
ashley 3:28 PM
The move caught Nikaido off guard. She felt backwards into the milk. The feeling of Angel's fingers gliding in and out of her felt amazing but she couldn't give an inch. Unfortunately, she realized that too late and Nikaido's juices once again flowed into the milk. Nikaido gasped and panted. Her eyes fluttered a bit and for a moment she didn't know where she was but it soon subsided. "Too close."
She thought to herself.
kevin 3:36 PM
Angel kept fingering NIkaido "oh are you getting close bitch i can feel you so wet *she smiled adn rubed NIkaidos clit as she finger her more"you enjoying this arnt you"angel said
ashley 3:49 PM
"Ngh! Fuck! You!" Nikaido replied as Angel continued. She flailed and reached for Angel's hair, hoping to hurt her enough to make her let go.
kevin 3:52 PM
Angel grabed Nikaidos wrists with one of her hands adn pinned her hands down "awww why so mad." Angel said and kissed Nikaidos lips tenderly as she was enjoying doing this to her. She fingered Nikaido more
ashley 3:57 PM
Nikaido continued to struggle. "I. Hate. You." She emphasized. She continued to move her arms but to no avail. She rocked back and forth but the pervious orgasm had left her weak. She kicked but hit nothing. As she was kissed, all she could think about were the horrible things she would do to her while she was her slave. That wasn't going to happen. She mustered up the strength to push Angel--
off of her. She shook her head and got back to a kneeling position.
kevin 4:01 PM
Angel did the best she could to keep Nikaido down but she was weaken just as much as her opponent was and Nikaido was able to get inot a kneeling position"you say you hate me but your body is saying something else "angel said as the where kneeling looking at each other
ashley 4:07 PM
"That's what's going to happen to you!" Like a bat out of hell, she dived to Angel. "See all this milk? Let's have a taste of yours. Though, I doubt you have any in those mosquito bites." She taunted.
kevin 4:12 PM
Angel fell for the tount and dived at Nikaidos awell"i bet my milk taste better then yours bitch!!" angel went to put Nikaidos in a head lock thinkking itll get to her*and you seem to like talking abotu my breast so much!!"
ashley 4:17 PM
"Well, people talk about Napoleon and he was small, too!" Nikaid said before getting put in the headlock. She tried to imitate a crocodile's death roll and turn Angel over. "Let's have a taste of that milk." She responded as she began to suckle on Angel's nipple.
kevin 4:19 PM
Angel blushed red as Nikaidos sucked on her nipples"no!! "she tried to pushed Nikaido away fomr her nipples
ashley 4:20 PM
"Tsk. Tsk." Nikaido scolded as she bit down onto her nipple. "Now, be a good little bitch."
kevin 4:23 PM
"fuck you" Angel kicked at Nikaidos sex and pushed her off of her"im going to make you pay " Angel went to bite NIkaidos nipples
ashley 4:33 PM
Nikaido could see Angel was dripping. "It's about time for some payback." She felt Angel's teeth on her tender flesh and hissed. She inhaled through her teeth as she scooped up Angel's legs and brought her to her chest horizontally. "Into the milk." She said as she fell face first into the milk with Angel.
kevin 4:39 PM
angel tried to suck on Nikaidos nipples as soon as she could but she was soon scooped up and gasped as soon as Nikaido and her fell in to the milk . angel back was hurting but she did her best to ignore it adn slide in to a 69 postion and quickly ate Nikaido out thinking she could still win some how
ashley 4:43 PM
Nikaido felt Angel move. She assumed that they were going to have another sex battle and she was ready. She mimiced Angel's moves. Nikaido was sexually exhausted but it would be a bit until her next orgasm, having just gone through another. She fought back with her tounge and slowly introduced her fingers into the mix. She knew that Angel was on the ropes and wanted to end this as much as her.
kevin 4:47 PM
Angel kept licking Nikaidos sex and pinched her clit as she was doing her best to win as she sticked her tongue in Nikaidos sex licking the inside of it know fulll well that if she cums this time she might lose the match as she was sexually exhausted as well
ashley 4:58 PM
Nikaido, having been in other sexually demanding matches before, had a lot of stamina than other newbies and could outlast most, however Angel seemed to special. Nikaido hoped to bluff her way to the win. "Give up now and I might go easy on you during your slavery!" She taunted. "I have tons more experience than you. You can't win!" She continued as she began to use two more fingers.
kevin 5:03 PM
"shut up its you whos going to lose !!"angel pushed in three fingers in Nikaidos sex as she licked more and fingered her trying her best not to cum but she was very close"e-even if you ahve more experience im going to win"
ashley 5:15 PM
Nikaido admired her perserverance but everyone had a limit and she knew that they both had reached theirs. Nikaido had a drive to succeed as well and hated to lose, especially someone who is newer than herself. She tried one technique that she had learned in her last match. She took her other hand and started to pour the cum/milk mixture over Angel's sex, hoping that would excite her to the point-
of climax.
kevin 5:20 PM
Angel body tensed up and she moaned loudly form what Nikaido just did and finally came as she passed out her body now limp
ashley 5:24 PM
Nikaido smiled as she felt her opponent give way. The thought of her dominating the other girl brought her over the top as well and she orgasmed. Nikaido slowly stood, knees still weak, as the referee walked over to Angel and raised her arm and let go to see if she had in fact lost consciousness.
kevin 5:26 PM
Angel did in fact lost consciousnesss as her arm jsut fell down and she did not move
ashley 5:31 PM
The referee called for the bell the ring and raised Nikaido's hand. Nikaido sat back down in milk. She caught her breath and took her time to realize what the hell had just happened. "I-I won." She fell back into the milk and took a gulp. "Where's my prize?" She ask with a cheeky grin. She seductively crawled to her downed opponent and gave her a slap.
kevin 5:34 PM
Angel woke up form the slap and sat up shanking her head remember that she lost and sighed as he looked at Nikaido"well a lost is a lost and we did have a agreement so i guess im your slave..."she relucntently said and looked down then looked up at Nikaido:"it was a good match tho"
ashley 5:38 PM
"Very good, but not as good as this part." She stated as she kissed Angel. "What happened to all that bravado? I kinda liked that spunky tsundere bitch. Bring her back." She demanded, with a wink.
kevin 5:40 PM
Angel smirk and kissed back"you jsut got lucky thats all next time ill win you hear me"
ashley 5:42 PM
"Sure, you will." She stood up and helped the other girl to her feet. After all of the fighting they went through, they were leaving the ring with their arms around each other. "Oh! There's just one thing. I made a promise and. . ." She paused. "I always keep my promises." She went to retrive a microphone. "Ooooh, booooooys.~"
kevin 5:45 PM
"What are you doing i dont remember you prosmissing something beside the slave shit!!?"she looked around
ashley 5:47 PM
"Oh? Are you talking? I have people that can take care of that." She cooed as men began to jump over the barricade and surround the ring.
kevin 5:49 PM
angel was getting mad and put up a figthing stance"im not going to let then fuck me that easy!!"as soon as one of then got close to her she kicked him away
ashley 5:51 PM
"Boy, have at her." She ordered as she threw the mic and walked away. At once, all of the men entered the ring and grabbed Angel. "See ya, slut."

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