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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Mon May 21, 2018 7:31 pm by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Sun May 20, 2018 10:21 pm by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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An Ambush Gone... Wrong?

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An Ambush Gone... Wrong?

Post by Tatyina on Sun Mar 20, 2011 3:24 am

Akashi was in the locker room of the AFW complex, enjoying the facilities that they provided. After a long day of working out, she was in the showers, cooling off. As the water poured down her body, coating her long hair she let out a soft sigh. Things had been going pretty good for her lately with the exception of a few minor bumps. As she soaped herself up, she rubbed her hands up and down her body, oblivious to the world around her. As far as she was concerned, a hundred girls could come and go. Heck, they could even ogle her for all she cared. She liked showing off her body.

desperatemethods: Karina had not forgotten what happened the day she was about to taste a sweeter victory then an actually match win but someone managed to screw it up for her and knocked her out instead. Karina was finally back at full health and the first thing she wanted to do was take revenge. She heard the girl was named Akashi and that she was currently in the locker room, Karina entering it silently, the expression on her face showing bad news as she searched for her, hearing that the showers were on, she decided to take a peak inside and immediately, she knew it was her, mostly because she still remembered her face, stepping close to her but not in the water. " Hello again, bitch! Who the fuck do you think you are ruining my fun, eh!? "

afwosn: Akashi's ear twitched as she felt someone approach but she didn't turn and look. She had pretty keen senses but it seemed pointless to try and ogle every last girl that came in for a shower. Plus her hands were now up running shampoo through her hair. But when the angry voice came, she turned to look, standing there with soapy hair, giving the girl a clear view of everything she was born with. She recognized the face instantly and scowled at Karina. "What, you're still mad about that? Get over it. If you still have a beef with me, we can set up a a match."

desperatemethods: Karina tried her best not to look down, only to glare at Akashi's face with a expression that could only be translated as a murdering content. " I'm going to say this only ONE time.. Don't you EVER cross me again, or there will be hell to pay! " She wasn't going to step in the shower off course but she reminded Akashi not to try and attack her again, Karina was pissed enough as it is and it would only get worse if it continued. " Got it!? "

afwosn: Akashi furrowed her brow at Karina's words. She stepped forward, pushing her naked breasts up against Karina's, stepping out of the shower slightly. "No, you listen here." She said leaning in. "Beat up whoever the hell you want. Taylor deserved a little of what you were giving her for running her mouth but you went too far. The next time I see you trying to put one of my friends in the hospital, I'll make sure that what I did to you before is like getting hit with a pillow in comparison, Got it?"

desperatemethods: Karina twitched when she felt the naked wet breasts against the chest of her kimono, starting to make it wet, she gritted her teeth though at what Akashi was saying to her, pushing a little against her in return. " I will do whatever the fuck I want.. That Bitch deserved more then I was giving her, your fat ass was not needed there and the next time I see your face trying to interfere with my business, I will bash it in.. "

afwosn: Akashi listened to Karina. What a bitch. So she was one of those kinds of people. She'd been dealing with a lot of these types lately. People who thought that rules didn't apply to them. It was beginning to piss her off. She'd made friends with two of them, she didn't know if she had it in her to do it with a third one. She was run ragged by it as it was. Plus this girl seemed a little different. Oh well, either way Akashi couldn't just back down. She reached up to grab Karina by the wides of her Kimono. "You listen to me you little punk. Your business became my business when you thought you could crack my friend's skull open with your guitar. So maybe you should consider who crossed the line and stay out of MY business! I'll consider you backing away and letting things go as a sign that you understand."

desperatemethods: Karina ack'd when she was grabbed by her kimono, trying to pull away from Akashi while she was yelled at, she didn't need this shit today and soon enough she made the decision. " Don't ever.. Fucking.. Touch me! " She then tried to push Akashi forward and back into the shower, trying to make her let go so she could back away again, if Akashi wanted to start something, she might as well get free and lure her out of the showers first before she would end up getting wet, her chest was wet enough thanks to Akashi and it was helping her concentrate.

afwosn: Akashi fell back a few steps into the shower as Karina shoved her. Akashi didn't exactly back down. She wasn't really in the condition to fight being naked and all. But that didn't stop her. But Akashi did realize she was the instigator here. Karina very well could have left after threatening her but the would she keep on hurting people? "This ring we step into is a sacred place. It's not your personal fun house to beat girls within an inch of their life. If I let you go now and you keep acting like that then it will be my fault that someone else got hurt. Are you going to stop? Or are you going to trying to hurt people well past the point cruelness? It's one thing to get your kicks off of seeing someone in pain but you're trying to end carreers. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you
afwosn: actually killed someone. Is that what you want?" She asked with fiery determination in her eyes.

desperatemethods: " Heh.. Maybe you'll be the first to get killed if you keep crossing me! You're lucky I don't have my guitar with me to make sure you get the point.. " She took a few more steps back before she'd turn and looked over her shoulder. " Make sure you understand the position you are in. " She then looked back ahead of her and decided to walk away,now that her kimono was partly wet, she was once again pissed off that this had to happen, maybe she should have beat her up after all but the place wasn't exactly her type of fighting.

afwosn: Akashi watched as Karina turned and walked away. She then grinned. "Anytime you wanna fight me, I'm ready." She said. The thought of actually fighting the girl made her tingle with excitement. And now that she had a moment to actually look over the girl, she was kind of cute too. "It's a shame you have to be such a bitch." She called out. "I'd like to do more than fight with you." She then decided to add to her words. "But I guess you couldn't beat me without that guitar of yours anyway."

desperatemethods: Karina stopped dead in her tracks, she tried to hide the blush when she heard that Akashi wanted to do more then fighting, calling Karina a bitch was one thing, hell, even a compliment but something like that she couldn't just ignore. She waited until she was focused more on her anger then the blushing, turning to face and walk towards Akashi again, cracking her knuckles as she advanced. " Shut the fuck up.. Don't you DARE look or think about me in that way again! When I'm done with you you'll only shiver when you hear me name! "

afwosn: Akashi watched as the girl stopped. For some reason, the atmosphere had changed. Maybe it was because Akashi managed to diffuse the initial threat but she was feeling a little playful now even as Karina stomped towards her angrily. "I... I think I get it now." She said with a wide grin. "The reason you're such a huge bitch. When was the last time someone fucked you?" She asked curiously, her sly grin never leaving her face. "I bet that would really lighten you up. I don't mind taking one for the team you know. You're cute after all."

desperatemethods: Karina froze upon her advance when she heard Akashi said those things, being more blunt then her last words, now it was easy to see how much Karina was blushing and shivering because of it, gritting her teeth as she rushed like a mad bull towards Akashi, trying to shoulder thrust her against the wall and not caring if she was going to run in the shower. " Shut the fuck up! "

afwosn: Akashi couldn't help it. She knew it was coming and yet she couldn't stop it. The girl was really cute when she was flustered. Honestly it was a good look for her. She seemed to be human in this moment and vulnerable. Akashi just wanted to eat her right up. But she'd be gentle. This girl probably needed some tlc and Akashi would certainly give it to her. but she knew that was a mere pipe dream and saw Karina charge after her. She was plowed into the wall behind her, letting out a gasp as her eyes widened. she sucked in air and tried to smile through it. "Y-you're even cuter when you're flustered." She muttered.

desperatemethods: Karina tried her best to avoid the shower the moment it touched her, making the top of her kimono wet before she jumped away and glared at Akashi, wanting to punch her but the shower stopped her now, she could feel her clothes were wet enough as it was, wiping her face clear from the water that had rained down on it. " I said shut up! You're not allowed to talk like that! " She honestly wanted to beat Akashi up now but these were the kinds of taunts she wasn't used to, actually stepping back and away from her.

afwosn: Akashi took a few seconds to recover herself as Karina stepped away. She saw the girl was a little wet from the shower, droplets of water running down her cleavage, the kimono a little clingy, sticking even tighter to Karina's chest and the hair a little slick. "Shit..." Akashi muttered. "How can I not?" She questioned stepping towards Karina with a greedy gleam in her eyes. ""I'm actually starting to get a little hot from looking at you." Akashi's cheeks flushed faintly. "I didn't realize a girl with wet clothes could actually be hot." She then looked down at herself and slid a soapy hand down her breast. "And you're telling me that this isn't doing ANYTHING for you?" She said with a wink as she stalked closer to Karina.

desperatemethods: Karina was a violent powerhouse, a rough match would also spark her violent nature and do anything to beat her opponent in a bloody pulp despite the damage she would get, it's the only reason why she enjoyed herself in matches.. But this was different, Akashi was taunting her in a way that made Karina too flustered to even punch her even hard, she wanted to be rough but the moment Akashi stalked towards her, she actually started to look down at Akashi's chest, quickly looking away but those breasts were a little too big for comfort, trying to step backwards until that hand ran down the chest of her kimono, yelping out loudly in shock as she tried to slam the hand away rather then trying to punch Akashi with rage, this was the sort of thing Karina was always afraid of that. " S-Stop that!"

afwosn: Akashi was in her element now. A skilled warrior in the ring and also just as skilled in more sensual arena's. As Karina slapped her hand away, Akashi knew she had an advantage. "Oh come on!" She exclaimed. "I'll let you have a nice long look at them. I'll even let you hold them if you want. You don't have to be shy. We don't have to be enemies." She said cooing the words. "We can be friends you know." She then licked her lips. "Good. Friends." She said before trying to push herself forward and press her breasts against Karina's face.

desperatemethods: " I'm.. Not into girls! And especially not you after what you fucking did! " She tried to rouse herself into violence but the more Akashi spoke and advanced the more confused and weaker Karina had gotten, trying her best to ignore everything until those large breasts were in her face, which nuzzled in between them while she tried to figure out what happened and it took her a few seconds before she quickly tried to pull her head away.

afwosn: Akashi cooed as she pushed her breasts into Karina's face. She reached up to grab a hold of a little bit of Karina's hair, letting the silky wetness slide through her fingers. Dammit, she was getting really turned on. Even Akashi couldn't understand just what was happening but she couldn't exactly slow it down. "Your words say no but your body says yes." She said with a grin as Karina backed away. 'Have you ever even tried girls?" She asked raising her eyebrow curiously. "We can let bygones be bygones." She said as she stepped forward again, trying to maneuver Karina to the way, trying to keep her int he shower room.

desperatemethods: She breathed loudly for fresh air, trying to stay away from Akashi while she was herded around the shower room, unable to get out, she was sweating from both the hot water that created a warm enviroment and what Akashi was doing to her, still trying to maintain distance between them her threatening voice was now a stuttering one. " S-Stay away from me! Don't you dare come any closer! "

afwosn: Akashi continued to stalk towards Karina, her hips swaying back and forth and her pendulous breasts waving as well. She lunged again at Karina when she protested, this time going to grab at the edges of Karina's kimono once more before pulling herself forward. She wasn't sure why but this time she went int, for a kiss! Clutching tightly onto the sides of Karina's wet kimono she hoped the girl wouldn't continue to balk now that she would experience the taste of Akashi's sweet lips.

desperatemethods: Karina should've just waited until the girl was out of the shower, now she was in quite a mess and while she was trying to think of a way out, was she pulled closer to Akashi and caught in a kiss, her eyes widened and her cheeks instantly flushed bright red, staring up at Akashi while her legs trembled to stay standing, this was too much for Karina already. " Mmm..!! "

afwosn: "nnnn..." Akashi moaned through the kiss as her grip loosened a little bit. She opened her eyes to see the flushing Karina, cutely shocked by the sudden attack. Akashi softened her eyes to invite Karina into them and turned her head a little bit. She raised one hand to touch the side of Karina's cheek and opened her lips to make the kiss a deeper one and hopefully calm the girl down even more. She would be kind, gentle and ask for an invitation with her lips so that Karina might accept Akashi's tongue and enter into a bit more of a passionate kiss.

desperatemethods: Karina was starting to loosen up, mostly because her mind was being drifted from her usual, threatening attitude, she tried her best to keep resisting but it was becoming too hard, it was odd to say but even Karina had hidden desires that were ready to bloom and Akashi's soft persuasion was something Karina really couldn't keep up with, soon enough her lips parted with Akashi, her eyes closed shut and she let out a soft moan of her own into Akashi's mouth, her entire face red now.

afwosn: Akashi smiled as she felt Karina loosen up. It was nice. Akashi reached up and stroked Karina's cheek pleasantly, encouragingly before softly sliding it down and trailing her hand along the girl's neck. She would try and guide Karina to the wall to give the two of them a little more support as her tongue softly danced with Karina's, sliding along the girl's wet tongue pleasurably. Meanwhile, her other hand tugged gently at Karina's kimono top. Not pulling it off but loosening it every so slightly. Akashi needed a safe cracker's touch with this one, she was sure of it. She couldn't force herself, she had to guide the girl and get her to come along for the ride willingly. Even still, Akashi's heart thumped with both desire and eagerness and excitement.

desperatemethods: Karina's will for violence faded more and more, she was easily guided to the wall and rested against it, feeling that tongue twirl around hers, giving only the sligtests of touches back. Her hands pressed upon the wall, letting them rest against it while another soft moan came from her, it was hard but Karina was actually starting to relax and calm down, the hand did feel nice as it slid down the side of her neck, it send shivers down her spin and she had trouble forming a angry face, it just couldn't happen anymore. " Mmm... " Was all she could master.

afwosn: Akashi smiled softly as she continued to kiss Karina. Her hands slid down the V of Karina's kimono and began to softly push it away, hoping to expose even more of the girl's cleavage that was so carefully hidden behind layers of clothing. Akashi nudged and pulled at it carefully., hoping to loosen the Kimono enough so that she could expose Karina's shoulders. If she could get them exposed, she would slide her hands carefully up Karina's breasts, tickling them softly with the tips of her fingers before grabbing onto Karina's shoulders and softly, slowly and sensually rubbing them with her hands. Akashi was softly and methodically massaging Karina's shoulders and neck. She wondered if the girl had ever been treated like a real woman even if she had been fucked before.
afwosn: Akashi parted from Karin, nibbling softly on the top lip of Karina before kissing her fully on the lips once more. "You're doing good." She whispered in a nurturing yet sensual voice. A markedly different tone of encouragement to Karina before she would try and press back into another deep kiss.

desperatemethods: Karina couldn't even bring her arms up to push Akashi off her, it was strange but the usually violent girl was indeed starting to look like a shy and cute girl within seconds Akashi had kissed her, her legs were trembling, mostly because of the way they were kissing, her kimono had became more and more wet because of the hot air around them and Akashi's wet body against it, she didn't make a move to stop her, she was just looking with half opened eyes up at Akashi and when the kiss was broken, did she breathe loudly for air, panting against Akashi's face before another kiss came and she was caught moaning loudly in Akashi's mouth, certainly it seemed Karina's flame has dimmed down enough that she wouldn't attack her any longer, especially thanks to that massaging, she felt her tight bra had become very wet thanks to Akashi's body against her kimino, which had soaked it enough to let the bra feel the wetness, quivering from it.

afwosn: Akashi could feel Karina's body start to loosen up a bit as they kissed. Though the wall kept them from falling backwards, Karina might still slide down if not properly supported. So Akashi slid her thigh forward, bracing it against Karina and pressing her thicker leg against Karina's womanhood. Not forcing Karina's legs to part but holding her gently in place and putting some pressure on the girl's sex. It was a gentle way of killing two birds with one stone. Meanwhile, her hands worked along Karina's body and she slid her hands down Karina's arms and gave them a gentle squeeze before leaning forward, pushing her own breasts up against Karina's strained ones, bulging them out even further. Her hands slid around to try and deftly unhook the bra, her first true test as to whether or not Karina would or could stop it. It would be Akashi's first true transgression although still done quite subtly, it would indicate that perhaps Akashi was going to take this even further than a kiss of which she moaned gently into. Her eyes were open and she looked longingly into Karina's eyes, still trying to lure her in to a more special moment.

desperatemethods: Karina let out a louder, cuter moan when Akashi's thigh was pressed against her clothed sex, this came to a point where Karina's arms simply slipped down and hung limply by her sides, maybe she should just accept it, with those breasts pressing against her own, really putting pressure on them as her own breasts were forced to buldge against it, it sudden snapped free when Akashi undid it, letting it fall off in between them and making Karina's breasts bounce free, they weren't as big as Akashi's but they were quite impressive. Her eyes remained upon Akashi, it was like she was slowly being put in a trance where she'd accept anything from Akashi, there was no longer a trace of that violent nature she had a minute ago.

afwosn: Akashi let out a moan as their bare breasts pressed together. She would slowly and sensually begin to grind her larger orgs into Karina's, gasping a bit as she did. " She moved her hands up so that she could clasp them behind Karina's neck. She shifted her weight and then looked down as the two valleys met. She released the kiss. "mmmm..." She cooed. "You're actually quite beautiful." She moaned as she tried to get Karina to look down at the pairs of breasts that were sliding against each other. Akashi's nipples, already hard, slide back and forth slowly along Karina's. As she continued to grind breasts softly against her new found lover, Akashi leaned in close and whispered in Karina's ear. "Do you like this?" She whispered as she flicked her tongue out and ran it along Karina's earlobe.

desperatemethods: Karina was left breathing for air again when the kiss was broken and looked down between their breasts as Akashi pushed them on, now she was looking at both their breasts, her own nipples were starting to react, stiffening and perking up against her ' opponent's ' She tried to keep herself in control but it was really hard, still she whispered softly in return. " I-I.. Hate you so much right now... Y-You're going to exploit this.. A-Aren't you.. " She shivered afterward, Karina was really loving this more then she was showing it, she was actually starting to become wet from it.

afwosn: Akashi sucked on Karina's ear while the girl spoke. Akashi and sheok her head, kissing her way back to Karina's lips and planting an affectionate kiss on the girl's lips before shaking her head. 'NO." She said softly. "I wouldn't do something like that. At least not in the way you think I might." She paused. "I'm not asking you to like me, Karina-chan." She said letting off a soft moan as she felt Karina's nipples press into her tits a bit. She reached down and grabbed one of Karina's hands and pressed it to her own chest. "I just want you to see that there's more to life than just hatred." She leaned in and kissed Karina's neck gently. "And I'd like to be your friend if I could." She turned her head and blushed. 'I know it's a lot to ask and I'm not expecting you to say yes to it." She then slid her body down Karina's and gripped the girl's breasts in each hand, kissing the valley between them and gently nudging them with her cheek. "But just think... You could have more of this if you wanted..."

desperatemethods: Karina was being enticed in ways she had never felt before, she shut her eyes at first, trying to make a small decision that would certainly make this go even further. After a loud sigh, did she press into Akashi, removing her hand from her chest and let them rest upon Akashi's thighs, looking to the side as she felt Akashi's lips and face against her breasts, letting her release a soft huff. " I..Idiot.. " She said almost jokingly, resting back against the wall and closing her eyes once more. " ..Show me then.. "

afwosn: Akashi grinned almost stupidly at Karina's words. She took Karina's breast in her hand and kissed her way to it. She planted a small kiss on the girl's nipple before opening her mouth and letting a hot breath roll against it. She would then stick out her tongue and roll it along Karina's nipple, flicking the tip of it with the tip of her tongue ever so gently. Meanwhile her other hand began to softly pull at the obi, the last line of defense before Karina was exposed in a way that would Allow Akashi full access to her. "Maybe I'm a baka." She whispered as she nuzzled Karina's breast, makign her way to the other breast to attend to it. "But I'd much rather hear a girl moan in pleasure than growl in anger. "

desperatemethods: After another soft moan that came from her, Karina finally gave in to the pleasure Akashi was giving her, bringing one hand up to cup Akashi's chin and pull it up so she could look down at her. " ..Fuck it.. Here I am.. Getting wet from the girl who knocked me out.. " She then leant down to deliver a soft but passionate kiss on Akashi's lips, it was the final line that Karina had broken, allowing herself to be taken by Akashi as her clothing were being removed, she still wore her garter belt with black lace panties underneath but it didn't seem to bother her just how far Akashi would go, her other hand slipping down to grope Akashi's smooth rear, pulling away from the kiss. " You tell someone this and I'll still kill you.. " She said jokingly, giving Akashi a quick peck on the lips.

afwosn: Akashi brought herself up as Karina pulled her up by the chin. She grinned widely as she was kissed back and purred when her ass was held. It felt good. every last touch from Karina and she too was now starting to get really wet. She pulled the obi away to let it fall around Karina so the Kimono became more like a loose robe than any kind of clothing. She smiled at the peck and leaned in to wrap her arms around Karina, hugging her affectionately. "Isn't this kind of hug better?" She said with a grin. She then pulled back, stepping away from Karina but holding onto her hand so she pulled her into the running shower. She would then pull up and kiss Karina deeply as the water poured over them even more. "Why would I let anyone else know about this special moment." She said truthfully. Her heart beat against her chest, she thought it was thumping against Karina's bosom. She couldn't wait to go even further with the girl. She hoped that maybe the two of them could even work things out. She doubted they could have a real friendship but maybe at least they could come to an understanding? Akashi was already thinking how wonderful it would be to properly make love to Karina even though this shower scene was certainly hot.

desperatemethods: Karina pressed into Akashi when she felt the loose hug around her, a smirk forming upon her lips, she was starting to feel more relaxed and comfortable around Akashi now that she was giving it a shot. " Mm.. Don't know.. Never had a bearhug under the shower. " She kissed Akashi right back while the water poured down her pale body, she wasn't going to deny that the water gave it that extra effect, really making Karina feel good as she brushed her breasts against Akashi's, wanting to at least do a little movement of her own to help Akashi find out that Karina was going to keep going with this, looking back up at Akashi and huffed out softly. " Guess It's too early to worry about new clothes.. " She then slipped her arms around Akashi's neck and smirked. " Not... That is matters.. " She then moved up to kiss Akashi softly on the lips again but this time trying to force her tongue right into her mouth, she was trying to explore as well, to find out just what made this feel so good and especially against the girl who had recently knocked her down, still that thought was the least she thought about, she couldn't help enjoying Akashi's body against hers, perhaps it really did feel better if they kept going.

afwosn: Akashi felt Karina wrap her arms against her. This was turning into something special. In the beginning it could have been a huge mess but now it was really sexy and even more so it felt really good. Karina was surprisingly affectionate and that made the cute girl even hotter. She was even surprised when she felt Karina's tongue invade her mouth. It made her tingle and she accepted it graciously, moaning out as she let Karina explore. She'd let Karina do anything she wanted in this state. In the battlefield of Lovemaking, everyone was a winner and Karina had full reign of all of Akashi's land if she so desired. But Akashi wondered how far Karina would go. She was going to just show the girl pleasures but there was a lot to behold now that it seemed Karina wanted to jump into the fray. "You;'re a good kisser." She said huffing against Karina. "If you used that hate you have for passion... holy shit.." She said with a grin. "I feel like I'm gonna cum just thinking about it." She tugged needfully at Karina's garter belts. "But we're not even to the main course." She then rolled her shoulders back. "H-how about a little appetizer?" She said offering her breasts to Karina and eying her hopefully. There was a little blush on Akashi's face. She was supposed to be in control but she couldn't help but think about Karina taking charge and ravaging her. One could dream but either way every touch and kiss from Karina was still exquisite.

desperatemethods: Karina hungrily kissed Akashi until they both would pull away, a part of her wanted more there was plenty of time for that, she felt the tug upon her garter belt and off course Karina replied in kind, letting her hands move to Akashi's and let those hands grip her garter belt, in a way to allow her to remove it whenever she pleased. She smirked when she heard Akashi though, whispering softly to her. " Who knows.. Maybe once I've gotten used to you.. I might just be violent in a sexy way... " She then leant down so she could pay more attention to Akashi's breasts, the fact that they looked so big and delicious only made Karina try it out, first dragging her tongue softly over the top of her breasts before licking her way down to the girl's nipple and taking it into her mouth. She suckled softly upon it, her tongue twirling and pressing against the nipple, pressing against Akashi's body so she would easier access to removing her other clothing, pulling back from the nipple after she gave a bite. " Who knows.. If you can beat me like you did back then.. Then we might have a sexual war going on.. " She then went to the other nipple to bite it softly before she sucked on it.

afwosn: Akashi panted hotly as Karina kissed her. "Ahah... I hope you can back up words like that." She said with a grin. "I like it a little rough. I was being gentle for your sake because you seemed knew to this... hahhnnngh... But don't get cocky just because I'm offering." She grinned and ran her fingers through Karina's hair and grabbed it tightly as Karina sucked and bit at her nipples. "Haaangh!" She moaned in pleasure, wincing a little bit. She couldn't help it and pulled on her garter belt, snapping it so it hung as a loose stockign on Karina's silky legs. She pushed forward, trying to get Karina against the shower pole, pushing against her shoulders. "C'mon..." She said as she looked up at Karina with a hungry and challenging look. "I think you're all talk because you're finally realizing how good this feels." She stepped back and spread her legs invitingly. Put your pussy where your mouth is!" She grinned as she leaned against the wall and slid down so she was sitting on the ground. She'd then lunge at Karina and try and pull the rest of her panties down and expose her womanhood to Akashi.

desperatemethods: Karina allowed herself to get pushed backwards, a soft moan coming from her as she felt herself being exposed to Akashi, biting on top her bottom lip as she was completely defenseless to Akashi's future advancements. " Mmm.. You keep trying to entice me.. Just wait.. " She kept herself pressed against the wall before she realized how good of a position she was in. " You're right and wrong at the same time.. I will put my pussy somewhere.. But not on my own face! " With a grin she pushed hard on Akashi's shoulders to try and force her onto her back just so she could, just as swiftly move forward to straddle Akashi's face and pin her down with it, she'd have to make a mental note to thank Akashi for saying that.

afwosn: Akashi turned her head up curiously at Karina as she spoke. She could see the girl's eyes and knew that something was being planned but she didn't know what Karina had in stor for her. When she was ppusshed back, she landed with a thud, surprised at Karina's shove but even more so that she was on her back, and being straddled by Karina, the girl's wet pussy pressing against her face. Akashi took in the girl's warmth and the sweet aroma of Karina's honey as it gently coated the girl's tongue. Akashi was getting worked up now but She couldn't help but grin. Did Karina really think she had the upper hand NOW? Akashi would show her just how precarious her position was as she speared Karina's pussy with her tongue.

desperatemethods: Karina couldn't help but moan out repeatedly, rocking herself on top of Akashi's face while her sex was being tended to, this was certainly something she was starting to enjoy, her hands reaching back to play with Akashi's breasts, they were so large that Karina couldn't get enough of them, smiling down at Akashi, perhaps the first smile of the entire year. " Mmm.. Y'know.. even though I'll climax.. It'll be a dominating one since it's.. Mmm.. Ontop of you.. " She started to moan louder, she was starting to reach her climax very slowly, even bouncing upon Akashi's face.

afwosn: Akashi purred as she let Karina's juices coat her tongue. The sweet honey was delicious and Akashi greedily helped herself to it. She moaned even more as Karina pressed hands against her breasts. It felt so good. She wondered where Karina got this spark from but she stopped as Karina spoke her words. In truth, she was right. Karina would cum but Akashi was doing all the work. Akashi's face would be covered by Karina's juices and in the end Akashi might be left wanting. She froze at the thought and how Karina had twisted this passionate, precious moment into a contest of wills without her even realizing it. Her fingers dug into the side of Karina's ass and with a grunt she would try and shove Karina off of her so she would land on her back. Akashi couldn't suffer a humiliation like this!

desperatemethods: Karina kept playing with those breasts, groping at them, massaging them together, they were just so much fun to play with that Karina couldn't get her hands off them. Then she suddenly felt the fingers digging into her butt, yelping out softly as she was suddenly shoved off and onto her own back, slowly starting to sit back up with the help of her hands, that was certainly unexpected, she had thought Akashi was too willing to please her, it had left her very wet and wanting more, she would just have to pin Akashi down again.

afwosn: Akashi sat up panting as she looked at Karina. "hah... hah... Not bad." She said with a grin. "Suddenly.. I want you even more. If you had known it could be like this, I bet you would have tried it years ago right? Does it feel great trying to conquer someone like this? Oh shit I'm so fucking hot now. You bitch." She tossed the last part out playfully. "But you're not going to step into my court and think you can just topple the queen with some fancy moves!" She reached out to grab Karina's ankles. If she could get a hold of them then she would pull as hard as she could, trying to force Karina's legs and her own together so that their pussies would meet. If Karina wanted a war like this, Akashi would give it to her!

desperatemethods: Karina smirked when she heard Akashi, true enough, she felt the exact same way, she couldn't get enough Akashi and just the thought of dominating her was too good to be true. " I'm stepping into your court and I will ride you all across i-- " She was suddenly pulled by her ankles and against Akashi, her naked, wet pussy now directly pressed upon Akashi's, letting out a loud gasp as her cheeks glared up again.

afwosn: Akashi grinned when she stopped Karina in her tracks. Though the pussy on pussy contact was all she could do to keep from gasping herself. She bit down on her lip, flaring out her nostrils and letting out a huff to keep from betraying herself with a moan. She then gasped and held onto Karina's ankles as tightly as possible. "You're going to moan like a virgin, bitch." She said with an almost sadistic smile. She began to rock against Karina, grinding her pussy against her lover and rival. Electricity ran through her body. The sensation felt so good that she felt like she was going to bloody her lip from how hard she was biting it. But she couldn't let Karina have the satisfaction of hearing Akashi moan first.

desperatemethods: This was hard, Karina was at a disadvantage to begin with, she was very close to an orgasm, the arousal rising within her, unable to deny anything and instead of resisting it, she was the one that moan loudly as the grinding began, her hand gripping the wet floor as she tried to hold onto something, starting to reach her peak very quickly with the way Akashi was moving, it seemed the girl was certainly an expert at this, gritting her teeth as she tried to resist, in any way if possible but if this kept on any longer then she wouldn't last for long, cursing softly since she hadn't been ready for Akashi after she had pinned her.

afwosn: Once she felt Karina let out a gasping moan, Akashi let her own moan out. "haaaangh!" She gasped sensually. The cold floor cool against her bare breast and the water falling on her. Karina's hot body and the way in which she was moaning. Even Akashi who was usually pretty staunch in these kinds of battles wouldn't be able to hold out too much longer. But she knew she could get Karina to cum first as she rocked her pussy against her rival's. "Cum for me bitch!" She demanded turning her head to flash Karina a grin. "Say my name!" She demanded once mroe as she thrust her pussy hard into Karina's.

desperatemethods: Karina knew she was losing, she wasn't that experienced like Akashi to hide it, her body was begging for release and soon enough, so was she, when Akashi ordered her those things, Karina couldn't help but reply because she knew she was about to reach her peak. " Aaahh.... Mmm.. A-Akashiiiii~! " She cried out loudly as her body tensed up, her toes curling up and her hand pressing against the floor as she released herself against Akashi's skillfull pussy, unable to keep fending her off.

afwosn: Akashi felt the soft rumbles of Karina's orgasm against her oown pussy. The feelign was unmistakable. She smirked as Karina said her name and the hot juices pourred against her. It was so hot and sexy that the big Sumo couldn't even hang on to her own orgasm anymore. The thrill of the whole time they spent together came shooting out of her. "Shitshit, shaaaaaarnnngh!" She moaned as she came, her juices shooting out of her like a firehose as they splashed against Karina's sex. She fell hard against the ground, the water xcooling her off in such a wonderful way. Panting she picked herself up, lettign go of Karina as she cralled over to the girl and collpased next to her, wrapping an arm around the girl and pulling her into a hug. She softly and still needfully kissed Karina;''s lips as she moaned softly. 'Damn..." She admitted. "I haven't cum that hard in a while. You're not bad."

desperatemethods: Karina was breathing as if she had not taken in air for a while, her face red and legs rubbing together, Karina never felt like this before and yet it felt too good to be true even after she had just climaxed. Her eyes followed the incoming Akashi and was pulled into the hug, snuggling into her as she breathed softly against her before the kiss sealed their lips against, releasing a soft moan that was still buried with lust and staring up at Akashi with a weak grin when she heard her. " Mmm.. That was... New.. " She couldn't believe this all came from that match, she wasn't going to deny how great it felt though, she might just have to challenge Akashi some more to get more options like these. "Meh.. Guess ambushing you at the shower was.. Good afterall. "

afwosn: Akashi smiled warmly at Karina, lifting her arm up to run her fingers through Karina's hair. "I guess so." She said. "Anytime you want to fight." She began. "No matter which kind of fight you want." She said trailing a finger down Karina's body. "I'll be up for the challenge." She kissed Karina. "So ... at least consider that the next time you feel like smashing open someone's skull with a guitar." She leaned in close, pressing her lips greedily against Karina's and kissing her deeply before pulling away. "We can keep it our little secret if you want. I don't mind. I just hope that we can have at least a few more moments like this." She said kissing Karina softly, implying she would also aprpeciate a little tenderness from her newfound rival and hopeful lover.

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