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Offline for next week or two

Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:17 pm by peek6

I need to go back offline for a bit, probably gone for about a week and a half.

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Thinking about making my return

Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:46 pm by KillerV

After it feels like a long long time, do feel like coming back but gonna keep it minimum on how many rosters Im using, currently three right now? But I am strictly doing male (me) vs female and maybe female (me) vs male, intergender matches that is.

So if theres anyone is interested, please let me know through PM, thanks.

Though I would like to use my King in matches >.>

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Gauging Interest For A Couple Matches

Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:07 pm by HighFly

Hey everyone! I was just throwing this out there to see who would be interested in doing matches with either Suzumi or Peggy! Look them over and if ya have any ideas please PM me!

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Writing Elsewhere [Story and Poll]

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Writing Elsewhere [Story and Poll]

Post by The_Observer on Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:28 pm

...hey... It's me...again. You know, from [url=]here?[/url:20fozgqs]

Um... penalty for absence;

"Oh god, yes! Yes!" Danna grew more and more passionate as she rode Steven's cock. Thrusting herself onto him repetitively, her body writhed in ecstasy as she slammed her hips into him. Steven on the other hand was just trying to hold onto her as her lustful flames roared, it seemed no matter what he did it only fanned her fire. "OH YES!" Looking up at her, Steven saw Danna suddenly pause for a moment. With her mouth open wide in a silent groan and her hips twitching ever so slightly, Steven could tell she was having another orgasm. Giving his cock a flex inside of her, he set off all her fireworks, and he could feel her pussy tighten significantly around the base of his shaft. Mellowing out for a moment, Danna panted and hunched forward lying down on Steven. Seeing as how she had calmed down some he figured that this would be the best opportunity to try and ease things up, "Hey, if you wanted to stop-" Unable to complete his sentence, Danna straightened up and gave Steven a cold stare. "Nuh uh... you aren't getting off that easily..." Steven murmured to himself, 'Can't say the same about you...' "Listen and listen good," Danna raised up and dismounted Steven 's cock, she then took a hold of his shaft and tightened her grip, "When you said that you can stay hard for four hours straight if need be, and none of us believed you, I decided to humor you and have a little fun. Jerk you off once or twice, till you lost your erection, then send you packing for good. I have my pride on the line here and I'm going to let you down before the four hours are up. It's barely been one hour so far, and I've been going easy on you." Steven looked up at her blankly, instead he flexed his still erect member in her hand. Glaring at him for a moment, she then rose up and impaled herself once more on his cock. Leaning back some, she made sure to drive his head as deep as he could go into her before returning to riding him straight. Steven gave a groan in response, but in actual fact after she made him cum the first two times, things were getting boring. With the first hand job she gave him, he had made sure to concentrate on holding off cumming. Even after she started to give him head, he managed to maintain a raging erection. It was only when she unleashed her glorious chest, his kryptonite, that he lost his first load sending a hearty helping of backed up cum onto her face. Seeming to get the idea, she once again continued the hand job, blowjob combination for a few minutes, but with her breasts bouncing with each stroke, his focus had been fractured. She initially intended to deliver her coup de grace by deep throating him, but he had proved to be far too long and hard for that effort to succeed. However, despite the distractions, he had managed to stay strong for a long enough period of time for her to grow frustrated and wrap her breasts around his member. Nearly losing it then, he was able to hold off for only a couple of seconds before she began shaking her breasts on either side of his cock. Already about to burst she further drove home the victory by taking his head into her mouth and giving him a single lick before he once again blew a still sizeable load into her mouth. Despite all this, Steven had managed to keep his resolve and his erection up, but Danna saw that his last explosion had left him dizzy and not quite a full steam. Despite her claim to want to give a pleasant ending before she finished him off, Danna had actually grown quite aroused by having his large dick in her mouth and between her tits. The fact that had barely managed to get half of his dick in her mouth when she attempted to swallow his entire cock down her throat was also a big turn on. She'd always been able to take all of her boyfriends cock into her mouth. True, only one of them actually was long enough to reach her throat. But with Steven, his length aroused her like never before and she wanted to experience some of it inside of her. Pushing him down roughly, Steven toppled over easily feeling the 'blown' effects of a good blowjob. He could do little as she quickly slid down her shorts and straddled him. Lowering her body slowly, she then gave him a smirk as she hovered just above him, her pussy lips kissing the head of his cock. She shifted against him slightly, letting his head slide back and forth against her wetness, "Well, you did pretty good, but now it's time to end this." With that, she dropped onto him. Impaling herself so suddenly on his member made her cum immediately, her pussy jerking energetically. Though excited, Steven didn't climax right off the bat, instead he lie their motionless, enraptured in the feel of her warm, velvety embrace. Her strong muscles contracted and squeezed around his member, giving him one of the most erotic massages he'd ever felt. As she slowly calmed down, she realized that he hadn't cum just yet despite her own release, "Oh no you don't. Trying to hold out on me isn't going to work too well this time." Slowly she rose up again, making sure to savor the feel of his length slipping from out of her. Reaching his head, she gave a little jerk of her hips, pulling herself off of him with a wet pop. Danna shivered as she felt her own fluids drip from her and down over Steven 's head and shaft. Steven responded with a series of strong flexes, already at full steam after his massage. She let herself drip onto him for a few moments more, regaining her composure some before she continued. Danna then raised herself up prior to slamming down onto his cock with more force than before. This time however, his cock managed to strike home as his head connected directly with her G-Spot. Danna 's eyes went wide as another orgasm racked her body, far more intense than the last. She shuddered violently as her body gave a series of excited spasms around his cock. He could now feel himself nearing his own edge, but with her simply staying put as she rode out her orgasm, she left him only at the halfway mark. She rose up off of him once more, shivering and panting heavily.


Be with the matches in a few but I actually had a poll type question for anyone interested. (And because I'm horrible at finding things.)
I'd like a little more practice in writing. But my creative process is chock-a-block, and my stories have a hard time flowing. I'd a decent editor and if I do say so myself, I can make IKEA Porn sound good. (The one thing I'm actually good at.) Never the less, I'd like to type up some of the more popular fights. Or any fights you might find particularly stunning. For the most part, they'll stay as written, mostly just spell check, proof reading, and tense agreement. But in one fluid post.
I'm willing to take on three comleted matches from either Friction or Sex Wars (not that sharp with the paranormal stuff.)
As Kelsea is the creator of this board in particular, the first pick shall go to her. Choices two and three to be elected then voted on.

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Re: Writing Elsewhere [Story and Poll]

Post by Bluemouse on Thu Feb 24, 2011 4:32 am

Rewriting threads into one cohesive thing is something I've thought about, but I don't have the time or motivation to actually do it. If you can take a crack at it more power to you.

Now are you talking about just a match? Or including/adding things before and after it? Plot/backstory/character development?

As for what match to go for, I wouldn't know where to begin. There are not all that many matches I've read start to finish that I wasn't a part of. >_> I tend to read backstage more than the ring.

The Mouseum


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Re: Writing Elsewhere [Story and Poll]

Post by The_Observer on Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:24 pm

I'm more of just doing the match. I don't want to try and read too much into other peoples characters.


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Re: Writing Elsewhere [Story and Poll]

Post by Sponsored content

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