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Serious apologies to everyone....

Mon Mar 19, 2018 1:59 am by Cy_Man

To those who I RP with, I just want to say that I am terribly sorry for all my delays that I constantly do. I just have been SO unbelievably busy as of late that I hardly have any free time to be able to attempt to make posts to our threads. I really needed to get his off my chest badly, and it makes me feel like a complete piece of shit for doing this all the time. If you don't want to RP with me, I completely understand, there should be no reason or excuse for me to have to keep you waiting …

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Explanations and Apologies

Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:02 pm by acuya

Okay, so.

As some of you may have noticed, the Entropy Title Match from last year's Summer Splash has come to an abrupt conclusion.

The reason for this is because my match with Lies was taking too long, and with the next Summer Splash coming up, the Entropy Belt needed to be put in play for this year.

I won't get into the specifics of WHY that happened, suffice to say it ultimately comes down to my fault, I think. For those who haven't been here long, back in the day, I had a problem with …

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A match for Takeichi

Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:31 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Since both Imai and Takeshi are currently involved in matches I was wondering if anyone is interested in taking on my first wrestler I made for here, Takeichi Mori. His profile says he's a jobber but I intend to change that and hoping a match can help with that. Anyone interested please get in touch with me on here in a pm.

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Shiori Nakamura - The Reikoku Avenger

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Shiori Nakamura - The Reikoku Avenger

Post by Ryoku on Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:24 am

[align=center:29p8ia1t][size=150:29p8ia1t]Shiori Nakamura – The Reikoku Avenger[/align:29p8ia1t]


[size=150:29p8ia1t][align=center:29p8ia1t]General Information[/align:29p8ia1t]


Name: Shiori Nakamura
Nickname: Reikoku Avenger
Sex/Gender: Female
Age: 22 – March 13th
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Silver Blonde
Height: 5'10" ft
Weight: 137 lbs
B/W/H: 36D/25/34
Nationality: Japanese
Hometown: Prefecture of Osaka
Alignment: Face
Entrance Music: [url=]Over The Clouds - Alan [God Eater ~BURST Mix~][/url:29p8ia1t]


[size=150:29p8ia1t][align=center:29p8ia1t]Wrestling Information[/align:29p8ia1t]


Wrestling Tactic: Offensive
Strategy: Non-stop attacking, not caring about defence. Tends to leave a lot of openings, but makes up for it with agressive and fast attacks.
Style: Striker – Powerhouse.
Preferred Matches:
Standard Matches, K.O. Matches, Hardcore Matches
Difficulty Level: ★★★★ – Advanced

RPG Style Stat Spread:

Sexuality: -

Style Information:

Wrestling Style: S Rank
Bed-Wrestling Style: F Rank
High Flying Style: B Rank
Martial Arts: A Rank
Strikes with the hand/fist: SS Rank
Strikes with the leg/foot: SS Rank

Favorite Moves:

With an opponent lying down onto her front, Shiori grabs one of the other girl’️s legs and bends it slightly, placing her opponent’️s ankle between her thighs. Then, she lies on top of her opponent's back and wraps her arms around her head, pulling back on it until they either give up or pass out.

Flying Shoulder Tackle
Pushing her back against the ropes, Shiori bounces off them and sprints at her opponent, leaping into the air and spreading her arms to both sides, violently taking her opponent down to the mat by driving her shoulder into the other girl's chest.

Jumping Reverse Bulldog a.k.a. Zig Zag
With an opponent giving her back to her, Shiori jumps up and wraps around the front of her opponent's head, bringing them down as she descends and slamming their head and back into the ground strongly.

Roundhouse Kick
Leaving a stunned/confused opponent stumbling in front of her, Shiori takes a step back. Then she plants her talon on the mat and sends a poweful kick to the side of the other girl's head.

Finishing Move:

Reikoku Driver
Lethal move. K.O. type of move. Shiori kicks her opponent in the stomach and forces them to bend over, shoving their head between her legs. She reaches for her opponent’️s arms and locks them behind her back, then uses them to lift the other girl upside down. She holds the position for a moment before dropping down to the mat onto her knees, driving her opponent’️s head violently into the ground.




Physical Appeareance:

Shiori is a tsundere type of person. She might seem very hostile and even agressive, but once you get to know her, she’️s a completely different person. If she likes someone, she can be sweet and nice, warm and even adorable. It’️s a long way to become one of her friends, though. Shiori doesn't trust people easily, and doesn't show much sympathy towards others. She thinks that not many are worth her time. She won't tolerate people making fun of videogames, or calling her immature for liking them. Shiori is not very tolerant, and one single mistake could make you lose her friendship.

Shiori was not always such a badass, short-tempered girl. When she was young, she was pretty nice and gentle, actually. She had few but good friends, always inviting them over to her place to play videogames. That was the only thing she was good at! In fact, she was well known as the best gamer in the whole school. She was definitely obsessed with games. Whenever she wasn't playing at home, she was playing with her handheld system. Little did she knew that this'd change her social life forever...

In her 13th birthday, Shiori received a new handheld system. Her eyes shone with delight. She was never seen that happy. The kids from school watched as she played during breaks, gathering in a circle around her as she kicked some ass in her videogames. However... one day, one of the boys borrowed her system. She had her doubts at first, but in the end she was talked into lending it to him. Huge mistake. Shiori asked him to be careful, but he just wouldn't listen. Then...


Shiori's eyes shot wide open. At her feet, her beloved system, destroyed. Well... not only destroyed. Crushed. It pissed her off badly. However, she managed to hold her anger back. Until... "Bah, it was a boring game anyways." As the boy said that, the silver haired girl pounced him and started pounding him violently, not showing any mercy towards the destroyer of her videogame. She was depressed. Really depressed. The happiest days of her life... gone. All because of some brat who wasn't careful.

All of her friends turned against her, not supporting the reaction she had against the other boy. She honestly couldn't care less about him, or any of the others. The most precious thing in her life had been taken away from her, and there was nothing they could do to make her forgive him. She hated him, and as they supported and defended him, she started hating them as well. "Traitors... I don't need friends like you..."

Finally, her parents gave her an even newer handheld system, which she cherished and loved like she had never loved anyone before. However, kids didn't gather around her like they did before. One day, though...

"Hey, I said I was sorry. Come on, let me play."

“Rot in hell, you piece of crap.”

That was the trigger that caused her life to become a hell in Earth. After that day, she started receiving daily beatings from the rest of her classmates, who considered her a freak who overvalued videogames. They were her life, so she didn't try to correct them. All she could do was endure the punishment. They were too many... and she couldn't defend herself.

No matter how much her parents complained about it, the beatings became worse and worse every day. One day, though, she decided it was enough. It was time to fight back. To teach them a lesson they'd never forget. Shiori started practicing wrestling out of necessity, demonstrating an incredible talent for the sport. Her coach was quite impressed by her improvement, and though at first she told her pupil to avoid problems, she ended up understanding her reasons. She even gave her a few advices for whenever she fought many enemies at the same time.

After years of training, it was finally time for revenge. When her classmates showed up to attack her, Shiori assumed a fighting stance. As they came, she defeated them one by one, ending up breaking arms or legs, or simply knocking them out. Hammerlocks for dominance, sleeperholds for control, full nelson holds for defense, and a lot more. That was the last time they ever bothered her. She lived a lonely life, playing videogames almost all day. Before, during and after school.

When she turned 19, however, her parents decided that she needed to become more independent, because she was no kid anymore. In order to do that, they forced her to get a job and pay for stuff herself. None of her jobs gave her enough money to buy videogames anymore, which brought her down a little bit. However, not long after she turned 22...

"Anime Female Wrestling... Friction Division. Good money... I should be able to get more videogames if I win my matches!"

Keeping her only passion in mind, Shiori joined the AFW, ready to kick some ass and earn enough money to buy lots and lots of videogames!


- Animals. "They're sooo cute... *Blushes*..."
- Videogames. "Too good for normal people to have them."
- Snow. "So white and pure... I could look at it all day..."

- New people. "No thank you. I have no interest in you or your life. Can you just leave me alone?"
- Homework. "Blaaah, blaah, blaaah... School is so boooring..."
- Driving simulators. "Getting in a virtual car and virtually racing against virtual fools in other virtual cars. Sarcastic woohoo."

- She owns a big sword, which she keeps in her room. She says it's just a collection article, but... "Hey! I said it’️s not a real sword! Geez, do I have to spell it out for you?!"
- After being beaten so badly in school for being an otaku, she tries to hide this fact from everyone.
- She's a sore loser, both in real life and videogames.
- She's a fan of Inahime, a woman from the samurai era in Japan. "She was the best woman the world ever had. I really dont understand why she’️s not worshipped like a goddess."

Favorite Colour/s:
- Red
- Black
- Silver

Favorite Food:
- Mapo Tofu
- Teriyaki Pizza

Battle Quotes:
- "You shouldn't have shown up... The only way you're making it out of here is on a stretcher."
- "Come, if you dare."
- "You really thought you stood a chance against me?"
- "I'm here to fight, not to make friends."


[align=center:29p8ia1t][size=150:29p8ia1t]Shiori's AFW Record[/align:29p8ia1t]


[size=150:29p8ia1t]Wins: 0

Losses: 0

Draws: 0

Championship Achievements:















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