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Looking for a few matches.

Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:14 am by Yori

As the title suggests, I am in the market for a few matches, specificly for...

Luna - Vampire themed wrestler who prefers to play with her food before she sinks her fangs in. Prefers no DQ or hentai stipulation matches. Preferred in a more dominant role, fills a more heelish role.

Reiko - Punk upstart with more experience fighting in the streets than the ring. She takes part in hardcore matches primarily, using weapons far better than she can wrestling techniques. Strictly heel.

Leah - …

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Comments: 6

A match for Brie.

Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:15 am by BootsForSpooks

A week ago, I made my own character named Brie Schuhart. I thought it would be best to post a notice here. I'd like to have an opening match with her.

I also understand that a lot of characters here have story lines. I'd like to start one for her too. Her opponent can lead to a romance, it can be something that turns into a grudge over time, or it can be something more complicated. Whatever the case, we can discuss. I'm open to a lot of things. We'll make it work.

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Taking on a thread or two

Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:50 am by LtLukas

I don't really have a plan in mind. If you want to throw something out there, be it a storyline, match, or whatever, I am willing to entertain it. Let's talk about it.

Specifically, I have two ladies that I want to have a thread with:

The inimitable Jessica Wright. With her, I am leaning for some more hardcore stuff: no DQ, shit outside the ring, coffin matches. But I am willing to listen to anything that you want to try.

The lovely Eka Guramishvili. She has a new flag-based outfit. So maybe …

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Your First Taste of Violence...

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Your First Taste of Violence...

Post by mnpinner on Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:53 pm

I know we've had a topic that talks about your first taste of wrestling....whatever sparked your "fetish" for combat....and a few other things....but I don't know if we've had one that talks about your first taste of violence. I'm not talking about something like playing a platformer where the violence is jumping on turtles and throwing shells (although that is pretty fun)....I'm talking about something like maybe you stumbled into your older sibling's room and started playing Moral Combat or something...

For me...I think my first real taste of violence would have to the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers


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Re: Your First Taste of Violence...

Post by Lobo on Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:49 pm

Now this is my kinda topic!!! :mrgreen:

Ironically enough my first introductions to violence were Mortal Kombat 2 and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers >.> Not too long after that I was watching an old show called Swat Kats, nobody actually died in that show but there was plenty of Urban Destruction and Explosions to make it quite violent for a kids cartoon by Hanna-Barbera. Dragon Ball Z was also a massive part of my Apprent intrest for violence, I was watching the WAY less censored Spanish dub of DB and DBZ that aired in Mexico when I was very young, and at that time nothing was more badass than Dragon Ball for me.

It just always seemed really "Cool" to watch Monsters get blasted away with an energy beam and die in a massive explosion. Or for somebody to transform into a giant dragon and bite their enemy's head off. There was just something appealing to a 3-5 year old me about that kinda content.

I was also fond of The Rocky films as a kid... Well, I only liked 2,3,4, when I was younger, mostly because they had way more fighting in them than any of the other movies, and the fights in rocky were always bloody slugfests.

Dispite all this, I was a very squeamish in my younger days and didnt care for Intense Ultra-Violence & Gore. I remember as kid getting Horrified when I saw a scene from The Untouchables when this guy gets shot and dies in slo-mo as black blood starts pouring out of the corners of his mouth.

I dont know what changed me later on as I got older, (Sure as hell wasnt the Saw Films) I didnt become a sadist, but somewhere along the line I seemed to developed a taste for Over the top violence. (mostly animated) But This has also affected me as an Filmmaker and Writer to the point where all of my works need some portion of Strong Violence, even if brief.

So first taste of Violence has to be Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers and Mortal Kombat 2.

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Re: Your First Taste of Violence...

Post by Cirno on Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:53 pm

Hehehe... Killer Instinct on the Snes... Oh how I enjoyed beating the crap out of my opponents and watch the blood drop right and left, then SHOOT THEM TO FUCKING PIECES. NO MERCY FOR THE WEAK! NO MERCY FOR THE WEAKKK!!!!



The fact that I enjoyed my opponent's misery and death really scared my parents so they removed Killer Instinct from my deck of games and gave me Mario Kart instead.. I wasn't amused.

My gameplay in most fghting games was pretty sadistic, I'd act like I have zero skill, miss attacks on purpose only to slash their fucking brains out after they became overconfident.

While my majority of violence comes from strategy games and horror shooters these days, I used to be a big fan of Street Fighter, mostly due to Han Juri.

What can I say, she's a girl to my heart!

Plus the quote " I'll fuck you alright" Just won't leave my head and I love it.

Another game that sadistically turned me on was Dawn of War. God Damn that Chaos faction, spoke right how I would've!

Plus the kill animation and the fack they laughed when they died, was simply my cup of tea.

What can I say. I'm creepy, turned on by sadistic violence.

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Re: Your First Taste of Violence...

Post by CantMakeMehTap on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:07 pm

UFC and friends.

Big influences. First off, when I was only a little Courtnifer in...maybe....fifth grade....was when I got into fighting. I had always been a tomboy, but for some reason until I was 10 I always avoided fighting, and it wasn't on purpose, I dont think. But when me and my BFF Brent-ni-fer started trying out wrestling moves and submissions we saw on TV was when I really started getting into it. I wrestled any guy or girl (and still do) who wanted to (which wasn't alot, unfornunately people are scared of my size, height, and thirst for violence (Dayum, that might've been the smartest sentence Ive ever wrote...). I got into wrestling in 6th grade (like, school wrestling) and I've loved it sense. Wrestlers in my middle and high school stayed tight, and are pretty respected and "not fucked with". And every night it comes on, me and my UFC loving friend Jeff always get on the phone and talk and watch UFC, which is always a good, loud, time <img src=" title="Smile" />.

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Re: Your First Taste of Violence...

Post by Bluemouse on Tue Jan 18, 2011 4:16 am

It's funny how there's a line that I/we don't cross with personal info. Nothing over this line will I divulge. Unless you go waaaay far past the line into really personal stuff.

So I have an older brother who would beat up on me, which sometimes was fun and sometimes wasn't. But I think the first time I felt violence in the pit of the stomach sort of way was when I saw my dad hitting my mom. No wonder I'm messed up >_>

After that, though, I remember seeing WWF on tv (or what I assume was WWF) and being dumbstruck by it. I was too young to understand much of anything, but it burned itself into my mind. Then I didn't watch it again for like... 15 years.

Then I had a friend whose brother did martial arts (ie jujitsu) and his friends did stuff too. She was a major tomboy and an uber intense person, so of course she got into it too, and she sort of sucked me into it. I love fighting. I still train with certain friends and do martial arts and stuff, though not as much as I'd like.

Also in high school I had some trouble with people and I got the shit kicked out of me on a fairly regular basis. Wasn't a great school. That wasn't fun.

I'd say that I love and hate and respect fighting. Or maybe I love fighting and hate violence. However it goes. Still, the emotional cocktail I have going is the well from which I draw fictionalized dramatizations of violence-based scenes.

The Mouseum


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Re: Your First Taste of Violence...

Post by ThatOneGuy on Wed Jan 19, 2011 4:43 am

I don't really have to go into detail, I started playing Mortal Kombat at 5, that is my first experience with actual, intense violence.


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Re: Your First Taste of Violence...

Post by Sponsored content

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