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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

[ Full reading ]

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

Comments: 1

Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Russia vs Canada - a golden preview

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Re: Russia vs Canada - a golden preview

Post by Maxy on Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:18 pm

(done over im..........Note: some of it was lost due geographical location while working on it so some of it may or may not look right because of that)

Kei rolled out of the way to avoid the stick and grabbed it from her and attempted to throw it halfway across the ice and attempted to stand up.

Sasha growled with frustration as Kei seemed to recover from the nasty pull and the fall to the ice quickly enough to simply snatch the stick from Sasha's hand. Sasha gasped as her stick was flung away. But as Kei tried to stand up, the small Russian slipped closer toward Kei, trying to force the head of the Canadian to her side in a reversed headlock, the kid tried to lock her opponent there as a small cold shiver ran down her back

: Kei grunted at Sasha locked her in and held on to her a little bit. "Is that all you got?" She starts to sake forward as she still had her head locked in, but headed in such a way that Sasha was heading right for the goal post of an extra net that was near one of the benches

Sasha, growling as she had to muster all her strenght and every sinnew of muscle to keep Kei were she was, suddenly hissed:"Njet bitch!". The kid then would push all her weight against the motion of Kei, turning around sharp, trying to hammer her hip into Kei to toss her over it

Kei was taken off by Sasha's sudden movement and felt herself go over and landed inside the net. She sees a red light come on as an arena worker happened to be testing out the goal light when kei entered the net.

Sasha saw that and..had to laugh, the kid stood there and felt like this paid for the cheap shots the Canadian had used to open this match. Sasha stood there, chuckling and then shouted:"Gotcha old woman?"

Kei gets up "Not bad, but there's still 59 minutes to go." making reference to how much time a standard game usually has. She got up and skated towards her. She faked a left hook and went to take her down by the legs

Sasha,maybe because she was not such a good skater like Kei, was caught off guard, also because the kid was still laughing. She tried to duck from a fist strike which never came, then Kei hammered into her, bringing her down to the ice. Both of them did hit it and glode over the ice some meters, the kid's ellbow bashed open and leaving a long, crimson mark

Kei went to get up after they stopped moving only to drop a knee across Sasha's chest a couple times. She picked herself up and Sasha as well and attempted to lift her up over her head. Sasha, pulling up her arms to guard her face at once, managed to block some of the strange, hammering knee attacks. She groaned, the kid tried to roll away from Kei, whincing with pain, coughing as Kei tried to pick her up over her head. The teen wasn't heavy but she fought back, swinging her knee at Kei as the Canadian lifted the Russian

Kei was concerned that Sasha's skates were getting close to her so she changed what she wanted to do and gave Sasha a backbreaker..Sasha, being swung up for a moment, growled but her flailing arms and legs helped not against gettign crushed down into the waiting knee of the Canadian. Sasha, just trying to wind out, was hammered down, arching her back as it was almost snapped on the adult's knee. The little Russian opened her mouth for a sillent scream of pain. Kei growled shortly after, hoping Sasha would behave as she went to lift her up again. This time she got her into position as originall planned, attempt to keep a good grip on her as she proceed to rush towards where the benchs are and powerbomb her against the glass that was beside them. Sasha, getting swung up, moaned, pain still stinging in her back, feeling a bit dazzed. But the Russian was a tough and stuborn brat as a split second later, already up with her legs on Kei's shoulders, swung her left arm up, trying to smash the ellbow a bit weakly on the crown of Kei's skull. Then she tried to counter the powerbomb by pressing her hands on the head of Kei, trying to make it a painfull fall for both of them...better than just for her self.

Kei grunted as the elbow hit her helmet. She got close to the glass and when she went to release Sasha she felt herself go with her as her face slammed against Sasha's crotch as Sasha's back connected with the glass. Sasha, cursing her self as her ellbow hit the helmet of Kei, gasped as a face pressed hard into her small crotch. It wwas painfull, but not as painfull as hitting the glass with her back, sending a sharp wave of pain up Sasha's spine to explode in her head. Unlike Kei she had no helmet or armor, so getting hammered into some sollid glass wasn't nice, the glass showed spider webs now, close to shattering.

Kei moves back to let Sasha fall in front of her and when she's in range Kei drops her body on top of hers for a pin attempt
Katja Langsdorf (04/01/2011 4:54:58 PM): Sasha, slumping down, felt like she would see stars dance across her view. She glared at Kei as the Canadian jumped up to give her a hard body drop. Sasha, clenching her fists, rolled sideward to the left, leaving a small lake of blood from her ellbow and back, the kid's top cut in the back a bit.

Kei gives a small growl and slams her fist on the ice before going to grab her "Hey get back here!" Sasha, giving a small groan, swung her left ellbow backward as hard as she could, trying to nail Kei in the guts, maybe on a place where it had to hurt. Kei didn't take too kindly to Sasha's choice of words when she got kneed in the gut. She grunted and responded with a knee to the gut of her own if Sasha didn't back up
. Sasha, giving a small grunt as she was hit her self, rolled away, to all fours, panting for breath. She coughed up some saliva and blood, then the kid tried to get up on her feet, slipping out on the ice once, hitting it with her butt hard. Kei wouldn't have grabbed her again if Sasha didn't slip. She attempted to grab her after she slipped and went to throw her against the weakened glass.

Sasha, feeling Kei grabbing her again to toss her against the glass, glared at her opponent and then tilted her head back as she was yanked to her feet,trying to give a rock-solid head butt to Kei before the sould toss her, Sasha's arms and legs felt a bit too heavy to attack at that moment. The headbutt made Kei's throw go off course and Sasha hit the glass beside the weak one and she bounced off it but it would still hurt. Kei then sees something from the corner and an engine sound and sees the zamboni coming out and she quickly skates over to it , convinces the driver to let her use it and she grins and speeds towards the fallen sasha had a blazing 9 m/ph

Sasha, having slumped down again, turned and saw her opponent driving toward her ice polishing machine. Sasha felt a know building in her throat. This was a hard match for sure. She rolled to all fours, then pressed her self up. This time she got up and slided away, trying to reach the side of the zamboni with a furious yell, trying to catch Kei, trying to pull her off. HEY! LEGGO!" she tells her as she tries to steer it, which they end up going through part of the boards and it drives through a walk way. She quickly tossed some skategaurds and slapped them on her blades as she got pulled off but it would allow her to walk on the ground better while still on skates and protect the blade for later use.

Lanya, having not brought those guards with her, crawled away and did her best to pull of her skates, knowing she would look silly on them away from the ice. Sasha, having not brought those guards with her, crawled away and did her best to pull of her skates, knowing she would look silly on them away from the ice. Kei waited for her to take the skates off and when she went to pick her self up she punched Sasha on one of her sock/bare foot and goes to grab her tp take her somewhere

Sasah, just pulling off her skates, was stomped upon her left foot and growled, clutching the foot, leg pulled up. She was picked up and carried away, trashing and squirming as her cheek was reddening. Kei tossed her into a lockroom that was currently occupied by an actual team and made her take a seat at the nearest locker stall. The girl sat there, still a bit dazzed. She sucked ins some air, then she tried to stand up, trying to toss her self at Kei. Sasha faked a left blow with a slip of her shoulder. She stopped hard, turned her hip and thus her upper body. With a new shoulder leading, she fired her right at her opponent's jaw in a fast feint.

Kei went to grab her but was sent back a bit at the shot from Sasha. Sasha, sick of being the punching bag, gave a small furious roar and launched her self forth. She stretched her arms forth, head hidden between her shoulder, she tried to spear the other wrestler against a locker with all the might she could muster at that moment. Kei grabbed hold of her as she was speared against the stall, as whoever was sitting then moved at the last moment. She groaned as her butt made contact with the bench part. Sasha, jumping with one foot to the bench, turning around with wide eyes as she jumped, tried to press or rather hammer her left hand to the back of Kei's head, jumping off with all might again, trying to bulldog the adult to the hard ground. As Sasha went to bulldog Kei, Kei went to grab a ledge that was near her. If she was able to do that to block the bulldog she'd go to shove Sasha off in the direction of a near by cooler.

Sasha, trying to bulldog Kei in quite a daredevil move, failed, being pushed away and toward the cooler, standing there. Kei shook herself to get more feeling going through her as she stood up. Kei went to pick her up, but then placed Sasha's mouth under the ta thingy and started to force feed her a lot of sportdrink. Sasha, eyes wide, was bend down, her mouth to the cooler, trashing and trying to get free as the sport drink spilled out. She coughed,trying to close her mouth, some of it stinging in her eyes as it went there. She swallowed a lot of it, not that great in a fight, it tasted awfull. Sasha was trapped, trying to fire her left ellbow back to get free from Kei.

Kei felt the elbow poke her and she jumped back and away from Sasha, but not without taking the cooler with her making it fall towards sashas. Sasha, dropping down, gasped as she coughed up some sportsdrink,then she was crushed under the cooler, gasping as it hammered down on her. Kei picked up the cooler and tossed it aside before picking her up herseld and placing her on a stretched that was in the room and after giving her a few small shots to the back to make her lay face down, she gave her a free ride back to the ice, stopping before touching the ice and releasing the stretcher.

Sasha, almost happy that the cooler's head was away from her chest and upper body, felt Kei picking her up, tossing her on the stretcher, just to carry her out to the ice after some quick shots. Sasha was shoved out to the ice on the stretcher, hitting the ice s she slumped off from the stretcher, cursing Kei under her ragged breath

Kei smirked as she saw Sasha getting off the stretcher, but she let her stand up "Hey! I like what ya did with your legs" commenting on how Sasha no longer has her skates. "How about you" Sasha said, stopping to spit out some blood:"kiss my ass?" She then tried to stand up, cursing the fact that she had no skates on. She suddenly tried to capitalize on it, charging toward Kei, feeling the slippery ice below her socks and then tossed her self forth, trying to slam her little weight with some momentum into her opponent. Kei was expecting her to fall but when she didn't she had a 'o_o' loko on her face and Kei fell back

Sasha, right on Kei, dragged her self toward the chest of the adult. then she sat up, her crotch on the chest of Kei, Sash then winded up and tried to rain some hard punches on the face of kei to prove that she was good at that. Kei went to cover her face from being hammered on, though rthat left other parts open after the first shot connected

Sasha growled, remembering some mean shots her opponent made. She then shifted her weight a bit and aimed her fists in two hard crossed blows toward the very tips of Kei's breasts. Even though shedid have padding there it did her "Fuck off!"
"You should I win when you wear armor?" Sasha hissed, suddenly trying to roll the tricot of Kei up over her head or guarding arms.

Kei tried to shake her off as she felt her shirt being grabbed. Sasha, growling, tried to keep upon her opponent, still yanking on the shirt with all might Kei dropped her gaurd and went to grab Sasha's shirt as her own was being grabbed
or she tried to anyway. Sasha would finally do her best to rip up or open the shirt of Kei, Sasha's cheap shirt giving in, ripping a bit.

Kei felt Sasha taking her jersey off "Hey! that's worth more than the russian flag, put that down!" she demands her
Sasha just grunted and would try to aim her fist to any part of Kei that wasn't padded, angry.
The closet body part would be her stomach. Kei responded with some upper body shots as Sasha fired on her

Sasha, just sending a sollid blow down, was caught in the chest again, right into her left budding breast, the kid yelped, slipping off, clutching the sensitive mound. Kei was taken just as much as much but she continued her assult
Sasha took another shot to her tiny breasts as she slipped off sideward, already clutching the other mound, finally a big bruise builed on the kid' left breast, she tried to bite down the pain and crawled away backward.

Kei groaned as Sasha backed up a bit, she could hit pretty hard for a shorty and was impressed with Sasha so far, but she wanted ito end it before Sasha could impress her anymore. She goes to grab her one more time. Sasha felt a hand grabbing her top, or the remains of it. The kid was dazzed, shivering a bit as she sat on the cold ice, her breasts no covered by her sportbra only. She looked up at Kei and glarred at her, trying to reach for her ice hockey stick that happend to lay close by on the ice. Kei eyed the weakend glass again and when she got a grip of Sasha she made a move for it. "You want to kill" Sasha asked, the boyish small kawaii not liked the thought of getting hammered trough that glass. She finally managed to grab the stick and tried to swing the end into the bacl of her tall opponent.

In ya g DAMN IT" she felt the stick crash against her back. Sasha would then raise the stick, trying to grab it with both hands behind the broad back of Kei, then squeazed as hard as she could, trying to force Kei into letting her go. She let go after the first hit. Sasha, pulling back her stick, finally tried to hammer the end up between the big lady's legs with a wordless roat.

'motherfucker' she said softely as she fellt over

And there was one word that changed Sasha from some tough but honest brat into a mean bitch for it insulted a mother she had never the chance to know AND her self. Sasha slided away and, seeing a puck on the ice, gave the downed Rei a wolfish grin, hissing:"Noone calls me that!" And then, with some real hatred, she tried to shoot it at Kei with a swing of her stick

Quick roster info:
Want more detailed information and maybe unlock hidden characters?:

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Re: Russia vs Canada - a golden preview

Post by headshotgunny on Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:47 pm

maxy_maxwell: The shot pinged Kei in the butt "OW!" she jumped up

headshotgunny: "I will freaking kill you!" Sasha roared, tears in her eyes for some strange reason. She saw another one and stepped toward it, trying to shoot it at Kei with all might
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: the shot got her on the other side and she fells back down as she tried to get up

headshotgunny: Sasha tossed the stick away and then tried to get off from the ice a bit clumsy, toward the fast food area
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: Kei grabbed the stick that Sasha dropped and she was pretty pissed and sore down there "Hey!" she yelled at her as she let a shot go heading in Sasha's direction

headshotgunny: It went flying high and caught the kid in the back of her head, making her drop forth, bleeding from the head, clutching her head and trying to crawl forth groaning
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: (wow, didnt expect ya to have that hit her) kei was surprised that actually hit her. Still went to get her and noticed she was bleeding. Even though she still cared some things from earlier she didn't like and wanted to make sure she got the message as she pulled down Sasha's pants and proceeded to spank her rear with the stick,

headshotgunny: Sasha, shaking the cobbwebs from her head, still down and trying to clear her mind, was yelping as her opponent pulled down her shorts, her butt pale, freckled a bit square, but shapely. She gasped and yelped again as the stick hit her butt, the kawaii squirmed around embaressed.
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: All Kei felt like doing was one shot and she picked her up and locked her eyes on that one glass area again. She took a moment to line it all up then she made a charge for it, wanting to launch her ino it even if both of them had to go through it
maxy_maxwell: brb

headshotgunny: Sasha, hanging in the arms of her opponent, her shorts halfway down, trashed and squirmed about, growling as she arched her back and tried to get free. As Kei was sliding with her over the eyes, Sasha tried to swing free with a desperate knee to the side of the Canadian, trying to let Kei sail into the glass alone.
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: The sppeed at which Kei moved at made her go through the glass, but she triedf to hold on to Sasha to make her go with her

headshotgunny: Sasha, trying her best to get free, trying to pry open the arms and hands of Kei, kicking and squirming, failed and so she was hammered trough the glass in Kei's arms, the glass breaking, shattering it. The shards ripped away the last remains of Sasha's top, leaving some nasty cuts all over the kid's body.She gave no sound of pain but a silent, angry whimper
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: while sasha landed in one of the first few rows Kei was bent over the board and while able to get back to a standing position, the impact made her freeze in shock for a few moments

headshotgunny: Being hammered into the rows after a tour trough the glass was't that pleassant. Sasha groaned, dropping from the seats, bleeding like mad. She stood up, then the kid rolled her short up again, blushing deep red. She stepped closer, slinging her left arm around the head of Kei to put her into a reversed head lock. Sasha pressed Kei's head to her sweaty, bloody side, then reached forth,grabbing the pants of Kei. Sasha groaned, sweat stinging like mad in her eyes and wounds. She then pressed her shoulder blades together, arching her back and letting her self fall backward. She tried to toss the adult up over and down with the back on the chairs in a vertical suplex, almost failing in lifting the big weight of Kei
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: When Kei was able to regain heself, she felt herself being lift up and over.
headshotgunny: That was the moment that gravity and momentum helped the kid fighting with Kei. For Sasha could not hold up Kei any longer, dropping backward finally with a groan to finish the suplex
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: Kei screamed with how she landed on the chairs. She groaned as she did lay there before falling between a couple rows

headshotgunny: Sasha, laying there, gritted her teeth and tried to bite down the pain, trying to stand up. She dragged her self over the chair-row and tried to land down on Kei, trying to pin the adult down with her weight along, close to feinting

maxy_maxwell: with how the spacing between the rows were Sasha could not get a valid pin on her as Kei was on an angle and one of her shoulders wasn't touching the ground

headshotgunny: Sasha, groaning again with frustration, tried to stand up, dropping aside, leaning to the chairs, panting for breath, then she tried to burry her hands in the black hair of Kei to drag her toward the broad way to the fast food area
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: Kei weighed more so Sasha would have a challenge dragging her, though she didn't seem tor resist

headshotgunny: Sasha, bleeding like a stuffed pig, had no chance to move the other fighter. She sighed, trying to take a deep breath, then she dragged her self toward the fast food area
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: It took a bit for Kei to get back to her feet and when she did she looked arond wondering where Sasha went

headshotgunny: "Over here!" Sasha yelled with pure hatred and the girl's voice came from the fast food area, she was holding something behind her back
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: She couldn't see where she was but could hear her a bit
headshotgunny: Sasha waited for her opponent still, trying to hide behind one fast food stand.
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: She sighed "I'm not going on a wild goose chase -_-" and she sits down
headshotgunny: "I am here, now move your ass!" Sasha yelled, stepping out of her hiding place, clenching her fist, after she had tugged her bra into place. Blood blinded the girl's left eye from the bad cut on her head. She was almost done but not willed to give up after two shameful defeats
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: Kei looks around and sees her finally "what are you doing up there? we can go otu and eat later. now come down here like a good girl and let's finish this."
headshotgunny: "Why not here" Sasha shouted, still one hand on her back, the other one by her side, the kid stumbled suddenly with her blood loss
headshotgunny: yt
maxy_maxwell: "ok fine, bring me some candy and I'llt hink about it <img src=" title="Razz" />" she teases before stepping back on the ice
headshotgunny: Sasha growled, walking closer, knowing she was at some bad disadvantage on the ice
headshotgunny: yt
maxy_maxwell: Kei knew Sasha had something left, but didn't want to give her a playing field advantage at this point, but she did let her get back on the ice without and issue. As soon as she stepped on Kei went to grab her again
headshotgunny: As Kei lunged forth to grab Sasha the kid narrowed her eyes, growled and put her one hand forth from her back, it held a mustard pack from a hot dog vendor. She tried to squirt some of the sharp mustard toward the eyes of her opponent
headshotgunny: yt
maxy_maxwell: Kei was hit by the mustard, but most of it landed on her nose as she moved a bit while trying to get a hold of her. "what the?" It did stop her. she wipes it off and gets a look at it "you little shit"
headshotgunny: Sasha not wasted any time, she used her arms to balance a bit, then she growled and swung her left foot up as hard as she could, trying to hammer her foot into the crotch of her opponent as hard as she could
headshotgunny: yt
maxy_maxwell: Kei slid back a bit as the foot came her way, part of it still clipped her though and she flinched slightly
headshotgunny: Sasha growled, she hated fighting dirty but had no other choice. B But not even that had worked. She tossed her self at Kei, jumping up, not very high but strong. She tossed her arms upm leaning back. She stabbed both feet forth and aimed a devastating drop kick at Kei
headshotgunny: yt
maxy_maxwell: Kei did not expect her to do that but it was legal since the part of feet that hit her did not have blades on them and she fell
headshotgunny: Sasha dragged her self forth, after a hard landing that was enough to leave a nasty bruise on her butt. She sucked in some air and then grabbed the legs of Kei by the feet,grabbing the ankles. She then jumped forth, trying to hook up the legs of Kei in a sitting pin, a normal SchoolGirlPin
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: Kei was taken by the pin that sasha tried to pull on her and got rolled up
headshotgunny: Sasha, gasping, pulled the legs of the tall woman up, pressing them to her side, a drop of both, sweat and blood falling from the girl's face.She said or rather gasped:"One"
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: All she could get was a one count as the ice aided Kei in being able to kick out
headshotgunny: Sasha was kicked off , out of the best pin she knew. The kid slumped to the ice, sliding a bit with a blood trace, trying to press her self up to all fours with a groan of frustration.
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: Kei had a feeling Sasha was figuring out the enviroment well and she looked at Sasha as she got to a knee stance position and pulled herself up but still felt like she could do it. She got behind Sasha and helped her up, but went to take her higher than Sasha would like, wanting to give her a german suplex on the ice

headshotgunny: Sasha, just getting up and felt the other wrestler's arms around her waist. Sasha wasn't stupid, she knew that Kei not knew anything like fair play. But knowing that not made it better for Sasha, she was hammered into the ice, the kid's shoulder hitting the ice that hard that there was a nasty thud, some ice breaking. Sasha slumped down, in an embarrassing position, folded on her shoulders and knees, ass sticking up.
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: after Sasha landed, Kei turned her over and sat on her, grabbing one of her legs and went for a pin while saying to herself 'please stay down, I don't want to kill you out here'
headshotgunny: "Kiss my ass" growled the kid, defiantly, shivering a bit halfnude on the ice but also from the loss of blood. She arched and bridged. Yet she was not strong enough to break free
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: Kei continued holding her in the pin, hoping it be enough to end the madness
headshotgunny: At the two count Sasha pressed her shoulders to the ice, her body tensing up, growling as she kicked free finally
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: Kei didn;t know how to respond to the near fall. She wanted to win but how far would it go. As she got up she went to grab Sasha's leg, wanting tp put her ina scorpian deathlock
headshotgunny: Sasha whinced as she managed to get Kei off, the adult wrestler had touched one of the glass pieces still in Sasha's side. Sasha growled, trying to activate her last reserves. She pressed her lips together. She had lost two big matches in a row, each earning her shame and bad punishment from the Major. Now she felt another defeat close and tried to get free, crawling as Kei , tireless, locked her in the deathlock, the weight alone almost breaking Sasha's legs as they were bend up
headshotgunny: yt
maxy_maxwell: Kei used the heel part of her blades to help keep her balance as she applied pressure with the hold
headshotgunny: Sasha moaned, feeling pain stinging up her back as she was bend, or rather her legs and lower back were. "Get off me!" Sasha growled, clawing on the ice, shaking, half mad
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: "NEVER!" she yelled back at her.

headshotgunny: "I won't fail again!" Sasha gasped and tried to crawl forth, now bend even more
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: Kei continued to hold on but started to bend herself back more to give more presure on the hold, not showing any signs of letting up
headshotgunny: Sasha finally gave in, but not before two horrible lances of pain did shoot up her legs, trough her knees, up her body and into her head. She could not speak, not able to say it, she tapped the ice, frowning and hating her self for it. But her legs felt like Kei had ripped them from her hips and her body had been weaker then her will...
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: Kei let go after getting the signal from the referee that Sasha gave up and fells forward and layed there for a moment. She was able to pull her arm up and was glad that it was over. She looked down at Sasha and sat down beside her

headshotgunny: Sasha had slumped down, pulling her left knee up and clutching it with both hands, nursing it. Finally she growled, trying to drag her self off the ice
headshotgunny: yt
maxy_maxwell: Kei stopped by her side standing in front of her, blocking her path, but she reached down to her with a smile.
headshotgunny: Sasha didn't say anything, she just tried to get up, pulling another shard of glass from her side. She asked her self why Kei grabbed her again.
headshotgunny: yt

maxy_maxwell: Kei helped Sasha back up and helped her off the ice. She took her to the medical room to get looked at. The blood loss that Kei could see worried her, plus she wanted to her gerself checked just to be sure.

Sasha soon feinted slightly, not resisting any longer as Kei carried her to the med-station.

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