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Looking for a few matches.

Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:14 am by Yori

As the title suggests, I am in the market for a few matches, specificly for...

Luna - Vampire themed wrestler who prefers to play with her food before she sinks her fangs in. Prefers no DQ or hentai stipulation matches. Preferred in a more dominant role, fills a more heelish role.

Reiko - Punk upstart with more experience fighting in the streets than the ring. She takes part in hardcore matches primarily, using weapons far better than she can wrestling techniques. Strictly heel.

Leah - …

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A match for Brie.

Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:15 am by BootsForSpooks

A week ago, I made my own character named Brie Schuhart. I thought it would be best to post a notice here. I'd like to have an opening match with her.

I also understand that a lot of characters here have story lines. I'd like to start one for her too. Her opponent can lead to a romance, it can be something that turns into a grudge over time, or it can be something more complicated. Whatever the case, we can discuss. I'm open to a lot of things. We'll make it work.

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Taking on a thread or two

Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:50 am by LtLukas

I don't really have a plan in mind. If you want to throw something out there, be it a storyline, match, or whatever, I am willing to entertain it. Let's talk about it.

Specifically, I have two ladies that I want to have a thread with:

The inimitable Jessica Wright. With her, I am leaning for some more hardcore stuff: no DQ, shit outside the ring, coffin matches. But I am willing to listen to anything that you want to try.

The lovely Eka Guramishvili. She has a new flag-based outfit. So maybe …

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Kaede Vs Vicky (Messenger Match/Completed)

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Kaede Vs Vicky (Messenger Match/Completed)

Post by Clyton on Sun Dec 26, 2010 1:18 pm

Calvin Ly says (1:56 AM)
The music played on the arena's speakers, and out came Vicky. She casually made her way onto the ramp, dressed in a skim black bikini top and bottom and black wrestling boots that reaches up to her ankles. She walked downed the ramp, paying no attention to the crowd's firtaious whistles. Upon reaching the ring, she grabbed the bottom ropes and used it as leverage to pull herself up so she could roll under the bottom ropes. She got up, and immediately headed to her corner, waiting for her opponent to come out so she can dominate her as with every wrestler she had fought.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:00 AM)
As Vicky's music died down, another took it's place as Kaede exited the backstage, wearing her modified judo gi that covered as much as a bikini did as she made her way to the ring with her serious look on her face. When she got to the ring, she walked up the steel steps before going between the middle ropes, glaring at her opponent as she made her way to her corner.

Calvin Ly says (2:03 AM)
Vicky looked at her opponent as she made her way down the ramp. She raised an eyebrow, and smirked. She started jogging on the spot, her large breasts bobbling up and down as she warmed-up, paying attention to this new person while she's at it. Her modified judo gi piques her curiosity. Maybe this girl will be one hell of a challenge, as she could tell just by looking at her. After a while, she
stopped jogging, and approached the center of the ring, waiting for Kaeda to do the same.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:05 AM)
Kaede rotated her neck as she stretched out her hands before noticing her opponent enter towards the center. Not one to back down, Kaede would go to meet her opponent in the center where she saw that Vicky was slightly taller than her, but close enough to lock eyes with her. With intensity in her gaze, Kaede said nothing as she started to burn holes into Vicky.

Calvin Ly says (2:07 AM)
Vicky narrowed her eyes as she looked into Kaeda's fierce stare. Her reddish eyes looking into the girl's brown ones. They were nearly the same height as well. She smirked and backed off, taking a step back, before slowly shifting into a grappling stance. The bell rang, and she would slowly approach the girl, wanting to meet up in a lock-up. If the lock-up happened, Vicky would try to push Kaede
back into her corner.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:10 AM)
As Vicky retreated, Kaede stood still intently staring at the girl before backing up the same way and dropping into a stance. When the bell rang, she immediately went for Vicky and would go for the lock up, where she met a tough opponent and would fight to keep her balance against Vicky and would try her hand at the pushing battle.

Calvin Ly says (2:11 AM)
Vicky would press her forehead against Kaede's, staring intently into the girl's eyes while in the lock-up. She grunted here and there, trying to get a firm opening to push hard, but she couldn't. Their strength were nearly even, and no clear winning could be determined from this lock-up. Even so, Vicky continued on, trying to test Kaede further on her endurance.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:14 AM)
With Vicky's eyes locked in a staredown in Kaede's, the judo girl would press her forehead against her equally strong opponent. She let out groans and grunts herself as she tried to overpower her in the lock up. She wasn't here to win, she was here to hurt people and Kaede was not going to let Vicky get the best of her as she would try to walk forward in pushing Vicky back.

Calvin Ly says (2:17 AM)
Even despite Kaede's efforts, and Vicky's efforts for that matter, the two are at a standstill. Vicky decided she have enough, and would try pulling the left side of her body away from the lock-up, just so with her right arm, she will attempt to toss the judo girl onto the mat by her back with a powerful hip toss.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:19 AM)
Kaede wasn't expecting Vicky to try a hip toss, in fact she was planning to do the same thing as Kaede went up and over, landing on her back with a loud thud. However that wasn't enough to keep this girl down as she would quickly return to her feet.

Calvin Ly says (2:21 AM)
Vicky noticed how pain-tolerant this girl is, and would take one step up, raising her right boot, before she would kick at the girl's cheek to send her back down. "Stay down!" She said with a cocky smirk, the boot kick almost like an insult. If Kaede tried again, she would do the same thing and attempt to send her down with another kick.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:23 AM)
Kaede's face was pushed by the bottom of Vicky's foot as she fell to her knees and one arm. The 'kick' didn't feel like it had any intent of damage on it and that made Kaede feel like Vicky didn't fear her and thought less of her, that angered Kaede as she would get back up and saw the same kick coming at her and would try to grab it with both hands.

Calvin Ly says (2:24 AM)
Vicky blinked when her second kick was blocked. Of course it was not intentional to hurt but to insult with the kick, but she was still a bit surprised. She tried to pull her feet back, not sure what to do at this situation.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:32 AM)
With her hands gripping Vicky's foot, Kaede would then try to shove the foot upwards hoping to throw the taller girl on her back where she could begin to take the dominate position of the match.

Calvin Ly says (2:35 AM)
"W-Woah!" Vicky yelped out as she can feel herself going off-balanced. However, she hopped on her left foot, getting back the balance she needed, and soon, she was back on two feet, stable. She gritted her teeth in anger, before she charged straight at Kaede, jumping and whiping out her right arm for a flying lariat across the judo girl's chest, trying to send her onto the mat hard.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:37 AM)
Kaede saw that Vicky hopped around for a bit, to make sure she would fall Kaede would run to deliver her foot into Vicky's chest to ensure she fell. However when Vicky came at Kaede, she was caught off guard and would try to kick Vicky while in mid air and hopefully would hit her before Vicky's arm would crash into her chest. If she was unable to counter, Kaede would be taken off her feet and land
on her back before rolling onto her stomach.

Calvin Ly says (2:39 AM)
Kaede's kick presented a longer range than Vicky's lariat, and soon, Vicky found herself hurling backwards as the kick struck her chest. Her eyes widened in surprise, before she was sent down to the mat, landing on the mat by her back with a thud. One hand clutched her chest as she coughed in pain, her eyes narrowed and her head moving up, looking at what Kaede is gonna do now.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:41 AM)
With her opponent on the ground, Kaede would quickly rush over to try and grasp Vicky in a side head lock to wrench on the neck and hopefully set her up for bigger moves in the future as she would try to keep the tall girl down.

Calvin Ly says (2:42 AM)
"Ugh!" Vicky grunted as her head was trapped in Kaede's side headlock. Her two hands reached up and grasp at the judo girl's arms, trying to pry them away from her head as she tried to control her breathing. Her neck getting wrenched wasn't a pleasant feeling.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:43 AM)
Feeling the girl fight against her hold, Kaede would try to bring them to their feet and would begin her specialty as she would try to do a side headlock takedown, with the intentions of slamming Vicky on to the mat.

Calvin Ly says (2:45 AM)
Vicky reclutantly followed Kaede's pace, going onto her knees before standing up while her head was still in the headlock. She then gasped before she was taken down, her back impacting the mat with a thud as she grunted again in the headlock, now trying to push Kaede off of her with her hands on the girl's sides due to the change of positions.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:47 AM)
Kaede continued to wrench on the head as she would continue to punish Vicky's neck. She would then try to switch holds, letting go of Vicky's head as she would try to pull Vicky to a sitting position and try to go for a full nelson.

Vicky continued to grunt as the headlock continued, her neck starting to feel a bit sore now. She was then forced up to sit after the headlock was released, her hands about to reach for her neck to tend it. "Ugh!" She suddenly grunted out as she was placed in the full nelson, her arms dangling in the air with clenched fists and her head forced to look downwards.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:54 AM)
Kaede would force Vicky's neck down as she pressed with both hands behind the neck of the girl. She would suddenly let go once Kaede got to one knee, standing up as she would try to deliver a kick to the back of Vicky.

Calvin Ly says (2:55 AM)
Vicky huffed and grunted, before she released a small sigh as the hold was released. And then the kick came, which forced Vicky to hiss out and arch her head up, the kick almost having a stinging effect, momentarily stunning her.

アーロン 飯島 says (2:57 AM)
With her kick successful, Kaede would decided that Vicky was softened up enough as she would then go for her bigger moves. She wold first have to drag Vicky to her feet, which she would do by grabbing the girl by the hair and would try to force her to her two feet.

Calvin Ly says (3:00 AM)
Vicky grunted as her hair was grabbed, reclutantly going up onto her two feet. She's not exhausted yet, and would take this opportunity. She would then swing out her arms in front of her and tried to slap Kaede's arms away, making her standing upright in the process, before she would spin around and send her right leg up towards the judo girl's head for a spin kick.

アーロン 飯島 says (3:01 AM)
Kaede's arms didn't stand a chance as they were swatted away, as Vicky's foot came spinning around and catching Kaede's head, causing her to stagger backwards as her head was now ringing, but she refused to go down from such a move.

Calvin Ly says (3:03 AM)
Vicky's eyes widened when she still saw Kaede on her feet. 'How much can this girl take?' She thought. She would then prepared herself, and charged straight at the girl with a warcry, trying to clothesline her down onto the mat, her right arm swinging out in front of her.

アーロン 飯島 says (3:06 AM)
The warcry gave Kaede a hint of what was coming as she opened her eyes to see Vicky charging at her. Kaede would try to counter by ducking under the clothesline, wrapping her arm around Vicky's opposite shoulder as she would try to sweep Vicky's legs from behind to do a STO. If she was unable to do this in time, she would end up on her back.

Calvin Ly says (3:08 AM)
Vicky gasped as Kaede evaded the clothesline, and then came the STO. "Ugh!!" She grunted out loudly as her back impacted against the mat, her limbs flopping down and she laid there, unable to move for a while as she groaned a bit, her eyes softly closed.

アーロン 飯島 says (3:13 AM)
With her takedown successful, Kaede would get back on her feet and eye the turnbuckle with an evil glint in her eyes as she would pull Vicky to her feet once more as this time she would quickly drag the girl towards the turnbuckle with the intent of sending her shoulder first into the steel post!

Calvin Ly says (3:14 AM)
Vicky groaned as she was forced onto her feet, reluctantly following Kaede's guidance, before she snapped back to reality. "Ah!" She screamed as her shoulder impacted the steel post, her other hand clutching that shoulder as she leaned against the post, her eyes tightly closed and tried to concentrate on relieving the pain.

アーロン 飯島 says (3:16 AM)
After sending Vicky flying, Kaede would go to retrieve her opponent from the post, pulling her roughly to a standing position as she would try to kick Vicky in the gut to force her over and would try to attain her in a powerbomb position with clear intentions.

Calvin Ly says (3:20 AM)
Vicky's hands clutched at the girl's wrists as she was pulled back to a standing position. "Gah!" She grunted out as she was kicked in the gut, forcing to double over and her head being forced inbetween Kaede's long legs. Her hands immediately grasp at the back of the girl's thighs, and tried to resist the roll-up with this, stubbornly bending her knees to place more stability on herself on the ma

アーロン 飯島 says (3:27 AM)
Kaede struggled with her opponent as she tried to lift the girl up for a powerbomb, to make Vicky 'agree' with her Kaede would do some clubbing blows to the back of Vicky that would hopefully weaken her enough to lift her up. If she managed to pull her up, Kaede would aim the bomb so that Vicky would go back first into the turnbuckle.

Calvin Ly says (3:29 AM)
Vicky grunted as each blow landed on her back, causing her resistance to fade, before she was easily lifted up onto the girl's shoulders. She then let out a howling, silent scream as her back was thrown against the turnbuckle, falling to her knees and arching her back up, her head looking up at the ceiling with a very pained look on her face.

アーロン 飯島 says (3:30 AM)
Seeing her opponent at her feet in a devastated position, Kaede would decide to let her opponent soak in the pain before trying to pull her back to her feet and try to get Vicky on her shoulder in form of a powerslam position.

Calvin Ly says (3:32 AM)
Vicky closed her eyes tightly, clutching her back, before she was pulled back to her feet. She was scooped up on the girl's shoulders, her legs wildly yet weakly kicking about and her arms squirming around as she couldn't free herself from this position, having no escape move for it.

アーロン 飯島 says (3:34 AM)
Kaede took the time to position Vicky in a spot where her thrashing and squirming wouldn't upset the balance as she would turn around, look at the other turnbuckle before walking and then running towards it, preparing to lower Vicky to where she would once again be driven back first into the turnbuckle, intent on punishing the back.

Calvin Ly says (3:36 AM)
"Ah!!" Vicky would scream out in howling pain as her back was driven against the turnbuckle, and would still be stuck in the powerslam position, her thrashing and squirming ceasing as she laid there hanging, limbs almost completely limps. She had a feeling that Kaede hasn't even begun to get started on Vicky's punishment.

アーロン 飯島 says (3:39 AM)
Pulling Vicky away from the turnbuckle and back on to her shoulder, Kaede would spin around to deliver a powerslam to the center of the ring.

Calvin Ly says (3:40 AM)
Vicky gasped out as her back impacted against the mat in the powerslam, the large girl arching her back up while her face showed a pained expression. Soon, she would flop back down onto the mat and be laid there, not moving for a while as she started panting for air, her breasts heaving up and down.

アーロン 飯島 says (3:41 AM)
Kneeling beside her opponent, Kaede would then look towards the outside of the ring and would roll to the edge of the apron to get to the floor. Once there she would then start to look for a weapon that would serve to be a hard surface to slam her opponent on.

Calvin Ly says (3:42 AM)
While Kaede was looking for a weapon, Vicky would slowly flop onto her front, one hand reaching and clutching her back. But that was all she could muster in that short amount of time as Kaede would probably find the weapon by then.

アーロン 飯島 says (3:45 AM)
Seeing the perfect for the job, Kaede found a trash can with all sorts of magnificent weapons in it that she could use at a later time as she slid that into the ring before sliding in herself. Once there, she would dump out the weapons that ranged from a kendo stick to a metal tray to a broom and to a pipe as she would bring the trash can towards Vicky.

Calvin Ly says (3:46 AM)
Vicky noticed Kaede dumping all of those weapons, and tried to get all, but only managing to get onto all fours as Kaede neared with the trash can.

アーロン 飯島 says (3:48 AM)
Placing the trash can on the mat, Kaede would try to punch the crawling Vicky in the face to stun her before trying to haul her back to her feet and would once again go for a powermove that would most likely slam Vicky on the trash can and squash the thing into a pancake.

Calvin Ly says (3:50 AM)
The punch snapped Vicky's head to the side, her upper body flopping back down to the mat from the blow of the punch, her ass sticking out for the crowd to see. She groaned, almost getting knocked out there for a moment, before she was forced back onto her feet, her breasts mashing up against Kaede's, her arms limp and her legs slightly bent. Her eyes were half-opened, seeing stars for a bit as her
head rested on one of Kaede's shoulders.

アーロン 飯島 says (3:53 AM)
Holding Vicky close, Kaede would sling one of Vicky arms over her shoulder as she would send her other arm between Vicky's legs as she would lift the girl off of the ground as she held her there for a bit, before turning towards the trash can and would fall forward to bodyslam the girl on the trash can.

Calvin Ly says (3:55 AM)
Vicky groaned as she was lifted upside down, before her eyes widened the moment her back impacted against the trash can, flattening most of its shape. She let out a long gasp, her head forcing up, before it flopped back down. Her back was slightly arched up from the flattened trash can beneath it, and she didn't move at all, limbs sprawled out, and her breathing becoming more faster than before.

アーロン 飯島 says (3:57 AM)
After plowing Vicky through the trash can, Kaede would get to her feet and walk towards one of the weapons that were in the trash can, picking up the kendo stick from the pile. Looking at the weapon, Kaede would bash it against the mat, hearing the sound it made before looking at Vicky. She wanted to leave welts on the girl as she made her way back.

Calvin Ly says (3:59 AM)
After hearing that first slap against the mat, Vicky knew what Kaede had in her hands. She forced herself to flop off the trash can and onto her front, slowly opening her eyes and tried to get onto all fours. But it was all futile, as Kaede was already in range by then.

アーロン 飯島 says (4:00 AM)
With her opponent on her fours in front of her, Kaede would lift the weapon above her head as she would swing the weapon down with all her might to smack it against Vicky's back.

Calvin Ly says (4:01 AM)
"AAHHH!!" Vicky screamed out, a scream louder than any other scream she yelled out in this match. She arched her back as she looked up at the ceiling with such a shock expression on her face, a red mark following the shape of the kendo stick appearing on her back.

アーロン 飯島 says (4:03 AM)
Kaede had no remourse at all as she dropped the weapon, crotch down to pick Vicky off the ground. She would then try to wrap her arm around Vicky's stomach where she would then lift her off the ground in position for a back breaker, where she would drop down to one knee and drive the knee into Vicky's back.

Calvin Ly says (4:06 AM)
Vicky couldn't resist in time, still in total shock from the pain she received from the kendo stick strike, before she was lifted up. "GAH!" She yelled out, releasing spittle from her mouth as her back was driven against Kaede's knee, her feet planted against the mat and her arms wailing about, her head weakly trying to stay up and look at Kaede in the eye.

アーロン 飯島 says (4:08 AM)
Kaede would not relent on destroying Vicky's back as she would stand back up, moving her into a gutwrench position as she would then try to lift the girl on to her shoulder and would squeeze on the stomach while bouncing up and down, performing a Canadian Back Breaker rack.

Calvin Ly says (4:10 AM)
Vicky softly groaned as she was hauled up again, getting forced up onto her feet and into the gutwrench. Her arms were dangling. She was then lifted up onto Kaede's shoulder, and would then grunt and groan as her back was forced deeper and deeper against the girl's shoulder with each bounce and each squeeze against her stomach. Her legs and arms and even her head are dangling off the mat, her face
showing a really pained, yet slowly life-fading expression.

アーロン 飯島 says (4:11 AM)
After torturing Vicky on her shoulder, Kaede would then stop bouncing as she would then try to slam her back into the mat, stomach first with an inverted powerslam.

Calvin Ly says (4:13 AM)
"Ugh!" Vicky grunted out as her front impacted against the mat, her breasts wobbling beneath her and her forehead bouncing off the mat before falling flat against it. Her limbs sprawled out, and she could only release a small groan, almost a sigh, from the slam.

アーロン 飯島 says (4:16 AM)
Looking down on Vicky, Kaede decided to be more rough than usual as she would kneel beside Vicky as she woudl try to rip her top off. When she did that, Kaede would use that bikini top to try and choke Vicky with it by wrapping it tightly around her neck.

Calvin Ly says (4:18 AM)
Vicky's top was easily removed, only a groan was a reply from that action. She would then suddenly gag as she was being choked on her own bikini top, her arms gripping around it and tried pulling it away from her throat. She could believe that she was easily dominated throughout the match, she'll admit that...

アーロン 飯島 says (4:20 AM)
Choking Vicky, Kaede would stand on her feet and would try to bring Vicky to a standing position as well. If she managed to do so, she would pull Vicky back and kneel once again to drive Vicky's back on her knee.

Calvin Ly says (4:23 AM)
Vicky was forced onto her knees, then her feet, revealing her exposed breasts to the entire crowd, her nipples completely erect and stiff from all the pain she had endured, and her large rack wobbling with every movement made. Vicky was still gripping her top, before she released some spittle from her mouth as her back was driven against Kaede's knee again, her grip on the top weakening a bit.

アーロン 飯島 says (4:28 AM)
After dropping Vicky on her knee, she released the girl and her top as she would look down at the battered girl before looking towards the weapons again. Her choice this time was the metal tray as she locked on to the weapon and went to retrieve it.

Calvin Ly says (4:29 AM)
Vicky flopped onto her back as Kaede pulled away. She panted harshly, her breasts rising up and down in rapid movements, her face and body starting to be covered with sweat. She needed to get back in this match, but she barely have the energy now, having exhaust them trying to endure all of these slams. She continued to lay there, not moving one bit.

アーロン 飯島 says (4:31 AM)
With her tray in hand, Kaede returned to Vicky as she would try to grab the girl by the hair and force her into a seated position. If she got Vicky there, Kaede would grab the tray with both hands and would swing for the fences for Vicky's head.

Calvin Ly says (4:34 AM)
Vicky groaned as she was forced into a sitting position, weakly opening her eyes and looking in front of her. She didn't have time to gasp, or act surprise as the tray was swung at her. It hit her flat on the face, sending Vicky's upper body back down to the mat, but rebounding up slightly again off it, before flopping back down again, arms laid out. She had just become dazed and dizzy, groaning
for dear life.

アーロン 飯島 says (4:36 AM)
After blasting Vicky with the tray, the thin metal was dented from the impact as Kaede discard the weapon as she would try to mount the battered girl. Once there, Kaede would grab Vicky by the hair with her left hand and would begin to try and rain down punches on Vicky's skull, hoping to split her head open and draw blood.

Calvin Ly says (4:39 AM)
Vicky would only close her eyes for this inevitable moment, before she can feel punches crushing her head. Her nose, and soon, her lip started to bleed, and her face would be left in a mess, her breathing still faster than usual.

アーロン 飯島 says (4:43 AM)
After drawing blood, Kaede would throw Vicky's head into the mat as she sat on the now bloodied girl's chest as she pondered on what to do next. She then got off of Vicky as she would exit the ring one more time before digging under the ring for another weapon.

Calvin Ly says (4:45 AM)
Vicky's vision was completely blurry when she opened her eyes. She was too dizzy to fight back. However, she still did not give up. She rolled and rolled until she was near the bottom ropes. She would then grab it and use it to pull herself to up to her feet, but by then, Kaede would've come back with the weapon.

アーロン 飯島 says (4:46 AM)
And by weapon it was a table as Kaede dragged it out from under the ring. It would take Kaede sometime to set up the table on the outside as she did just that.

Calvin Ly says (4:48 AM)
Vicky tried desperately to pull herself up, before she finally stood up, leaning against the ropes and panting for air heavily, looking from the opposite side of the ring from where Kaede is. She couldn't tell what Kaede was doing with that blurry vision of her's, her face still bloodied and her body still covered in sweat. She used this time to recover for now, trying to keep her hopes up high.

アーロン 飯島 says (4:53 AM)
With the table finally set up, Kaede would look at her contraption of destruction as she would climb on to the apron and enter the ring to find Vicky using the ropes to stand as she would go towards the girl and try to seize her by the hair.

Calvin Ly says (4:56 AM)
Vicky can hardly make out Kaede, but this is her last chance. Once she sees Kaede close enough, Vicky would quickly grab the judo girl's waist ribbon and tug on it to force her in, before kneeing the girl in the gut, doing more damage than usual due to the momentum of the tug. Once that is successful, she would grab the doubled over girl's head and tuck it in between her thighs, before she would
wrap her arms around the girl's waist and roll her up onto a powerbomb position, trying to pull it off.

アーロン 飯島 says (4:58 AM)
Kaede did not expect Vicky to have anything left to fight as she was pulled into a knee with such force that her became undone, causing her lower attire to fall off and revealed her purple panties underneath as she was raised into a power bomb as she would try to struggle out of it.

Calvin Ly says (5:00 AM)
Vicky would try her best to not lose this position, before she would walk forwards until she was in front of the ropes, where the set up table was just outside. With a grunt, she would powerbomb Kaede onto the table set outside.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:01 AM)
Kaede tried her best to get out of the hold as she could feel herself going closer towards the table she set up, but was unable to escape as she was sent flying from teh ring and crashed through the wooden table, sending pieces of wood flying everywhere as Kaede laid in the wreckage of the table.

Calvin Ly says (5:03 AM)
Vicky would heavily pant after that, leaning against the ropes again as she looked at the mess Kaede is in. Now, it is her time to dominate and make up for what she had suffered for most of the match. She would fall down onto her back and roll out onto the outside, before she would grab Kaede by the hair and force her standing.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:04 AM)
Still recovering from the powerbomb from the ring to the outside, Kaede had no resistance for Vicky as she was pulled to her feet.

Calvin Ly says (5:06 AM)
Planting one hand on the girl's crotch and the other on the girl's chest, Vicky would lift Kaede up high in the air, showing off her strength despite her weakened state and injured back and Kaede's heavy weight. She would give Kaede a rough entry back into the ring as she threw the girl between the middle and top ropes.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:07 AM)
Kaede went flying into the ring as she rolled after hitting the mat as she was still recovering from the brutal powerbomb as she awaited for her opponent to re-enter the ring.

Calvin Ly says (5:09 AM)
Vicky slipped under the bottom ropes, before standing up, wiping the blood off her face. She would approach the girl and grab the girl's judo gi, one hand for each side, before hauling her up to her feet. After that, with a tug, she would force Kaede in, only to send a vicious knee into the girl's gut. She would repeat this indefinitely, re-tugging and re-kneeing the girl in the gut.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:10 AM)
Kaede let out a grunt as she was hauled to her feet and another as a brutal knee connected with her gut and more and more came after that as she tried to grab on to something on Vicky, but couldn't as there was hardly anything on her as her stomach was getting damaged and her legs becoming weak.

Calvin Ly says (5:11 AM)
After Kaede was severely weakened, Vicky would tug on the gi again and force the judo girl in, only to wrap her arms around the judo girl's arms and back and squeeze in a massive bearhug, not only damaging the girl's back, but also her stomach.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:13 AM)
"Uhhhh!!!" Kaede would groan as she was pulled into bearhug, that only added the damaged on her stomach as she looked up in pain. Knowing that this couldn't go on for longer, Kaede would slowly try to put her hands on Vicky's shoulder and head before trying to lay in some punches to her face if she could fight through such pain that easily.

Calvin Ly says (5:15 AM)
"Ugh!" Vicky yelped out as she released the bearhug, taking a couple of steps back as one hand clutched her face. However, she noticed that there are still some weapons laying in the ring that came from the trash can. One of them was a metal pipe. So vicky quickly grab that with both hands, before raising it high in the air and striking it at the very top of Kaede's skull.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:17 AM)
Dropping to her knees, Kaede realized that her gi could be a serious liability and she had to discard it. The moment she disrobed herself she looked up to see the pipe come smashing across her head as she flopped onto her back, a small trinkle of blood could be seen coming down the top of her head.

Calvin Ly says (5:19 AM)
Vicky dropped the pipe, panting for air as she was slightly relieved that it had hit. But she can't waste time. She quickly forced Kaede to sit up, kneeling right behind the girl. She would then grasp the judo girl's skull and started to squeeze in a clawhold, painfully applying pressure to the skull, especially right after that pipe had struck.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:19 AM)
Being forced to sit up, Kaede's skull was seized by the claw as Kaede's head was still ringing from that hit as she tried to thrash her way out of the hold, but her strength was fading fast.

Calvin Ly says (5:22 AM)
Vicky continued to applied the hold, until she decided to stop, and leave Kaede sitting and hurting on the mat. She crawled over for the metal pipe, before returning back to the judo girl. Grabbing the girl's headband, she would tug, forcing Kaede's head to come in, before smashing the pipe against the top of the girl's skull, and would do so repeatedly like before, wanting to see the girl's head

アーロン 飯島 says (5:23 AM)
The constant hits to Kaede's skull caused the judo girl to start to bleed as she was currently at the mercy of Vicky. She wasn't a stranger to seeing her own blood as it has happened many times in the past as she made sure to draw blood from her opponent, but she has already done that it seems.

Calvin Ly says (5:25 AM)
After constant strikes, with a last tug, Vicky would bash the bloodied steel pipe against Kaede's head, trying to send her upper body back onto the mat. If that is successful, she would stand up and try to rip the girl's top off of her, while keeping the headband on so she could use it to her advantage again if the situation calls for it.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:26 AM)
Kaede's face was a bloodied mess as it was covered with a crimson mask as she was forced on to the mat with her top being ripped off as she laid there with her arms spread out, breathing up and down as her now exposed breasts bobbed up and down with each breath.

Calvin Ly says (5:28 AM)
Luckily, Vicky's face wasn't all bloodied. She sure didn't want to have that look. She would use her feet and roll Kaede onto her front, exposing the girl's back. She would look and also find a broom stick, another weapon that came from the trash can. She would discard the pipe, and grab the stick, holding it by the end. She would raise it up high, before slamming the shaft of it against the girl' s back, comparable to a kendo stick striking someone's back.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:30 AM)
"Gah!" Kaede screamed as the broom connected with her back, leaving a red outline on her back as she arched her back in pain as she would try to crawl away and to the kendo stick that was that away from her.

Calvin Ly says (5:31 AM)
"That was payback for earlier, bitch." Vicky sneered, before realizing that Kaede was rolling away. She didn't want that girl to go too far, so she quickly followed her, and jumped, aiming to drive her knee into the girl's back and pin her down. If that worked, she would use Kaede's ripped top that she still have in her hands and wrap it around the girl's neck, before tugging it for a lethal choke

アーロン 飯島 says (5:33 AM)
"Guh!" she groaned as the knee was driven into her back and now her top wrapped around her neck in a seriously dangerous fashion as Kaede would desperately try to reach out for the kendo stick or anything she could get her hands on as her air was quickly running out.

Calvin Ly says (5:35 AM)
Vicky didn't plan to finish off Kaede here, as she stopped short just before the judo girl ran out of breath. She would toss away the items, before standing up and hauling the girl up to her feet by her hair as she stood up. After the girl is just about standing, she would grip the girl's throat and lift it up in a two handed choke, choking the girl. After a while has passed, she would suddenly
sit down and slam Kaede's back against the mat in a massive chokebomb.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:36 AM)
As Kaede was hauled into the air, she would thrash her legs about before she would be viciously slammed back first into the mat, with Vicky between her legs as she was left gasping for air.

Calvin Ly says (5:39 AM)
Vicky was also gasping for air, but not as much as Kaede, who had a bloodied face. She would grab one of the judo girl's arm and remove the combat gloves, knowing that it could increase the girl's striking attacks. Removing it would be the best choice. She would do the same with the other glove, and toss both of them away. She kept the headband on for already known reasons, leaving Kaede left with
that and her purple panties.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:40 AM)
Being slowly stripped of her attire, Kaede would try to recover from the brutal assault as she laid on her back, almost nude at the hands of her opponent as she would try to gather the energy in time for a counterattack that could shift the momentum yet again.

Calvin Ly says (5:43 AM)
Vicky decided to continue Kaede's punishment, and stood up, pushing aside the girl's sprawled out legs while doing so. She would grab the girl by her hair and force her standing, before slipping one of her arm between the girl's legs. She would scoop the girl upside down, making the blood rush to her head and cause more bleeding and dizziness. Putting her head between the judo girl's legs in a
standing 69 position, Vicky prepared herself for an upcoming piledriver.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:44 AM)
The blood rushing to Kaede's head caused her adrenline to pump faster as she had the instinct to deliver a headbutt to the crotch of Vicky, a bloody head butt that is, hoping that it would free her from the hold and not drop her on her already busted open head.

Calvin Ly says (5:46 AM)
"AH!" Vicky screamed, her arms that were wrapped around Kaede's waist slightly loosening. However, she mustered her strength, gritted her teeth, before dropping to her knees and driving the judo girl's head onto the mat in a vicious tombstone piledriver.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:47 AM)
Kaede flopped on the mat as she landed on her back, limbs laid out as she was breathing for air as blood was flowing off of her face.

Calvin Ly says (5:50 AM)
Vicky was clutching her crotch after that, whimpering in pain, but managed to hold it in. She growled angrily, before quickly grabbing the girl's head and forcing her to stand, having no care of her state. Forcing her to face her, Vicky would suddenly send a vicious gut punch into the judo girl's already sore stomach and double her over, before tucking the girl's head betweem her thighs.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:51 AM)
Being forced to her feet again and having her stomach nailed, Kaede would fall to one knee as she was force between Vicky's crotch again. Life somehow still beating in Kaede, she struggled against Vicky, trying to pull her head out of the position. If she was able to do that, she would deliver a low blow to Vicky with her fist driving into her crotch.

Calvin Ly says (5:54 AM)
Vicky noticed that Kaede had slumped to one knee, so she gripped the sides of the girl's panties and pull up to force her standing on her two feet. However, she could then feel Kaede trying to pull out. Also using the girl's panties to her advantage, she would tug in, causing a painful wedgie and also hurting the judo girl's crotch as she tried to pull out. She would squeeze her legs hard into the
girl's skull for good measure, wanting to weaken her and prevent any escape.

アーロン 飯島 says (5:56 AM)
The multi attack caused Kaede to groan in pain as she refused to let Vicky have her way with her more as she desperately tried to struggle her way out of the grasp of Vicky and would try one final attempt for escape as she would try to channel all of her energy to force herself upwards and send Vicky over head with a backdrop.

Calvin Ly says (5:59 AM)
Vicky gasped as she was lifted off the mat and thrown into the air, releasing Kaede's panties in the process. "GAH!!" She yelled out, landing on her back brutally and arching upwards, releasing some spittle in the process. It will take some time for her to recover, flopping back down onto the mat and breathing heavily, breasts rising up and down.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:00 AM)
Kaede fell on to her knees and hand after the back drop, drips of blood dropping off of her face as anger swelled on her face as she whipped around. She would then crawl weakly towards Vicky and try to grasp both sides of her head as she planned to sink her teeth on to Vicky's forehead to try and draw more blood from the girl.

Calvin Ly says (6:02 AM)
"AHH!!" Vicky screamed out, feeling those piercing teeth sunk into her forehead. Blood immediately started flowing out of it, her arms weakly wailing and legs weakly kicking against the mat. She barely had the strength to resist.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:03 AM)
Kaede was also running on reserves as she continue to bite away at Vicky's head, now beginning to saw away at the flesh with her teeth. She would then position herself so that she was bust to bust with Vicky as one of her hands would travel down towards Vicky's panties as she would return the wedgie that was given to her as she would try to yanked up on them.

Calvin Ly says (6:07 AM)
The bleeding on her forehead was apparently massive as well. Blood started trickling down her panting face, and soon, it was all bloodied, almost like Kaede's. She was still groaning, a bit in shock of that vicious bite, before she moaned this time as the wedgie came, forcing her to arch her back as her breasts mashed even more into the judo girl's.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:09 AM)
Feeling that there was enough blood on Vicky's face to match her own, Kaede released her hold on Vicky as she would look down at the boots and bottom of her opponent as she would turn around and unintentionally enter a 69 position as she would begin to slowly strip her opponent much like how Vicky did as she would begin to untie the boots and pull them off of Vicky's body.

Calvin Ly says (6:12 AM)
Vicky couldn't resist at all, having exhausted most, if not all of her energy. Her boots are easily removed, her hot breathing brushing up against Kaede's panties-covered crotch. She barely have the strength to move now as her arching back flopped back down onto the mat.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:13 AM)
Kaede began to feel her face becoming hot for reasons that were unknown to herself as she would then try to remove the last clothing on Vicky's body as she grabbed the bikini bottom on both sides and would try to pull and push them off of Vicky's both, planning to leave her naked.

Calvin Ly says (6:16 AM)
Vicky would let out a huff, feeling her panties being gripped. She too would weakly grip the sides of Kaede's panties, and almost at the same time, would pull upwards and remove the girl's panties as her own was being removed, stripping the judo girl of all her clothing, well, except for her headband.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:18 AM)
With now both of them completely naked, Kaede would look over her shoulder to look at Vicky. "Finally we can now settle this like warriors. With absolutely nothing restraining us." she said as she would take off her head band to prevent it from being used against her as she would look around to find the bloody pipe as she would try to crawl for it.

Calvin Ly says (6:20 AM)
Vicky let out a long exhale of air, before she would roll the opposite direction where Kaede was crawling. She would then crawl her way towards the kendo stick, trying to get a hold of the handle, before crawling towards the ropes and pulling herself up with it as leverage.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:22 AM)
Grabbing the long metal pipe, Kaede would continue to crawl towards the ropes as she needed them to assist her in returning to her feet. She lived for these kinds of moments, her blood running down her face much like her opponent's as they were locked in an epic battle in the nude so that nothing can come between them in a fight to see who was stronger.

Calvin Ly says (6:25 AM)
Finally standing up, Vicky panted for air, staring at her formidable opponent. She lived for violence, it is her only enjoyment. She admits that Kaede is a very strong opponent, and that she wouldn't mind losing to her, but she is determined to win. "Hey..." She said, panting afterwards. "How about we form a tag team? We fight alike, and... we look alike..." It was true, the two girls do look
alike. "I wouldn't mind losing to you... I don't mind being your slave in the tag team... Just let me team with you..." She said, waiting for Kaede's answer.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:28 AM)
Kaede blinked at her opponent's proposal, she never once thought of fighting alongside another person. She always fought alone and never once thought about how similar they looked as she didn't allow that to confuse her from her fight. "Ask me again....when we're not fighting...then I'll give you an answer." Kaede explained as she didn't want her attention to be split as she pushed herself off the ropes to engage her opponent in one more showdown.

Calvin Ly says (6:30 AM)
Vicky nodded, before she also pushed off the ropes. She gripped the kendo stick handle with both hands, her vision really blurry, but could still see Kaede. Even the blood in her eyes can't hinder her. She decided to wait a bit, seeing if Kaede will make the first move.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:34 AM)
With the bloody pipe in hand and blood in her eyes, Kaede approached Vicky as she would have her vision slightly impaired as she would swing her pipe for Vicky's stomach, knowing that her pipe had more density than the kendo stick and would hopefully break it on impact.
if Vicky were to use it to block

Calvin Ly says (6:37 AM)
Vicky quickly saw the pipe coming towards her and held the kendo stick right in front of her. However, it broke in half as the pipe snapped it, before it buried itself in the girl's gut. "GAH!" She yelled out, a bit of blood coming out of her mouth. Luckily, the impact is lessened than expected. She had to counter now, so she quickly send her right feet up and attempt to lowblow Kaede right at the crotch to double her over. If that worked, she would quickly grab the girl's head and tuck it in between her thighs, hoping to end this now. She would squeeze her legs hard, trying to prevent the girl's escape.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:40 AM)
Kaede let out another cry once her crotch was kicked as her legs almost buckled and she dropped her pipe, but when Vicky would come close she would quickly spring up to try to wrap her arms around Vicky's body and under her arms, refusing to be put in that power bomb position again as their breasts were mashed together as Kaede struggled to keep herself in a standing position by clinging on to
Vicky's body.

Calvin Ly says (6:43 AM)
Vicky's breasts were being mashed against Kaede's as the girl also wrapped her arms around her opponent's body. She barely had the strength to go for a effective, prolonged bearhug, so for now, the two girls are merely hugging against each other, closing the distance so neither one of them could attack. The larger girl would rest her head on Kaede's shoulder, her body slightly slumped forward. She
panted for air heavily, thinking of what to do.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:45 AM)
Kaede also had no power to do anything at the moment as she was tired and bleeding, but she loved every second of it as she rested her chin on the taller girl's shoulder as she kept Vicky close so that she couldn't do any strong moves.

Calvin Ly says (6:48 AM)
Two naked, tall, powerful girls at the center of the ring, brushing up and hugging against each other, in a stalemate. A pretty tensed situation, and Vicky just loved that. She wanted to finish this fight fair and square, to prove to Kaede that she is the better woman, or the better warrior. And now, she made the first move as she quickly took a step back, before swinging her right fist at the
judo girl's cheek for a massive right hander.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:50 AM)
Kaede's head whipped to the right as she took a step after the brutal hit, but her strong chin help prevailed in this situation as she would lift her hand to fire back a massive right hand aimed for the face of Vicky in retaliation.

Calvin Ly says (6:51 AM)
Vicky's head snapped away, but she didn't move from her position, withstanding the blow. Her left hand struck now, aiming to dive deep into the girl's gut with great force.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:52 AM)
Kaede let out a cough once her gut was hit and caused the blood over her lips to fly as she hunched over for a bit as she would take her left hand and would try to do the same back to Vicky, driving it in to her gut in a series of 'if you can do it, I can do it better' moves.

Calvin Ly says (6:55 AM)
"Guah!" Vicky coughed out, blood sprewing from her mouth as she bended over, one hand clutching her stomach. She gritted her teeth, her bloodied face looking at Kaede's bloodied face. She would send a vicious right kick towards the side of the judo girl's head.

アーロン 飯島 says (6:57 AM)
The kick managed to stagger Kaede as she took a few steps backwards before trying to counter by rushing at Vicky and trying to apply another hug, but this time to try and go for a belly to belly side slam as she would not have the power to fling Vicky over head.

Calvin Ly says (6:59 AM)
Vicky gasped, surprised that Kaede could stll stand after that kick and rush up to her. "GAHH!!" She screamed out as she was slammed beneath the judo girl, and laid there not moving, the move already taking out most of her energy she had left. Again, she too didn't expect Kaede to do a slam.

アーロン 飯島 says (7:02 AM)
Laying mostly on top of Vicky, Kaede would begin to breath heavily as she would crawl on top of Vicky, with the intent of ending this fight as she would try to force her to sit up while straddling her, tucking her own head underneath Vicky's arm while wrapping her arms around Vicky's opposite shoulder and body as she would then squeeze the head and shoulder together if she managed to obtain the position needed for her Breaking Point finisher and that Vicky weren't to counter.

Calvin Ly says (7:07 AM)
Vicky reluctantly sat up. "Ah..." She weakly screamed out in pain as Kaede applied her deadly submission finisher, feeling her shoulder and head being squeezed to a pulp. She offically had no energy to break out, and the hold would just finish the rest, her legs not moving, her arms falling to a dangling limp. Her breathing became softer, and her eyes are slowly closing, witnessing her last moment

アーロン 飯島 says (7:12 AM)
Kaede squeezed as much as she could with the little energies she had left as she could barely keep her hold on as her fingers kept slipping as she had to constantly reaffirm them as her breasts were further pressed up against Vicky's, desperately trying to put away the other violence loving girl.

Calvin Ly says (7:14 AM)
Vicky groaned, her body giving up on her. She had no words to say to her powerful opponent, now winner, as her eyes softly closed and her head slumped onto the back of Kaede's shoulder, releasing a small sigh. Her body started to relax, and should Kaede release the hold, Vicky's upper body would simply fall to the mat.

アーロン 飯島 says (7:16 AM)
Kaede felt her opponent cease struggling as she took that as the sign that she's won in this intense, very physical match as as she released her grip finally, she fell forwards with Vicky as she laid on top of the defeated girl, both were bloodied and battered as both girls had nothing to be ashamed of in this hellacious bout.

Calvin Ly says (7:18 AM)
Vicky was out for only close to a minute. She didn't open her eyes, only hearing the cheering crowd and the bell ringing. She can feel Kaede's body pressing her dead weight against her. Even with her eyes closed, she gave a smirk on her bloodied face. "So... About that offer..." She muttered, still panting for air, but not at a fastened pace.

アーロン 飯島 says (7:20 AM)
Kaede panted for air as she had her eyes closed, never once having such a physically tiring fight in her life that she had to thank Vicky some how. "Okay... I'll team up with you... only if we can 'practice' often." Kaede said, using the word practice instead of beating the hell out of each other to make it sound more convincing.

Calvin Ly says (7:22 AM)
"A... Ahah..." Vicky tried mustering a laugh. "Deal... I think... We can relate a lot more than what we can expect from each other..." She said, almost out of breath after that statement as she continued panting for air.

アーロン 飯島 says (7:23 AM)
"Agreed." Kaede said, she never thought in her lifetime to ever meet someone who was so closely related to her in so many ways. She now thought she had found the best person to be around when they share so many similar ideals. There was no way Kaede was going to battle Vicky clothed again.

Calvin Ly says (7:27 AM)
Vicky actually just wanted to sleep now instead of passing out. But before that, she had one last thing to say. "H-Hey... I saw that look... In your eyes... I know you like to hurt people... Even though a lot of people would disagree... With your behaviour, I'll stand by it with respect... Because that's what you like to do... Not because I like to do that, although for other, similar reasons..."

アーロン 飯島 says (7:29 AM)
Kaede let out a small laugh as she heard Vicky, she never really cared what others thought about her desire to hurt people, but she could understand what Vicky meant, as long as they had a common goal: of hurting people, Kaede would treat Vicky as an equal and aid her in battering people for fun. Speaking of which the battle had taken a lot out of Kaede as she began to get very sleepy.

Calvin Ly says (7:30 AM)
"H-Hey..." Vicky said, trying to hang in there "... I never got your name... Mine's Vicky... Vicky Harper..." She muttered, almost time for her sleeping time.

アーロン 飯島 says (7:32 AM)
"K... Kaede... Misawa..."Kaede got out as she would try to look Vicky in the eye, "Well... Vicky... from here on out... we're partners..." she mutter to Vicky's faec before her eye lids became heavy and she collapsed onto Vicky's body, with her head falling to the side of the red haired girl.

Calvin Ly says (7:34 AM)
Vicky would actually open her eyes the first time since she passed out and woke up, wanting to take a brief look at her partner as well. She nodded, and saw Kaede pass out. "Hehheh..." Was all she could laugh out, before her eyelids also slumped and her head rolled to its side, brushing up against Kaede's fallen head.

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