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Looking for a debut (Tag Match)

Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:29 pm by Person

I am looking for a debut for my new tag team: Rulers of Divinity
Something to build them up before I start their main feud.

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Trying to get back into the saddle.

Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:11 pm by Deus001

Hi all. Deus here.

You may have noticed I am a bit quiet on the forums these days. My parents split up, I split up with my girlfriend and moved house. I am moving house again in February as well. 2017 was one slow motion punch to the dick for me and my balls are still numb to be honest.

However now that I have some semblance of normality I felt why not see if anyone wants to talk RP ideas, I have a long work week ahead but a clear weekend it seems. If you have any ideas you want to do send me …

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Post Delays after Winter Storm

Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:38 pm by BrittanyW

Cause the best thing after coming back from holiday is for a bomb cyclone to hit where you are. -_-

So yeah, expect more delays of posts and stuff while I have to sort out problems from this shit.

Fuck my life. Sad

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[Horus Heresy Target] Lain vs. Cirno?

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Re: [Horus Heresy Target] Lain vs. Cirno?

Post by Ninja-chan on Sun Feb 20, 2011 1:22 am

Great… the bitch was back. Oh! And with reinforcements? How wonderful…

‘Just more lapdogs I need to teach a lesson…’️ Seraphim thought to herself, not at all caring about the crowd at the moment. The way she saw it, this was just another obstacle in her path she had to break down. And she had no problem doing it. Even if she was on her hands and knees in a bloody mess before her next match, Seraphim was willing to do whatever it takes to teach these devils a lesson. But some of the things they said, Seraphim just couldn’️t stand. And for a moment, the real Seraphim shown through, rather than the heartless, uncaring woman who stood in the ring.

“She’️s not weak. She’️s nothing like you scumbags.” They even admitted it. They were using her, they called her a tool, and now they were just dumping off with her like she was useless. That just made Seraphim’️s blood boil, and she was getting closer to the ropes, ready to just climb up top them, and jump down to tear those girls apart. That is… until someone else came.

A girl with grayish hair that was about as long as her own, but decored with ribbons had come to Cirno’️s aid. For a moment, Seraphim thought it was an enemy, just another person she’️d have to tear down. But then, she saw the young woman take Cirno to everyone’️s surprise, as Cirno immediately cowered into her, still left in a crying mess. Seraphim felt a ping of guilt still deep inside her, but she knew this was the best way, the only way to get her point across, and teach Cirno a lesson. …She could only hope that the girl might straiten up, and realize that heartbreak and misery was all she had in store for her if she stuck with these darker organizations.

The woman glared at Seraphim, and Seraphim did nothing back in return, the crimson eye just staring at her, half in respect, the other half simply feeling nothing for her as she left down the ramp. But for the others, Seraphim looked the black haired kawaii down, her eye narrowing into a glare not unlike the deadly gaze Raiye had a moment ago. “So, Lute’️s your name, is that what I heard?” Seraphim said with a raised brow at first. She leaned closer to the ropes though, looking down at Lute just before she withdrew.

She would see something unnerving in Seraphim just then, as the girl squeezed the top ropes in front of her, like an animal ready to burst out of its cage. And then… she smiled. Her face showing a twisted, excited grin suddenly coming to her as she looked down at the girl like she was nothing but a piece of meat. To Seraphim, the person she was looking at was worse than shit, a girl she planned to butcher with her own hands for what she had done. To use someone and make them nothing but your tool? Seraphim gave a hallow, despicable laugh like it was from the devil himself, and with an insane looking gaze, she spoke with a deep, craving tone, the desire for a dance of death upon Lute’️s grave as she gave her the grim warning, completely serious with her deadly tone..

[align=center:2cn0pkj1]“Don’️t ever be alone. Don’️t even sleep. Because as soon as you let your guard down. …I’️m going to kill you.”[/align:2cn0pkj1]

[url=]All about the girls and their progress, and White Gale[/url:2q26ycek]

[url=]Story: Fallen Angel. Part 2[/url:2q26ycek]

Friction characters: [url=]Seraphim Harmonia[/url:2q26ycek] [url=]Tammy Naga[/url:2q26ycek] [url=]Rheena Yatsuo[/url:2q26ycek] [url=]“Maiden” Sakurazaki Momiji[/url:2q26ycek]
Alternate character: [url=]Elesia Thanatos[/url:2q26ycek]


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Re: [Horus Heresy Target] Lain vs. Cirno?

Post by Cirno on Sun Feb 20, 2011 2:14 am

Lute turned to watch Seraphim, she was really getting pissed off now, she knew all about her, her little battle against Cerbera, the famous Era of Hell against White Gale skirmishes and she took Seraphim's words, yelling out her own.

" You know what! Cerbera was too soft for you and your pathetic White Gale! If I was in the lead then everything would have gone succesfull, and you wouldn't have been here! Or on this Earth for all I cared! And you say she's not weak? She's a rotten tool I will make sure gets more pain in the end! You should consider yourself lucky! I know alll your friends! Tracy, Sindel, Karina, I know them all Seraphim! "

She then turned to grin wickedly, that alone gave her a nice thought to torture Seraphim with, Lute was always sadistic, and even in this loss, did she see an opening to test Seraphim. " I find this to be hilarious, actually! You kept saying how she was trash, hurting her and even breaking the one thing she had left in her life! And what did she do to deserve that? Saving Sindel from being ambushed. Congratsulations, Seraphim! You're officially a heel. " With that she laughed loudly, clutching the side of her head while she gave her own maniacal expression. " I still have one trick up my sleeve! Someone who would be dieing to face you! " She then saw Raiye right behind Seraphim, and within a flash she pointed at Seraphim and grinned wickedly. " Quick Raiye, while she's not paying attention! Prove your loyalty as the leader of our great organization! "

Even with that, with Raiye behind behind Seraphim, nothing happened, she only went down to pick up Cirno's broken sword, looking at it quietly while she listened to Lute yelling and screaming at her, but she wasn't giving her a glare, only inspecting the broken weapon. " Completely broken beyond repair.. " She then turned back to look at Seraphim.. No.. At Lute.. " She even stepped besides Seraphim, not bothered by her presence despite not liking the fact what she did to Cirno, showing Lute the broken weapon. " You were using Cirno's vision for a better future against her, and now you caused this.. Fuck it, I'm going back to the Era of Hell. " She'd then turn and merely shrugged to herself, holding the two pieces of the blade to herself, even Raiye had her taunts, speaking out loudly to Lute while she left again. " Just so you know, Cerbera is back and she allied the Era of Hell with the White Gale, just so they could destroy you. Enjoy what's left of your faction. " She gave Seraphim no words, even though she knew how dangerous Seraphim was, even though she fought Cirno, who was a kawaii fighter, she knew Seraphim's reputation, she couldn't wait to fight her but unlike most of those crazy heels, she knew when to pick her battles and seeing Cirno, it wasn't the time for one. Still.. Raiye couldn't help but say one last thing.. To Seraphim.

" I'll make sure she hears what you said about her. " And with that, Raiye left as quick as she came back.

Lute however.. Couldn't be more angrier, glaring at the two girls who were still with her, tempted to hurt them but she simply turned to stomp off. " Fuckers, all of them! "

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Re: [Horus Heresy Target] Lain vs. Cirno?

Post by Ninja-chan on Sun Feb 20, 2011 3:17 am

White Gale… she just had to be reminded of that again, didn’️t she? Lute could have said what she wanted about it, at this point… Seraphim didn’️t care. A lot can happen in such a short amount of time. And with Seraphim being gone for well over a few months, she was pretty sure that White Gale was completely gone. And really, she didn’️t want to even think about it. That was her mistake, and hers only to bare. She tried to make something good, and in the end, she was punished for it. Not by the AFW, but by the authorities, charged for murder. It was no wonder the girl had disappeared so suddenly…

But then, Lute started to mention names. Three of the closest people to her in her life. Tracy, Sindel, …Karina. There were other people in Seraphim’️s life too, Minerva, Sharaiya, Masane, Megumi… names started to flood her mind. But as those three particular ones were mentioned, she felt her grip on the ropes tighten further, actually close to snapping the ropes as her death-grip on them was starting to stress the ropes too much. If anything… anything happened to them because of Seraphim’️s return… she just couldn’️t live with herself. At the moment, the girl was unable to face these people. Shame, cowardice, anger, whatever the reason, Seraphim didn’️t want them to see her like this, she… still didn’️t know what to say to them. The demonic grin on her face rapidly had faded, and the girl clenched her teeth, eyes narrowed, but hiding back the slight sense of fear in her. Not a fear for herself, but a fear of what may happen to the people she once cared so much for. Even though she couldn’️t muster the courage up to see them, she still cared about them, she still… loved them.

At this point, Seraphim even had her guard down. Raiye could have followed Lute’️s command with swift execution. The white haired vixen took the words hard at the mention of her loved ones, and Raiye could have taken advantage. Lute’️s claim in calling her a heel did nothing to worsen Seraphim, she had been down that road before. But the thought of anything happening to the people she cherished… it was already driving her mad, making her wonder why she even bothered coming back. And yet, as the chance was there, Raiye… did nthing? The girl only turned to face Raiye a few seconds after her guard was done, getting her fists up and ready, but she quickly realized there was no reason to, as instead, she inspected the weapon. Was it… really that important to her? And wait. Wait. WAIT. Going back to the Era of Hell? That means… Cirno, Lute, and Raiye weren’️t in it? Was there another Organization she had to worry about?? Suddenly, Seraphim was realizing that her work was no where nearly done from before, and part of her felt the need to step up, and put White Gale back together. But for now, she put that aside. “…It’️s not mine.” Seraphim said flatly, correcting Lute on when she said White Gale was her Faction. The moment she left the AFW, she left that too, even if she didn’️t have a choice.

She was glad Raiye filled her in though, and as she left, she even promised to tell Cirno how she felt. This may have been Seraphim’️s twisted way of showing it, but she did think there was still hope for Cirno. She broke the girl’️s spirit, but not her body. And hopefully overtime… that can be built back up. But for now, Seraphim couldn’️t worry about that. She had a million different thoughts going on in her mind, as the white haired vixen brought a hand to her head, rubbing her temples. The ‘match’️ was over. And after only Seraphim was left, the girl looked at the referee, the poor girl left frightened and still dazed as Seraphim pointed something out, practically ordering the official.

“Give the person Cirno was officially fighting the victory. And get a new ref, you look like shit.” With that said, Seraphim reached into her pocket, leaning herself against the turnbuckle Cirno was thrown into earlier, as Seraphim pulled out her cigarettes. The nicotine stick rested on her lips, and calmly, she lit up her lighter, holding it close to her face with a closed palm to light the cigarette as she still spoke to the referee. “My match is up next, so I’️m staying right here…” And with that said, Seraphim decided to do just that. Her head was killing her, but the pain in her arms and palms had faded. Laying into the turnbuckle like she owned this ring for now, Seraphim couldn’️t care less about the fans who were in mixes of cheers and boos. All she wanted right now was her smokey bliss, and to start a real match soon as she waited for her opponent, letting out a long plume of smock from her lips as she started to put her nerves at ease.

‘…I just hope the kid turns out alright. Good luck, Cirno.’️

Lain… wins by forfit…?

[url=]All about the girls and their progress, and White Gale[/url:2q26ycek]

[url=]Story: Fallen Angel. Part 2[/url:2q26ycek]

Friction characters: [url=]Seraphim Harmonia[/url:2q26ycek] [url=]Tammy Naga[/url:2q26ycek] [url=]Rheena Yatsuo[/url:2q26ycek] [url=]“Maiden” Sakurazaki Momiji[/url:2q26ycek]
Alternate character: [url=]Elesia Thanatos[/url:2q26ycek]


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Re: [Horus Heresy Target] Lain vs. Cirno?

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