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Looking for a debut (Tag Match)

Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:29 pm by Person

I am looking for a debut for my new tag team: Rulers of Divinity
Something to build them up before I start their main feud.

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Trying to get back into the saddle.

Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:11 pm by Deus001

Hi all. Deus here.

You may have noticed I am a bit quiet on the forums these days. My parents split up, I split up with my girlfriend and moved house. I am moving house again in February as well. 2017 was one slow motion punch to the dick for me and my balls are still numb to be honest.

However now that I have some semblance of normality I felt why not see if anyone wants to talk RP ideas, I have a long work week ahead but a clear weekend it seems. If you have any ideas you want to do send me …

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Post Delays after Winter Storm

Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:38 pm by BrittanyW

Cause the best thing after coming back from holiday is for a bomb cyclone to hit where you are. -_-

So yeah, expect more delays of posts and stuff while I have to sort out problems from this shit.

Fuck my life. Sad

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Mia and Yatori - A lovers match in the open

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Mia and Yatori - A lovers match in the open

Post by Kelsea on Sun Dec 05, 2010 1:04 am

Yatori2: IC: Yatori stood proudly in her corner of the ring. She was enjoying her customary nudity all the more today as the ring was outdoors in the middle of a grassy glen. "In this corner," she introduced herself, "Ya-chan!" (yt)

kelseakk: Mia came towards the ring dressed in a dressing gown, a blush on her cheeks as she looked around "Uhmm... I thought when you said you wanted a match outside of the confines of the gym, you meant you wanted a match in an empty arena or something..." She said climbing into the ring

Yatori2: "Wrestling inside a building gets boring after a while. It's nice to feel sunshine and wind on your skin once in a while." Yatori skipped over to Mia and snatched playfully at the Chinese girl's robe. "What's hiding behind Curtain Number One?" she teased.

kelseakk: Mia gasp, as Yatori grabbed her dressing rob, she tried to cling onto it but it was pulled open.. Although still around her body, Yatori got a glimpse of her naked breasts underneath. "But there might be someone out there watching!"

Yatori2: Yatori licked her lips at the sight of Mia's bobbing breasts. How she enjoyed her lover's lushness! "No, there aren't. Damian-kun made sure of it. Now off with it! We're playing in the nude today!" And she now moved to strip Mia of the robes, intending to ball up the clothes and throw them as far as she could. Nothing was going to get between Yatori and Mia!

kelseakk: Yatori persistance in wanting to see Mia completely naked won over and the dressing robe was stripped from her. Mia instinctively covered her crotch with one hand and her arm drapping over the breasts a little.. Blushing at her nakedness but also to be seeing Yatori all naked right in front of her, it was a turn on.. "o-ok.." She said, although she couldn't shake the feeling that someone would be watching "So... relatively standard match? forgetting about... the nudeness.."

Yatori2: Yatori felt herself heat up at the sight of the nude Mia. "Yup," she breathed as she took gentle hold of Mia's arms and drew them off the breasts and crotch they covered. "Forget about the nudeness..." After setting Mia's arms upon the girl's sides, Yatori would saunter back to her corner. "Now introduce yourself so we can get started!"

kelseakk: Mia bit her lip as her arms were lowered, her eyes going down a bit in an embarassed fashion and unintentionally locking onto Yatori's naked breasts. "Eh.. hai..yes.." She nodded "In this corner.. Mia-chan."

Yatori2: Yatori grinned as she deliberately thrust her breasts out, the better for Mia to enjoy them. "This will be a standard match! The winner will be decided by pinfall anywhere! Who will win, Ya-chan or Mia-chan? Let's start!" With that she headed to the middle of the ring to begin circling Mia. (yt)

kelseakk: Mia moved out of her corner slowly, she knew she had to focus even though that was kinda difficult with the situation... Her best chance of winning was going to be if she was able to keep active, not get taken down to the mat and trapped in her submission holds... Mia tried to open up the proceedings by charging right towards Yatori, jumping up at the last minute to try a drop kick to Yatori... specifically aiming for her stomach as she was reluctant to hit her boobs or her head..

Yatori2: Yatori expected Mia to come at her fiercely, but she thought the dropkick would be aimed at her breasts or head, so she ducked- and got drilled right upon her boobs. "Augh!" she exclaimed as she was knocked down.

kelseakk: Mia bare feet slammed right into Yatori's breasts and Mia felt a pang of guilt as she landed on the mat, even though this was wrestling... She only allowed herself to hesistate for a moment though before she quickly climbed to her feet and taking off towards the closes ropes... She'd bounce off and come back towards her floored lover, jumping into the air and kicking her legs out to come down in a leg drop across Yatori's chest... Unintentionally flashing her pussy from below as she leapt into the air

Yatori2: Yatori clutched at her hurting breasts in an attempt to lessen the ache. She looked up and instantly focused on Mia's twat, her arms foolishly sliding away from her breasts, which got nailed yet again when Mia's leg dropped down. "Ugh!"

kelseakk: Mia's cunny kinda ended up right next to the side of Yatori's cheek as she landed with her thigh drapped over Yatori's bust. She swung her leg off of Yatori and climbed to her feet, reaching for Yatori's wrist to drag her up to her feet also

Yatori2: Yatori inhaled the scent of Mia's sweet sex as she gasped for air beneath the girl's devastating leg. She wheezed as Mia drew her onto her feet. Her free arm covered her breasts. "Uhhh..."

kelseakk: Mia pulled Yatori into an Irish whip, sending her towards the ropes... She'd wait for Yatori to rebound off and come back towards her before trying to jump up and catch her with a nude cross body splash

Yatori2: Yatori grunted as she stumbled off the ropes at an ungainly speed. She then cried out as her aching bust crashed into the soaring Mia's own breasts. The two of them would collapse onto the mat in a nude tangle with the groaning Yatori pinned beneath Mia.

kelseakk: Mia heart was pounding, she was laying across Yatori's bust, feeling them nudge up into her every time Yatori breathed... She was also in the driving seat for this match! Reaching down, she slipped her hand between Yatori's thighs, her wrist resting to Yati's naked sex as she hooked her leg up... Pressed all of her Chinese naked bod on Yatori and trying to go for a quick pin.

Yatori2: Yatori's moans were hinded by the Oriental nudeness piled upon her tits and twat for the pin. The wrist upon her crotch woke her up to the approaching danger. The mafiosi's lithe nakedness sent longs legs out to kick free of the pin just in time!

kelseakk: The kick out in such a close press of naked bodies had more then just the effect of breaking the pin. Yatori might be worked up a little as Mia's wrist rubbed right against her mound as her hips moved, but also the whole of Mia body and naked breasts ground against Yatori's body and naked breasts... Mia jolted up onto all fours over Yatori after the kick out, gasping faintly from the sensation..

Yatori2: Yatori was more than a little worked up from the way Mia ground into her in their nude contact. Still breathless from the successive wallops to her breasts, she tried to latch a clumsy headlock upon her lover as the latter hovered above her, to keep the high-flyer grounded until the mafiosi recoveed.

kelseakk: Mia was blushing to herself, thinking about just laying over Yatori again in a quick follow up pin just to feel her body against hers again and have a great excuse while doing so... But while she zoned out in thought, Yatori was able to capitalize. "Nh!!" Mia let out as her body kinda slumped back down on top of Yatori's, caught in the headlock... Her bust pressing right down on Yatori's as she scrambled to clinch her arms around Yatori's body. Struggling to pull her head back

Yatori2: Yatori couldn't hold Mia's head long in her arms because of her unfavorable position. A shame; she liked the feel of her lover on top of her for once. As Mia slipped out of her arms, Yatori would reach out with her legs and try to snag Mia's head in a scissors hold. If successful, Yatori would be pulling Mia's face right into her sex!

kelseakk: Mia pulled her head free with a gasp, only to quickly have her head snatched between Yatori's thighs... She yelped out as she was dragged fully back down onto the mat, her breasts pressing into Yatori's belly this time. Mia face went right into Yatori's sex just as she wanted, the Chinese girl's heart pounding a new and her breathing rate quickening, warm pants flowing into Yatori's sex as she squirmed and wriggled in the hold... she knew that it would end up being an erotic nightmare match wise if she allowed her lover to get up close and personal on the mats with her..

Yatori2: In that 69 position she so favored, Yatori took hold of Mia's wriggling legs. She sought to pry them as widely as she could, tearing open Mia's sex to its fullest. Her pants puffed over the Chinese girl's crotch, her breath seeping inside that opening so easily, while her own tightly closed legs protected her. Yatori would blow as hard as she could into Mia's sex to sexually shock her opponent in preparation for the dreaded tonguing to come.

kelseakk: Mia's thighs got opened up to Yatori as she struggled and before Mia knew it Yatori had her face at her crotch. Mia's eyes opened up wide as she sucked in a deep gasp as the hot pants blew not just on her sex but right into it! Instinctively her thighs tried to snap shut right around Yatori's head. Her chest expanding and contracting deeply as her nipples lifted up to attention, poking right into Yatori's bare belly

Yatori2: Yatori yelped as Mia's thighs clamped around her head. She clutched at her opponent's legs as if to try and pry them off, then thought better of it, provoked by the way Mia's nipples stabbed into her belly. Yatori's own tips lanced back. She began to carefully and gently nibble upon Mia's twat, chewing on the exposed and extended flesh, morsels she found extremely soft and delicious, motions her victim would find intolerable. (yt)

kelseakk: Mia gasped and spluttered right against Yatori's mound as she started to nibble and chew her out... Her thighs instinctively clenching in tight as if to escape the tantalizing sensation, but it wasn't doing anything, Yatori was already past any instinctive defenses that Mia's thighs could have put up. Mia's lips rubbed a bit against Yatori's slit, mainly from her gasps and murmurs... Gently teasing Yatori unintentionally, but no where near as expertly as Yatori was doing to Mia

Yatori2: Yatori took a brief moment to sigh with pleasure as she devoured Mia's sex in relative peace. She adored the way Mia was kissing her sex lips right now, but it wasn't enough for her. Still chewing out Mia's sex, Yatori further reached for Mia's butt and stroked the Chinese girl's buttcrack, threatening to poke her there.

kelseakk: Mia's hands gripped onto Yatori's thighs and the underneath of her butt cheeks tightly as Yatori really started to do a number on Mia in this hold. Mia thighs trembled a little as she kept on working at her sex and even slipped her hands around her butt to tease at her crack... It felt like Yati-chan was gonna penetrate her there right out here in the open! Dreamily, Mia kinda pressed her lips to Yatori's sex... working on instinct as she closed her eyes and let her tongue lap out right against Yatori's slit, moaning out into her mound

Yatori2: And moan into Mia's crotch Yatori did, as those lapping strokes and feverish groans worked her libido into overdrive. The mafiosi's tongue swept across Mia's sex wit hot slather. Then she playfully nipped that soft flesh, seeking to unfurl the flower so that her tongue could drive deep inside in search of honey. It was a bit heelish and kittenish of her, but Yatori was so aroused by Mia that her sensibilities were once more fleeing her(yt)

kelseakk: Mia didn't nibble, but instead licked and suckled on Yatori's sex... But she was distracted from her duty there and pretty much cried out right into Yatori's sex with Yatori's increased sexual vigour. As the tongue pushed right into Mia's passage, the chinese girl was left quivering, clinging onto Yatori in a naked body embrace for support from the intense feeling... sweat droplets started to form on the outsides of Mia's thighs and body, heated breath beating upon Yati-chan's flower as Mia tried to recover from that stunning entrance into her

Yatori2: Yatori enjoyed what sexual fight Mia had put up, but her lust was barely sated by all that licking and suckling and even the desperate moaning of the girl pleading for mercy with a naked embrace. No, Yatori's serpentine tongue urged more and more out of her lover's body... more sweat, more breathe... Yatori squeezed Mia's soft buttocks fiercely and pulled down Mia's lower body so that she could reach that familiar G-spot...

kelseakk: Yatori sexual dominance was kinda taking Mia by surprise... Yati-chan was always more dominant in their love making, but if felt like she really wanted to blow her mind today with what she was doing.. Mia tried to shake her head a little, her lips and nose rubbing and grinding into Yatori mound as Mia quickly moistened up around Yatori's tongue... Mia had no chance of escape from this hold and couldn't even think straight to realize that there wasn't a chance of escape... As her butt cheeks were squeezed and a familar G Spot hit within her, Mia trembled and bucked as her heart skipped a beat. Her lips placed over Yatori's mound, panting hard against her and gently mouthing her lips against her mound.

Yatori2: Yatori grinned as Mia somehow continued to endure her tonguing. This was the girl she loved, the girl she'd built up to be her sexual equal. She settled for having weakened Mia enough for her next ploy. Yatori gripped Mia's legs and tried to pry them off. If she got her head free, she would release Mia from her own thighs and shove the Chinese girl off her. Much as she enjoyed their position, Yatori had lots of plans for her pet. (yt)

kelseakk: Mia thighs were pried off although with quite a bit of effort, Mia had clamp her thighs quite tightly thanks to the intense sensation between her thighs.. Mia was released from the head sicissors and shoved away. She rolled and flopped over onto her back, her arms and legs sprawled out as she panted up into the air deeply... She was in a complete daze! The game plan of not ending up down on the mat with Yatori forgotten as she turned her head from one side to the other, feeling really hot

Yatori2: Yatori likewise lay down for a while to recuperate. She had the better out of Mia in their nude combat, but that only evened out the drubbing her breasts had gotten earlier. And now she was getting tempted to forgo the match and simply fuck Mia until both of them collapsed, what with the adorably helpless way the aroused Mia shake her pretty little sweat-soaked head. But the Japanese girl somehow fought the temptation down, sat up and got up. Then she tottered over to where Mia lay and made to pull the Chinese girl onto her feet, hugging her so that they stayed up. "Mia," Yatori huskily purred.

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Re: Mia and Yatori - A lovers match in the open

Post by Kelsea on Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:41 am

kelseakk: "ow.." Mia whimpered softly as Yatori reached down for her and started dragging her up to her feet. Her naked bust pressed into Yatori's belly and then ground up right against the underside of Yatori's breasts as she worked her lover back up to her feet.. Hugging her close as Mia gently put her arms on Yatori's shoulders, panting against the side of her cheek and making her breast bob up and down against the bottom of Yatori's orbs

Yatori2: Yatori sighed happily as she held her lover upright. All idea of wrestling fled her brain. She cuddled back, stroking her cheek upon Mia, the undersides of her boobs likewise patting Mia's top even as her belly pressed upon the Chinese's girl's nipples. Her lover's delectable warmth and vulnerability seeped into every pore of Yatori's skin. "Mia..." (yt)

kelseakk: Mia game plan was out the window and her resolve to fight back kinda ebbed away from her quickly... Yatori always had a way of getting to her like this "Y-Yati.." She moaned softly, her stiff nipples scrapping up the underside of Yatori's boobs till they were almost in direct contact with Yatori's nipples. Mia gently turned her head to press her lips against the corner of Yatori's in the gentlest of pecks, but afterwards she left her lips there.. Panting soft warm air onto the corner of Yatori's lips as her forehead and nose touched Yatori's face

Yatori2: Yatori shivered as her living dakimakura (snuggle pillow) sagged into her most adorably. Those nipples tempting hers... that brief kiss and the lips that drifted away... she leaned into Mia, moaning as their nipples crossed and caressed, her lips seeking Mia's for a gentle but full kiss, her pussy planting itself upon Mia's for a sensual kiss of its own. "Mia... Mia... so much for wrestling?" (yt)

kelseakk: Mia let out a soft moan right into Yatori's mouth as they shared the kiss, her breasts and now womanhoods pressing up to one another. Mia kinda blushed at Yatori's words cause she realized she kinda lost herself in the moment... This what happens if she doesn't keep moving and keep her distance in a match against Yatori... "..I- er-.. Thought there was gonna be a little more wrestling before this.." She admited, feeling kinda embarassed cause she instinctively intiated the first kiss on the lips

Yatori2: Yatori's grin was playful. "Well, we can bearhug each other if you want..." She squeezed Mia's slim waist gently. Her breasts and pussy pressed teasingly upon Mia, tempting both of them to make out on their feet. "But..." She kissed Mia again on the lips before letting go of her lover and stepping back. "Your high-fly moves are the only ones I'd gladly take... because it makes wrestling you to the ground and making you cum all over the mat even more worth it..." She winked. "So let's continue!"

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Re: Mia and Yatori - A lovers match in the open

Post by Kelsea on Sun Dec 19, 2010 6:56 pm

kelseakk:Mia took a step backwards also, "alright." She said softly bring her arms up... This time she vowed it to be different, but her arousal was still playing mind games on her. She circled around with Yatori for a few moments, purposely moving closer to the ropes... When she was close enough, she'd lean back and use the ropes to propel her towards Yatori... Trying to swing her arm up for a clothesline across Yatori's chest

Yatori2: Yatori stalked Mia around the ring, fully expecting her lover to go for the ropes- and when Mia did launch herself into the clothesline tackle, Yatori reached out to grab Mia's arm and judo throw the Chinese girl over her shoulder and onto the mat... (yt)

kelseakk: Mia gasped, her naked body pressing up to Yatori's back snuggly as her arm was grabbed and the tossed over Yatori's shoulder.. "woah!" Mia cried out as her breasts scrapped over Yatori's shoulder blades as she toppled and fell onto her back with a huff

Yatori2: Yatori immediately made to plunk herself right behind Mia's head. She would wait for Mia to sit up- and then capture her lover with a rear sleeper hold that would pull the Chinese girl's back into the mafiosi's tits!

kelseakk: Mia covered her nipples a bit after the firm grind against Yatori's back, she knew that Yatori was close by but like a fool confused by her own arousal, she just sat up and got caught out by Yatori sleeper hold. "Nh!" Mia exclaimed, her hands going immediately to Yatori's arms as her back bumped back against Yatori's breasts, feeling her tits poking right into her

Yatori2: Yatori chuckled into Mia's ear as their struggle continued. Mia would get Yatori's arms to loosen somewhat, but by then Yatori was going to grapevine her legs into Mia's, entwining them together even more. The position would squeeze Yatori's tits in between their bodies, the mafiosi's nipples unbearably hard. Then Yatori would force Mia to spread her legs so that her pussy yawed wide open, while whispering "Imagine we're in front of a mirror... imagine we're looking at your very cute pussy which is yawning open..."
Yatori2: (yt)

kelseakk: Mia felt Yatori's arms loosen a little but also could feel her slipping her feet and legs in between her thighs, Mia tried to kick her legs a bit but in the position she was in it was very difficult to struggle against her. Suddenly she was forced to let out a yelp as Yatori yanked her thighs wide open, her mound forced forwards and pussy lips parting a little... Mia blushed more, it was bad enough having Yatori whispering and teasing her with thoughts so close to her ear lobe... But there was also the fact she had just swore it would be different this time, but Yatori manage to get her down on the mats and locked up in a close fiting body hold even quicker then the first time!

Yatori2: Yatori deeply drew in Mia's scent and warmth as sustenance for her next move. "So sweet you are, Mia..." She leaned forward and began nibbling on Mia's right earlobe. Tugging gently on that all-too-cute flesh, Yatori withdrew her left arm from the sleeper, trusting her right arm to keep Mai in place while she reached down to where Mia's pussy lay open. Yatori would caress those split lips fondly, rubbing upon them with a forefinger that she would then insert inside Mia's sex and teasingly twiddle that warm, wet flesh inside of her lover...

kelseakk: Mia felt Yatori release with one arm and started trying to redouble her efforts, pulling on the left arm to loosen the hold but feeling Yatori's teeth latch onto her ear put her off and weakened her resistance long enough for Yatori's hand to travel down... "ow.. OWW!!" Mia let out in surprise as Yatori's finger went straight into her sex, she couldn't even resist as her pussy was wide open.. Mia's body tensed up and arched outwards.. Mia's lips forming an O shape, panting louder as her heart couldn't help but pound harder and faster for her lover Yatori

Yatori2: "That's right, Mia," Yatori purred as Mia began to vibrate against her, replying with her own shiver of arousal, "It's time for you to cum for me again..." While her left hand stirred up Mia's honeypot, Yatori's right hand clamped upon Mia's left breast and began rubbing the cute nipple tipping it in between her fingers. The Japanese girl then bent her head down, planted her lips as near as she could to her Chinese lover's throat, and licked that pale flesh wet and hot before sucking on it with her lips like a vampire.

kelseakk: "nmmh..!" Mia rolled her head backwards as Yatori started to twirl that finger inside her, her chest puffing out and only allowing Yatori to be able to grab onto her breast and nipple all the easier "oww shit..!" She gasped, not really expecting the pinch on her nipple and so unprepared for it as it sent a tremble through her body.. Mia turned her head to one side, blushing deeply and her hair hanging a little in a mess as she panted deep breath after deep breath... Her body beading up with sweat as Yatori worked her over, every moment she stayed in this hold her will to escape and chances in this match ebbed away.. The love bite on her neck also got a grunt out of her, body tensing at first and then relaxing into it

Yatori2: Yatori prematurely ended the love bite to take a few daring licks of Mia's sweat. "Mmm..." she pronounced after lathering Mia's throat with hot saliva instead of cold perspiration. "Sweet... like the rest of you..." Yatori playfully breathed down the nape of Mia's neck and flicked Mia's twat. Then the forefinger playing inside of Mia's sex went still and withdrew, as did the hand upon her breast. Even Yatori's legs uncoiled. The mafiosi would let her unfulfilled lover collapse on the mat while she stood up. "I know I won that one," she purred. "But I won't finish it. I won't finish you until you beg me to. So get up, Mia... keep coming at me... keep hoping you will cum for me..."

kelseakk: Mia collapsed to the mat and rolled onto one side panting and gasping, this was really starting to get to her.. Her nipples were as stiff as they could be, she was wet and beaded up with sweat. She moved onto all fours but stayed there a bit needing to recover and calm down before making her way all the way back up to her feet

Yatori2: Yatori's gaze followed the trembling contours of Mia's body as the Chinese girl lay helpless upon the mat. When Mia got on all fours and stayed there, Yatori snuck over to a spot behind her, out of sight. And then she suddenly glomped her from behind with a loud "Kyah!", pinning Mia to the mat yet again tits first, intentionally driving Mia's nipples into the mat! (yt)

kelseakk: "ack!" Mia coughed out as Yatori's naked hot bod landed right on her back, her butt cheeks sticking out right into Yatori's crotch as Mia went down to the mat, nipples and bust squashed under her. She let out a few husky pants against the mat, Yatori was all over her! Mia had to stop her but the current way she felt made it difficult to do much... Mia moaned low and wriggled under Yatori, her butt grinding into her crotch

Yatori2: "Ohhh..." Yatori moaned from the clumsily cute way Mia's butt flattered her crotch. Sinking down into her lover's back, nubs hard as buttons and poking away, the Japanese girl again entwined their legs together and drew them open. She groaned anew and more loudly as her sex became more vulnerable to strokes from Mia's wriggling butt. Yatori reached for Mia's arms; if she got hold of them, Yatori would rock her own body in an effort to make Mia writhe upon the mat, their motions forcing Mia's battered nipples and growing clit to rub erotically against the unyielding surface of the wrestling mat. (yt)

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Re: Mia and Yatori - A lovers match in the open

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