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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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Moonhearts Promo intro thread is O p e n.

Mon May 21, 2018 4:21 am by XSirenX

Feeling brave?, lost?, or without a thread to post in?, hit up the newest Moonheart if any of those apply!


What Moon has to offer?, many things...:

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A taste of wrestling (Tana vs Lolita, complete)

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A taste of wrestling (Tana vs Lolita, complete)

Post by anegge on Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:20 am

hentai; single fall; competitive style

Egge: Super Freak was playing as the sultry Japanese vixen strode out on stage in her trademark black bikini. The ravenhaired wrestler was on a roll recently and she intended to continue snowballing opponents. Including this new nobody named after a Nabakov character. She did a casual strut down to the ring shooting her usual supremely confident stare across the audience before slipping effortlessly into the ring under the ropes. She went to lounge in the corner spreading her legs a bit wider than needed as she waited for her worthless opponent to show.

dan ultsch: As "Super Freak" died down "I WIsh I Had An Angel" blasted over the speakers as Lolita made her way down to the ring wearing only a matching pair of white bra and panties. Lolita slid into the ring and looked at Tana "You look delicious. I can't wait to get a taste of you" Lolita said licking her lips

Egge: Tana leaned forward letting Lolita have a more than brief view of her plentiful cleavage. "Oh, are you sure you're 20? You look a bit young for me. Fu fu fu fu." joked Tana placing one hand over her mouth as she laughed. She walked over to the ref and snatched the microphone from her as if it belonged to her and then walked over to the opposite side of the ring and pointed it in the redhead's face. "Seriously, tell us a bit about yourself. And tell me why you chose me as your' first opponent." requested Tana offering a quick return of Lolita's lip lick.

(Editor's note: Tana's comment is a joke about her penchant for ambushing younger women.)

dan ultsch: "Well if you insist. I am Lolita and i love women and the reason i choose you is because you look positively wonderful and i bet you taste wonderful too" Lolita said licking her lips again as she looks Tana up and down staring particularly at her breasts

Egge: Tana smirked. It seemed Lolita was a girl of simple tastes. Tana didn't really have any objection to that, of course, it seemed the girl might not actually know much about her. Tana stared lustily back down into the girl's eyes narrowing her own fiercely as she passed the microphone back off to the ref. "I do." she whispered, then she gracefully stepped backward into the center of the ring putting her hands up for a test a strength, "Have a taste, won't you?" she asked her shorter foe as the bell rang to start the match.

dan ultsch: Lolita wasn't much of a fighter but didn't want to disappoint her opponent so she moved into the test of strength before pushing against Tana with what little strength she had

Egge: Tana grinned as she made a mental note of how much weaker the girl was then herself as she began to edge the girl backwards towards the ropes pressing forward forcefully with each step to let her breasts bounce in their tight hammock.

dan ultsch: Lolita tried to push back and gain some ground against Tana but found herself against the ropes complete overpowered by Tana

Egge: Tana gleefully pressed in pushing her body against Lolita and forcing her to lean back on the ropes until she was close enough to lick the girl on the cheek. "Hmm, you're quite weak." suggested Tana offhandedly as she pressed her breasts down atop her foe's smaller pair.

dan ultsch: "Physically maybe" Lolita said as she was at Tana's mercy "But not sexually"

Egge: "Oh?" asked Tana, bringing her knee firmly up into the girl's bare belly. "We'll find out." The older woman grabbed Lolita by her hair, about to bulldog her roughly to the mat.

dan ultsch: Lolita yelped as her face collided with the mat as it bounced back before falling back down leaving Lolita in a daze

Egge: Tana chuckled setting her butt down on the girl's back as she pulled her right ankle up for a Boston Crab. She leaned into the position crouching so that she could rub her satin covered sex along the girl's back as she bent it painfully back. She tucked the girl's ankle in tightly under her armpit freeing her other arm up for more entertaining purposes. Such as placing it over the girl's cotton clad pussy and petting it vigorously.

dan ultsch: Lolita let out a moan as Tana petted her crotch but it would take a lot more than that to get her off "Is that all you got" Lolita yelled out as she tried to break free from Tana's grasp

Egge: Tana smirked at Lolita's comment as she struggled under her. It was becoming fairly clear that this girl had little idea how to wrestle. "Oh, you don't like foreplay?" teased Tana, leaning back to punish the girl's spine for her presumptuous comment.

dan ultsch: Lolita let out a pained yelled as her back was stretched "Well my type of foreplay is a little less painful"

Egge: Tana gave a little hop sending a jolt down the girl's back before leaning softly and setting her back down. "Oh, that's a shame, you'll get a lot of it around here." replied Tana starting to slip around so she could face the girl's red locks and lift her arms up into a loose camel clutch.

dan ultsch: Lolita grunted in pain as she was stretched "Well i guess i could get used to it as long as i can get a taste of all the women around here" Lolita said relaxing in Tana's grip trying to ease her pain

Egge: Tana reached down to cup the girl's tits rather than stretching her neck out and began to massage them pinching her nipples firmly to get them excited as she continued to wear down the girl's back.

dan ultsch: Lolita let out a moan "Well it looks like you can play nice" Lolita said still feeling the pain in her back

Egge: Tana remained silent (for once in her life) continuing to work on the girl's nipples with a twisting roll while tugging them softly up and down.

dan ultsch: Lolita's nipples became hard after a short while of attention "That feels good. Now if we could only get rid of this back pain" Lolita said with a slight chuckle

Egge: "Okay." replied Tana, satisfied that she had achieved her goal of weakening the girl's back. She set her back down slowly shifting once again to face the girl's behind as she moved to lock her thighs around Lolita's neck in a firm scissors.

dan ultsch: "See thats bett..." Lolita tried to finish her sentence but was stopped by Tana's headscissors

Egge: Tana simply held her prey in place with the scissors rather than causing her more pain, at least for now. Then she slowly leaned forward laying down on the redhead until her own bust was pressing to the small of the girl's back. She slipped the girl's bottom's down an inch and then two licking the girl between her smooth cheeks. She tucked her right hand around the girl's thigh slipping it under her bottoms as well and pinching the pinned girl's clit.

dan ultsch: Lolita let out another moan as her clit was pinched "Wow you know what your doing" Lolita said from between Tana's thigh as she raised her ass trying to buck Tana off

Egge: Tana rolled her eyes as she dug her nails a bit into the younger woman's nub. "You think so?" she deadpanned. But then she got a butt bounce right in the face. She shook her head clear and released the American rolling off and standing, ready and waiting for her downed foe to act.

dan ultsch: Lolita rolled away from Tana and began to get to her feet "Well that was fun but i didn't get a taste of you"

Egge: Tana glared at Lolita with pride, "It's your fault, not mine." she repied shrugging, "You have to take what you want." She approached the girl as she was climbing to her feet trying to scoop her up into a bear hug and pin the girl's arms to her sides leaving the smaller woman helpless.

dan ultsch: Lolita saw Tana come towards her and moved to meet her "Well i guess i will just have to beat you if i want a taste" Lolita said as Tana placed her in the bearhug. As Lolita was placed in the bearhug she would lean over and attempt to kiss Tana on the lips

Egge: Tana's eyes bore down into Lolita's trying to cow her as she held the girl tight in her hold meshing lip to lip with the girl. She lifter Lolita off her feet pressing her snatch up into the redhead's and rolling her hips as the sharp pricks of her nipple's dug through both her top and Lolita's to press into the bottom's of her foe's.

dan ultsch: Lolita refused to break her kiss as Tana's nipples and sex jammed into hers

Egge: Tana worked her breasts up and down tugging her nipples across the perky pair Lola now had as she teased her firmly. At the same time her snatch ground firmly into the girl's lips trying to lull the blue eyed girl into another moan.

dan ultsch: Lolita tried to resist moaning but couldn't hold back as she broke the kiss and let out a long moan as Tana skillfully played with her breasts and crotch

Egge: Tana hissed into Lolita's ear as she continued to sex her puss to puss. "Getting excited yet? Doesn't that feel good?" she punctuated her statement with a flick of her firm nipples across her helpless foe's pressured pair, before beginning to nibble on her ear.

dan ultsch: "I've been excited but its going to take more than this to get me off" Little said before letting out another moan as her ear was nibbled on

Egge: Tana bit her lower lip poutily, "Oh, now your' teasing me? What exactly were you thinking?" she asked trying to gauge how far she had to go to overwhelm the red head.

dan ultsch: "Well if i tell you then this wouldn't be any fun for me" Lolita said teasing Tana even more

Egge: Tana rolled her eyes again and jumped forward slamming Lolita's spine back into the turnbuckle to stun her as she released the hug. Then the Japanese woman gruffly grabbed Lolita by her hair and pushed her towards the center of the ring, using her other hand to grab the girl's bottom's and rip it off of the girl using only a flick of her wrist.

dan ultsch: Lolita let out a grunt of pain as she was slammed into the turnbuckle and another grunt as she was grabbed by the hair "Well you do like to play rough don't you" Lolita said as her panties were torn off

Egge: Tana paced after the girl pressing up against her from behind slipping her legs around and starting to draw the girl down to the ground slipping her thighs around Lolita's for a grapevine as she moved into a sitting position.

dan ultsch: Lolita tried to turn around as Tana snuck up behind her and plant a kiss on her lips

Egge: Tana similarly removed her own bottoms as the girl's once again met sex to sex, and lip to lip. Now at least she could feel how wet her play had gotten the girl. She twisted her hips bringing her clitoris to bear firmly against Lolita's as they meshed sexes.

dan ultsch: "Thats feels good" Lolita said braking her kiss "But are you sure you can handle me sex to sex" Lolita said as she began to grind her hips against Tana's

Egge: "I only play games that I'm going to win." responded Tana arrogantly grabbing Lolita's wrists and starting to force her back towards the ropes again. She rode up and down the girl's slit keeping the pressure on the girl sexually as she continued to jab at her clit.

dan ultsch: "Well we will see about that" Lolita said as she was pushed back but she continued to grind her sex against Tana's jabbing her clit to clit

Egge: Tana smirked as the American's ass met the ropes. Suddenly, she turned up the heat on her move forcing Lolita to bend back as she used her upper position to put more sensual pressure on her snatch. Then she spread her legs just so, swallowing Lolita's clitoral nub up and imprisoning inside her lips. As Tana rode up and down Lola's hungry snatch her lips tore back and forth on the girl's excited clit delivering a kind of pleasure the girl had never before experienced.

dan ultsch: Lolita was suddenly over come with pleasure and she began to moan "Oh my god that feels incredible don't stop"

Egge: Tana sneered as she so easily entrapped the redhead sensually. "Who can't handle who?" she asked riding the girl's clit ever faster as Lolita's overstimulated sex became more slick.

dan ultsch: "I wil outlast you" Lolita said even though she was moaning every few seconds

Egge: Tana laughed derisively, "It's impossible for a slut like you to outlast a real woman." responded Tana amping up the girl's pleasure even more by drilling her nipples right down into Lolita's and leaning in to nibble on the girl's neck. Never once did her hips stop their clit tugging grind.

dan ultsch: Lolita couldn't stop moaning as Tana sexually dominated her and she was brought to the brink of orgasm

Egge: Tana grinned cruelly feeling her prey's pussy throb in readiness. At that moment she twisted her hips wrenching Lolita's clitoris strongly to set her off. Tana released Lolita's left wrist and grabbed at her scalped hissing into her ear an irresitable command, "Cum, slut."

dan ultsch: Lolita tried to resist but was too far gone and had an explosive orgasm that nearly knocked her unconscious

Egge: Tana smirked triumphantly and peeled herself off the girl raising her hand in victory as she stepped away to let the whole audience see Lolita's oozing cunt. "You got dominated, bitch." intoned Tana proudly.

dan ultsch: Lolita just lay on the mat moaning as she continued to orgasm

Egge: Tana pressed her big toe down and the girl's pussy. "Maybe if you were to beg like a dog, I would give you a taste. But you can't beat me." she informed the sexually devastated girl.

dan ultsch: "Never" Lolita said refusing to beg "I will never beg and you just got lucky" Lolita said after her orgasm subsided and she stopped moaning

Egge: Tana shrugged, "As far as I can tell your' just as weak sexually as you are physically, so good luck with your' quest to taste everyone." She turned around displaying her bare bottom to the girl as she departed the ring proudly.

dan ultsch: Lolita reached out to grab Tana's ankle "Aw come on please" Lolita said putting on her cutest face

Egge: Tana flipped her hair over one shoulder looking back at Lolita with only one eye. "It almost sounds like you're begging. Almost." she muttered dismissively motioning the referee to come back over.

dan ultsch: "I will never beg but i will ask nicely. Please let me have a taste" Lolita said pouting at Tana

Egge: "What did you say before about me getting lucky? That was a lie. Tell everyone that was a lie, and that my pussy easily destroyed yours." Tana suggested, offering a 'compromise'. The referee presented the defeated girl with the microphone.

dan ultsch: "Fine your pussy destroyed mine but not easily i gave you a fight" Lolita said refusing to completely submit

Egge: "Hardly," responded Tana, "The only thing you did in this match was kiss me." She presented Lolita with her ass again starting to step over the rope.

dan ultsch: "Wait fine i'll beg just please don't go" Lolita said giving in to her urges

Egge: Tana smirked again still facing away from Lolita so she couldn't see it, but she had obviously stopped moving. She yawned. "Let's hear it then, slut. Beg." she demanded.

dan ultsch: "Please Tana let me lick your pussy even though i am not worthy and you are a better woman than me in every way" Lolita said choking back tears but her lust would not be denied as she continued "You destroyed my pussy easily and i don't deserve to be in the same ring as you"

Egge: Tana turned around as Lolita shamefully begged for her into the microphone. "Lie on your' back, like the slut you are." she ordered pressing one of her heels lightly into the girl's shoulder.

dan ultsch: Lolita rolled onto her back just like Tana ordered as tears were visibly running down her cheeks but she was so close to getting what she wanted that Lolita wouldn't protest

Egge: Tana straddled the girl's chest stripping her bra off as well. She knelt across the girl's forearms leaving the red head schoolgirl pinned with Tana's sex barely out of her reach. "Are you prepared to taste the sex which so quickly ravaged your' worthless cunt, bitch?" asked Tana rubbing her victory in Lolita's face one last time.

dan ultsch: "Yes please let me taste your superior pussy" Lolita said lifting her head up and sticking out her tongue trying to lick Tana's pussy

Egge: Tana grabbed the girl's hair and forced her head back down not letting her have even a single taste yet. Then she slipped forward pressing her snatch firmly over the girl's mouth in a facesit.

dan ultsch: As soon as Tana's crotch was over Lolita's mouth Lolita began to lick and suck on Tana's sex with surprising skill. Lolita didn't care that she had been humiliated anymore all she knew was at the moment she was enjoying the taste of Tana's sex

Egge: Tana's jaw dropped as she was tongued. The girl was amazing orally. It was good that Tana had prevented anything but a kiss from the girl. "Suck me you slut, ohh, yes." groaned Tana finally becoming thickly wet.

dan ultsch: Lolita did as she was told and increased the pace of her oral assualt

Egge: Tana shut her eyes and arched her back groaning with passion as she drew near to orgasm from the girl's ministrations.

dan ultsch: Lolita sensed that Tana was near orgasm and darted her tongue inbetween Tana's sex lips licking around her pussy walls before withdrawing and sucking on Tana's clit

Egge: "Augh," howled Tana pulling herself away from Lolita at the last moment so that her cum spurted across the girl's face as the final humiliation. "Hey, dummy why didn't you use your' mouth more during the match?" asked Tana placing a finger up to her mouth, "Oh, that's right, you were too busy moaning." she recalled lifting herself from her opponent's body and turning to leave, her dripping sex on full display.

dan ultsch: Lolita just lay on the mat licking up what she could of Tana's juices before getting up and looking at Tana "Maybe next time i will be the one making you moan"

Egge: Tana completely ignored Lolita's comment towards her as she was already off the ring apron and walking away.

Tana wins by orgasm leaving Lolita begging to suck her pussy.

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