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Belated Apologies

Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:58 am by Clobber Jobber

So, I'm not super fond of doing non-match threads because it messes with my organization, but I feel I owe everyone an apology. I just kind of up and dissapeared for, what, a few months? With the exception of one wave of posts, I've been super quiet, and a lot of threads have been held back because of me. So, I'm sorry to everyone about that, and I'm going to at least get another wave in.

To explain myself a bit, I've had a few things going on that slowed me down. For the first couple months, …

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I'm starting my new job soon, so I'll be more free

Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:24 pm by TheWamts

Yes, I know that sounds fucking stupid, but with only one thing to focus on instead of 5 subjects and 5 groups, I should have more time to spend on the site, and so I'm open for new matches, send me a pm or I'm me on Trillian (same name thewamts if you don't have me already) if interested.

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Lucy's Debut

Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:11 pm by kagestar

Well what can i say really?

After the warm reception here i am looking for my first Character Lucy Kage to have her debut.

This doesn't have to be in the form of a debut match, though i am not going to say no to that of course, but it could even be that she appears at the end of another match etc. I want Lucy to arrive, not with a bang per se, but with more of a determined swagger.

I want her entrance to pretty much be believable, sellable but also meaningful. It sounds snobbish, especially …

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What do you need to make a Good RPG?

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Re: What do you need to make a Good RPG?

Post by anegge on Sun Oct 24, 2010 9:59 pm

P.S. It's funny because one of the bullet points is "Reduce obsessive behavior."

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NEWS FLASH: the Archergurl who you speaking of is not part of AFW anymore and she's currently working in production for new game titles in Japan. I'm her Canadian friend who she gave her PC due to mines has crashed. She was nice enough to give it to me to help a friend in need. So she got a spared one that she uses for the things I've mention above. BTW, Anegge and Alexandra be sure to check the E-mail adresses carefully. As Archergurl and me aren't the same thing.

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Re: What do you need to make a Good RPG?

Post by Alexandra on Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:13 pm

[quote="anegge":1srebpno] Tag hitting elemental weaknesses with an additional bonus of some type, or reward certain 'combination' of attacks.

The Shin Megami Tensei games are sooo good about that first part. Getting one more turn because you were smart enough to nail that weakness is a great way to reward players for playing smart.

As for the second part, Breath of Fire IV was awesome about that. If you hit enemies with certain spells in a certain order, they would power up and become stronger.

For instance, if you use a fire attack on an enemy, and then a teammate follows it up with a wind attack, the wind attack will change into a into whirlwind of fire around the enemy. Then, some of the combinations have a THIRD step, where following up the second spell with another compatible one will power it up into something even stronger. I had sooo much fun figuring out all the different combinations during my playthrough.

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Re: What do you need to make a Good RPG?

Post by Adeptus-Astartes on Mon Oct 25, 2010 6:10 am

[quote="anegge":3td4ubg4][quote="Adeptus-Astartes":3td4ubg4]Not necessarily. You can give your companions or the other characters personality while the lead is a blank slate waiting to be filled by you like Overlord or Dragon Age where it worked quite well. Or like when you were the nameless commander in Command and Conquer.

Those are wRPGs though, right? That's pretty much standard in a wRPG.
Correct but the same goes for Persona 3 and SMT Nocturne which are JRPGs. I liked both games, but then again I'm someone who is in love with Fallout 3.

Another thing: How about making an RPG where you just can't go into everyone's house and take their least without consequences?

As for the writing, try to avoid [url=]this[/url:3td4ubg4].


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Re: What do you need to make a Good RPG?

Post by Kelsea on Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:17 pm

You know I've just been playing Mass Effect and I recalled how anegge said he wasn't fond of the good/evil scale they have on the main character in some games... Although Mass Effect has been a great game so far, that Paragon/renegade system they have is really illustrating what I am growing to dislike about good/evil meters

You see it starts to become annoying when you get conversation or task routes that always comes in threes (good, evil or neutral) and the game writer makes no attempt to leave some ambigiouty in the matter

Example... A little girl has her cat caught up a tree.. You can:

-climb the tree, rescue the cat and then take her and the cat to the vet to make sure the cat didn't suffer psychological damage...
-call the fire brigade to come help the little girl get the cat
-throw stones at the cat until it falls out of the tree into the middle of fast flowing traffic, then present the lifeless broken animal to the girl and swipe her milk money

It becomes more annoying when there are rewards for being completely pure/good or extremely evi, forcing you to pick oneside and start maintaining all your responses to make sure you get more points in which ever side you choose.

I think scales can be good, just no one uses it the right way... Instead of a linear tried and tested scales for good and evil, what about there being personality attributes... eg.

-Cold hearted

And all the choices you make earn a certain amount of points in these attributes, it would be quite a bit more difficult to acertain when you will be earning points for decisions you make... rewards should be kept to a minimal, and instead the difference comes in the way other characters respond to your main character as a result to prefence in one attribute... Eg, if you favour affection, the love interest character might reciprocate this affection back on your main character more then usual... However the tough guy in your group that hates lovey dovey stuff, doesn't get on so well with you.

The idea when you put a scale in is to have the player still make conversation choices based on what they would like to say... rather then what they feel they need to say in order to keep their character evil.

I had a similar idea for the RPG I was making at one time, only problem is its quite difficult to set up as you need to write out multiple conversation archs

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Re: What do you need to make a Good RPG?

Post by Lobo on Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:07 pm

As of January 22. After finally getting all ideas and concepts finalized. I have finally begun Full Development on my JRPG protect.

Sorry that I didnt respond to ALOT of the info given on this thread. I guess you could say I was a bit intimidated and overwhlemed by Onslaught of shared ideas & details I got from you guys.
However, I've taken alot of what you guys have said into consideration and am working to intergrate what I think would fit in the game.

My main goal is to Have an effective Cast of Characters, keep the Ever-Changing & Ominous tone of the game as Disturbing, Metaphorical, and Morally Ambigious as Possible, while throwing in light-hearted comedy every now and Keeping battles epic.

I must confess however. Having played only a few JRPGS, I aint exactly fit for crafting this kinda game. Still, Im gonna try and make this damn Frankenstien of a Game that ive pieced together over the course of several months.

Just like The X-men did back in 1992. The Heroes will find themselves taking on a massive army of Iconic Enemies like Satan, Death, Medusa, Cerberus, A Zombie, The Black Knight, and even Cait Sith!(Joke Screen Shot <img src=" title="Razz" />)

I wont give too much about the game away... Seeing as none of the details I have are very important and are prob just Drabble. However... I do have 1 detail to share and a question to ask.

The screenshot shows a standard Sideview battle system and thats exactly what the gameply is, Standard Turn Based. Beyond the Story, Dialouge and Characters and hopefully exiting boss battles. What's a good ways to keep your game "fun" when your combat system isnt exactly Top Of The Line Quality?

I know how to craft a story, make a decent cast and keep a game mildly fun. But more advice would be nice. Beyond the Basic Stuff.

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Re: What do you need to make a Good RPG?

Post by Sponsored content

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