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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Silhouette vs. Cerbera (second rematch)

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Silhouette vs. Cerbera (second rematch)

Post by Kelsea on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:26 pm

Standard match
Victory via pin or submission

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera had sworn to recapture Silhouette after letting the girl escape when she wasn't focussed enough and this match would come in handy to do so. The kawaii dressed in her usual outfit, she stepped down the ramp once her theme song played. Cerbera had gain some fans since she was accepting all kinds of matches and winning them, growing in popularity meant more fresh blood for the Era of Hell. Cerbera rolled under the bottom ropes and then upon her feet, doing a few stretches while she waited for her familiar victim.

kelseakk: There was a lengthy wait and for a while it seemed like Silhouette wouldn't appear... Then the eerie tune "Enjoy the silence" Lacuna coil's version started to play through out the arena. Just before the guitar's kicked in, the music fell silent and the AFW arena was plunged into darkness.. When the lights came back on about 5 seconds later, Silhouette was in the ring standing right behind Cerbera... She had one arm drapped over the dark haired girl's shoulder and she was resting her cheek down on the other shoulder in a rather intimate fashion.. Her lips was close enough to Cerbera's neck that the Russian could feel Silhouette gentle warm breath. "Cerbera-san..." Silhouette spoke softly, her eyes were closed as her small breasts pressed into Cerbera's back "You came for me again..."

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera wasn't intimidated when she heard Silhouette's entrance theme, the lights went off, which did make Cerbera look around even though everything was black. Usually it was the type of enviroment Cerbera was comfortable with but she was not alone.. When the lights were on , Cerbera had felt the arm over her shoulder and the girl's body lightly pressed against her back. Instead of shaking herself loose, she let Silhouette stay where she was, looking at her shoulder where Silhouette was resting. " ...I came to take you with me again. "

kelseakk: Silhouette opened her eyes slightly, her blood red eyes as sorrow filled as usual. "I will always be walking at your side Cerbera-san..." She whispered. "But I can not walk with you back to the era of hell... After all it was you to release the bird from its cage.."

Order S.O.L Kuzame: " And you will go back into that cage. " She'd lean backwards rubbing her back against the girl's breasts to see what kind of weakness she could exploit from it, at the same time turning her head so her lips were close to the side of Silhouette's head. " You're coming with me.. One way or another. "

kelseakk: Silhouette didn't show much in the way of weakness, she didn't flinch back from the body contact as Cerbera's back rubbed gently into her small orbs. with the arm that was drapped over Cerbera's shoulder, she gently stroked the tip of her finger against Cerbera's chest in a circular motion. "But you were the one that couldn't bare to have me in that cage... But yet you still come to me, Cerbera-san... Has your eyes opened yet? Birds of a feather... My Cerbera-san.."

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Though Silhouette seemed rather unmoving towards Cerbera's test, Cerbera herself felt a gentle shivver along her spine, unable to keep her composur when that finger stroked over her chest, both eyelids closed halfly, releasing a loud sigh. " I will not open my eyes for anyone. "

kelseakk: Silhouette lips gently touched Cerbera's neck, as she spoke Cerbera could feel her lips moving "You will Cerbera-san... And I hope when you do, you will see me..." Silhouette withdrew from Cerbera, although it seemed a tad relunctant "For now we again do the same dance we do, our bodies together..."

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera turned to face Silhouette once she had pulled back, not taking her eyes off the girl this time. She brought one hand up to rub the side of her neck, glaring right into SIlhouette's eyes. " You'll be captured again, Silhouette.. " Cerbera was positive she was going to win this, she wasn't going to make the same mistake again.

kelseakk: Silhouette just looked at Cerbera with her sad eyes, her arms down by her sides as she did not respond to Cerbera's comment... The ref girl called for the bell *DING!*

Order S.O.L Kuzame: When the bell rung, Cerbera dased right towards Silhouette, she wasn't up for wasting anymore time, when she was close she tried something different. Instead of her usual kick attacks, she extended her arm and tried to clothesline Silhouette down hard upon her back.

kelseakk: Cerbera was pretty close to SIlhouette so as she dashed forwards, Silhouette either didn't have enough time to dodge out of the way or just choose not to. Her expression didn't change until Cerbera's arm slammed into her small bust "Ugh!!" Silhouette huffed out, her feet flying out in front of her as she fell back first down onto the mat.

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera decided to follow up after her attack, she turned and sat down behind Silhouette's head, trying to wrap her legs around the girl's head while her hands tried to grab Silhouette's wrists to pull them hard upwards, wanting to lock her in a figure four headlock.

kelseakk: Silhouette felt the mat shake a little as Cerbera sat down behind her, she tried to get up into a sitting positon but Cerbera quickly grabbed her by the head and wrapped her thighs around the sides of Silhouette neck and cheeks "Nnnh.." Silhouette groaned out softly, her wrists being grabbed up over her head... She started trying to pull her arms back down, trying to get her hands on Cerbera's smooth bare thighs

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera kept a tight hold, squeezing rhythmatically against Silhouette's head, also squeezing the girl's wrists and pulling her rams further up, not wanting Silhouette to have any chance of escape at all. " Submit to me, Silhouette! You're not escaping this time! "

kelseakk: SIlhouette grunted out again as Cerbera tightened in on the hold, really squeezing with her thighs. She squirmed and started trying to roll over, her face turning to one side so that her lips and nose started to gently nuzzle into the inside of Cerbera's thigh

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera did her best to keep Silhouette in one spot but the girl managed to turn them both over, forcing Cerbera to release Silhouette with a soft cursing sound when she did, starting to get back upon her feet and try to grab Silhouette by the hair to pull her onto her own feet, then try to wrap her arms around the girl's body and hug her tight in a bearug attempt. -

kelseakk: Silhouette breathed out as Cerbera's thigh released her head. holding onto her neck, Cerbera had already gotten to her feet and started trying to pull Silhouette up by her hair.. As Silhouette got to her knees, she'd try to strike her forearm out at Cerbera's abs.. Trying to hault her progress

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera had Silhouette almost completely upon her feet untill the strike to her tender stomach came, forcing Cerbera to release Silhouette and step back to caress her gut, looking down at Silhouette before she tried to pounce her onto her back again.

kelseakk: Silhouette was still crouched over after sending her forearm into Cerbera's stomach. She sensed Cerbera coming back forwards to try to continue the attack and would reach her hands around the back of Cerbera's legs... Silhouette would bolt upwards to get to her feet and lift Cerbera up off the mat with her thighs snuggly either side of her waist and Cerbera's crotch against her belly.. Silhouette would even get a face full of Cerbera's cleveage before she tries to drive down forwards, trying to slam Cerbera into the mat in a spine buster..

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera thought she had Silhouette right where she wanted her but instead the girl had managed to stop her rush and even counter it, Cerbera's eyes widened in shock, feeling herself lifted up and soon crashing hard onto the mat, her body arching up painfully due to the impact, which in turn made her press her chest up against Silhouette's face.

kelseakk: Silhouette rested down just over Cerbera's body on all fours, as Cerbera's chest arched up and pressed her breasts into Silhouette's face, the somber girl let out a soft warm pant right down Cerbera's cleveage. After a moment or two, she'd reach over for Cerbera's head and try to pull her up into a sitting position while Silhouette kneel's in front of her. Silhouette will try to pull Cerbera's head down under her arm and apply a front headlock on her

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera was in no condition to struggle at the moment, the spine buster was so unexpected that it knocked the heel's defences right out, cursing loudly when she was caught in Silhouette's front headlock, kicking her legs against the mat. " Let go! "

kelseakk: "Nh.." Silhouette grunted cutely as she rolled her head back and arched her back to pour some pressure onto the front head lock. The side of her soft warm orbs rubbed firmly up against Cerbera's cheek while at the same time the tips of her nipples gently prodded against Cerbera's bust

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera whined out when the pressure was heightened, struggling from side to side against Silhouette, her hands upon the girl's hips as she tried to push the girl away from her, her face slightly red from how close she was to Silhouette.

kelseakk: Silhouette hold loosened considerably as Cerbera struggled and pushed on her hips... She stopped arching back, instead leaning forwards and breathing gently against the back of Cerbera's shoulder blades as she tried to maintain the hold, but it was becoming difficult....

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera was starting to focus alot more, trying to jerk her body to the side and towards the ropes, wanting to get close enough for her arm to reach it, Cerbera could already feel a bit of sweat running down her arm due to the warmth they both shared.

kelseakk: As their bodies continued to rub and grind together in the hold, Silhouette nipples gently lifted and stiffened as she let out another soft pant against the back of Cerbera's shoulders... Finally the struggling and swaying Cerbera was doing paid off as Silhouette lost her grip on Cerbera's head and had to release

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera quickly rolled completely away from Silhouette, pushing herself upwards and slowly upon her feet. Her breathing was quite loud thanks to her own struggling, she had a hard time controlling her focus when she was close and locked with Silhouette, her own perked nipples that poked through her bikini top was the proof of that, advancing towards Silhouette and tried to reach out and pull her into a headlock. -

kelseakk: Silhouette started to climb to her feet when Cerbera came over quite agressive on wanting to go on the offense... Silhouette felt her silvery white hair grasped and then her head tucked deep under Cerbera's armpit, her cheek up against the side of Cerbera's bikini covered breast as one of Silhouette's arms drapped around Cerbera's waist

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera started to squeeze Silhouette's cheek against her chest, not wanting to let go of Silhouette too easily, she shifted so only one arm contained silhouette against her, a bit risky but her free hand would go down to the back of Silhouette's leg and pulled hard against it, trying to make her fall.

kelseakk: Silhouette butt was sticking out and back as Cerbera squeezed in on the head lock. Silhouette's hand gripped onto the belt of Cerbera's shorts.. "nh!" Silhouette let out as Cerbera gripped the back of Silhouette's leg and made her buckle down to her knees

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera released Silhouette once she got her down onto her knees, trying to slip behind her and sit, trying to wrap her legs around the girl's waist to lock her in a scissor hold while also slipping her arms underneath Silhouette's armpits and tried to lock her into a full nelson, once she had both done she'll lay down onto her back with Silhouette locked ontop of her. -

kelseakk: Silhouette felt Cerbera's body rub against her as she slid around behind her and then moved her legs around Silhouette's waist to a snug fit. As the dark haired kawaii tried to start capturing Silhouette's arms, Silhouette will fire one of her arms backwards to try and score a back elbow.. Panting quite openly now

Order S.O.L Kuzame: The elbow was unexpected, it hit her quite hard in the side but Cerbera refused to release her, it was loosened alot though, wrapping her still free arm around Silhouette's throat instead, trying to choke her out while her waist scissors slowly tightened again. -

kelseakk: "uhh!" Silhouette huffs as Cerbera snatches up her arm around the front of her throat, the thighs squeezing simultaneously. Silhouette's small kawaii body gets pulled up real close right against the front of Cerbera's orbs, flattening them against Silhouette's back

Order S.O.L Kuzame: After a few good squeezes she completey released Silhouette, pushing her off and tried to roll ontop of the girl once she had pushed Silhouete onto her stomach, from there she'll try to sit upon the girl's back and wanting to grab her arms and tuck them inside her thighs and then grab her chin to pull it back for a camel clutch attempt. -

kelseakk: Silhouette gets shoved over onto her front, Cerbera's body remaining in contact with her all the way through as she moved onto her back and lifts Silhouette up so that her small breasts leave the mat. "NNHHH!!" Silhouette groan out through clenched teeth as Cerbera pulls her chin back, her arms over Cerbera's knees as she kicks her toe against the mat.

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera pulled back a little hard on Silhouette's chin, soon getting a much different idea, letting go of the girl's chin and leaning down to whisper in her ear. " .. Submit." She then gave Silhouette a rathre taunting lick on the edge of her ear while her arms tried to wrap around Silhouette's chin and pull back hard.

kelseakk: Silhouette head drooped down as Cerbera released her chin momentarily. Groaning out as she licked her ear lob, only to have her head snatched back up with Cerbera's arm under her chin "ACK!!!" SIlhouette coughed out, pulling her arm off of Cerbera's knee with some effort to reach out towards the ropes.. Her whole body beading up with sweat

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera looked to see the free arm of Silhouette. She could keep going like this even if the girl touched the ropes but that just wouldn't be her, even if it was against Silhouette. She pulled back with all her might for a few good seconds, to really give Silhouette something to cry about before she'd finally release her and slam her head down on the mat, getting up and standing over her. " Had enough? "

kelseakk: Cerbera really strains on Silhouette's body for a few good moments before forcing her head to fall forwards hard against the mat.. "Ughh!!!" Silhouette let out, finally resting on the mat, sweating and panting... She moved her hand around to her back as she tried to roll away from Cerbera, not answering her question.

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera casually stretched her arms upwards, watching the girl roll away, she was feeling confident now. She decided to chase Silhouette, walking after the rolling girl and leant down to try and grab her by the hair and pick her up forcefully onto her feet, having a nice new idea in mind to break the girl.

kelseakk: "nh.." Silhouette moaned as her hair was snagged, her body drag up to its feet in front of Cerbera.. Silhouette clumsily fell into Cerbera's front on the way up, her hands scaling up Cerbera's hips for somethign to hold on to

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera didn't move away when Silhouette fell against her, bringing one hand to pat Silhouette on the head, whispering. " Poor little Silhouette.. Looks like you belong with me after all.. " She idly stroked through Silhouette's hair while trying to herd her to the corner with the other hand.

kelseakk: Silhouette slowly started to get moved back towards the corner, her moistened body pressing up against Cerbera as they moved. Just before they got to the turnbuckles, Silhouette would try to jolt her elbow out into Cerbera's stomach, trying to double her over

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera didn't expect Silhouette to attack at all, taking the elbow to her stomach, coughing out loudly and immidiatly stepped back and bended over, clutching her stomach with both arms and bit her bottom lip, trying to silence herself from releasing any cry.

kelseakk: Silhouette groan faintly after scoring the hit of Cerbera and would turn to try and collect her head underneath her armpit, wrapping her arm around Cerbera's head and reaching down to grip her short with her free hand... Silhouette then try to weakly drop backwards down to the mat, ramming Cerbera's head into a DDT

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera had figured Silhouette was planning something but still wasn't unable to intercept it, falling with Silhouette and her head hitting the mat hard, she almost screamed out in pain, bringing her hands to her face and rolling away from Silhouette and onto her back, kicking her legs on the mat.

kelseakk: Silhouette remained down after performing the DDT, still hurting from a number of the holds Cerbera had put her through. Her small bust rose and fell cutely as she panted for breath, turning her head to spot where Cerbera was and slowly rolling over to start climbing to her feet

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera was still feeling the damage in her head. Nonetheless she still tried to get back upon her feet, she still needed to recover from the blow but she couldn't remain on the floor, she decided to keep a distance for now, aslong as she could get some time to recover, she'll be ready.

kelseakk: Silhouette didn't want to all her the time she was looking for and would rush towards Cerbera... She'd try to quickly hook Cerbera's head under her arm again but keep her mometum going so that their bodies would twist around and fall to their backs in a spinning neck breaker

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera brought her hands up infront of her, unsure what Silhouette was planning to do but she had to defend herself. Sadly the girl managed to grab Cerbera's head and then she was forced to move like a ragdoll before she once again hit the mat on her back again, flinching one eye closed while rubbing her back gently with one hand, slowly trying to roll away from her.

kelseakk: Silhouette roll over slow and reached her arm out, flooping her sweat drizzled body over Cerbera so that her bare belly was against the side of Cerbera's face and her bust pressed into the top side of Cerbera's bust in a pin.

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera was panting loudly against Silhouette's stomache, her body was covered with sweat as the body heat once again increases between them, her leg weakly kicked out, which in turn made her body move aswell as her chest pressing up against the lower side of Silhouette.

kelseakk: The kick out made Silhouette's body bob up a bit, Cerbera's front rubbing pretty firmly against Silhouette. Both kawaii girl were sweating and panting now, sharing a little sweat between each other... Silhouette got up to her knees and crawled over to slip her arms around Cerbera's waist and behind her back, trying to lift her up onto her knees in a bear hug

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera brought one hand to the side of her head once Silhouette was off her, though once again the problems occured when she was forcd up and caught in a kneeling bearhug, her cheek resting against Silhouette's shoulder, panting loudly against the side of Silhouette's neck, her breasts rubbing up against her opponent's, her nipples were completely stiffened and perked, the more she stayed so close to Silhouette, the more stranger she felt.. In a good way. " Mmm.. "

kelseakk: Silhouette didn't really put on my pressure in the hug, she kinda need to rest a bit.. But she held Cerbera securely and there was no space between their wet bodies. Silhouette's stiff nipples rubbed up and down in a line against Cerbera's breasts and Cerbera's was doing the same to hers as both girl panted gently over one another's shoulders. Silhouette's pale cheeks flushed a little, the breathing not in rhythm so their breasts and nipples kept bumping and grinding sprodically

Order S.O.L Kuzame: All the friction between the two was making Cerbera lose sight on the match, she could feel her strength fading, her arms limply by her sides and most of her weight was pressed forward against Silhouette, soon she gave a different sound, a very soft moan, her face was becoming red since she could feel herself becoming aroused from having her breasts and nipples rubbed by Silhouette's own pair.

kelseakk: Silhouette turned her head so that instead of having her chin over Cerbera's shoulder, she had her cheek resting down on Cerbera's shoulder. Her lips were against the side of Cerbera's neck, panting warm breathes into it.. Trickles of sweat ran down and swapped between their bodies as the position was encouraging them to pant deeper and quicker, making more contact between them

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera soon spoke out, it was mostly a stutter but her body also tried to pull back, removing her head from Silhouette's shoulder, pushing weakly upon the girl's hips. " S-Stop it.. Y-You're making me.. N-Needy..! " Cerbera didn't want to use the word ' horny ' her body had become alot more sweaty but the more she stayed like this, the more she'd forget about the fight and she had to win to take Silhouette back.

kelseakk: Cerbera pushed back away but Silhouette pulled her back in with her arms, making their breasts bump together hard enough that she let out a faint "omff.." against Cerbera's neck as she did and for a moment seemed to be kinda dazzled or stunned by the arousing sensation. Silhouette's nipples were poking firmly through her wet shirt into Cerbera's breasts... Genlty she allowed her lips to press against Cerbera's neck and then started to suckle bite her there just like she might in her finisher

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera almost immidiatly pressed against Silhouette and brought her head back over Silhouette's shoulder, holding gently upon the girl as she started to bite on the side of her neck, closing both eyes tightly and releasing a small whimper, which followed shortly by a soft moan, This was certainly making Cerbera even weaker.

kelseakk: Silhouette suckled Cerbera's neck between her front teeth, giving her a firm love bite that would certainly leave Silhouette's mark on Cerbera for some days afterwards, then she made it a lot softer and gentler as she closed her eyes and groaned against Cerbera's neck..

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera, unable to keep herself in check anymore, brought herself a little more to the side, pressing her own lips to Silhouette's neck and kissing it warmly before her tongue and teet came into play, mimicing her opponent with what she just did. her hands went down to Silhouette's rear and took a firm hold of the cheeks, pressing her even closer by them.

kelseakk: Silhouette allow her front teeth to gently graze Cerbera's smooth neck as she felt Cerbera loosening up and starting to do the same "Cerbera-san.." She whispered faintly against her neck "Instead of me coming with you... you should come with me.."

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera was completely unfocused, she didn't even know what to do in the match anyway, only her lust started to speak for her now, her tongue lifting up and down the side of Silhouette's neck, her hands rhytmatically groping at the girl's rear, hearing Silhouette's words only made Cerbera bite her gently, lifting her head up so she could press her lips onto Silhouette's ear and whisper into it. " Come... Where..? "

kelseakk: "nh.." Silhouette grunted gently with the bite on her neck. She suckled on Cerbera's neck again and then her lips left it completely, leaving a red mark just like when she did her finisher "To the shadow of the moon.. I've been waiting for you.. Cerbera-san... You don't belong with the era of hell."

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera had felt the rather warm spot in the side of her neck but she chose not to stop Silhoette from doing it, her head tilted and pressed her cheek upon Silhouette's, it was true that she no longer felt the same as what she did before and without wasting seconds after that question, she nodded, her hands giving Silhouette a rough grope, pulling the girl against her. " ...Alright then.. I'll come with you.. "

kelseakk: Silhouette kept her cheek up against Cerbera's, her small form pressing against her so that they shared body warmth. Moving her lips to gently kiss her cheek as her hands held onto Cerbera around her back . She moved back so that her face was right in front of Cerbera's, tips of their noses touching as her red eyes looked into Cerbera's "Birds of a feather... That is you and I."

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera rubbed her front against Silhouette, desiring being as close as possible to Silhouette, One hand lifted up to stroke through Silhouette's hair as she gazed into Silhouette's haunting eyes, once again anod came from Cerbera. " ..So that is.. What you meant all along..? "

kelseakk: Silhouette kept their noses in contact, tilting her head so that her lips gently touched Cerbera's in what looked like the cutest and sweet peek on the lips. She nodded faintly "And now maybe you can see me... See me for what I am." She said, her hands slipping from Cerbera's back to go to Cerbera's hands.. Trying to take them in her own hands

Order S.O.L Kuzame: Cerbera was like putty in Silhouete's hands now, her fingers entwined together with Silhouette's, her lips pursed to accept the small kiss on her smooth yet warm lips, her eyelids went down, relaxing against Silhouette and whispered in return to her. " I will.. "

kelseakk: Silhouette rose to her feet, helping Cerbera up with her hands held all the while. As they stood in front of each other, Silhouette will gently slip her arms back aroudn Cerbera in a hug... Her body pressing against Cerbera's as she lay her head down Cerbera's shoulder... The lights were cut and this time took an exceptionally long time to come back on again, but when they did... Neither Silhouette or Cerbera were in the ring, leaving the ref girl with a look of confussion on her face.

No contest/draw (as there was no final pin or submission)

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