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Red Interest

Sat May 19, 2018 7:28 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

Also, I wanted to see which of them people like most.

Feel free to leave comments or message me Smile


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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

Tue May 22, 2018 1:31 am by HighFly

Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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im match headshotgunny and thatoneguy: Hannah vs Sasha

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im match headshotgunny and thatoneguy: Hannah vs Sasha

Post by ThatOneGuy on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:42 am

Barbed-Wire Match
Edited for an easier read

headshotgunny: Sasha looked at the adult hardcore fighter, dropping to her trademark taunt , grabbing her own crotch with the left and the right showing a middle finger as she sneered:"Yooh old lady wonna find out how hardcore?"

thatoneguy77die: Hannah had looked over at the girl who grabbed her crotch and yelled at her, she smiled due to the fact that she seemed to have some spunk, and Hannah always enjoyed that. She then grabed her crotch and made the rock on sign. "Well, hope you like blood kiddie!"

headshotgunny: "First blood? Blood from a special part? KO? You name it!"
thatoneguy77die: "How about a barbed wire rope match? That sounds like it could be fun!"

headshotgunny: The kid gulped, hesitating a split second but then the child put on a grim grin and yelled;"Ojkayy"

Thatoneguy77die: "Awesome! You have spunk! I'll give you some time to get ready, after all, I have to grab some things too!" Hannah would say, turning around and would start to walk. "See ya soon!"

headshotgunny: "See ya soon" Sasha said too and walked off to her her stuff

thatoneguy77die: Moments later Hannah's theme would hit and Hannah would walk out, with a barbed-wire baseball bat and what appeared to be a bag of salt as she slid under the rope and would sit in the center of the ring.

headshotgunny: Sasha walked to the ring with her music and thinking, no weapon in her hands.The kid had her common shorts, small top,army bootss and gloves on. She hung her mother's dogtags to one ringpost after walking there shadowboxing and prancing on her feet

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would set the bat against the corner and the salt right along with it, and would start to stretch herself, getting ready for the battle ahead. "Don't worry, that bat won't come into play yet..." When the bell would ring, she would start to advance, looking for a move when Sasha got to her.

headshotgunny: Sasha dashed toward Hannah and jumped upward, leaning back with a growl and leaning back. The little hardcore champ leaned back midd air and with wheeling arms she thrusted her boots forth to go for a drop kick to her opponent's chest

thatoneguy77die: Hannah had fortunatly saw that one coming, after all it was only the start of the match, and it would be pretty easy to see at this point. After she moved, and if Sasha was grounded, she would attempt to deliver and elbow drop to the little brawler.

headshotgunny: Sasha was down on her back and groaning with frustration, the lil fighter trying to get up again but then an elbow crushed into her, crushing her half handfull of left breast between a sore rib and her opponent's ellbow. A small yelp of pain escaped the kid's mouth befor she could do anything against it.

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would smile and would get up, and would attempt to pick up Sasha and would try to whip her to the ropes, in hopes of giving her a taste of what was going to be a brutal match.

headshotgunny: Sasha was not dizzy but in pain without doubt so Hannah would pick her up easily, not without some struggling of course. But despite the pulling and twisting the kid was finaly flung off into the barbed wire ropes and gasped as her front hammered into it painfully. The girl gasped, dropping back with her top torn in some places, pale skin chest and the right tiny breast cut open, just like a long cut close to the naval rolled with crimson too.Sasha rolled arouund and stood up with a defiant grin, the pain not that bad yet, the after shock at least. The ropes where swinging slightly and Sasha dashed at the adult suddenly, leaning forth and arms swinging, bracing for the impact as she went for a tackle

thatoneguy77die: Hannah grinned as Sasha hit the ropes, and would talk some smack for a moment. "Well, there's your first taste of the match!" Of course this would be her downfall as she did not have enough time to react to Sasha's tackle and would hit the ground, some of Sasha's blood got onto her attire, and would let out some air as she hit the ground. Hannah would attempt to push Sasha off, and if it worked then she would get up and would attempt to nail her in the ribs with a kick

headshotgunny: Sasha, on the ground again, clutched the small of her back, glarring at Hannah, hissing:"I know what a fight is like , I did not earn those scars by reading Twilight! " And with these words and a groan she realy took the kick, not fully as she had rolled away, but it still did hurt and made it's damage but also Sasha grabbed the foot, followed by her left foot trying to leg sweep toward Hannah's suporting foot to cut her from her legs

thatoneguy77die: Hannah had yelped a little as she was tripped down to the ground, and fell right on her ass. "Well, that's a good thing, at least you aren't some sissy little lady!" Hannah would say smiling as she tried to raise her leg and would attempt to send a heel at Sasha's side.

headshotgunny: Sasha said nothing, she would roll to her knee's as soon as Hannah went falling, managing to lean aside, bobbing the kick as she lunged forth to mount the adult's chest to aim a furious left cross at Hannah's face

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would feel her face get nailed with that awesome left cross to her face, it was indeed painful and would definately feel that later, but at the moment she would attempt to grab the left hand of the small cossack warrior and would try to pull her down towards her, where she would attempt to deliver a right hook to her face.

headshotgunny: Sasha was yanked down and gasped, her balance damaged. She was hit, her head snapping backward hard, sending pain trough both her jaw and her neck. She gasped and would try to send her knee, the left one, to Hannah's side, as both fighter's where on their knees

thatoneguy77die: Hannah felt a great knee to her side, but she would take it and smile, she would try to punch her on the right breast, aiming for the wound and would go to the bag, where she would attempt to throw salt into that very wound.

headshotgunny: Sasha swung up her right arm sideward and managed to stopsign her opponent's blow, she was from the mma afterall and so some boxing was not stange to her. But she could not stop Hannah from getting to the bag, asking her self what this ment. Then came a white, dustlike cloud, the salt tossed at the kid and then Sasha felt salt in her wounds, most of it in the cut of her budding right breast under her shirt and she gasped, the pain burning deeper, bad enough to send her back , dangerously close to a corner

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would smile and would attempt to tackle her against the corner, and would ram her shoulder into Sasha's gut, and would do that a couple of more times, before attempting to slam her right arm into the ropes, where she would try to do some damage to her arm over and over again until Sasha knocked her away.

headshotgunny: Sasha stood there and was hammered into the corner, the kid's back arching under the impact , her shirt ripped open in the back as she gasped. Sweat and salt already stung in some wounds as she tried to cover her self. A second shoulder block came and made a load of saliva fly from the kid's mouth. Sasha then suddenly hammered her left knee upward in a sharp ankle toward Hannah's jaw, like against any opponent who went low with the own body early. Sasha just wished to get away from the corner

thatoneguy77die: Hannah felt a hard knee against her face and would get whipped around and would get on her knees, holding her jaw as she tried to recover herself. She would get to her feet and would attempt to kick Sasha's gut, before going for the barbed-wire bat and would try to swing it down against Sasha's back.

headshotgunny: Sasha stood there and saw Hannah lashing out with a hard kick toward her gut's. Sasha tensed her abs and tried to brace her self, she doubled over, hit. She swallowed the pain for the moment as Hannah went toward the bat, Sasha dashing toward her as her back was turned toward Sasha. Sasha jumped up and leaned back, arms wheeling midd air as she thrusted both feet forth, trying to drop kick her opponent's breasts.

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would gasp as she was dropkicked and would gasp in pain as her back had hit the barbed-wire, and would fall foward, and would turn over and would hold her back as she tried to get up and deliver a clothesline to the cossack brawler.

headshotgunny: As soon as Sasha was down, due to her drop kick and saw Hannah hitting the ropes, she grinned and would not rise but simply swing her left leg sharp upward, trying to nail the turning woman between the legs with her army boots

thatoneguy77die: Hannah reacted as soon as she was hit between her legs, she would grab her ankle and would attempt to get Sasha in a boston crab, but after a shot like that, it would be easy to avoid.

headshotgunny: Sasha groaned in frustration, thios shot to the crotch had worked bad and Sasha kicked free, crawling forth to get up, the kid left a blood trail on the mat, finaly standing up to turn at her opponent.

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would slowly get up and would turn to Sasha, smiling. "You're good kid, if only we had you around in the HCW league, but that's the past..." Hannah would say, attempting to tackle Sasha against the barbed wire.

headshotgunny: Sasha saw her opponent charging at her, quie sure she tried to tackle Sasha. The young girl swallowed, jumping aside, trying to dodge this, hoping she could get away and hoping even more that Hannah's momentum would curry her into some damage and pain.

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would get crashed up against the ropes, and would clentch her teeth together, not trying to shout out in pain. She would get herself untangled and would show her ripped up attire, scars on her body. She would attempt to rush behind Sasha and would try to german suplex Sasha against the ropes.

headshotgunny: Sasha, just trying to get to face her opponent. Suddenly she was grabbed from behind, lifted off her feet and tossed backward with wheeling arms and a yelp. She was tossed into the ropes, dropping down with a full dozen of cuts, slumping down with her left arm pierced and hangign to the top rope, bleeding heavily. Sasha was panting, groaning in pain, shaking as she was dazzed with pain and blood loss

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would smile, as this was the perfect chance to do some real damage, and would go to the bat, grabbing it and would attempt to nail Sasha in the gut with that brutal barbed-wire weapon. She would toss the bat out of the ring and would go to the bag of salt, where she would attempt to throw the whole thing at her.

headshotgunny: Sasha, just trying to get her arm free. She just was able to get one spike from her skin as she suddenly felt hardwood digging to her guts. She gasped, her knees wobbly and her eyes wide open. Blood and saliva came from her mouth with a gasp, mouth wide open, then the kid could not help but throwing up, her tummy in cramps and the skin ripped open. Sasha tried to move, the kid even ripped her arm free in the rage and panic, arm opened in some places. And then came the salt bag, hammering Sasha down under it is weight, some of the salt now burning in the kid's wounds again, making her yelp with rage and pain. Sasha tried to get free

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would approch Sasha and would get her free from the ropes, but it wasn't out of kindness, she would attempt to pick her up and would try to turn her around to slam her down with her signiture spinebuster the Grim Reaper's Slam, if it worked she would go for a pin.

headshotgunny: Sasha growled as she was touched, her left suddenly hammering upward as Hannah towered over her, trying to uppercut her opponent's cunny with a roar of vengence

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would feel her cunny get nailed with the uppercut, and would fall down in pain, holding her crotch as she rolled around now, opening some moves for Sasha now.

headshotgunny: Sasha would slip closer and try to burry her hands in the woman's hair, pulling and yanking to secure the woman's head in a reversed headlock while standing up.

headshotgunny: Sasha then reached forth with her free hand, trying to sneak her hand under the woman's skirt, grabbing the undies of Hannah. Sasha then pushed her shoulder blades together while giving her adult opponent a came toe ripping wedgie. Then Sahs pulled, arching he rback and lifting, trying to raise Hannah up over and down in her infamous wedgie-vertical-suplex, trying to hammer Hannah's spine into the cutting ropes

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would feel herself get slammed into the ropes, and would yell out in extreme pain, getting some new cuts and getting some her cuts and wound arch her back in pain. She would attempt to roll out of the ring, and would grab a chair, waiting for Sasha to come over to her, so she could hit her in the head with the chair.

headshotgunny: Sasha was of course trying to follow her opponent, the kid wished to pay back the pain she had felt so far. But Sasha seemed to be a bit slower already and as she dove below the ring roped of metal and her jump downward was a rude one. Then as she saw her opponent she gasped, the chair hammering into her skull. Blood splattered every where, Sasha slumped to her knee's clutching her head where a nasty cut had opened, bile and blood drooling from her mouth. The kid's face was pale and a mask of pain

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would still sit outside of the ring, and would breathe in and out, trying to recover herself a little from this exhasting match, she would have to end this as soon as she could, and would attempt to deliver a dropkick to Sasha's chest, if it worked she would grab Sasha and would send her in the ring, following her in and would go for the pin count.

headshotgunny: Sasha tried to get up but then she was hit hard in the chest, falling down moaning ,clutching her tiny breasts as for some reason blood made the fabric of her top stick to her skin. Sasha was in a world of pain, defiant nevertheless, trying to defend, aiming a blow to Hannah's kidneys as she was pulled up, but hit or not, Sasha was tossed into the ring, her left ellbow busted open

thatoneguy77die: Hannah had felt herself get hit in the kidneys, and saw that Sasha was in the ring, and would just realize something, she really had to take a wiz! Hannah HAD to end this now, and she would roll into the ring and would attempt to pick Sasha up and would attempt to get her in a sitout powerpomb, if it worked she would go for a pin.

headshotgunny: Sasha had nothing to give anymore, she had tried some of her best moved but finaly it seemed like this would be a shame rather for her. Hannah picked the young girl up easily and then Sasha's spine and back where hammered to the mat. Sasha's world went black for some monents and when she could see again her vision was blurred. She felt nothing but pain and shame, still trying to get free but her arms and legs felt heavy and under her torn shirt was a long scar to be seen that covered most of the small left breast, there was also a big bruise and countless cuts

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would call the ref-girl over and would make her start the count as she hooked both of Sasha's legs and would bring them up, attempting to keep Sasha's shoulders pinned as the count started. "1!'

headshotgunny: Sasha's eyes would flutter and she groaned, coughing up some blood, sweat on her forehead as she felt pain raging still.

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would smile as she had Sasha now and the ref had made another count. "2!" Hannah would start to talk a little. "We had a good match there kid..."

headshotgunny: Sasha would try to look away, feeling mocked and taunted, groaning:"I am a failure" as she arched her back and tried ot get free, it was not very powerfull

thatoneguy77die: "Nah, you did great..." Hannah would say as the ref made the final count. "3!" The ref would say, as the bell rang and her music would play, Hannah would get up and would start to exit, but she would stop and would turn around and stand above Sasha and would drop her bottoms. Sorry kid, but the kidney punch really had to make me go..." Hannah would say, before taking her long awaited piss.

headshotgunny: Sasha's bare stomach, bruised and with some cuts, was pissed on and Sasha now blushed deep red, heavily humilated, also the urine of the young woman stung in the kid's wounds. She growled, trying to move but with a broken rib, bruised back and bleeding all over. Her left eye blinded by her own blood. The worst thing was the after shock of the hard suplex, a dark spot showed in the crotch of the kid's shorts, adding to the slight, salty stench of piss

thatoneguy77die: Hannah would keep going, and when she was done, she would pull up her shorts and would get off of her, extending her hand to help Sasha up, and would smile. "Good match there kid!" Hannah would say, attempting to help Sasha up.

headshotgunny: The torn and ragged kawaii would only glarre at the offered hand and the woman offering it. She had lost most of her dignity but not all of it. She growled and slaped the hand away, slumping down finaly with a gasp, curling up, knowing the Major will punish her hard for such a defeat

thatoneguy77die: "Well, alright kid, catch ya later...." Hannah would say, getting out of the ring and would exit the arena. "Kid, someday, you'll pick the match, and the situation might be different." Hannah would state before leaving.

headshotgunny: end:)


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