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Just wanted to see what people thought about Red Nation.

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Highfly Flying Out Of Town

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Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform all I have threads with that I will be gone from this coming Wednesday through Sunday. I won't be able to post consistently if at all during this time, but I will try to make up for it next week! I am sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

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Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Kawaii Title Match: Shizuka Suyuki vs Valerie Makuro (done)

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Kawaii Title Match: Shizuka Suyuki vs Valerie Makuro (done)

Post by anegge on Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:52 am

Kawaii Title Match; bed wrestling; soft style; win by 5 second pinfall

[url=]Shizuka[/url:25il33f4] vs [url=]Valerie[/url:25il33f4]


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Re: Kawaii Title Match: Shizuka Suyuki vs Valerie Makuro

Post by anegge on Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:56 am

Valerie gave a eager little smile balling herself up a little bit on her huge bed in glee. The title! She could win the title! She had everything planned out. The champ was smaller than her so it would be easy to squish and pin her, she was wearing her big white fuzzy sweatshirt so her snuggles would be overwhelmingly soft, and her laciest naughty black panties so her goodnight moon finisher would be ultraembarrassing! She bounced her butt on the sheets eagerly and pressed the button on her remote control so that her entrance music played, then "What I'm made of" started playing cueing the champion to enter. Valerie smiled and waved, always happy to meet a new wrestler.

Shizuka just finished getting dressed in the bathroom. Well, actually, she just took off her light brown plaid skirt and white jacket with purple sleeves. As she heard her music start to sound, she came out of the restroom, only wearing a black bra that left her underboob exposed, white panties with purple horizontal stripes and matching thigh-high socks. Smiling widely, she'd crawl onto the bed, staring at Valerie from her spot as she waited for this match to begin. She was truly excited. This match was really important, and if she wanted to keep her title, she needed to win! Just thinking about that made her feel a bit nervous. However, it was nothing she couldnt overcome. "Soo~! Are you ready to do this, Val~?" She asked, giving her opponent a confident smile.

Val wanted to psyche her opponent out a bit so she grinned back and pressed her larger body forward into Shizuka's putting her chest up against the purple haired girl's smaller pair. "You made a big mistake agreeing to a bed wrestling match against the queen of the bed." she informed Shizuka matter of factly. But then in a less intimidating tone of voice she sheepishly added, "But I'm glad you did, because wrestling in a ring kind of scares me." She shook her head quickly and then pointed a finger in the air, "The rules! Win only by five second pinfall, pins only count on the bed... um," she was forgetting a rule... Oh, yes, "Winner buys ice cream! Agreed?"

Shizuka often tried to ignore her opponents' words to keep herself from getting scared. Not that listening to them would really freak her out. The purple haired girl couldnt help but smile at Val. She was so adorablee~! She might be smaller in size, but Valerie had a great advantage when it came to weight.... and bust. "Oh, nice~!" She exclaimed cheerfully as she heard about the extra rule. "You better be ready to buy me an ice cream, Val, 'cuz I have no intention of losing to you!" Shizuka announced, smirking confidently.

Valerie raised one eyebrow one piece of her hair springing up as Shizuka informed her of the inevitability of her win. "No, the person who buys the ice cream... The loser doesn't have to..." Valerie shook her head again, she'd explain it after the match. Which might as well get started... now! Valerie tossed her arms around Shizuka and tried to pull her up into a bear hug. A bear hug with a very fuzzy bear thanks to her sweater. She made sure to rub up on Shizuka a bit since she had the chance.

Aaah, Shizuka was so silly. It worked in her favor some times, though, so she really couldnt complain. Just as Valerie exclaimed "Now!", the purple haired girl would bring her arms up in a defensive stance. However, she was too close to Valerie to avoid getting caught in the tight and fuzzy bearhug, which made her blush a bit as her opponent's front rubbed against hers. Her hands would move to Val's shoulders, trying to push her away from her. "Nnhh~! I wasnt ready..!"

Valerie giggled at Shizuka's protest but she didn't want to get her bear hug broken by the girl's shoulder shove. She tried to push her body up to get the leverage to tip her smaller foe onto her back turning the loosening bear hug right into a full body pin! If it worked she'd try keep up her chest to chest rubbing wanting to keep her her schoolgirl foe blushing with her attacks.

Shizuka was having a bit of a hard time getting out of the hold. The shoulder shove didnt seem to work really well, but she kept trying, not wanting to let the hold become any tighter. But, before she could do much, her back would hit the bed and her opponent's full weight would fall upon her body, pinning her to the bed. Noticing she was in a very dangerous situation, she'd trash her legs wildly and flail her arms around, just trying to make her opponent get off.

Valerie smirked as Shizuka kicked her legs around. The girl had gotten out of her bear hug to be sure, but that wasn't the only trick the bed wrestler knew. Without warning Valerie swept her hands around the bottom of Shizuka's knees pulling her legs up and leaving the shamp in a matchbook pin! "One!" shouted Valerie triumphantly.

"N-No! No way!" Shizuka screamed as her opponent folded her up into a matchbook pin. There was no way she'd allow that! The purple haired girl shook her head from side to side, shutting her eyes down tightly and gritting her teeth. With her legs in that position, it would be a lot harder to escape... but she had a plan. Just before the two count, Shizuka'd attempt to wrap her legs around Valerie's head, going for a front headscissors that would hopefully make her opponent let go.

Valerie gasped as Shizuka was able to use her powerful thighs to kick and slide out of the pin. She put both hands down on the bed her eyes widening as she realized that those same powerful legs were on either side of her ears. "Uh, no!" she protested, but it was too late Shizuka's strong thighs closed in over her head pressing her face right into to the girl's mound. Valerie blushed wildly pawing desperately at Shizuka's thighs.

Grinning as she managed to break the pin by using a simple headscissors, Shizuka rolled over onto her side, taking Valerie down as well. Reaching for her opponent's hair, the purple haired girl would pull her head close to her mound while she mercilessly squeezed her opponent's head with her thighs, wanting to weaken her just as much as she could. "Hahah~! How do you like thaat~?"

Valerie moaned in distress as Shizuka pulled her in closer by tugging on her brown hair. It was Shizuka's Young Legs attack! She had to get out! Valerie's every breath was getting swallowed up by the champion's snatch. Valerie whimpered as the pressure mounted from the purple princesses' powerful thighs squishing her.

Shizuka was really happy that she got to use her finisher so early in that match. Could this be it for Valerie? She couldnt really tell, but one thing was for sure: she wouldnt let go voluntarilly. Unless the brown haired girl escaped somehow from her powerful hold, Shizuka'd attempt to knock her opponent out and then score the pin, since she couldnt win through submission.

Valerie tried to focus. She couldn't keep panicking like this, she had to beat this girl to get the title! She clasped her hands firmly on the girl's thighs trying to pry them apart but at this point they were just too tight. The Japanese girl could feel herself getting dizzy, she had to do something quick. Her mouth was open from all the panting she had been doing to try and keep her breath, so she stuck her tongue out pressing it into Shizuka's panties and starting to lick.

Oooh, the only flaw in Shizuka's finisher. As the purple haired girl felt her opponent's tongue press against her clothed crotch, she immediately let go of Valerie's head, blushing darkly as she tried to roll away from her opponent and get back up on her knees. "W-W-W-W-What was that?!" Shizuka was caught off guard by her opponent's "counter"

Valerie held her head, trying to relieve the throbbing headache she now had. This was a tough fight. But still she had to giggle at seeing how fast Shizuka had scrambled to get away from her. "You're the one stuffing my head between your' legs." she teased although she was still blushing a bit as well.

Touche. Valerie was actually right about that. "Uuhh... I guess you're right.." Shizuka looked away from her opponent, scratching the side of her head as she tried to forget about the feeling of Valerie's moist tongue pressing against her crotch. This would leave her defenseless for a little while, even though she shouldnt let her guard down in a match like this.

Valerie grinned as she came up with a plan to even the score with the distracted champ. First she got up on her knees so she was facing away from Shizuka then suddenly she stood up and hopped backward splashing her fat butt down into the girl's tummy as hard as she could!

Shizuka gasped before her opponent's butt slammed into her tummy, knocking her onto her back on the bed. "Uuugh~!" With Valerie's weight on top of her, she couldnt move really much, and simply shook her body wildly, trying to make Val lose her balance and fall right off her. She was far from done yet!

Well.,I think the dust has settled, any other skateboarders around here? - Sparkplug71

NEWS FLASH: the Archergurl who you speaking of is not part of AFW anymore and she's currently working in production for new game titles in Japan. I'm her Canadian friend who she gave her PC due to mines has crashed. She was nice enough to give it to me to help a friend in need. So she got a spared one that she uses for the things I've mention above. BTW, Anegge and Alexandra be sure to check the E-mail adresses carefully. As Archergurl and me aren't the same thing.

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Re: Kawaii Title Match: Shizuka Suyuki vs Valerie Makuro

Post by anegge on Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:47 pm

Valerie wasn't letting up despite Shizuka's efforts to shake her off. She bounced her pudgy rump up and down on the champion hoping to wind her as each hop drove her weight deeper into the girl's little gut.

Ooh~! The bouncing wasnt helping the purple haired girl at all, each drop of Valerie's butt driving the air out of her lungs, not allowing her to recover from the first buttdrop. "Oooff...!" Her tummy was starting to feel a bit sore, but not even that would stop her as she kept struggling.

Valerie giggled she could teel that her bounces were having an effect on the purple haired girl. But then, without warning Shizuka pushed back a bit in between one of her big hops and Valerie slipped off of her into a sitting position right between the girl's thighs.

That was better. Much better. Now Shizuka had a bit of time to recover from Valerie's attacks. However, she decided to take advantage of this opportunity, and quickly wrapped her smooth legs around Valerie's waist, going for a tight bodyscissors from behind, her crotch pressing against her opponent's back.

Valerie reached back with her left arm grabbing Shizuka;s arm before the scissors was all the way on and slidding herself around so she was facing her opponent. Then she slipped her arms around the girl again her cheek pressed tight to Shizuka's cut little chest. Now it was scissors against bear hug!

Shizuka couldnt do much as her opponent managed to turn around while trapped in her hold, and she ended up sitting on Valerie's lap. Her thighs squeezed tightly the other girl's body, while her own upper section was squished in Valerie's tight bearhug. "Nnhh~!"

Valerie grit her teeth as her sides started to burn. She had the advantage here, her tummy was super thick and she had already got the champ's belly all sore, so she could definately win this battle! She hugged hard rubbing her cheek up and down Shizuka's chest to feel the softness of the
exposed parts of her breast.

"Gaah...!" Valerie's bearhug was really starting to hurt the purple haired girl, and soon, she'd be forced to let go of her scissors, now quickly moving her feet to the other girl's tummy to try and shove her away, while she placed her hands on the other girl's shoulders and tried to help her feet.

"Whoa!" yelled the pudgy brunette as she rolled up like a pillbug from Shizuka's panicked kick rolling in a backward somerasult. She scrambled up onto her hands and feet trying to pursue her wounded foe and maybe grab her ankle.

Shizuka felt a great relief as she was released from the bearhug, thinking she was safe now. However, as she got back up on her hands and knees and tried to crawl away from Valerie - just so she could have a little time to rest -, she'd be grabbed by the ankle, falling down to the bed onto her front, letting out a cute grunt as she did.

Valerie closed the distance as quickly as she could stepping over and turning her ankle hold into a single Boston Crab. She grinned as she felt her heart soar. She was really wearing the champ down! She could feel it! "How's this?" she taunted eagerly.

Shizuka tried to crawl away, but before she could achieve much, Valerie locked her in the single leg boston crab. The short haired kawaii clutched her hands into fists, holding the bed sheets tightly as she tried to keep herself from expressing her pain. "You wont... make me scream..." She said through her teeth.

Valerie rubbed her lace covered mound up and down Shizuka spine as she pressed the girl's calf carefully into her side squishing it into her own breast as she leaned back. "I won't?" she asked giving Shizuka a quick smack on her backside to tease the girl.

The smack would have surely brought the purple haired girl to scream if she hadnt bitten her tongue. She shutted her eyes down tightly and gulped, swallowing the pain as she tried to crawl out from under Valerie. If that didnt work, she'd just have to get a bit rougher.

Valerie sat firm in her powerful hold clasping her hand over the girl's snatch to get a grip as she inadvertantly stimulated her foe. "I've got you, Shizuka." she told the girl hoping she was really starting to shake the champ up.

There was something Shizuka couldnt resist. As soon as Valerie started stimulating - whether it was voluntarilly or not didnt really matter -, the purple haired girl let out a moan, her struggles becoming a lot wilder as she even started swinging her elbows back, trying to hit Valerie with an elbow blow right to the side. "N-No waay~!"

"Oww!" yelped Valerie rolling into a heap on the bed next to Shizuka. "You hit me!" she accused holding her side with both hands. Her brown hair splayed all around her collapsed body as she glared up at the champ in shock.

"You 'touched me!" Shizuka answered to Valerie's yelp, rolling away from and sitting up on the bed, facing her opponent. Her legs were bent and slightly spread as she held her mound with one hand, blushing darkly as she looked right into her opponent's eyes.

Valerie gave a confused look, not realizing what she had done. But then she blushed suddenly realizing that she had accidentally been rubbing the girl between the legs. "Yeah, well, I'll do it again to get the title." she said firmly. "But I didn't mean to that time." She got on her hands and feet and started to crawl after the retreating champion.

Shizuka let out a sigh as it seemed like her opponent just realized what she had been doing. Anyways, she should let it go and focus on the match. Getting back up on her hands and knees, she'd start crawling towards Valerie as well, bringing her arms up, inviting the other girl to lock up with her. "Okay then, if you say so, prove just how badly you want my title!" She exclaimed, smirking confidently.

Valerie looked at Shizuka utterly bewildered. Is that really what Shizuka wanted? Valerie placed her hands in Shizuka's and pushed hard leaning in so she could kiss Shizuka on the cheek, that would prove how bad she wanted the belt, right?

Shizuka was indeed looking for a test of strength. However, overpowering her opponent wasnt in her plans. Yeah, she should have thought this through before. As Valerie started pushing, she would as well, her chest flattening against her opponent's as she tried to push the challenger back.

Valerie gasped as Shizuka pressed into her. Not only had she ignored the kiss, Shizuka was intentionally pressing her chest up against her! This girl was really intense. Valerie shut her eyes and tried again bluching as she brought her lips up to kiss Shizuka again on the lips as she shoved as hard as she could to push the smaller girl onto her back.

Shizuka was making a great effort to not allow the kiss to distract her. Then, another kiss came, this time making her cheeks turn red and her arms start to give in. Her back arched a bit as Valerie started to overpower her, but Shizuka didnt give up just yet, refusing to assume defeat. She'd have said one of her typical "I mustnt... give up..." quotes, but she was too busy. You know, actually answering Valerie's kiss

Valerie pushed moaning up into Shizuka's chest as she tried to push her over onto her back. She was bluching pretty fiercely as she smooched the champion. She wanted to pull away, but she just couldn't, not as long as Shizuka was kissing her.

Shizuka moaned cutely into her opponent's mouth as she was pushed onto her back. She laid on the bed with her opponent right on top of her, and just then, she'd stop kissing the other girl. "That was... nice.." She said, blushing lightly and looking away, not daring to look at Valerie in the eye. Not until she heard an answer, at least.

Valerie gave a tiny moan as their lips parted. "I, uh, that's what you meant right? That I had to show you how much I wanted the belt?" she was hesistant to look at her opponent as well. "I... uh, pin." Valerie tried to reach up and press down the champion's wrist, very aware of the fac that when she had landed on top of Shizuka she had planted her big bosom right over Shizuka's chest.

"Well...Seems like you do want the belt a lot." The purple haired said, giggling playfully and smiling at her opponent. Then, she heard what the other girl had to say. Shizuka hadnt noticed that until Valerie brought it up. She was in a pin! As her eyes went wide open, she immediatly started to shake her head wildly from side to side. She found her wrists pinned above her head, keeping her from helping herself out with her hands. "Nnnnhh~!"

Valerie rubbed up and down her squashed little foe enjoying the feel as her breasts rolled over Shizuka's, but more importantly it was keeping the girl down and trapped under her! "One!" she cheerfully shouted grinning down at Shizuka.

Shizuka found it really hard to escape. Last time, she was lucky that she could catch her opponent in those headscissors. However, she couldnt just headscissor her way out of this pin. Kicking her legs on the soft mattress like some kind of trapped animal, the purple haired girl's struggles would only become wilder as her opponent's count advanced.

"Two," said Valerie rriding atop Shizuka as she got more and more squirmy, "Uh, three." Valerie said nervously as Shizuka tried to kick more and more, but soon Valerie got dumped off onto her side. She shook her head whipping her hair around a bit before pulling her sweater back down and sitting up momentarily facing away from the champ as she got herself settled.

Shizuka did not last long on her back, quickly rolling over onto her hands and knees. As she noticed her opponent wasnt paying attention, the purple haired champ'd launch herself at her opponent, attempting to pounce upon Valerie's back and take her down to the bed onto her front. "The kawaii champion Shizuka wont lose so easily!" She exclaimed, cheering herself up.

Valerie gasped as she was taken down by the skilled champ wrapped up in a sort fo grounded hug. "Hey, get off." she protested pulling slightly at the sheets under her.

Shizuka's knees would rest either sides of her opponent's body as she straddled Valerie's back. Trying to remain on top, she'd pull her opponent's arms over her thighs and move her hands to Valerie's throat, going for a camel clutch!

Valerie gasped as she was pulled up into the champions painful hold wrapping her hands onto Shizuka's calves. "Ohhh," she groaned as the girl choked her.

Shizuka leaned backwards, pulling her opponent's chin up and back as much as she could, wanting to torture and drain her opponent so she would be easily pinned later. "Hey, I got an idea! How about you quit now and let me pin you? Unleeeess you rather stay there and suffer more?" She mockingly said, tightening her hold on the other girl's throat.

Valerie frowned as her back burnt with pain. she gave a little shudder as Shizuka proudly taunted her but responded, "No, you won't pin me..."

"We'll see about that, dear~!" She exclaimed, pulling a bit more on Valerie's chin. It didnt seem like she could break her opponent's spirit with painful holds, though, so after this, she'd go for something a bit... rougher.

"Ohh, my back!" yelped Valerie trying to fiercely twist out of the clutch and shake the champion off of her back.

Shizuka wasnt that interested in the camel clutch anymore, and was planning to slowly let go of Valerie. However, her opponent had other plans. The little champ would soon fall off her opponent's back and onto her side, right next to the long haired kawaii.

Valerie excitedly tried to scramble up on Shizuka's back straddling her so she could snake her arms around the girl's neck in a powerful sleeprhold.

Shizuka ended up laying on the bed onto her front as her opponent's weight pressed down on her back, keeping her from going away. Before she could even speak, Valerie's arms would wrap around her throat, pressing on her throat and not letting her breathe correctly. "Gaah... Let.. goo.."

Valerie bit her lower lip huffing with exertion right into the girl's ear as she twisted the sleeper tighter. This could be it, she could easily pin Shizuka if she knocked her out! "C'mon." she begged.

Shizuka was not going to allow this! Her hands immediatly moved to Valerie's forearm to try and pry it off her throat, trying to avoid being knocked out by the hold. She wasnt very far from dreamland, though, and if she didnt hurry up... It'd be her end.

Valerie felt something going wrong with her sleeper, she probably should have kept her eyes open for it but she was concentrating so hard that she barely noticed how Shizuka had pulled her up onto her chin. "Hey, you can't do that." said Valerie despite the fact that Shizuka easily was. Her arm slipped up over Shizuka's nose then at which point Valerie released her rolling off. she frowned, how had Shizuka done that?

Shizuka was the champion, after all! Valerie should have really kept her eyes open. If she had done that, Shizuka would probably be out cold by now. She was pretty dazed though, and as her opponent got off her back, she'd crawl away from her, trying to get a bit of time to rest and shake her head a bit in order to come back to her senses.
Valerie was in a huff. She needed to show Shizuka who was boss now! It was time to get serious. She crawled after Shizuka and grabbed for her foot trying to reel the girl in closer.

And again, as she tried to escape, Shizuka would be caught by one of her ankles and dragged towards her opponent, laying on her front. She tried to hold onto the sheets, but soon she'd lose her hold, ending up just inches away from Valerie.

Valerie climbed up on Shizuka's back turning towards her legs and lifting her palm high into the air. Then she gave Shizuka a huge swat on her butt. (This is her idea of getting serious?)

Shizuka let out a scream of humiliation as her opponent spanked her butt. She blushed darkly as she tried to knock Valerie right off the same way she did before, by trying to hit her in the sides with her elbows. "Get. Off!" She yelled at her.

Valerie was able to deflect the first elbow and land another big smack on the girl's panties, but then she tumbled off of her giglgling. "I showed you who's in charge." she told Shizuka proudly.

Shizuka screamed once again as, under her panties, there were red handprints where Valerie had spanked her. As she made it out from under her opponent's butt, she'd quickly get back up on her hands and knees, turning around to face her opponent "D-D-D-Dont do that! Ever again!" She was blushing furiously, very embarrassed.

Valerie had a wide grin on her face. That had worked nicely, Shizuka seemed really flustered! If she spanked her more she could get the girl to embarrassed to fight back. Valerie eagerly crawled back towards Shizuka, asking gleefully, "What if I do?"

"I... I'll just have to finish you...!" Shizuka said as she brought her hands up again. Only difference, she wasnt looking for a test of strength this time. Now, her plan was to go in for a powerful tackle, trying to take Valerie down to the bed onto her back.

Valerie yelped as the smaller girl mounted her with a sudden tackle. "H, hey, get off." she objected.

"As you order!" Shizuka's original intention wasnt to go for a pin or another move on a downed opponent. She was actually trying to buy some time, and get a comfortable position for what was coming next. Rolling right off Valerie, she'd try to sneak right behind her and pulled her back up her armpits. "Oooh~! This is going to be good~!"

Valerie got real confused as the champion changed tactics slipping behind her and pulling her up into a sit.

Once Valerie was up, Shizuka'd wrap her arms around her opponent's waist, planting her knees on the bed and preparing for a big move. "I hope you're ready, darling~! Not many people have the pleasure of being defeated by my finisher!" She exclaimed playfully, locking her opponent tightly so she wouldnt get away.

Valerie gasped as was pulled tight into Shizuka's hug. "No, girl's game! Not that," she squeaed shaking her head in dismay. She reached her arm forward but there wasn't anything that could save her now.

Finisher time! Shizuka'd attempt to lift her opponent up in a bearhug for a moment, but as she tried to go for the suplex... She had forgotten where she was. Being down on her knees, on such a soft surface like a bed, there was no way she could pull off such a move. This'd make her fall down onto her back, pulling Valerie right on top of her. "Uggh~!"

Valerie's eyes widened. "Ara? It didn't work!" she exclaimed. She sat bolt upright knowing this was the time to strike, and quickly got up onto her feet moving to the head of the bed. She struggled to pull her legs up onto the tall headboard before Shizuka could recover from accidentally splashing herself. Looking back as she stood almost 5 feet above the champion she spotted her target. Then Valerie leapt high into the air pulling her legs up and splashing her big booty down on Shizuka's bruised tummy as hard as she could!

Shizuka's eyes almost popped out of her head as Valerie's full weight fell right onto her tummy, knocking the air right out of her. Throughout the match, her belly has been the victim of several attacks, and after so much pain -adding the amount caused by that last attack-, Shizuka could barely move, slowly moving her hand to her belly and rubbing it lightly while she protected her eyes from the ceiling lights with her other arm's elbow crease.

Valerie reached forward and grabbed Shizuka's legs before slipping back and pressing her butt right into Shizuka's face. She had the champ folded up in a face sitting matchbook pin, and not just any pin, Goodnight Moon!

Shizuka's eyes were closed while her arms rested on the mat, apart from her body and pinned under Valerie's knees. The champion blushed as her opponent's butt pressed against her face. This kept her mind away from the fact that she was actually being pinned down. Her mind was very confused,, and she couldnt tell what was going on around her.

"Goodnight Moon! One!" cheered the eager brunette as she wiggled her bum over Shizuka's face. This was it for sure. The title was hers!

Shizuka's head unconsciously rolled from side to side as her opponent's butt rubbed against her face. She was very dazed, and Valerie's facesit smother wasnt helping the champ at all to recover her her. Her body didnt respond just yet, and it'd seem like she was too weak to continue.

“Two, three,” continued the eager queen of the bed. She reached one hand up and gave Shizuka another spank on her butt.

The spank would make the champion's body jolt all of a sudden, and it'd seem like if she were actually struggling. However, she was probably too out of it to notice she was just about to lose the match, and with it, her title.

It was absolutely no challenge for Valerie to finish her count with the champion dazed and in her perfect finisher pin. “Four, five! Yes!” Valerie stood up jumping on the bed! I did it, I’️m the champion! I’️m the champion!” she roared with delight beaming from ear to ear.

"Uuhhmm...." Shizuka's eyes slowly opened, only to find Valerie celebrating and jumping all over the place. There was no need for an explanation: Valerie was the new champion now. Shizuka let out a disappointed sigh as she laid down on the bed, relaxing her body for a moment.

Valerie knelt down on the bed, “Shizuka? Who is the champion of all the kawaii wrestlers?” she asked putting her forefinger on her lips as she waited the girl’️s response.

Ooh, now that was annoying. Winning and celebrating was one thing, but rubbing it in her face like that was completely different. Still, being as weak as she was, there wasnt much the purple haired girl could do. "My friend Valerie is~" She said, smiling widely at her opponent. "Congratulations...!" It was hard to lose her title like that, but... Okay, no buts. She better try not to think about it.

“That’️s right!” cheered Valerie, “I am! That means you get free ice cream!” she helped Shizuka up smiling and asked, “What kind should we get? Whats your’️ favorite?”

"Oh! The ice cream thingy! I completely forgot about that...!" Shizuka thought, getting all excited all of a sudden, and actually sitting up, even though her tummy still hurt. "Oh, right! Lets see... Mint! With chocolate chips!" ....Yeah. One strange flavor, but indeed, Shizuka's favorite. Not many shops had it, but still, it didnt matter which flavor it was. As long was it wasnt chocolate, she didnt have any problems.

“Ohh, I know which place has that!” replied the equally excited brunette as she helped Shizuka down from the bed. “Let’️s go right now!”

"Oh, yaay~!" Shizuka jumped off the bed, like if she were feeling completely okay. Like if nothing hurt anymore. Geez, ice cream really had some power over lil' Shizuka. Well, it was good that she wasnt thinking of the match anymore.

Valerie’️s eyes widened a little bit as she saw Shizuka jump of the bed. That was right. They were wearing their wrestling costumes still. “We should change clothes first, then go get ice cream!” she decided as she ran off to wardrobe looking back to watch Shizuka follow her.

Shizuka was already running to the door when she heard what Valerie said. Just then, she'd notice she was only wearing her bra and panties. Yeah, that wouldnt do. She turned around and walked towards her bag, picking it up and taking her clothes out of it, putting them on right there - not wanting to take any longer to go get her "reward" for losing -, and turned to look at the other girl. "Comeee on~! They'll run out of it!"

Val stopped looking worried and instead went to her closet grabbing a random pair of pants and tugging them on as fast as he could. “Okay!” she replied.

Well.,I think the dust has settled, any other skateboarders around here? - Sparkplug71

NEWS FLASH: the Archergurl who you speaking of is not part of AFW anymore and she's currently working in production for new game titles in Japan. I'm her Canadian friend who she gave her PC due to mines has crashed. She was nice enough to give it to me to help a friend in need. So she got a spared one that she uses for the things I've mention above. BTW, Anegge and Alexandra be sure to check the E-mail adresses carefully. As Archergurl and me aren't the same thing.

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Re: Kawaii Title Match: Shizuka Suyuki vs Valerie Makuro

Post by anegge on Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:48 pm

Valerie wins by Goodnight Moon, after a big butt splash from the headboard

Valerie Makuro is the new kawaii champion!

Well.,I think the dust has settled, any other skateboarders around here? - Sparkplug71

NEWS FLASH: the Archergurl who you speaking of is not part of AFW anymore and she's currently working in production for new game titles in Japan. I'm her Canadian friend who she gave her PC due to mines has crashed. She was nice enough to give it to me to help a friend in need. So she got a spared one that she uses for the things I've mention above. BTW, Anegge and Alexandra be sure to check the E-mail adresses carefully. As Archergurl and me aren't the same thing.

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Re: Kawaii Title Match: Shizuka Suyuki vs Valerie Makuro (done)

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