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More balanced match simulations and new content!

Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:56 am by WrestleMind

Howdy, everyone! I've recently put some work into making the match simulations more balanced and inclusive of a greater variety of stats.

New stuff:

Since many of you have expressed interest and provided helpful feedback I decided to add a few other tools people can use on the site.

  1. a tournament simulator! Essentially you enter a list of wrestlers decide the odds for each individual match and the tournament bracket will automatically adjust.
  2. A random character creator. Press a button and a character …

[ Full reading ]

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open for Matches or rps

Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:02 am by kiranar

I have several characters open if someone wants to wrestle them. Message me if you want to face one of them with the match ideas. If you have a character that was wanting to hunt we can somewhat copy the concept of the new Monster Hunter movie to warp your character into that dangerous world or your character contacts mine to hire me guard them while they gather herbs or minerals from the area.

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A fight wanted for a furry

Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:00 am by Sebastian

Would like a fight against my fighter which is included in the signature.
Wrestling matches. Bar fights, Street brawls etc. I'm all too it

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Marisa replies to Belinda's Interview.

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Marisa replies to Belinda's Interview.

Post by valen311 on Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:01 am

An AFW interviewer caught up to Marisa Evans at a swimsuit photo shoot for the AFW Friction magazine. The erotic wrestler agreed to an interview after the shoot was done, sitting with the man and his camera crew at the beach.

"So, Marisa, you've battled against Belinda twice now, with one win. But you couldn't seal the deal in a return match for the title. What are your thoughts on that?" the interviewer asked.
"Well, it's simple actually. One second." the model replied, holding up one finger. "You see, Belinda nearly came her brains out after being trapped in my hentai finisher. But I took a second longer to cover her than I would normally, and she managed to get her foot on the ropes. One second....and I could've been your Hentai Champion. If I ever get another shot at Belinda one on one, that's a second she won't get."
The man nodded.
"Well, you have a Triple Threat Match against Belinda and Victoria coming up. I was wondering if you had any misgivings or doubts going into this." he said.
Marisa paused for a moment before answering.
"Really, all my erotic matches have been one on one. So I have to admit, I'm a little surprised by this. But Belinda is a foe I know...intimately. As for Victoria, well, she was impressive in her win over the kickboxer, Michelle Praduk. But that's against a girl who knows next to nothing about hentai matches. As for her success in Sex Wars, well, that's Sex Wars. The terms of the match sit well with me though. Winner getting a shot at Belinda, I mean. Although I am wary of becoming Belinda's pleasure pet. I already had that once, with Tana."
"Speaking of Tana, a lot of fans remember the rivalry the two of you had. Have you forgotten about Ms. Matahina?" the interviewer asked.
"Forgotten!? Hehe, dear, I couldn't forget a woman like Tana. She was actually who I had in mind for my first title defense when I thought I had Belinda beaten. But, Tana has been a busy girl herself, you know. Anyway, gentlemen, I have to get going. Bel...Victoria...I'll see you soon."


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