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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Lethe vs Layne (Cage match.)

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Lethe vs Layne (Cage match.)

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:56 pm

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100 lbs
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 131 lbs

"Riot" by Three Days Grace began to play, spotlights flashing in tune to the guitar, flashing two separate sets as the guitar played in the song. Lethe stepped out to the stage, idly adjusting her left pigtail before looking out to the crowd. She gives a small snort, and then steps towards the ring, stretching her arms across her almost non-existent chest as she walks down the ramp. When she reaches the bottom, she'd roll under the bottom rope, and then pick herself back up. She looked above her, seeing the cage she was to fight in with a mystery woman. Whoever it was, she would be sure to leave the girl beaten and bloody before the match was over.

Kelsea: The girl that was to be her opponent didn't have an official entrance tune, but on this occasion she came out to "Revenge" by Papa Roach... The crowd was at a lost as to who was coming due to this being the first time she used this entrance music, but after a long wait listening to the intro of the song finally the girl that came out was none other then Layne! She wore black denim cut off close to the underside of her butt and a dirty gray tight vest. She strode down to the ring, ignore the fans, her dark eyes upon Lethe, her opponent. She climbed up onto the apron and would step through the ropes, approaching Lethe, standing quite a bit taller then the other girl.

psychopatrick88: Lethe watches the brown haired girl enter the ring in black cut offs and just a vest to cover her top. She would've discredited the woman for showing off her body like she was, except, it didn't feel like she was doing it for attention. Vests weren't exactly the first thing a slutty girl would pick to show off her body, so perhaps it was for a different reason? It didn't matter though. Her blood red hues analyzed Layne's figure, looking for weaknesses. The woman's skin looked tough, like she had been through a scrap or two. Lethe would still take her down though, this she was certain of. As she looked her over, the cage slowly started to lower over the two, ready to seal the two heels in with each other. Only one would be exiting the ring, or at least leaving it while still conscious..

Kelsea: Layne moved up in front of Lethe, placing her hands on her hips as she glared down at the kawaii menacingly. Layne was able to tell that this was one of the more rough kind of kawaiis, if she wasn't then god help the little girl. However the predominately Russian woman didn't analyze Lethe too deeply like Lethe might have been doing to Layne... She simply stood there in front of Lethe, her large bust close to Lethe as she continued to wordlessly glare down at her. The cage came down and the officials quickly latched it into place so that the ref could get this match underway

psychopatrick88: When Lethe saw Layne moving out from her corner, she did the same as the cage lowered down around both of them. She stood toe to toe with her, glaring back up at Layne without a single word to her, having her hands on her hips as well. If this woman thought she was going to intimidate her with her height and her larger bust, she had another thing coming to her. As she heard the locks clicking into place around the ring, she slowly stepped back to her corner so the beginning of what would no doubt be a violent match would start.

Kelsea: As Lethe backed up Layne would remain standing in place, still staring and not backing up to her corner. Before Lethe is able to back all the way up to the turnbuckles, Layne will suddenly bulldoze forwards right at her, letting out a deep grunt as she swung her arm up and tried to slam her arm across Lethe's chest with a meaty thud for a vicious clothesline to start the match.

psychopatrick88: Lethe watched her as she stepped back to her corner, and then saw her charging at her before the official bell had rung. She narrowed her eyes as Layne charged at her, and she would try to duck underneath the clothesline and back away from her, the bell ringing after wards to officially start the fight. Lethe backed up to the middle of the ring, already experiencing a rarity as she was backing off from her opponent rather than going at her head on. This woman was different. This woman.. was like her. That didn't make her better though. Not by a long shot.

Kelsea: Layne went past Lethe but stopped herself before colliding with the corner post, she whipped her head around with a few brunette strands of hair flinging aside as she caught Lethe in her sites again. Layne turn around slowly however did not charging straight at Lethe this time, instead as the dark haired kawaii backed away, Layne would stride towards her in order to cut down the distance between them quickly. Intending to reach out for Lethe's shoulders to get her in a lock up.

psychopatrick88: Lethe moved in as Layne approached her. Lethe had never been much of a grappler, and she wouldn't change it now. As Layne reached out, she tried to step in, and throw a hard hook up into her gut, however if Layne held her out at arms length by her shoulders, the punch would whiff, causing Lethe to punch air.

Kelsea: As Lethe stepped in, Layne took the opportunity to lock her hands firmly on her shoulders, preventing the kawaii from intially getting close enough to strike out at her belly and instead only being able to brush her knuckle close to Layne's abs.. Layne will clench her teeth and start trying to shove Lethe backwards towards one of the corners

psychopatrick88: Lethe grit her teeth when her punch whiffed. Rarely did she see her size as a shortcoming in fights, but it was proving to be a disadvantage now, at least. Before she could try for a kick, she was shoved backwards by Layne, and ended up stumbling back into a turnbuckle, clenching the top ropes as she fell into them. .oO(Not good...) She thought after she was pushed away. She didn't like the way this fight was starting out, at all.

Kelsea: Layne moved forwards with Lethe and placed her hands on the second ropes either side of Lethe's body. She'll then bend over and aim to ram her shoulder deep into the pit of Lethe's stomach.

psychopatrick88: As Lethe fell into the turnbuckle, Layne had followed right behind her. Before Lethe could do anything, she was doubled over from the hard shoulder to her stomach. She grit her teeth, feeling that shoulder hit rather hard, but she'd try to counter by grabbing Layne's head with one arm, and would try to nail a hard elbow into her back to try and knock the air out of the woman.

Kelsea: "Ugh!" Layne huffed out deeply as the point of Lethe's elbow dug deep into her spine. She slumped down to the mat on one knee just in front of Lethe as she shook her head slightly to try and get loose from Lethe's arm

psychopatrick88: Lethe saw her go down to one knee, and would let go of her head as she went down, only to hold her head in her hands, and try for a fierce knee to her jaw to try and knock her to her back so she could escape the turnbuckle

Kelsea: Layne was gripped tightly and Lethe's knee brought up firmly right into her face. Layne head snapped back hard and she fell backwards down onto her mat. She brought one hand up to her face where Lethe's knee had hit as if to check for blood as she moved onto one side

psychopatrick88: Lethe sidestepped from the turnbuckle after Layne fell to her back, and moved to the middle of the mat, waiting for Layne to get back up. Her face was expressionless as the red eyed girl bounced on the mat a little bit just to psyche herself up a little while she waited for the brunette to stand back up.

Kelsea: Layne noticed Lethe move away and would quickly twist her body around to get up to her feet in one fluid motion... Although the knee had been enough to knock her down, it seemed like now after just a moment she was able to shake off the blow to the head. Back to her feet she showed herself to be quite a straight forwards woman was she approached Lethe directly again.. However this time as she gets close enough, she'll try to strike out with a javelin kick aimed for Lethe's stomach.

psychopatrick88: Lethe sidestepped from the turnbuckle after Layne fell to her back, and moved to the middle of the mat, waiting for Layne to get back up. Her face was expressionless as the red eyed girl bounced on the mat a little bit just to psyche herself up a little while she waited for the brunette to stand back up. She then saw her lift her foot up. She tried to duck the blow, but Layne had accounted for Lethe's height apparently, and instead of getting a kick to her gut, she got it right to the forehead. She barely resisted a yelp in pain as she fell to her butt with a soft grunt.

Kelsea: Layne wasn't intending to strike the face, but she really didn't care seems it got the job done one way or the other. She approached Lethe on the mat and would reach down to grab her dark pig tailed hair with both hands, trying to wrench the kawaii girl up to her feet with the hair pull.

Psychopatrick88: Lethe was dazed by the boot to the forehead, but thankfully she wasn't busted open. As she sat down, she felt Layne grabbing ahold of both pig tails and yanking her up to her feet. "Arrgh!!" She cried out finally, and would try to take a swing or two at her gut. If Layne held her out at arms length, however, Lethe would once again be punching at air, which would also draw a few laughs from the crowd.

Kelsea: Layne did hold her out at arms length, Lethe's punches swinging and missing as she held her up by her pig tails. After Lethe had missed with two of three of her punches, Layne would yank on her hair and try to woman-handle her down so that Lethe's head would be tucked away under Layne's arm, close to the side of her body. With that Layne would kick one leg out and drop backwards to try and drive Lethe's head down into the mat in a DDT.

psychopatrick88: Lethe's face started to go red as she could hear laughter from the crowd with how she was being handled. She clenched her teeth, glaring up at the woman. She would tear her apart no matter what it took! Before she could break free, however, she was pulled in under Layne's arm, and ended up falling with Layne, and felt her head driving into the mat. "Graaar!!" She growls as her head is attacked again.

Kelsea: Layne would roll over after slamming Lethe down with the DDT and climb to her feet.. She didn't really respond to the crowds laughter at all, she was completely focused on Lethe and trying to destroy her little body. Once up, Layne would almost immediately jump off her feet and try to drive a firm elbow drop right across Lethe's flat chest..

psychopatrick88: Lethe shook her head as soon as Layne let go of her. She didn't roll over to her back, and started to pick herself up to her hands and knees instead. Before she could stand up, however, she was brought back down with an elbow drop to her back. Her eyes nearly bulged out of her skull from the impact, dropping back down to the mat, her face twisted in pain from the elbow drop.

Kelsea: Layne kept her elbow, bicep and weight pressed over Lethe's back for a moment and then would slowly climb to her feet, reaching for a handful of Lethe's hair tightly to drag her up into a standing position also.

psychopatrick88: Lethe growled as that elbow dug further into her spine, and then felt her grabbing her hair to yank her back up. As she was getting pulled to her feet, however, she'd try for a fierce elbow, hoping to nail Layne right in the nose.

Kelsea: "Nhh!!" Layne grunted deeply as Lethe struck out with the elbow. The tall Russian would end up dropping the hold on Lethe's hair and stagger backwards a couple of steps, close towards the ropes

psychopatrick88: Lethe immediately turns around when she feels her hair being let go, and would move after her, trying for a rapid punch combo to her gut, hopefully before Layne is able to push her away this time. .oO(I'll teach you to embarrass me, you brown haired cunt...)

Kelsea: Layne wasn't able to keep at a distance this time, Lethe got in close and started to rain punch after punch towards Layne's abs. Layne clenched her teeth as the number of strikes was starting to take her air away from her a bit. In an attempt to stop the kawaii, Layne would growl out and hop forwards, trying to ram the side of her thigh into Lethe's stomach to double her over and put her barrage to an end..

psychopatrick88: Lethe started to go into a blind rage as she pummeled Layne's abs again and again, and didn't notice her moving forward quick enough, and she ended up taking Layne's thigh to her stomach, and doubled over it with a groan. "D.. damn it... I won't let you beat me!" She growled defiantly.

Kelsea: puffing out a soft breath of air, Layne would try to push forwards with her moments advantage despite being a little winded and nose being flattened from Lethe's previous knee.. Layne had had her nose broken before, luckily it wasn't this time but Lethe had come close.. Layne would sling her left arm over Lethe's shoulder and reach her right hand down between Lethe's legs just under the crotch area.. Layne would then lift the smaller girl up off her feet, firstly she'd hold the girl up across her chest so that her large bust pressed and rubbed into a bit, and then would hoist her upwards further so that she can try to toss her back first right over the ropes and up against the steel cage wall!!

psychopatrick88: Lethe felt Layne's arms slithering around her body, feeling one go between her legs. "Don't you dare-" She started to say, but was stopped as she was hoisted up in the air. "Gh.. put me down!!" She growled, not impressed as her breasts pressed into her torso, but then she was hoisted up and over. She felt herself sailing through the air, and her flight was interrupted by the steel cage wall. Her eyes lit up as her back was slammed hard against the wall, and then she fell from the cage wall, falling face down to the mat, shivering from the pain in her spine. "Th.. this can't be.. happening..."

Kelsea: Layne would walk around Lethe's fall body, staying close and not really giving Lethe much opportunity to roll away from her. Reaching down down for Lethe's hair again that must be really roughed up by now, Layne would pull Lethe up into a standing position and try to hoist Lethe up across her breasts just like before... However this time she did not heave Lethe over her bust line, instead she held her there a little longer and then would drop down to one knee, slamming Lethe's small body down across her knee in a back breaker and intending to keep her held in the painful position over her outstretched knee

psychopatrick88: Lethe lay against the mat as Layne analyzed her weakened prey, and she hissed as Layne grabbed her hair once more, but she would be damned if she let Layne get away with all of this, and suddenly lunged forward, slamming her hard head into Layne's softened abs

Kelsea: "Nh.." Layne huffed out as Lethe rammed her head right into Layne's stomach, the blow forcing the Russian to hop off of the mat slightly and stick her denim cover butt out, hands still in Lethe's hair but not restraining the girl too much.

psychopatrick88: Lethe winced as she was yanked forward a bit by her hair, but she would try to make her let go by throwing an uppercut from hell, aimed straight at her jaw!

Kelsea: The fist strikes solidly against the underside of Layne's jaw, forcing her to relinquish her hold of Lethe's hair and drop backwards down onto the mat. Layne tried to prop herself up with one forearm, a trickle of blood running down from the corner of her lips, wiping it away with her back of her knuckle as she looked across at Lethe.

psychopatrick88: Lethe stepped towards Layne as she dropped down to the mat, and as Layne propped herself back up, she'd try to get a little payback, and grab for the brunette's brown hair. Her red eyes seemed to have a raging fire in them as she drew back her other hand in a fist, and would punch her across the cheek repeatedly. "Don't. Ever. Pull. My. Hair. Again!" She snarled.

Kelsea: Layne was yanked up a little by the hair as Lethe stood over her and started to slash across her face with continuous hooks. Her head snapping to the side with each one... But just after Lethe stopped talking, one more punch and then Layne's face suddenly snapped back to glare right into Lethe's eyes.. She reached up with both hands to grip Lethe by the pig tails, completely disregarding Lethe's orders as she yanked her forwards to headbutt their foreheads together hard.

psychopatrick88: "Agghh!" She groans as she's pulled by the hair once more, and was nailed with the headbutt. She staggered back, before flopping onto her butt. Her vision had grown fuzzy after that blow, seeing two of the brunette sitting down on the mat. She grit her teeth while clutching her head. The headbutt was HER specialty! How dare this bitch use her own move against her!!

Kelsea: Layne felt her forehead a bit, after all such a move always did hurt the user a little.. A small trickle of blood was also coming from one nostril, Layne didn't know whether it was from the earlier elbow or the number of punches Lethe was just raining on her.. But then again didn't care. She got to her feet and approached Lethe, grabbing her by the hair to start dragging her up to her feet again, breathing heavily and her large breasts bulging behind the grey vest.

psychopatrick88: Lethe was furious now as Layne started to get back up, and once again grabbed her by her hair. took a swing at her, but ended up going for the wrong Layne in her vision, ending up punching air once more as she's lifted up to her feet.

Kelsea: Layne squatted down a little and open her arms up to hug around Lethe's body, trying to trap the kawaii's arms to her sides in the process. Large bust to small chest now, Layne would stand back up to her full height and pull Lethe up off the mat against her. Layne then reared her head back and would aim to slam her forehead into Lethe's repeatedly four times.

psychopatrick88: Lethe felt her arms getting caught to her side, and she was lifted off her feet. She clenched her teeth, struggling in Layne's grip, and suddenly felt one, two, three, four headbutts in a row to her head! Her head fell back afterwards, in a world of trouble from how badly her head was burning right now. Despite all the pain her body was in now, however, the only thought going through her mind was the fact that Layne stole one of her finishing moves. "S...stole my move... you b.. bitch.." She managed to say while still in Layne's grasp.

Kelsea: Layne couldn't keep her up after having her head collide with Lethe's so much... She would let her small body slide down her front, her breasts grinding unintentionally up Lethe's small form until the kawaii had her feet on the mat. Layne took ahold of Lethe's wrist and cupped one hand around the back of her head, she'd then start to run towards the ropes with Lethe but at the last moment she'd half irish whip and half launch Lethe up into the air so that her chest would go over the top ropes and she'd go face first into the steel cage.

psychopatrick88: Lethe felt her body sliding down Layne's body, barely able to stand on her own two feet as she was let go. If Layne hadn't grabbed ahold of her wrist, she would've fell down to her butt once more, but instead she was caught by the wrist, and held up to her feet by the back of her head. She was then guided towards the ropes, and cried out as she was whipped over the ropes, and slammed face first into the cage before falling to her back, her face bloodied up, and her small body exhausted. It was a wonder she didn't black out from the blow, but it was doubtful she was getting back up any time soon.

Kelsea: A few sweat patches cover Layne's vest, she looked down at the now busted open kawaii girl and would reach down to grab her up again by the hair, dragging Lethe up closely against Layne's body. Once up, Layne would reach between her legs to lift her up and turn her over upside down. The Russian girl trapped Lethe's head between her thighs so that her face was up against Layne's crotch, her bust pressing into Lethe's stomach and Lethe's legs over Layne's shoulders... Some of the the crowd on their feet as they knew what was coming...

psychopatrick88: "Nnnh..." She groans as she's pulled up by her hair once more, and felt herself being dragged up Layne's body. She felt Layne grabbing between her legs, and flipping her upside down. "Nnnhh.." She groans, most of the fight gone from her body as she felt her head being squeezed between Layne's thighs. She closed her eyes tightly, bracing for impact.

Kelsea: Layne didn't take it easy on the kawaii for this one either. She squatted down a little so that when she jumped up she could get as much height as she could while holding Lethe on her front. Layne kicked her legs out and came down into a sitting position, ramming Lethe's head down in a thunderous inverted pile driver!

psychopatrick88: Lethe felt herself going up, and then came back down on her head. She barely remembered the pain as she blacked out the moment her head was driven into the ground, her body falling limp against the brunette, her legs draped against Layne's shoulders, out cold.

Kelsea: Layne stayed there sitting with Lethe limply up against her for a moment, and then would shove the kawaii's body to the side forcefully... The ref girl who hadn't really needed to do much at all throughout the match came over to Lethe's small limp body, checking her and pulling her arm up to see if it would drop...

psychopatrick88: Lethe flopped to her side as Layne shoved her. Her arm was lifted up by the ref girl, and her arm ended up flopping back down to the mat lifelessly. She was out cold.

Kelsea: The ref called for the bell to end the match and Layne's music started playing, Layne had remained in the sitting position next to Lethe, Lethe's head still propped up on her thigh a bit after the massive pile driver... Finally though Layne climbed to her feet and allowed the ref girl to raise her hand as the cage was unlatched from the ring and raised skywards. Layne didn't care to celebrate too much and as soon as the ref girl had let go of her arm, Layne started to head out of the ring...

Layne wins via knock out!

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