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Summer Splash interest in Natasha Loclear?

Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:30 pm by daemongirl

Well my girl hasn't missed a summer splash yet, would anyone be interested in a match with her? Open to just about anything match wise, just pm me!

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Been Out with the Flu

Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:47 pm by daemongirl

Just letting those I have threads with know I've been out with the flu since early last week, but I will be back to posting tomorrow.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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The Love Bunnies vs. Sharaiya

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The Love Bunnies vs. Sharaiya

Post by Kelsea on Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:44 pm

Handicap match
win by pin, submission or KO

desperatemethods: Sharaiya was the first to enter her ring, looking quite cheerfull. She had alot of problems in the past but since she had them all fixed she decided to challenge herself more matches, one of them being a handicap match with the dreaded bunny duo. Sharaiya was wearing a dark blue bikini set though with a black skirt around her bottoms, the crowd whistling as they are her rather sexy figure, rolling into the ring and standing up to bounce softly upon it, getting herself warmed up while she waited for the duo to enter.

kelseakk: "all the things she said" by TATU started playing and up on the big screen the bunnies version of the music video kicked in. Leah and Mara Bunny appeared at the top of the rampway, walking hand in hand towards the ring swinging their hands between them... Leah was wearing her usual red bunny outfit with fish net leggings while her sister wore her black bunny outfit. They climbed into the ring, Leah taking the time to flick her blond hair back over one shoulder and make sure that it was all in place while Mara waved to the crowd who was giving them a mixed response..

desperatemethods: Sharaiya watched the two enter and noticing their outfits, she couldn't help but whistle softly, the two looked absolutely stunning and she cold already tell how much fun she will be having with these two, taking a few steps closer to them and holding out her hand for them. " Hey there, name's Sharaiya! Looking forward to a great match. "

kelseakk: Leah looked at the hand and thought for quite some time before extended her hand to shake with Sharaiya.. "Well I guess I can't fault ya for looking forward to a match with the Love Bunnies... We are so awesome after all.." Leah commented, looking over at her nails briefly. Mara bobbed beside her a little, her breasts wobbling as she moved "You may not be a kawaii, but I'll hug you all the same."

desperatemethods: " Heh.. I'm sure you guys are awesome, I'll experience that first hand in this match. " She then looked over at Mara and started to blink. " H-Hug me? Uhm.. Okay. " She wasn't quite sure what the girl meant and let go of Leah's hand to offer it to Mara as mutual respect, the two seemed like they were going to be quite a challenge , especially with how the crowd was cheering them on. " Oh dear.. Looks like I gotta be careful. "

kelseakk: As Shariaya offered the handshake Mara would open up her arms and try to engulf her in a rather up close and personal hug, the bunnies breasts squashing up to Shariaya rack as she would try to get her arms locked around her back

desperatemethods: Sharaiya gasped out as she was hugged so closely, a light blush appearing on her cheeks when she felt her breasts being pressed against the girl's, closing one eye completely as she felt the girl's arms lock around her. " H-Hehe.. Uhm... T-Thanks..? You can let go now..! "

kelseakk: Although Sharaiya was saying she could let go, Mara did not.. "Not careful enough.." Mara murmured and then nuzzled into Sharaiya's cheek and neck as she started to squeeze slowly.. The ref girl called for the bell and pointed Leah out of the ring, the blonde bunny smiled and went to step through the ropes, wiggling her butt and bunny tail as she did

desperatemethods: Sharaiya started to wiggle within Mara's grasp, trying to get out from the slowly tightening hug, starting to blush darker when Mara nuzzled her cheek and neck, releasing a soft, hot aired gasp against the girl's ear. " B-But.. We... H-Hadn't officially started! "

kelseakk: "Too bad!" Mara chimed merrily and a bit childishly. She crouched down a little, the hug loosening momentarily before she would suddenly try to swipe Sharaiya up off her feet in her grasp

desperatemethods: Sharaiya continued to struggle against Mara, which only made her breasts grind and press against Mara's, releasing another soft gasp against Mara's face before she was forced to move with Mara but then her feet were suddenly from the ground and she was completely in Mara's grasp, widening her eyes and quickly tried to jerk her body backwards with all her weight while the hug was loosened.

kelseakk: The suddenly struggle made it difficult difficult to hold onto her, at first Mara simply said "nuh-uh.." As she persistantly tried to hold on, but Sharaiya was starting to make a little headway, loosening the grip even more as their bodies rubbed firmly up against one another

desperatemethods: Sharaiya closed both eyes closed and couldn't help but release a very soft moan when their bodies rubbed so intimately against eachother, her own struggling starting to cease just to make that stop but hoped the hold Mara had on her was loose enough to make Mara drop her so she could roll away from her.

kelseakk: Mara no longer had a good grip on Sharaiya after the struggling, but before letting go completely Mara would throw herself backwards to the mat and let go of Sharaiya half way through the manuever so that her body would shoot over her in an over head belly to belly suplex.

desperatemethods: Sharaiya tried to pull back in time but it was too late, she was thrown over Maya and barely managed to avoid hiting the mat with her head, landing on her back near Leah, groaning softly and bringing one hand up to her head to rub it, not wanting to stay on her back and slowly stood back up and get into a defensive stance, looking over at Mara and wondering what was best to attack her with.

kelseakk: The belly to belly suplex was really clumsy, but Leah grinned as she happened to land right close to her... As Sharaiya climbed to her feet and stood to face Mara, Leah would reach over the ropes and grab ahold of her head, turning her around to face her and then putting her throat down over the top ropes.. Her face going a little into Leah's cleveage

desperatemethods: Sharaiya was about to charge into Mara when she knew what to submission hold she should go for when her head was suddenly captured and she was forced to turn to look at Leah, blinking before her throat was pushed on the top ropes, blushing darkly red when her face was a little too close against Leah's cleavage. " Gaahh! H-Hey.. No fair! "

kelseakk: The ref came over "Hey, let go of her!! ...two!" She started counting but Leah didn't need the full 5 count. Holding onto the back of her head and mashing Sharaiya's nose and lips against her luscious breasts for a moment longer, Leah would then jump off and drop down from the apron of the ring to the outside floor. Dragging Sharaiya's head down so that she was hung up harder on the ropes before probably getting whipped backwards..

desperatemethods: Sharaiya couldn't help but feel emberassed when her lips and nose pressed against the girl's breasts, being forced to kiss them and with Sharaiya struggling to breath she took in Leah's scent, closing her eyes tightly before she could feel a sudden shift of position and her throat was forced harder upon the ropes before she was almost catapulted backwards, falling onto her back and quickly grabbed her throat to rub it, coughing out loudly while she struggled to get some air back in her lungs.

kelseakk: unfortunately for Sharaiya, by the time Leah had finished with her and catapaulted her backwards to the mat, Mara was up from the suplex, ready and waiting... As Sharaiya landed on her back in front of the pink haired bunny, Mara would launch herself up into the air "Woo!!!" She called out as she kicked her legs out and tried to come down in a leg drop across Sharaiya's bust

desperatemethods: Sharaiya was choked up but she was still early in the game, the moment she saw Mara trying to drop down on her she quickly rolled away from her, barely managed to avoid it but she didn't waste time, still clutching her throat with one hand but she tried to angle her body while on the mat so she could try and wrap her legs around Mara's waist and squeeze it in a body scissor attempt.

kelseakk: Mara yelped out as she came down hard on her butt with Shariaya not where she expected for the leg drop, she tilted to one side feeling her cheeks when suddenly Sharaiya moved in and slipped her legs around her waist "Hey!" Mara protested, pushing her hand against Sharaiya's bust as she got the body scissors locked in

desperatemethods: Sharaiya couldn't help but blush once she could feel the hand upon her breasts but she did not let it falter her scissor hold, instead she tightened it to try and force Mara onto her back while at the same time she tried to grab the girl's arm and hold it between her breasts to make sure she couldn't touch them. " Gotcha! "

kelseakk: "Nh!" Mara let out as her buxom body flopped down onto her back, her breasts wobbling a bit as her arm was grasped and held between Sharaiya's breasts. By now Leah was back up by her corner, "Come on sis... Fight her!" She called in, Mara pressed her feet down on the mat and pushed her hips upwards, struggling against Sharaiya's hold

desperatemethods: Sharaiya tried to hold on, locking the scissors in tightly but in the end she was forced to release the girl, growling lowly in annoyance and quickly moved her legs and hands from the girl's body and rolled away from her to stand back up.

kelseakk: "ow.." Mara groaned as she moved her arm to her belly when Sharaiya let go of the hold. Mara rolled the opposite direction of Sharaiya and would slowly start getting to her feet.

desperatemethods: Sharaiya was known to be quick and rush straight towards Mara, trying to get past and behind the girl while she was trying to get back up, hoping to get behind and then fit a abdominal stretch submission hold on her.

kelseakk: Mara was still getting up as Sharaiya rushed past her to behind the bunny. the buxom Dutch felt Sharaiya pressing against her back and tilting her body to one side "Nh.. hey!" Mara protested but she soon felt Sharaiya's arm across her face and then her leg entwine with one of hers to start to arch her body.

desperatemethods: Sharaiya smirked when she got a good hold on Mara and started to bend her to the side a little painfully, looking at the girl while she kept the hold on tight though also trying keep an eye on Leah just incsae the girl would step in to interfere. " Mmm.. Gotcha! "

kelseakk: "Nngh!" Mara groaned out, her breasts pushing out against her bunny suit as her chest was forced to puff. Her warm butt cheeks and bunny tail pressing right into Sharaiya's crotch. Mara clenched her teeth, starting to try and use her strength to straighten herself up out of the arch

desperatemethods: Sharaiya tried to keep Mara trapped but the girl managed to straight herself, trying to apply all of her own strength to the side so she could try and force Mara back into the bending position though with that tail in such a suggestive position, she was starting to get a little distracted.

kelseakk: Mara pant a couple of times, her bust puffing out each time. Her body rubbed firmly back against Sharaiya as she moved into the upright position and as her opponent started to feel distracted, Mara would try to take advantage. Hooking the arm that was around her head, Mara would take a deep breath and bend over, her butt thumping back against Sharaiya's crotch as Mara tried to flip Sharaiya right over herself in an arm drag to break the hold

desperatemethods: Sharaiya couldn't seem to bring Mara back into the bending position and she suddenly felt the girl's arm around her head and then pulled down and onto her own back instead, gasping out from surprise and tried to roll away from Mara quickl so she could stand up and think of something new.

kelseakk: Right after flipping Sharaiya over, Mara stumbled backwards a couple of steps luckily back into her corner, Leah was quick to clap her sister on the shoulder to tag herself in and stepped through the ropes... By that time Sharaiya was still in the process of standing up, so the fresh bunny would charge her, trying take her back down to the mat with a drop kick to her juicey bust

desperatemethods: Sharaiya was about to get back on her feet but was met with a sudden dropkick, crying out softly of pain as she once again was forced backwards and landing with her back against the mat, one hand coming up to rub her chest. " Ngh.. Dammit.. "

kelseakk: Leah giggled and climbed to her feet, she'd reach down for Sharaiya's hair and try to drag her up to her feet.. Keeping her close to her body all the way up so that Sharaiya's breasts would drag up the front of the bunnies body. Once fully up, Leah would grip onto Sharaiya's wrist and then yank her into an Irish whip, straight for the bunnies corner where Mara was by now on the outside apron.

desperatemethods: Sharaiya groaned softly when her body trailed up along Leah's body, wanting to pull away from her but instead she was yanked and pushed towards the turnbuckle closests to Mara, coughing softly when she hit it with her chest, trying to push herself from the turnbuckle before Mara or Leah would reach her.

kelseakk: Unfortunately Mara was ready and waiting for the tag teaming, after Sharaiya hit into the turnbuckle Mara would reach over similar to how Leah had done before. She'd hug Sharaiya's head down right into her bossom, the top part of her bunny costume open just like Leah's so that Sharaiya's face would be right on Mara's warm fragrant cleveage

desperatemethods: Sharaiya's eyes and panted out hot air right into Mara's cleavage, starting to flail her arms around lke a scared child while her face got warm and red from embarassment, trying to say something but didn't know what aymore other then small hot aired gasps and whines of protest of being into the girl's cleavage, breathing in Mara's delicious scent only got her more embarassed. " Mmm..! "

kelseakk: Mara giggled out over Sharaiya's head as she kept both arms wrapped around the back of the other girl's neck and head, sloting her face down even deeper into her cleveage as the bunnies nipples stiffened with the feel of Shariaya's breath. The ref girl started to count "one... two..." Mara start wiggling back and forth with Sharaiya, having the unexpected effect of rubbing Sharaiya's breasts against the ropes a bit

desperatemethods: Sharaiya tried to pull her head back but the more she did the more her face ended up nuzzled the girl's cleavage, her own breasts rubbing against the ropes only made the Russian release a soft unwanted moan into Mara's cleavage, her hands coming up upon the girl's shoulder as she tried to yank her head back again, starting to get very wall between Mara's breasts.

kelseakk: Leah had come over by now as Mara continued to smoother the Russian girl, "Three.. four..." The ref continued, Mara finally released Sharaiya, let her go right into the waiting arm's of Leah. Leah would slip her hands down to the underside of Sharaiya's thighs from behind, lift her up into the air and try to bring her down right onto her outstretched thigh and knee in an atomic drop

desperatemethods: Sharaiya pulled back and panted loudly for air, rubbing her face with one hand but widened her eyes when she was suddenly lifted up from her feet and then slammed down onto Leah's knee, crying out softly in pain as both hands came to her crotch to strike it while Sharaiya fell down on her stomach with a soft groan. " N-No fair... "

kelseakk: The bunnies were getting all over Sharaiya now, Leah before kicking Sharaiya over onto her back and reaching for her legs to rearrange her body so that her head was just under the turnbuckle pad. Mara stepped in through the middle ropes and would scale up onto the second ropes, her luscious bunny butt looming over Sharaiya...

desperatemethods: Sharaiya coughed out softly when she was forced onto her back and redirected, bringing one hand up to her face to rub it before she noticed Mara stepping inside the ring and noticing her rear over her, blushing slightly before she'd immidiatly try to roll away.

kelseakk: "Oi!" Mara yelled out as Sharaiya rolled from under the set up position before Mara could jump down with a butt slam. Leah was still in the ring for now and so chased Sharaiya down, aiming a firm stomp at Sharaiya's breasts as she rolled away

desperatemethods: Sharaiya quickly rolled onto her feet and noticed Leah charging at her, grabbing the foot while it stomped her breasts and tried to twist her ankle to the side in a attempt to make the bunny girl fall and if succesfull she'll immidiatly le go to run towards Mara and tried to spear her to the ground for something else..

kelseakk: Leah cried out, the twist of the leg didn't really hurt but more took her by surprise and she went down to the mat. Mara was climbing down off the second ropes, pouting at the fact she didn't get to sit on Sharaiya when the Russian charged her with the spear "Ugh!" Mara coughed out with a little spittle, going down to the mat with Sharaiya on top of her cushiony body

desperatemethods: Sharaiya grinned down and teasingly kissed Mara's foreehead. " Be a good girl and stay put! " She'd then quickly get up of Mara, hoping the girl wouldn't think of attacking her so she could advance towards Leah. Sharaiya figured she had to count on her speed this time, wanting to get close to Leah and grab her by the hand and if possible move her to her sister so she could hiptoss the girl ontop of Mara.

kelseakk: Mara soft warm breasts pushed up and down into Sharaiya as she lay over her, the pink haired bunny staying down. Leah however, who the ref girl had been telling to get out of the ring, was a lot fresh then her sis. As Sharaiya took her by the hand Leah would climb to her feet but stomp her foot down and yank backwards so that Sharaiya could take her where she wanted to go. She'd give a second yank to try and pull Sharaiya towards her as she goes for a short arm clothesline, knowing that if it works she'd have to scamper out of the ring with the ref hounding her

desperatemethods: Sharaiya went towards Mara with Leah and thought it was going to happen just like she thought in her mind but suddenly she was yanked back to Leah and clothesline, falling hard upon the mat and coughing out, slowly rolling away from Leah while she tried to stand up some more, though she was quite dazed from the sudden clothesline, she had no defences. up during that time " Dammit.. Smart.. "

kelseakk: Sharaiya's breast had bumped against the side of Leah's breast while performing the quick clothesline, Leah rearranged her bunny costume and stood over Sharaiya, but the ref came over to get in Leah's way. "Tch.. SHE was the one that attacked ME.." Leah exasperated, but still moved to climb out onto the apron and walk towards her corner. Mara was holding her stomach and starting to roll over, reaching out for the ropes to try and help her up..

desperatemethods: Sharaiya slowly started to get back on her feet and noticed Mara using the ropes to get herself up and got an idea, walking up towards Mara to stand behind her and then tried to wrap her arms around the girl's head and neck so she could fit a sleeperhold on her aswell as press her body against Mara's back, trying to keep her nice and close in the hold.

kelseakk: Mara climbs to her feet to suddenly feel Sharaiya's body pressing up against her back, "Ahh!" She lets out as Sharaiya's arms entwining around her head and neck.. Pulling Mara back closely against Sharaiya's busty body and into the sleeper hold

desperatemethods: Sharaiya started to chuckle and pulled a little hard on Mara's neck, leaning in close to release a sigh in the girl's ear. " Sure you don't wanna submit? I don't wanna knock you out... " She'd then look over at Leah with a wink, holding Mara close to her. " I'm not that easy, sorry! "

kelseakk: "nh!" Mara groaned out and started to wiggle her body back and forth, from side to side.. Her butt and bunny tail started rubbing into Sharaiya's crotch once more and her breasts scrapped along Mara's back as twisted and turned in her attempts to get out

desperatemethods: Sharaiya would purr softly into Mara's ear, trying to keep the girl in locked tight but the tail rubbing against her crotch made her loosen the hold slightly. " G-Grrr.. You're tail is really annoying.. Heh.. "

kelseakk: Mara panted out against Sharaiya's arm, feeling the hold loosen she redoubled her efforts in her struggles. Her body was rubbing up a storm against Sharaiya's by now, Sharaiya's breasts and more importantly her nipples being rubbed back and forth while her butt and tail kept grinding into Sharaiya crotch. Little beads of sweat appearing on Mara's big body

desperatemethods: Sharaiya was not able to keep Mara for long, feeling the rubbing only increasing, her breasts moving and grinding against Mara's back while tryng to clos her legs when that tal kept pressing and grinding against her crotch, releasing a very soft moan again and qickly released Mara to back away from her, knowing that this was only going to weaken her.

kelseakk: Mara gasped out as she stumbled forwards onto her knees, one hands dangling over the near by ropes as she panted for breath, but butt sticking out as her bunny ears flopped forwards a bit

desperatemethods: Sharaiya was panting softly, trying to get her body back in her own control, she was sweating a bit from the close rubbing Mara kept giving her, lookin over at the girl but not doig anything to advance on her.

kelseakk: Mara would climb fully to her feet and turn to face Sharaiya, sweating and panting a little also... She approached the Russian and raised up her hands towards her shoulders to try and get her in a lock up

desperatemethods: Sharaiya watched her but decided to go along and try to lock up with Mara and if she was locked up with her, trying to push her backwards towards one of the turnbuckles to pin her there.

kelseakk: Mara and Sharaiya would struggle in the grapple for a little while before Mara decided to end it. She forcefully break the lock up and then propel herself forwards in a jump, throwing her arms out wide and yelling out "YAAH!!"she tried bump the front of her body into the front of Sharaiya in an unorthordoxed body block.

desperatemethods: Sharaiya widened her eyes when Mara threw herself forward and against her, making Sharaiya lose completely balance and fall onto her back with Mara falling ontop of her, coughing out her air and trying to push the girl off weakly.

kelseakk: Mara's warm body pressed down on top of Sharaiya for a moment while the Russian struggled to push Mara off, after a while Mara would climb off of Sharaiya but reach down for her to drag her up with Shariaya's face and breasts again rubbing against Mara's soft sensual body. The bunny will stop with Sharaiya's head held at her bust and start to pull her over towards the bunnies corner

desperatemethods: Sharaiya panted out softly, which was not a good idea as she released numerous of hot pants against Mara's body while she was pulled up, her breasts rising against her body aswell, her nipples only starting to stiffen and perk through her top, releasing another gentle moan due to it, being pulled towards the corner where Leah was though tried to pull away, panting directly into Mara's cleavage once more, thinking that Mara actually did smell nice.

kelseakk: Mara panted over Sharaiya's head, her arms held firmly around the back of Sharaiya head as she dragged her to the bunnies corner. Once there she would force Sharaiya back up against the turnbuckles but keep her face deeply planted against her warm moist bossom.. Mara's nipples stiffened up and poked through the soft black material of her bunny suit due to Sharaiya's hot pants, Mara pressed her body against Sharaiya to trap her in the corner... Sharaiya's breasts pressing into Mara body just under her own bust as she smoothers her for a bit

desperatemethods: Sharaiya tried to pull away but with her back against the turnbuckle she couldn't escape, being forced deeper into the girl's cleavage and shook her head wildly from side to side, nuzzling the girl's breasts in a desperate attempt to get away and breath again, her hands upon the girl's hips and pushing upon them, making muffled sounds of protests within Mara's chest.

kelseakk: Mara kept her there a little longer, her bust puffing out against Sharaiya face each time she took a pant in.. Sharaiya forced to do nothing other then take in the sent of the pink haired bunny as a few light trickles of sweat ran down Mara's body. Finally she moved one arm away to tag her sis Leah, as the blond bunny stepped into the ring, Mara would grip her hands on the ropes either side of Sharaiya's body... She'd take a step back and then yank on the ropes to drive her buxom body back up against Sharaiya and squash her to the corner

desperatemethods: Sharaiya panted out loudly when Mara finally took a step back, her face was red and warm, having spent a little too much time in Mara's breasts didn't help her. She was even starting to sweat a little, wanting to pull herself away but was sudden;y squashed and sandwhiched between the turnbuckle and Mara, her head tilting back and releasing a low grunt of pain, her legs trembling as she just wanted to sit down but for now Mara's weight held her up.

kelseakk: Mara huffed out as her body made contact with Sharaiya, her breasts squashing up to Sharaiya's and staying there for a while.. Panting delightfully over Sharaiya's shoulder.. Finally she stepped to one side leaving her laying up against the corner as Leah came over, she'd duck down and grasp the middle ropes so that she can try to drive her shoulder into Sharaiya's belly

desperatemethods: Sharaiya slowly started to close her eyelids halfly when she heard the girl's panting near her ear, then feeling the girl pulling away she thought she could finally get some time to recover but Leah was quick in attacking again, coughing out loudly when the shoulder sunk into her stomach though she quickly tried to wrap her arm around Leah's her and then jump from her feet and onto her rear, trying to force Leah to go down with her while she kept the headlock on tight.

kelseakk: Sharaiya arm went around Leah's head but Leah kept her shoulder pressed into Sharaiya's stomach to keep her trapped in the corner so that she couldn't jump off the mat and go to ground with her. Leah would clench her teeth a bit from the hold "nh.. You smell like Mara now.." She'd tease despite the strain, still keep her grip on the middle ropes and try to slam Sharaiya back against the corner again, hoping to make her let go

desperatemethods: Sharaiya started to put a very tight squeeze squeeze around the girl's head, grinning own weakly at Leah. " Yeah.. Mara really seemed intend to do that.. " She'd groan out repeatedly from being slammed in the corner, often coughing out air and trying to get it back quickly though her headlock started to weaken slightly. " Nnn.. "

kelseakk: Leah was a bit surprised to feel Sharaiya still persistantly trying to continue with the headlock depsite driving her back into the corner a bit more. The blonde bunny puffing out softly against the side of Sharaiya's waist as the tightening of the headlock made her lose a breath of air. By now Mara had stepped out through the ropes and was to Sharaiya side seems they had her in their corner.. Reaching over, Mara would try to wrap her arms around Sharaiya's head to put her into a sleeper hold from the other side of the ropes, showing off why the bunnies are know to work so well as a tag team.

desperatemethods: Sharaiya wanted to keep the squeeze going but soon she felt a pair of strong arms around her head and she was caught in a sleeper hold, immidiatly releasing Leah and bringing her hands up to try and remove the forearm around her throat, pressing her head back against Mara while she tried to kick Leah back and away from her with one of her feet, knowing that the girl would become dangerous with Sharaiya this defenceless.

kelseakk: Sharaiya was able to get an awkward kick on Leah after releasing the headlock, the blonde bunny stumbling back a bit but managing to keep herself on her feet.. Mara would sink the sleeper hold in a little deeper in order to try and wear Sharaiya out, her head leaning over Sharaiya's shoulder as Mara soft pants warmed the side of Sharaiya's neck.. The ref stepping in to count Mara.. "One.... two..."

desperatemethods: Sharaiya's cheeks turned dark red when Mara pulled the hold in deeper and feel that warm air against the tender skin of her neck, trying to keep as much air in her lungs as possible while her body was starting to get limp, her hand now resting gently upon Mara's arm. " M-Maraaa... This ain't f-fair..! " Sharaiya started to become lightheaded, finding herself lucky she could atleast keep Leah away.

kelseakk: Mara responded to Sharaiya's protest simply by lifting her head and giving Sharaiya a gentle lick on the cheek, more so as if showing a strange form of affection for her opponent then to tease, but no one could really tell with Mara. "Three... Four..." The ref continued, Leah stayed back seems Sharaiya was blindly kicking her feet and instead signaled to Mara, the pink haired bunny waiting right into the last moment before releasing Sharaiya's head and shoving her forwards out of the corner towards Leah, who'd be waiting to try and take her to the mat with a quick drop kick to Sharaiya's bust

desperatemethods: Sharaiya could help but release a relaxing sigh when Mara lickd her cheek, something she shouldn't have done and only lost more air, her body pressing back against the corner while Mara held her, who could probably feel the heat coming from Sharaiya from being this close to Mara again, suddenly though she was shoved forward, a short stumble to Leah while she tried to inhale fresh air back in her lungs but at the same time she was dropkicked in her chest, falling hard upon her back and held her chest with one hand while it rose and fell from her harsh breathing.

kelseakk: Leah body bounced on the mat and she quickly got back to her feet, letting out a short breath as she moved around to Sharaiya's head. She'd drop down onto one knee and then pull Sharaiya up into a sitting position with Leah behind her. Then reaching an arm around the front of Sharaiya's face Leah'd force her to bend backwards and try to lock her head down under her armpit and against the bare side of Leah's large orb in a dragon sleeper..

desperatemethods: Sharaiya was stilol catching her breath, being force to sit before locked under Leah's armpit and bend back in a dragon sleeper, her chest pushing up in the air while she released muffled whimpers in Leah's armpit, closing her eyes tightly and trying to shake her head from side to side, her legs shifting on the mat as she tried to struggle around with her body. " Mmff! "

kelseakk: Now Sharaiya was getting the pleseant scent of Leah's body as she kept Sharaiya's head trapped in close against the side of her breast and armpit. "Relax sweets.." Leah whispered as she reached her free hand down to grip a handful of Sharaiya's breast through her clothing and gently massage her orb and stiff nipple... "Let me do what I do best... ok?" she said in a soft voice

desperatemethods: Sharaiya kept on kicking on the mat, trying to atleast struggle as much as she could, that all changed however when her breast was taken by the girl's hand and then gentle massaged, her eyelids immidiatly closed halfly and released a muffled moan of surprise against Leah's armpit, the blush reforming on her cheeks while she started to retaliate less and less as the arousal filled her body.

kelseakk: "mmh.. you like that..?" Leah moaned gently, sensing Sharaiya's body reacting to her touch.. Leah kept Sharaiya locked up in the dragon sleeper as she moved her hand down and slipped it under Shariya's top, moving up to grip the same breast under without the protection of her top in the way of her hand. Leah immediately went for the nipple, pinching it soft and then gently sliding her finger nail in a circle around the nub

desperatemethods: Sharaiya didn't want to admit it but Leah's touch actually had alot of effect on it, hearing Leah's question, she only released another soft moan against her armpit while she could feel her stiffened nipple now being directly pinched by the girl, shivvering as Leah had complete access to her chest and the rest of her body, her legs no longer kicking out, resting bcak against Leah while she tried to breath properly. " Mmmm... "

kelseakk: Leah purposely pulled the dragon sleeper in such a way that Sharaiya would be forced to arch her chest out and push her breasts more out into Leah's hand as she squeezed the orb in the palm of her hand. She moved her arm so that her wrist would pull up Sharaiya's shirt over her breasts, revealing them to the open air and crowd..

desperatemethods: While Sharaiya's body arched forward and up, making only one of her breasts bounce from the movements while the othe one was held by Leah, she could feel her shirt pulled up and the cold air touch her warm stomach. Her firm and sweaty breasts shown to the entire audience while she whimpered in Leah's hold, her eyes closing shut.

kelseakk: Leah allowed her finger to circle Shariaya's nipple a couple more times before releasing the breast and gripping the shirt. She let go of Sharaiya's head and would pull up on the shirt to try and remove the top of her clothing completely as she stood up, hoping she had worn down Sharaiya suffiently

desperatemethods: Sharaiya could not resist Leah any further, having been rendered immobile by the girl's sleeperhold aswell as breathing in the girl's delicious scent, it was like she was in a deep trance while Leah removed her shirt and left her topless, slowly rolling onto her stomach once Leah had released her and stood up, panting loudly against the mat and after a few seconds she'd slowly try to stand back up, trying to shake the dirty thoughts from her head.

kelseakk: Leah would throw the shirt out of the ring and back up to Mara, tagging her while Sharaiya was still down on the mat. Mara stepped through the ropes, panting a little as she was tired then Leah was and also because of excitement from an idea she had gotten. As she came into the ring she'd gently move the top of her black bunny suit down and allow her breasts to pop free much to the crowds delight as they now got to see both Sharaiya and Mara's breasts.. Mara saw that Sharaiya was pretty much back up to her feet and so would charge her, opening her arms up at the last minute to try and engulf Sharaiya in a hug that would put their naked tits right against one another!

desperatemethods: Sharaiya started to look up when Mara got into the ring, seeing her pant she thought she'd atleast have a better chance against her then Leah, though when the girl moved her top down and showed off her delicious breasts, which made Sharaiya focus more on them then what Mara was doing, and suddenly Mara moved into her and placed her in a hug, looking up at Mara with widened her eyes but soon she moaned right in her face when her breasts pressed and rubbing against Mara's, aswell as her nipples prodding and dancing around the bunny girl's. " Mmmm...! "

kelseakk: Mara panted against the side of Sharaiya's cheek, her breasts pancaking delciously against Sharaiya and her stiff nipples poking right into Sharaiya's tender skin. "Gotcha!" Mara leaned down and then tried to pick Sharaiya up a little off the mat, the dutch girl's breasts was still moist with perspiration and as Sharaiya moved up their breast rubbed sensually against one another

desperatemethods: Sharaiya gasped out when she was lifted off the mat, leaning into Mara and her forehead pressing down on the top of the girl's head, another moan coming from her when her breasts battle aganst Mara's, her nipples trailing over the girl's breasts before they recontacted with their opponent's nipples again, starting to sweat more from being this close to Mara again. " Ungh... Feels.. G-Good.. " Sharaiya had never experienced a hold like this before, and Mara was getting the first moans from it.

kelseakk: Mara groaned out too, body also sweat as their hot bodies pressed more and more up to each other. Mara allowed Sharaiya to slowly slide back down again, her nipples drawing parallel lines up from the underside of Sharaiya's breasts while Sharaiya's nipples drew lines down from the top of Mara's rack. Finally the nipples came togeather again and Mara squeeze in the hug a little tighter to make sure their nubs were squashed together, Mara resting her forehead now against Sharaiya's as she panted out strawberry bubble gum scented breath against Sharaiya's lips and into her mouth..

desperatemethods: Sharaiya tried to keep her head in the match and not go sexual against Mara, feeling the need to warn the girl, whisperng softly. " M-Maraaa.. Stop... Y-You're turning me on.. " Sharaiya breathing in Mara's rather delicious scented breath and she couldn't stop herself anymore, leaning in to suddenly kiss Mara on the lips and force her tongue into her mouth, her arms sliding around Mara's body and hugged her just as tight back, battling her nipples with her own.

kelseakk: Mara kinda just rocked Sharaiya's body from side to side playfully as Sharaiya whispered her to stop, scrapping their nipples left and right against one another. Then Sharaiya intiated a kiss with Mara while embracing each other, Mara tasting of the strawberry bubble gum she'd been chewing as Mara kissed Sharaiya back

desperatemethods: Sharaiya's own lust increased by the passion she shared with Mara, letting her tongue play with Mara's, releasing a gentle moan within the girl's mouth while she focussed only on the pleasure now, bringing her hands down slowly, trailing her fingers along the girl's warm body before she took the girl's rear with both hands and groping them roughly, pressing the girl against her while her breasts grinded and pressed up as close as they could against her opponent's, her eyes falling shut as she enjoyed every moment with her, purring in her mouth with delight while she pressed her crotch hard against the bunny girl's, wanting to touch every part of the girl's body. " Mmmmh. "

kelseakk: Mara moaned back into Sharaiya mouth, squeezing her sweaty body steadily as Sharaiya gripped Mara's butt cheeks. Mara tensed her hips and their woman hoods came into contact with each other throught their clothing. Mara jostled the bear hug lightly, making Sharaiya body jolt up and hump against her sex..

desperatemethods: Sharaiya couldn't seem to stop herself any longer, gently massaging the girl's butt cheeks while her eyes reopened to looking at Mara, slowly pulling back from the kiss, only to release another moan in her face as her slightly damp sex humped against Mara's, snuggling body closer against her while she was fit in the bearhug still. " Oooh... M-Maraaaa... "

kelseakk: The front of the mound area of Mara's dark bunny outfit had also become moist now with Mara's excitement, as the kiss broke Mara panted deeply right into Sharaiya mouth. Her body tensed up, her arms squeezing in more and really forcing their nipples directly right into one another... a couple of trickle of sweat rolling down her orbs and swapping over onto Sharaiya's orbs, flowing down the crease between where both of their breasts met in a panacake

desperatemethods: Sharaiya inhaled the girl's scent of her body and breath, shifting inside the tight hug while she offered no resistance to it, her nipples twirling and pressing against the nipples of Mara while her warm and sweat breasts bumped and rubbed all over mara's, Sharaiya unable to keep much of the pleasure inside of her as her crotch became more most, eagerly thrusting it against Mara's crotch, seeking out the contact in full.

kelseakk: Mara wiggled her hip, panting really loud with excited throbbing through her.. She released one arm from Sharaiya back but kept her in a half bear hug with the other arm. She slipped her free hand down between them and gently slipped Sharaiya's black panties to one side so that her snatch was uncovered, then slipped the material of her bunny suit to one side so that her womanhood was also naked. Mara then moved her arm back up around Sharaiya back and tightened the hug, in the process forcing their dripping wet mounds into direct unprotected contact

desperatemethods: Sharaiya did not stop Mara from moving her panties to the side to show her moist sex, then moaned out loudly when their sex's came in contact with eachother, immidiatly wrapping one leg around Mara's hip loosely, groaning in the tightened hug and leaning against Mara, moving her head over the girl's shoulder while she repeatedly moaned out as she grinded and humped her sex against the bunny girl's. " Mmmm! "

kelseakk: Mara allowed Sharaiya to rest her head down over her shoulder while she slipped her chin over Sharaiya's opposite shoulder, they had now been in the bear hug togeather for quite some time and sweat was starting to drip and mingle on their over heated bodies. Mara begun pumping the hug tighter every now and then, causing Sharaiya's body to hump against her.. Their sex bumping and grinding moistly. "Hey, leave some for me will ya.." Leah said, but Mara just kept on.. fully focused on Sharaiya.

desperatemethods: Sharaiya moaned with each time Mara pumped the hug in tighter, forcing Sharaiya's wet sex to hump and press into the girl's sex, only forcing Sharaiya to shake her entire body in the tight bearhug and moan Mara's name out into her ear, holding tightly nto Mara but not in a bearhug, feeling her arousal driving her wild and starting to reach her climax

kelseakk: Mara panted ruggedly as she kept pumping Sharaiya's body against herself, their breasts and mounds rubbing so closely, sharing each others sweat.. Mara moaned out and tilted her head back a little, getting close too... Seeming like they were gonna cum together.

desperatemethods: Clutching tightly onto Mara with her arms and her leg, it wasn't going to be long for Sharaiya to errupt, rubbing herself against Mara and letting her sweaty breasts press and wiggle against the other formidable pair, soon however she cried out loudly in pure bliss, holding tightly onto Mara as her body jolted within the hug, humping her sex against Mara's and holding it there while she reached her climax, releasing her juices against the girl's sex and letting it drop down.

kelseakk: Mara threw her head back at the same time, holding Sharaiya tightly in the hug as she cried out. Her hips thrust forwards and she came back against Sharaiya sex, both of their mound soaked wet with each other's juices. Mara's body bucked with her orgasm, each time Sharaiya's body was tightened on and pulled a little more against Mara

desperatemethods: Sharaiya was starting to lose conciousness, she was already panting out loudly for air and Mara only pressed her tighter against herself, her breasts mashing up against the bunny girl's and her legs coming to wrap over the girl's thighs, her arms loosely over the girl's shoulders and her forehead was once again against Mara's, sweat dripping from her chin and onto their breasts, having no strength to wiggle out of the hug, not that she wanted as she was pulled closer to that warm body of Mara's, panting out against the girl's lips while she tried to breath. " A-Aaah... So gooddd... "

kelseakk: Mara's orgasm started to die down, leaving her panting right into Sharaiya face as their foreheads rested upon one another... Sweat and now cum dripped from their bodies as Mara stood on slightly wobbly legs, sharing heat with Sharaiya's body... Her bear hug weakened a little but Sharaiya seemed to be almost out anyway...

desperatemethods: Sharaiya had finally calmed down from her own orgasm, stare into Mara's eyes and looked at her with only weakness in her own eyes, all her strength had faded from the Mara's bearhug and the sexual overdosis she was given, her arms and legs now loosely around Mara though one leg slid down the girl's warm body and ack on the mat, her breasts still warm and sweating from pleasure, not being able to say anything but pant out against Mara's face, breathing the girl's scent with each inhale, now almost like a ragdoll in the hug.

kelseakk: Mara was barely able to keep Sharaiya up after having cum while performing such a strong bear hug, she could feel that she was about to let go.. The ref girl stepped over as she saw Sharaiya was now like a rag doll in Mara hot, sweat and erotic bear hug.. She reached for Sharaiya, intending to lift it up and let it drop 3 times, if it did then she'd declare a knock out on Sharaiya...

desperatemethods: Sharaiya nuzzled her face into the side of Mara's neck, the only sound coming from her was the loud panting while she felt her arm being lifted up three times, each time her arm just dropped lifelessly on her side again, spend from the orgasm and the tight hug, aswell as Leah's dragon sleeper, her sex still dripping wet from release while Mara was going to be declared the winner, though Sharaiya felt too light headed to even notice what was happening.

kelseakk: The ref let her arm fall the final time and as it did she called for the bell, the bunny tune "All the things she said" by TATU starting up in the background. Trembling, Mara arm's loosened on Sharaiya to allow her to drop to the mat, Mara standing there panting hard as she looked down on Sharaiya sexy and sweaty body. Leah stepped into the ring, putting her hand behind her head and sighing "Shesh.. You didn't even leave any for me.. I hardly got to do anything in that match... Well except that hot dragon sleeper." Leah said as the ref came over to raise both their arms in victory

desperatemethods: Sharaiya tested upon her back, her eyes halfly open while she stared back at Mara's sweating body, taking in ever detail of the girl's body and noticed Leah getting inside aswell, slowly.. Very slowly she brought her hand up to rub her face a little, she wasn't even sure what had happened, she was in such a trace of Mara's sexual prowess aswell as the girl's lovely scent. She heard that the bunnies had won, not being able to help but only groan out. " Ahhh... D-Dammit... "

kelseakk: Leah looked down at Sharaiya "Oh.. You didn't knock her all the way out... i guess you got lucky." She commented, Mara was still watching Sharaiya sweaty body though and said nothing "Ok, let go Mara.." Leah would say before taking Mara hand and start to leave..

The Love Bunnies win via KO

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