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Summer Splash interest in Natasha Loclear?

Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:30 pm by daemongirl

Well my girl hasn't missed a summer splash yet, would anyone be interested in a match with her? Open to just about anything match wise, just pm me!

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Been Out with the Flu

Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:47 pm by daemongirl

Just letting those I have threads with know I've been out with the flu since early last week, but I will be back to posting tomorrow.

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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Ciara Austerlitz: She-Wolf of the One-Four-One

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Ciara Austerlitz: She-Wolf of the One-Four-One

Post by KyrasPyravi on Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:08 am

Name: Ciara Austerlitz
Alias: Sledge
Sex/Gender: Female
Age: 24 Born 12/06/1991
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Jet Black, short & unruly
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 186 lb.
Nationality: 1/4 Japanese, 1/4 Mongolian, 1/4 German, 1/4 Western Irish
Citizenship: None (technically United Kingdom)
Entrance Music: "Breaching & Clearing" by Lorne Balfe
Alignment: Decisively neutral, but blatantly contemptuous of 'Heel' individuals
Sexuality: Bicurious, formerly lesbian

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Readily offensive while versed in but not disposed towards defense
Style: Combination of CQC, boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, and Muay Thai
Type: Straight-up in-your-face battle, Attritional Exchange
Preferred Attacks: Heavy close-in strikes and exchanges, grapples, very versatile with arm or hand-based attacks (elbows, forearms, fists, palms) but mostly restricts her legs to Muay Thai knee attacks
Preferred Matches: Standard, Last Girl Standing, Iron Girl
Difficulty Level: Very Difficult (Surprisingly enough, Medium to Medium-Difficult if somehow fighting a Kawaii because of psychological issues from military service)

RPG Style Stat Spread:

Endurance: ★★★★★

Strength: ★★★★★

Speed: ★★★ (★★★★★ if her live-or-die instinct triggers)

Defense: ★★ (Attritional exchange) / ★★★★ (Non-match fighting)

Technique: ★★★★

Detailed Fighting Style:

Ciara, even before her induction into the military and the multinational Spec Ops field, trained her body and soul in straightforward, hard-hitting fighting styles, such as boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, and Muay Thai. In addition, her grueling training since her introduction into the military at 18 years old has honed her body into a relentless fighting machine, capable of enduring and dishing out massive amounts of damage, as well as a hair-trigger reflex known only to veterans of the battlefield. However, it requires such a battlefield or a severe situation for Ciara's unbridled fighting instinct to kick in with full force. Even in the rings or MMA arenas that the fighter has frequented, Ciara has often found herself instinctively holding back, her active military mind automatically differentiating between a life-or-death enemy and a "sparring" opponent.

Nevertheless, extended abuse in the ring from either intended torture or use of weapons will most likely reveal the darker, more ruthless side of Ciara before too long.

Ciara is an extremely "in-your-face" type of fighter, and often refuses to attack an opponent's back or press the advantage on a downed opponent, much like Katsumi, believing that a warrior defeated while standing and facing down the enemy has nothing to be ashamed of. If another fighter takes her down though, Ciara is not afraid to engage in some military-ingrained groundwork before attempting to bring herself upright again.

A unique facet of Ciara's fighting style is her Attritional Exchange. It is known that the human body automatically leaves openings and vulnerabilities the moment that it attacks, regardless of the strike or technique. Ciara will often deliberately take hits in order to immediately strike at her opponent's exposed areas, relying on her body's resilience and endurance to outlast her opponent.

Even without these additional traits to her style, Ciara is a devastating opponent, particularly at close range, capable of grinding out attritional victories with sheer strength and stamina or simply hammering down her foes. Anyone in the AFW can expect to endure plenty of heavy punches, forearm strikes, elbows, grapples, and knee strikes from Ciara, and, despite her relative lack of specialized finishing moves, the soldier girl is relentless and powerful enough to beat or grind down her opponent without a flashy technique. All the way up to her registration in the AFW, the only woman that ever battled Ciara to a draw was Katsumi.

On another note, because of Ciara's conscious and subconscious efforts to hold back against opponents and her relative inexperience in certain "areas" of the AFW, Ciara can be easily shocked and caught off-guard by sudden sexual maneuvers, as she focuses more on the combat aspects of combat rather than the erotic. Ciara has often nervously gone out of her way to avoid Hentai matches in other fighting circles, yet Katsumi and Lysandra now periodically goad and pressure her closer to the sexual battlegrounds of the AFW, much to Ciara's ire and embarrassment.

Finishing Move:

Shock and Awe: As the finishing effort of an extended exchange or an exhausting grappling session, Ciara will rush forward, engaging her opponent in a double underhook bearhug, then slam her body full-force against her target's while forcing them into a stunning headbutt. Ciara will then bring her arms up her opponent's back and over her shoulders, then lock her hands tight in front of her victim's neck, crushing her opponent in an overwhelming body grind and bending them back in a reversed full nelson.


Visual Appearance:

Despite the seemingly compromising position, Ciara actually coerced her squad member and lifelong friend Gary into taking this picture for AFW in Volgograd less than two days after completing a string of thirty-seven Spec Ops assignments against the Ultranationalists in Russia. Four days later, she joined Katsumi and Lysandra in Hokkaido because of a personal request from her adoptive father.


Ciara has been rough, assertive, practical, and devoted to her friends since she can remember, traits that have been reinforced and encouraged during her service with the military. The young Spec Ops operative is known to pursue any perceived or potential rivals with a brazen determination that is nigh-impossible to discourage, and her impatience to fight will often lead her to issue challenges to those individuals or even seek them out in the gym to confront them face-to-face.

Instead of pursuing an AFW championship (though such an accomplishment would be an interesting bonus), Ciara's primary interest in joining the AFW lies with finding a number of powerful opponents and fighting out a good number of intense and satisfying matches, where she can feel the rush of combat without the mortal fear that accompanies war.

She, like Katsumi, shrugs off disparaging comments about her weight compared to most of the other AFW competitors, although for different reasons, deriving particularly from her active role in the military and its respective physical expectation for combat.

Ciara, because of her involvement with virtually only straight-up fights and battles, has the least experience with competitive erotic situations compared to Katsumi and Lysandra, and quickly grows flustered and unpredictable if a match suddenly takes a sexual turn. Up to this point, Ciara has nervously turned down any and all offers of Hentai matches in many fighting organizations, yet her friends Katsumi and Lysandra are bound and determined to get her "involved," much to the soldier girl's chagrin.

Like Katsumi and Lysandra, Ciara is willing to help train with others, in part because it offers a potentially plentiful selection of sparring matches. Where Katsumi and Lysandra focus on grappling endurance and technique, Ciara's training centers around powerful striking and physical toughness.

Also, like Katsumi, Ciara has found a few individuals in the AFW that offer the promise of a challenging fight. Unlike Katsumi, however, Ciara's interest has stemmed from recorded video feed obtained from various sources for her to observe and research. One could say that a good portion of Ciara's post-operation R&R and emotional release revolved around AFW matches, and quite a few left an expectant impression on the operative. Among the fighters Ciara wishes to face are Rose Deltora, Seraphim Harmonia, Lukretia Von Creuzfeldt, and Akashi Tanikaze, hearing of their fearsome reputations inside and, for some, outside of the ring, though she has promised that Katsumi gets first dibs on a match with Akashi first. The individual that Ciara has focused on the most in both interest and caution has been Sarah Gatt. The two are almost complete opposites in discipline, yet share almost the same near-elemental ferocity in a heated battle, an aspect that intrigues Ciara to no end.

Attacking outside of the ring however, much to Katsumi and Lysandra's nervousness, is basically off-limits to Ciara, as she treats the "world outside" as being in the field. In fact, her supposed "leave" is actually a low-profile assignment alongside many other Spec Ops operatives as a rapid-response group for the security of ICEPS founder Allaric Tremaine. As such, Ciara carries two G18 machine pistols and a number of combat knives on her person at all times outside of the AFW, an ingrained habit of combat-readiness that has saved her life on more than one occasion in supposed "safe zones" within the Russian Federation. Anyone who wishes to challenge her outside the AFW had best be prepared for a fight more harrowing than any that Ciara would dare offer within the AFW.


Ciara opts to go topless whenever it is allowed, alternating her bottoms between olive-drab battle fatigues and camo-print MMA fighting shorts depending on her mood. If a top is required, she will adorn a simple black sports bra. If allowed and going into a particularly hardcore match where weapons are expected to be used, she will also put on the two gauntlets in her illustration. These bracers are actually thick and heavily reinforced battlefield equipment that Ciara stripped off of her first CQB kill, a particularly nasty class of Ultranationalist shock trooper colloquially known as a "Juggernaut." These prized gauntlets are capable of withstanding anything from machine gun fire to shrapnel to pointblank Claymore detonations.

Her casual wear includes sweatshirts, casual/exercise attire, jeans, cargo pants, and hiking/military vests. She also harbors a minor obsession for black socks.


Ciara remembers nothing of her early childhood or her parents, brought up in a barely maintained Scottish orphanage for as long as she could remember. Her story could have been much the same as certain fighters within the AFW, especially since the young girl often scrapped with other orphans on a daily basis, oftentimes against multiple opponents at once. Her path, however, took a different turn when one fateful day, she stood her ground bravely against seven other children in the orphanage's backyard for a harrowing seventeen minutes, knocking out four and taking down a fifth before the last two grappled and choked her into unconsciousness. Little did she know that her gutsy display had been observed the entire time by the semi-retired SAS veteran James MacMillan, known by his friends as "Sugarcane."

When Ciara awoke, she was being driven to her new home by the SAS operative, the individual who had also touched the lives of Lysandra and Katsumi. During her new youth under MacMillan's care, Ciara stretched her mind and her wit, and as she entered puberty, was allowed to continually train her body because of her dream to become a soldier unlike the world had ever seen. No one, not even Ciara herself, could explain where this ambition came from, yet the young girl pursued it with a fiery passion. This brazen emotion was stoked only more by her unique relationship with MacMillan's young protege Gary, and her subsequent blossoming rivalry with a young Katsumi. Ciara has not gone into details except with a select few friends, yet her home-schooling through her middle and high school years actually geared her for armed and unarmed combat, and James even took her to SAS training and sparring sessions during her last two "high school" years. Here she met the stoic female operative known only as "Windowpane" and almost immediately, an antagonistic rivalry developed between Ciara and the veteran ex-mercenary, despite the fact that the older woman was one of the strongest and most skilled combatants in the service.

A few months after turning 18, Ciara enlisted in an intensely skilled multinational Spec Ops contingent known as Task Force 141, having unofficially yet clearly satisfied all physical, mental, and skill-based requirements for the program (and even breaking two records and contending with another along the way) before she ever openly applied. This choice would prove to be the most pivotal decision of her life, as after a few relatively uneventful assignments in Northern Africa and Rio de Janeiro, the Saudi-Arabian War and several still-classified events within the Russian Federation unfolded, triggering the devastating Russian Civil War. What experiences Ciara endured during this harrowing period, which continues to even this day, she won't elaborate to most anyone, in part because of her status as a still-active operative, yet it is known that her fieldwork upon the bloodstained battlefields of Russia spanned nearly five full years and hundreds of combat engagements and operations, forty-one of them practically solo. During the last year of her pre-AFW service, Ciara actually engaged in a brutal hand-to-hand battle with the fiercest commander of the Ultranationalist Armed Forces before he managed to escape, and the young woman still counts it as one of the most terrifying experiences of her entire life. The scar adorning her right cheek is a grim memento of that encounter, and now one of her main goals in life is to bring down the individual who inflicted it upon her, Vladimir Makarov.

On a brighter note, her arrival in Hokkaido only a few months before her registration in the AFW strengthened her friendships with Katsumi and Lysandra, as well as reigniting her intense rivalry with the former. Almost every day, Ciara and Katsumi would meet in the Tremaines' gym and lock together in an ongoing challenge of endurance until Lysandra separated them before they passed out from exhaustion. Neither has come even close to gaining a decisive victory over the other and refuse to discontinue their regular bouts until it is finally decided. In addition, she spars regularly with Lysandra in a different test, one of speed and technique, where the Tremaine heiress possesses a decided advantage. Thanks to the three-way pact, Ciara possesses two staunch companions and, through their training and rivalry, will only continue to grow stronger and faster as time goes on. Like Lysandra and Katsumi, Ciara longs to test and be tested by a specific individual in the AFW, in her case, Sarah Gatt.

AFW Information:

Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0
Championships/Accomplishments: None yet
Friends: Lysandra Tremaine
Rivals: Katsumi Sadaji
Alliance: Triumvirate, Task Force 141

Likes: Good challenging fights, long spars, hard training, reading manga, paced running, the military, courageous opponents, leaders, dedicated warriors, those who protect, blueberries, spaghetti, and plenty of non-competitive sex

Dislikes: Lack of discipline, ambushes, use of weapons in the ring, cruel postmatch treatment, sadistic individuals, Ultranationalists, bad memories, anything deep-fried, being forced to fight anyone too young

Relationship Statistics:


|Katsumi Sadaji: ★★|
Stemming partly from their mutual respect, Ciara has found a budding kinship with her ally and rival. They've spent most of their time in each other's company throughout the months since their return, and empathize with each other over the stresses of being away from home and a normal life for so long.

|Lysandra Tremaine: ★★★★★|
Ciara has had plenty of contact with the heiress over the years, even in the field, often receiving tactful advice, semi-unauthorized support drops, and many, many moments of dry, humorous comfort because of the efforts of Lysandra as a part-time operator in ICEPS. She truly appreciates the girl and will back her up immediately, regardless of the situation.


|Katsumi Sadaji: ★★★★|
Despite her undiminished desire to definitively win against Katsumi, she now harbors a much greater regard toward her dedication to a single combat style. She actually admires her rival's willpower, openly admitting it to be greater than her own, though it is partially counterbalanced by her own live-or-die instinct.

|Lysandra Tremaine: ★★★★|
Ciara's regard for Lysandra might be as unquestioning as her friendship and loyalty towards the blonde, but it is offset slightly by her frustration towards the girl's fighting style. Admittedly, this frustration stems just as much from her lack of success as her ideology towards hand-to-hand combat, but still...


Katsumi Sadaji: ★★★ (formerly ★★★★★)
The main near-hate rivalry has mostly faded away with their first exhausting combat, but Ciara is still determinedly fixated on defeating Katsumi fair-and-square. In a way, this antagonism often supplements their camaraderie in a "No one is allowed to defeat me but you" mindset.

|Lysandra Tremaine: ★ (situational)|
Minimal, and only during sparring. She will often lash out against the heiress if Lysandra is trying to correct her mistakes or point out her shortcomings, but the two never take it personally.


|Katsumi Sadaji: ★★★★|
In the short time that Ciara has truly gotten to know Katsumi, she's... well... gotten to know about Katsumi. Several times. Their comparable physical strength and resilience has often led them to much rougher, more competitive sessions, and when evaluating the situation, both girls agree that their futures in relationships do not lie with one another.

|Lysandra Tremaine: ★★|
More flirtatious than actually taking action now, since their first drunken experience, in Ciara's own words, "nearly snapped her like a bleedin' twig." This does nothing to deter their trust or loyalty in any way.

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