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Inconsistent posting

Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:53 pm by RJD

I have stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks and will not be able to post anywhere near as often as usual/before. To be honest this has already been showing it's effects lately but it will do so even more from now on. I'll prioritise my Avalanche match and multi character matches but other than that I'll respond probably once every few days, I'll try not to leave anyone hanging though.

Comments: 10

Looking for Friction matches!

Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:07 am by tehbohemian

Hey everybody just posting a notice I have 2 wrestlers that could use some love!

Shinobu just got out of her match and I'm looking for some wins or losses to add to her record, she is a serious fighter and is looking for more straight forward fights, she could be a good match up against other "martial artist" type characters looking for a challenge or she could stand up to a violent heel, anything works.

Sonic is also up for matches, people familiar with Ring Dream or Wrestle Angels should …

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Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:49 pm by xalex

So i tried to say to as many people as i could per pm.... but i will put it up here as well just to get sure that i get all....

my finalls are around the corner.... and this means something... my free time will be cut shrot... really short...

and unluckily my afw time will be cut down extremly...

so i say sorry to everyone i have a match with right now but in the next time i will be slow as fuck

i try to get back as fast as i can^^ i still will be online on trillian or here so if …

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Greetings to all!

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Greetings to all!

Post by TheNobody on Thu Feb 18, 2010 1:13 am

Greetings and hello, as TheNobody's official first post on this forum I must say that it is strange how much time I spend on the internet and have only come across this forum now! It's wonderful!

First, a little about TheNobody.

- TheNobody is actually an old forum persona that is now somewhat standard. Every other site has TheNobody posting in the third person, I think it's a bit harder to do here though, so I'll be posting in various 3rd and 1st here.
- Loves RPing! TheNobody is actually a former veteran of various old forum RP sites. Might be a bit out of practice though...
- Loves writing! TheNobody is secretly an amateur novelist and will hopefully one day publish an actual novel...if TheNobody will stop stopping books half way though to start the next book =/
- Has free time! TheNobody is sadly looking for a full time job, and has been for a while. Means more browsing the internet, and subsequently here!
- Loves gaming! REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY wishes that Wrestle Angels would freaking come out in the US =(
- Is a bit post-shy! Really, I feel somewhat like the noob here and am slowly getting into the groove of things, this board has a very awesome set up and VERY good people from what I have seen. So much creativity, I hope that I can add and have fun!
- Needs a signature! =/ I also love changing avatars on a whim.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello as a new member and I hope you all don't mind me poking around and nosing around. I'm actually working on my first (and second, because they come in a team) character and should have her up (with your approval) soon.

Please feel free to drop hints/tips/tricks/threats/monetary donations in this thread!



[url=][/url:svfvgr2z]<--THE source for all things VWU!
"Even so, the circus will come for you"

>>Always up for a good match/RP! Please PM if interested and we can work something out!<<


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Re: Greetings to all!

Post by wrestleryu on Thu Feb 18, 2010 1:35 am

Welcome to AFW Nobo-kun! Hope you will enjoy your stay, and wish you lots of happy RPing ^_^

Ryu's team:

Friction: Aiko, Yuko, Sakura

Tension Boys:  Ryu, Ataru, Okami, Nico, Andy, Koji
Tension Girls: Alena

Fur&Feathers: Okami, Toshiro


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Re: Greetings to all!

Post by KreepKing on Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:25 am

This great is GREAT! Welcome The Nobody! Since I'm here as well I might as well post a little misc facts about KreepKing as well.

Here's a little about KreepKing:

-The KreepKing is actually a name made up out of nowhere! -shrugs-

-Actually is taken! Yes KreepKing is taken by a lucky lady though things are a little shaky as of the moment.

-Has no life! Yes outside of KreepKing's job(Yes KreepKing is NOT a bum), RPing, eating, sleeping, WoW, Wow, and more Wow, KreepKing have NO life!

-Just posted Wow three times! Yes KreepKing posted his favorite game three times crazy huh?

-Has enormous boots! Yes KreepKing's feet are very big but KreepKing doesn't know why is that so. WHY!? Oh yeah KreepKing is also a size 14!

-Wants to grow up to be a fire fighter. Yes KreepKing loves to laugh in the face of danger. Bring it on, FIYA! MWAAAHAAAHAAA!

Thanks all,


Friends? What friends?


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[url=]Katrina's currently on her world tour, promoting her new album, "Who da baddest pt.2"[/url:axae0dnj]

[url=]Send Journer an email, and she might just throw on her best outfit and consider YOU for a match![/url:axae0dnj]


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Re: Greetings to all!

Post by TheNobody on Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:32 pm

Hey! Thanks for the warm welcome! Working on that first character I said I had coming. I tend to always spend too much time making characters, generally why I NEVER get to epic levels in MMOs. I think I actually spend more time in character creators then I do actual games sometimes (Smackdown vs Raw 2010, I'm looking at you with your 40 something CAW list). There is something about bringing characters to life that is just, awesome.

To KreepKing:

Alliance or Horde, there is only one right answer and I hope you get it right =P. I haven't played WOW since Arthas made his frosty return and probably won't go back. Currently trying out Star Trek Online (I have hated Star Trek all my life, go figure.).

Also, do you really want to be a fire fighter? My father was Rescue Captain (now retired) and if you do I have some really good advice for you. Most people will tell you "Study your fire science" or "Be physically fit". That is the baseline, somewhat common sense knowledge. LEARN TO COOK BEFORE YOU JOIN A FIREHOUSE. I can't stress this enough. Even if it's simple but tasty stuff, know how to cook. If it's your turn to cook you don't want everybody dreading what you are going to make that night. That is the one thing that my father always told me that he said a lot of people don't realize until it's too late and their first night in the kitchen is a disaster and they have to send people out to go to Burger King.

Phew, sorry to ramble, a nice break from looking at my character sheet.

[url=][/url:svfvgr2z]<--THE source for all things VWU!
"Even so, the circus will come for you"

>>Always up for a good match/RP! Please PM if interested and we can work something out!<<


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Re: Greetings to all!

Post by Tatyina on Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:27 pm

Greetings and salutations! ^___________-^ I hope you have a great time here !
and you won't get to know anything about me except that I whore out my characters for your pleasure.
(Though some of them love it <.<)

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

Akashi Fem Gab Luk Nik Yuu
(M)Managers, (W)restlers, etc:

Allie P(M) Junko(M/W) Mam (M/W) Mercy
Abbey Belle
et al.


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Re: Greetings to all!

Post by Tanosh on Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:07 am

Greetings, TheNobody! Good to have another join our ranks! Since this post seems all about sharing random data here's some randoms about me

-I have a mind for doing weird things to numbers. Integration, sine cosine, arc tangent, inverse sines, Bernoulli. Math is my first language, English is my second.

-I still can't add or subtract...

-I'm an Engineer, happy to have a full time job doing engineering (POWER PIPING FOR THE WIN!)

-IRL I'm fairly boring. Wifey likes to read, I like to play video games and RP... if you engage me in conversation, I'll pester you a lot for RP (just ask Talimaya, Tatyina, Alexandra, Raiye, etc. etc.)

-I played Horde on WoW (Rogue Undead. Made it to lvl 43... then Halo 3 came out and I quit) And no, I didn't know it was a 'dirty' combo to go undead rogue... I just liked it for 3x underwater breathing.

-I LOVE TO RP! Almost anything, anywhere, anytime.

I'm not new. I'm back.


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Re: Greetings to all!

Post by Sponsored content Today at 1:01 pm

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