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Looking for matches

Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:32 pm by Harrier

Once again, I am looking for matches/backstage stuff, especially for Gina and Barb Wire(solo or team).

Please look into my blog for more informations if you are interested. I am as much interested into playing with new players who met my mimimum requirements than with people I literally played years ago. Of course I am also open for your ideas. As I am bathing in my aura of self gratulation right now for all of that, I guess I can say that all of my posting partners could count on me to …

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Mentor: Looking for a Helping Hand

Wed Jul 19, 2017 5:04 pm by Sylvie

Hey AFW,

My girl Suki Mizushima is about to finish her first match. Suki's learning that she's not the strongest girl at the AFW--not by a long shot. In fact, she's below-average, and if her sister Kaida watches these matches at all, she will see Suki destroyed, in humiliating fashion...repeatedly.  

Pobre chica! Frankly, Suki is headed into dark, lonely spaces I'm not quite ready for her descend into yet, so I'm looking for a mentor who can catch Miss Mizushima before she falls too far. …

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open for rps and matches

Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:00 pm by kiranar

It has been a while since I posted to offer my characters for matches or Rps. Any of the characters are available the matches I will mainly stick to non hentai for now message me if with your ideas.

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Rebecca Farving

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Rebecca Farving

Post by Psychopatrick88 on Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:39 am

Name: Rebecca Farving
Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Cup size: A
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Nationality: American
Citizenship: American
Alignment: Face

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Defensive
Style: Tends to use taunts, and tries to outlast the opponent, or catch them when they make a mistake
Type: Grappler, Submissionist, high flyer
Preferred Attacks: Taunts, dodges, grapples, submissions. tumbling
Preferred Matches: She's up for most types of matches

RPG Style Stat spread(out of 5 stars)


Difficulty: Normal/Very Hard

Finishing Move/s:

Sitting abdominal stretch -Just like it sounds

Kiss the mat! - She'll grab both of her opponent's arms while they're sitting down, and flip over the opponent while holding her arms, and form a bridge with her body while forcing the opponent to bend over in a very uncomfortable position, also pulling back hard on her arms.

Five star frog splash- She'll normally do this more to garner cheers than anything else.

Hentai Moves: Figure four tease - After working her opponent down, she'll lock their legs up in a figure four leg lock, and press her boot up against the opponent's sex.

The move is depicted here:

Entrance Music: TNT by AC/DC


Visual Apperance: She's not very intimidating at first glance. She doesn't look very strong, or very menacing, but that's part of why she's won as many fights as she has.

Personality: She's friendly to almost everyone she meets outside of the ring. Anyone whose willing to hang out with her, she'll most likely have fun with, and become fast friends with her. In the ring, she's business, but yet she keeps a small smile across her face most of the time, giving little hint to her opponents as to her next move. She prefers taking on women larger than herself, as she finds them easier to fight. She'll either taunt them, tease them, try to tire them out, or tick them off enough that they are tripping over their own feet. Ironically, she has more trouble fighting women her size, as she can't rely on her speed as much, and can't really climb around on a small girl's body. and is thus out of her element. It doesn't mean she won't fight a smaller girl, she just prefers the larger ones, as it's fun for her to see the looks on their faces when she hasn't broken a sweat and she has them writhing in pain, or in pleasure.

Past/History: Rebecca Farving doesn't really like to talk very much about her past. She honestly finds it a bit boring. To her, it's pointless on dwelling on the past, and is more interested in the present, and the future.

Attire: Outside of the ring, she wears very casual things, normally consisting of blue jeans and a T-shirt. In ring, she puts on brown boots, ties her hair in pigtails, and dons the purple outfit depicted in the picture.

Fighting women larger and stronger than her. ("It's an odd like, I know, but I seem to have a knack for it...")
Old comedy movies ("I especially love movies that have Tom Hanks. He's just hilarious to me")
Flowers ("Yeah... it's kinda girly, but I can't help it.. I'll sometimes play with flowers when I'm outside somewhere")
Sleepovers ("I always have the time of my life with a sleepover. I know how to liven things up. Not that way, you pervs.")
Pop music ("Again, super-girly, I know, I just can't get these kinds of songs out of my head")
Noodles ("Mmmm... Egg noodles, ramen noodles, spaghetti, chicken noodle soup, I love it all..")
Hot tubs ("Nothing more relaxing. It's also a nice place when you want to think")
The beach ("Ahh... the sand, the water, the clear blue skies.. I get pleasant chills every time I think about going to a beach.")
Kittens ("Hee... I just can't help it.. they're so adorable. ...What? There's girls here with cat ears and tails? Ooh! I wanna meet one!")
Fans ("I like playing to the crowd. I always get a good rush when I hear them cheering me on, and helps me push on in a rough fight")

Sore sports ("I can't stand women that get whiny or fussy after they've lost fair and square")
Weapons ("Such a cheap way to hurt someone... I dunno how women sleep with themselves when pulling one on an opponent either")
Dominatrices ("Nothing against them personally, I wish they would go with something a little more subtle. They also tend to be extremely fussy when they've lost to me too.")
Getting hair pulled ("Ugh.. a couple of times I've considered to stop putting my hair up in pigtails because of this, but, I really like how I look in them.")
Drama ("I really don't like to watch it, and I don't like to be a part of it. I wanna have fun, not be part of a sob story")

Fun Facts:
Her hair has a distinct scent of milk chocolate
She has a harder time taking on someone her size than someone larger than her. ("I've had a lot more experience taking on women larger than I"
She surprisingly doesn't care if an opponent makes fun of her breasts. ("All that extra weight just slows ya down. And makes you more sensitive to boot. Win win for me.")
She has the hardest time taking on kawaiis that are extremely sexual ("I.. don't normally like women that wear revealing clothing, but some of the things these girls wear.. it throws me for a loop. Before I know it, I'm the one that's being played mind games with. *Shudders* Before I know it, I've.. well.. I've lost the match. I really need to learn how to fight back against them..")
She seems to have a knowledge in sensual massage, which she sometimes uses it in the ring to subdue her enemies. "You attract more flies with honey than you do vinegar" *Shrugs sheepishly*

AFW Information








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