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Posting delays

Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:08 pm by Yori


Should have made this sooner, since I hadn't informed everyone I have threads with. Posting has been and will be sporadic from me for a bit since I am in the process of moving. I have interwebs again, so now it is only a matter of finding the time. I won't be fully back until the tail end of the weekend (I hope) but I will be sprinkling posts out a bit when I find the free time.

Stay classy.

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A match for Takeichi

Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:31 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Since both Imai and Takeshi are currently involved in matches I was wondering if anyone is interested in taking on my first wrestler I made for here, Takeichi Mori. His profile says he's a jobber but I intend to change that and hoping a match can help with that. Anyone interested please get in touch with me on here in a pm.

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Looking for a start

Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:47 am by noob

Hey y'all! As is prolly pretty obvious I'm looking for a match. Win, lose, match type...I ain't terribly picky honestly and really am just looking to have a fun match. That being said though I do think it would be interesting to start a story line of finding a mentor or something for one of my characters.

Anyways my characters along with their descriptions, and maybe some preferences are in my roster link in my sig.

Figured I'd see if anyone was looking for something before going and …

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Susan "Tsundere" Darling (ringside Announcer)

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Susan "Tsundere" Darling (ringside Announcer)

Post by luffy316 on Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:00 pm

Susan “Tsundere” Darling
Age: 20
Eyes: blue
Hair: black
Height: 5’️5”
Weight: 180 lbs
Nationality: Japanese

Finishing moves: Top To Bottom. A fast leg sweep to drop her enemy to the mat and quickly sits her heavy ass onto their head

Appearance: a heavyset girl, with big tits and ass, and a usually wearing jeans and a black t-shirt, often with some band logo or another on it. She has long, black hair that hangs straight.

Past: Susan started out as an underprivileged girl living in Pennsylvania, able to afford the basics and not much else. She was always a tough girl, her and her brothers encouraged to fight for what they wanted in life by their hard-working parents. Susan took this the wrong way, studying martial arts and pro wrestling via television and become a tough girl. She has an ambiguous record as a child of being a sort of anti-bully, sticking up for the little guy, messing with the popular girls and cheerleaders, and performing minor delinquencies here and there. She also took up a heavy interest in rock and heavy metal, joining with a garage band while she was in high school.
While on a field trip to Japan, they were invited to a small gig after being heard practicing their music. While the band didn’️t catch on, a talent scout asked Sue to talk privately. She said she adored her voice when she provided vocals, and she got a career in voice acting, so long as she stayed in the country and the company funded her Japanese lessons. She had a small but successful solo singing career as well, ditching her old band entirely to stay in Japan as a voice actress. She was picked for her famously tough attitude and clear, alluring voice to announce for the league shortly after.

Personality: Susan genuinely earned her nickname Tsundere, a tough, big sister sort of girl who is fairly tight lipped about her opinions for an announcer. She tries to keep her announcing businesslike, though passionate all the same. She can be tempermental at times, but carries herself with an air of force that makes her intimidating for a member of the staff. She’️s not above fighting herself, and can throw a mean punch if she’️s confronted. She has a poor history with boys for her reclusive attitude, stubborn nature, and rocker demeanor. She has a weakness for soft or mushy things deep down, but won’️t let it show enough to make things complicated. While mostly a brawler when she has to fight, she watches a lot of wrestling and other combat shows to know a lot about moves, fighters, and styles, making her an informed opinion.

Likes: heavy metal music, rain, pro wrestling and martial arts shows, the smell of gasoline
Dislikes: fruity alcoholic drinks, being made to cook, being considered too feminine or too boyish

Fun Facts:
-Sue’️s hair is naturally green. She feels it looks weird, so regularly dyes it a thick black.
-Sue is especially good at catching things. The baseball team was dying to get her to join them but she never did. She accredits it to disgruntled fans at her band’️s lousy performances, which she’️d catch and throw back
-Susan owns a Pomeranian puppy named Punchy that she utterly adores and considers her to be her best friend
-Sue usually works alongside Eva for her contrasting personality. Some complain that it’️s unusual that neither of them are true Japanese, but Susan is quick to argue with them in lengthy rants online
-The DMC in her picture is actually due to the pic being a genderswap of a character in Detroit Metal City. I like to think it means "Devil May Care" for her attitude

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