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The Austrailian Mudslide is Back.

Sat Apr 21, 2018 6:20 am by Softsquad

Granted that most of you won't know me or remember me, but I've had a few matches here and there some time ago. Well I think its time to become a regular around here and try to have some fun again, but at the same time keep coming back. Anyway I think its time to jump into some matches with Zoe Taylor, my mud wrestling character from Australia and get her back into the squared circle. Furthermore I will update my characters as I think some proper changes need to happen.

So if anyone would …

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Looking for a debut character match.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:44 pm by Tarantulust

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a match to debut my first character, Juno Sawyer, as well as get accustom to the site. I am mostly looking to solidify Junos character, and how she acts.

I would prefer to stay away from hentai right now, though a perverted character or action is fine is fine if its within reason. I don't expect it to be too long, but if you wish to add a rivelry or enemy spin to it I am open. If you are interested, feel free to reply or PM me.

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Looking for a storyline/rival thread.

Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:13 pm by Lotuswarrior

Looking for a storyline to start with any of my characters. I'm not expecting anything too long maybe the span of a few matches/other threads. This can be from friendly rival competition or our characters becoming enemies.

I'm not interested in hentai matches, but I'm ok with perverted characters/actions within reason of course. Let me know here if you're interested here and then we can move things to pms. I do have a number of characters so I'm willing to handle a few characters so don't …

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Lu Zhou Yi

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Lu Zhou Yi

Post by Tanosh on Tue Dec 29, 2009 9:08 pm

[size=160:2jnz0bu5]General Information


Name: Lu Zhou Yi
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Eyes: Narrow Maroon
Hair: Long Black, often taken up into a pair of pony tails
Height: 4’️11”
Weight: 100lbs
Origin: Chinese
Alignment: Neutral
Entrance Music: [url=]World Groove Corporation - Smoke & Mirrors[/url:2jnz0bu5]


[size=160:2jnz0bu5]Combat Information


Combat Attitude: Mute. Emotionless.
Combat Strategy: Usually, knowledge of the fight in advance gives her some time to study, and so she will seek out weaknesses in her opponent’️s strategy. This isn’️t always effective as her fighting type is particularly limited.
Combat Style: Pressure point strikes to cause pain and weaken opponent.
Combat Type: Counter/Counter/Counter
Strength: B Rank - She is very strong, though this is not caused by continual effort because she was brought up working on a fishing boat.
Defence: S Rank - Her defense must be strong because it is rare for her to take to the offensive.
Endurance: B Rank - She downplays this weakness by keeping her motions minimalistic.
Speed: S Rank - Speed is essential when the window of opportunity for her techniques is very narrow
Technique: S Rank - Her attacks are often aimed at zones smaller than the nail on one's littlest finger.
Counter: SS Rank - Her pride and joy is her ability to turn an opponent's attack into their own defeat. Offer an arm with a punch and lose feeling in your hand. Offer a leg and lose the ability to walk without a wobble. Her blocks are actually attacks.
Usual Attacks: Short duration grapples, devastating strikes, swift strikes to pressure points
Usual Matches: Standard, Tag (any) (looking for partner), Handicap (with her opponent under the handicap), Handcuff, Hardcore
Usual Rings: Standard, Electric Ring, Sauna, Water soaked

[size=120:2jnz0bu5]Style Information:

Wrestling Style: B Rank - she only has a basic understanding of wrestling techniques
High Flying Style: D Rank - really the only way her feet will leave the floor is if she is in a 94 ton plane piloted professionally or thrown... the later being highly probable given her size.
Martial Arts: S Rank - she has perfected an art of striking vitals and pressure points.
Strikes with the hand/fist: S Rank - Her hands (and specifically her fingers) are merely extensions of her will
Strikes with the leg/foot: A Rank - Kicking is kept low, swift, and rarely used as the final attack in a sequence.

[size=120:2jnz0bu5]Style Strategy:


[size=160:2jnz0bu5]Attack information


[size=120:2jnz0bu5]Favorite Pressure Points:
There are many throughout the body she takes advantage of, but these are a few of her favorites.
Thigh – About midway down the inner thigh between the posterior and anterior muscles is a nerve bundle that joins with a lot of the nerves around the loins. A strike here is as painful as a strike to the crotch, though the pain fades quickly after a few seconds. Placing weight on the struck leg will intensify the pain even more, but will also make the pain fade faster.
Calf – Four are here, and they effectively do the same thing. A quarter of the way down and a quarter of the way up the leg on the interior and exterior sides are pressure points that produce no pain at all, but when loaded with weight (as the victim begins to step onto that leg) an uncontrollable urge strikes the mind to allow that leg to buckle. The falling sensation usually causes a victim to reflexively reach out in all directions to catch themselves.
Bicep – On the inner portion of the arm between the bicep and tricep is a wonderful vein and nerve bundle. When struck it hurts a lot. When struck hard enough the hand attached to said arm may go numb momentarily. If your hand is numb for longer than ten minutes seek medical attention immediately. Numbness should recede in less than a minute.
Forearm – Inner portion of the forearm, about a third of the length of your forearm to towards the elbow. On its own, it feels like you were struck as one would feel being struck anywhere else on the body. However, when hit in rapid succession with the portion on the bicep, the body will reflexively twist in the opposite direction, flailing the other arm and head in a direction away from the double strike.
Chest – Just above the breasts but below the collar bone there is a weak point in the ribcage. Struck straight on, it feels like anything else. Struck with a downward angle and the attack will generally make the body shrink back.
Kidney – There’️s a reason why most of your organs are protected by muscle or bone. The kidney is just one organ that got away. Too many blows to a kidney could damage it and could cause irreparable damage to your body without medical treatment. Yi has never taken her strikes to the kidney to this point.
[size=120:2jnz0bu5]Common Finishers:
Prairie Flame: Her opponent must be struggling to gain control in a close range grapple with Yi on the ground. A thumb strike to the kidneys starts this technique and it continues with her working over chakra points as she slowly works to stand up from under her opponent. By the time she has made it to a knee, her opponent has lost control of at least one arm and her next move is to land her other knee in the small of their back. A hand is sent to pull their head back and expose their neck. Other hand, open palm, sends a strike to their neck momentarily jarring blood flow to the brain (just to make them extra pliable). Then she stands, lifting her opponent by her hair to their knees and a final backhand strike to their neck is sent to knock them out completely.
Leaf in the Wind: Her opponent begins a series of blows which she blocks and side steps in a way that shatters her opponents assault. The grace and tranquility with which she handles the attacks is what gives this technique its name. Usually ends with the opponent dropping to the ground wracked in pain.
Waves against Rocks: Her opponent sends a single punch or kick full of sound and fury. With a slight shift she takes herself out of the attack's alignment and counters with elbow or knee. Her stance sets during her counter such that her opponent feels as though they threw themselves against the solid rocks of a shoreline.
School girl pin: It's really the only pin she has in her arsenal, so if pinning is necessary, she'll tend to resort to this.
[size=120:2jnz0bu5]Critical Finisher:
An Example to Others: She will only use this on an opponent that has thoroughly pissed off the judge. A dazed, downed, or otherwise broken opponent will be lifted to their feet by the hair and led to the ropes. Their bodies will be woven up through the ropes so that they are properly ensnared before she begins to bend them over backwards by the hair. Once they reach as close to an upside down U shape as she thinks they can manage, she raises her right hand high and sends an open palm strike straight into their sternum. All sorts of terrible things can result from this single strike including: broken ribs (extreme pain, fainting), cracked sternum (extreme pain, fainting), skipping heartbeats (Headache, blackouts), improper actuation of the diaphragm (breathlessness or unconsciousness), stomach release (vomiting, humiliation), bowel release (soiling, humiliation), and/or removed bra (humiliation). Each result dependent upon exactly where in the chest she hits and how the attack is angled. She checks her opponent for vitals, and if one strike wasn't enough, then she continues until her opponent is no longer capable of putting up a fight. Yi then lets her go, but leaves her tangled in the ropes, as brutal warning.

[size=160:2jnz0bu5]Personal information:


She appears emotionally detached towards the world around her. Even in exhaustion and closing on the jaws of defeat, she is cautious not to betray her feelings on the matter. Even outside of combat, she is known to stalk around matches and watch how her possible future allies and opponents fight.

Her father was a fisher on the Yangtze who wanted only the best for his daughter. He took her to fish out of necessity, but focused on her book learning. Her days were filled with the exhausting work of operating a boat by hand, and her nights filled by book learning, from the art of calligraphy, to languages, to history. She grew up among a predominately male population, which steeled her from some of her more female mannerisms. Working on the boat made her strong, and the boys she grew up with gave her a sense of combat.

Eventually, she grew old enough to be sent to university, where she studied history. This alone spent almost all of her father’️s money, and left him impoverished. Worse still was the fact that he was growing older and frailer, and was less and less able to make money through fishing. She searched for a professional job, but there were so few for women, especially with a history degree. Finding the AFW brought forth a new plan to help her support her ailing father. She could fight, and be paid to fight, and win. History degree be damned.


[size=160:2jnz0bu5]Additional information:

[size=120:2jnz0bu5]Facts of :
-Her father thinks she has an actual professional job, and she aims to keep it that way. If he knew what she actually did, she thinks he’️d be mortified.
-A number of the boys she grew up with attempted to ‘tame’️ her. None succeeded.
-She often relates matches to ancient wars and maneuvers. Her wide knowledge of history is often what she draws upon for new strategies.
-Her father says their lineage is very distantly traced to a certain Three Kingdoms strategist, a part of whose name has been made her own.

-Mannered Banter
-Jocelyn’️s face when she is considering whether to be offended or not

-Boys (all males are little boys)

[size=120:2jnz0bu5]Most Used Quotes:

[size=120:2jnz0bu5]Victory Quotes:

[size=120:2jnz0bu5]Defeat Quotes:

[url=]vs. Lu Jiao Jocelyn (via knockout)[/url:2jnz0bu5]
[url=]vs. Nikolette Tessla (via handcuff)[/url:2jnz0bu5]
[url=]vs. Hong Jun (via 3 Tables)[/url:2jnz0bu5]

[size=120:2jnz0bu5]General Status:

[url=]Lynette de Villiers[/url:2jnz0bu5]
[url=]Coralline James[/url:2jnz0bu5]
[url=]Sasha Brenshov[/url:2jnz0bu5]
Koumei (Link Not Found)
[url=]Hong Jun[/url:2jnz0bu5]
[url=]Lu Jiao Jocelyn[/url:2jnz0bu5]
Alliance: The Imperial Heart

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