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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

Comments: 1

Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

[ Full reading ]

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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The Perpetual Knight & Princess Nocturnal

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The Perpetual Knight & Princess Nocturnal

Post by Kelsea on Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:24 pm

The Perpetual Knight

Princess Nocturnal


    The Perpetual Knight (Face side)Princess Nocturnal (Heel side)

Age: 25
Eyes: aqua
Hair: purple
Height: 5”8
Weight: 143lbs
Nationality: English

Please note: whereas the Perpetual Knight's costume is exactly as in picture, Princess Nocturnal wears a slightly altered version of this attire; coming to the ring with a much larger royal style purple cape with white fur around the edges. In addition she also comes down to the ring wearing a silver tiara and holding a golden royal ceremonial mace

Past: Jenna Nightingale came from a very rich upper class family, her parent owned a mansion in England with plenty of surrounding lands to spread her wings and she grew up competing in such sports as horse back riding and fencing. She always liked physical stuff even though she came from a family that preferred to keep their hands cleans.

One night when Jenna was 15, she was left in the mansion with the family butler while her parent went to an opera. It just so happened that that night, the mansion was broken into. The butler was knocked out and tied up, leaving Jenna no option but to hide as the buglers ransacked the place. Luckily neither she nor the butler was hurt, although some expensive stuff was stolen. But the feeling of being so weak and helpless psychologically scared her; from then on she realized how weak and defenceless she really was.

Jenna started reading super hero comics as an escape from reality and found herself enthralled by them. She started fantasising about being a heroine and quickly decided to become one, if only for private satisfaction so she could dress up and feel powerful. At first she only did so at night and in private, having watched some wrestling shows she trained herself in that style. She even created a costume and decided on the name “The Perpetual Knight, Princess Nocturnal” a cross between a knight and a princess to symbolize her nobility and rich family heritage. After some time Jenna grew in confidence with her wrestling to the point where she thought under the guise of this superheroine personality, she could take on anyone.
She decided to leave home and join professional wrestling, much to the distaste of her family. She created a faction called “Team Supreme” filled with like minded super heroine wrestling girls and joined up with AFW. But Team Supreme’s sense of good morals and values did not sit well with the GM (Cassandra Sellers) who then set out to destroy them. Team Supreme gradually faded away until Jenna was the only member left, she still tried fight against what she believed to be villainy and uphold justice in AFW. That was until she crossed Lukretia and was kidnapped back to her dungeon to be tortured and rapped repeatedly; an ordeal that did just as much psychological damage to Jenna as the night when her mansion was broken into. She learnt a hard lesson that there would always be villains and people will do nothing against them; the super heroine persona she had built up was forced to split off another alter ego, exactly the same as the previous one except it was the moral opposite… A super villain.

Split Persona: Jenna’s original alter ego went under both the names of Princess Nocturnal and the perpetual knight. This good ego would split away and become known only as “The Perpetual Knight”, where as an evil equivalent of that ego was created and took the name “Princess Nocturnal”. Both egos are aware of each other, but believe that they are completely different people and unrelated... They have become each others enemies and even believe that they have fights against one another (usually these fights are representations of the ego's battling for control of the body). Swaps between the two persona's tend to occur randomly, and any suggestion to either egos that they are in fact the same person will alway be rejected.

Kryptonite weakness: Both Princess Nocturnal and the Perpetual Knight suffer from the same weaknesses

Close binding submission holds – Jenna always practiced at night and in private against a practice dummy. She never worked out how to escape from close binding submission hold. To top it off, after sitting in them holds for quite some time she can get pretty aroused and that really works against her. Complicated holds such as abdominal stretch and octopus hold can be a real nightmare for her.

Kawaiis – When Lukretia kidnapped her back to her dungeon, she forced an unwilling kawaii maid of hers (Babd) to have sex with the helpless tied up superheroine repeatedly for hours. Jenna repressed the memory of being so weak, turned on and humiliated; but still her subconscious tends to associate other small cute foes to that night of disgrace. Jenna finds that wrestling a kawaii is like superman fighting a man made out of kryptonite. She will become aroused and weakened.


The Perpetual Knight (Face side)


Entrance music: “Cid’s Theme” from the Final Fantasy 7 OST

Favoured moves: The Perpetual Knight prefers suplex manoeuvres
Finishing move/s: ‘Perpetual Twilight’ With her opponent laying on her back by the ropes the Perpetual Knight will strike a pose before running to the opposite ropes, bounces off and comes back at her opponent. However upon reaching the downed wrestler, she will jump over her and onto the second ropes as if going for a lionsault… Instead the Perpetual Knight kicks away with her feet but keeps ahold of the top ropes so that her body lifts up into a horizontal position, she will then let go of the ropes and let herself fall upon her opponent in a body splash

Personality: The Perpetual Knight is proud, bold and strong willed unlike Jenna Nightingale; more often then not, she’ll end up over confident about her abilities. Despite being a face, the Perpetual Knight displays some surprising characteristics such as arrogance and a condescending disposition, which can turn out to be quite cutting towards some, especially with her posh upbringing.

The Perpetual Knight can show great resolve as long as things are going in her favour, if things start happening that she did not plan then she might end up reverting back to the weak, self conscious girl that Jenna Nightingale actually is. This can be problematic when facing opponents who would prey on her weakened state


Princess Nocturnal (Heel side)


Main attire

Entrance music: “Cid’s Theme” from the Final Fantasy 9 OST

Favoured moves: In comparison to the Perpetual Knight, Princess Nocturnal doesn't like to get so stuck in. She will try mind games to annoy her opponent and put them off of their game, she also has no qualms with trying cheap shots in order to get the upper hand.
Finishing move/s: ‘Nocturnal illusion’ This is basically just a belly to belly double arm suplex. Princess Nocturnal traps both the victims arms under her armpits and pulls back into the overhead suplex

Personality: The differences in personality between Princess Nocturnal and the Perpetual Knight are very subtle, despite their contempt for each other. Obviously on morality, Princess Nocturnal is the complete opposite from the Perpetual Knight… She is self centred and uncaring, particularly towards those she feels are inferior to herself (which tends to be almost everyone).

Apart from that she shares similar traits to the Perpetual Knight; being condescending, arrogant, posh/snobbish and proud. As Princess Nocturnal resorts to underhanded dirty tactics a lot in comparison to the Perpetual Knight, she does tend to be display more villainy cowardice then her heroine counterpart does, but then again what else would you expect from a princess super villian?


The Perpetual Knight’s Blog

Real name: Jenna Nightingale

Wins: 2
Losses: 9
Draws: 1

The Perpetual Knight defeated by Oni Team, Ryoko and Hisa
The Perpetual Knight wins against Argilia (via pinfall)
The Perpetual Knight defeated by Sailor Mercury (via pinfall) - Perpetual Knight v Sailor Mercury
The Perpetual Knight wins against Hisa (via pinfall)
The Perpetual Knight defeated by Sailor Mercury (via pinfall) - Perpetual Knight v Sailor Mercury
The Perpetual Knight defeated by Talia Vicksin (via submission) - Perpetual Knight v Talia
The Perpetual Knight draws with Ryoko (double KO ten count)
The Perpetual Knight defeated by Sailor Mercury (via pinfall best 2 of 3) - Perpetual Knight v Sailor Mercury
The Perpetual Knight defeated by Marie Belladonna (via submission) - Perpetual Knight v Marie Belladonna
The Perpetual Knight defeated by Mimete - Perpetual Knight v Mimete
The Perpetual Knight defeated by Yasha Love (via submission) - Perpetual Knight v Yasha Love
The Perpetual Knight defeated by Lukretia (via mobbing from Lukretia’s faction) - Perpetual Knight v Lukretia

Perpetual Knight v Sailor Mercury
Perpetual Knight v Sailor Mercury
Perpetual Knight v Talia
Perpetual Knight v Sailor Mercury
Perpetual Knight v Marie Belladonna
Perpetual Knight v Mimete
Perpetual Knight v Yasha Love
Perpetual Knight v Lukretia

**If there are any matches I have left out or corrections on these, please inform me

Championship belt history:

Star Spangled Kid
Blue Python
Sailor Mercury

Yasha Love
Sailor Mercury
Marie Belladonna
Mimete Hanyu  

Princess Nocturnal
Cassandra Sellers
Oni Team
Marie Belladonna
Mimete Hanyu
Lukretia Von Creuzfeldt

Crushes: Perpetual Knight - "How dare you ask such an irrelevant and intrusive question of the Perpetual Knight!"


Princess Nocturnal's Blog

Real name: Jenna Nightingale

Wins: 0
Losses: 4
Draws: 0

Princess Nocturnal defeated by Eden Valkyrie (via pinfall) - Princess Nocturnal v Eden
Princess Nocturnal defeated by Cassie Elliot (via submission) - Princess Nocturnal v Cassie
Princess Nocturnal defeated by Claire St Clair (via submission) - Princess Nocturnal v Claire St Clair
Princess Nocturnal defeated by Maki Amagami (via pinfall) - Princess Nocturnal vs. Maki Amagami

Please note matches that occurred before the split persona saga is counted only under Princess Nocturnal’s record

Princess Nocturnal v Eden
Princess Nocturnal v Cassie
Princess Nocturnal v Claire St Clair
Princess Nocturnal vs. Maki Amagami

**If there are any matches I have left out or corrections on these, please inform me

Championship belt history:



The Perpetual Knight

Crushes: Princess Nocturnal - "Do you really think it is becoming of a queen to answer your petty questions?”

Character pic model: cornelia li britannia

A Most Royal Journal

Bitter defeat- Marie Belladonna *Backstage*
Marie Belladonna - Match aftermath *Mention*
Princess Nocturnal Vs. Talia Vicksin
Spar: Princess Nocturnal vs Sailor Mercury *YIM Spar*
Mimete - Interview with a Supervillain *Backstage*
Princess Nocturnal vs Marie Belladonna
Princess Nocturnal vs Sailor Mercury spar 2 *YIM Spar*
Princess Nocturnal v Sailor Mercury 3rd encounter *YIM Spar*
Princess Nocturnal vs Mimete
Between Princesses and Priss...

Yasha Love Vs. Princess Nocturnal *IM Match*
Where there is tyranny and injustice... (aimed at Lukretia) *Promo*
Princess Nocturnal vs. Lukretia von Creuzfeldt
Princess' Pain *Backstage*

Royal Procession *Promo*
Princess Nocturnal vs. Eden Valkyrie
Princess Nocturnal vs Cassie Elliot
Princess Nocturnal vs. Claire St. Clair
A Marvelous, Mysterious Debut *Promo/Incomplete*
Princess Nocturnal vs. THE Cyclops *Incomplete*
Princess Nocturnal vs. Maki Amagami

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