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ReikoH looking for opponents!

Fri Mar 22, 2019 5:29 pm by ReikoH

Hi there. I figured I'd do one of these to put my name out there. I kinda-sorta promised a match to one person in particular but thought I'd put both my characters here for consideration. I might make a third today at some point to help have two characters doing stuff at a time (probably not all three to avoid overbooking).

My characters are in my sig now! Should be working, but a quick summary.

Reiko Hisashi, a highly skilled technical wrestler with a hint of speed and physicality, making …

[ Full reading ]

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Finally getting into this.

Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:48 pm by GreatForce

Alright guess I should start to actually rp and get into the game!

So Shibita is pretty much ready and roaring to go for her first match if anyone is interested.

As for Kogeki my sumo girl! I kind of want to introduce her more gradually to the AFW. Instead of just throwing her into a match right off the bat. Maybe a backstage or gym rp showing her the ropes around the AFW and maybe even gaining a friend or enemy!

Hit me up with a PM if your

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A new fighter has emerged...

Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:51 pm by Cicilia

Heya! I'm looking for people interested in fighting my newest character Raul! His character profile is at the bottom of my signature AND, just a note, he does not do hentai. regular wrestling is on da table though x3

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MITB Qualifier - Bunny Bomber vs. Harumi Hazama

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MITB Qualifier - Bunny Bomber vs. Harumi Hazama

Post by killcarrion on Sun Feb 17, 2019 5:02 am


Match Type: Standard match
Winning Condition: Pinfall or Submission.
Reward: The winner of this match will go on to SummerSplash to take part in the Money In The Bank Triple Threat Ladder Match.


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Re: MITB Qualifier - Bunny Bomber vs. Harumi Hazama

Post by Alexandra on Sat Feb 23, 2019 12:57 pm

Bunny Bomber was elated. Walking on air, practically. After all these years, and after a single smashing return match, she was finally, finally being recognized for her skill and her talent. A chance to get into Summerslam's Money in the Bank match was too big an opportunity to let go, and she planned on taking full advantage of the situation.

It was about time.

With the smuggest of smiles on her face and her entrance music blasting around her, the bunnygirl made her appearance, stepping onto the entrance stage from behind the curtain. She posed for the audience for a brief moment, and then with head held high, began the long walk from stage to ring, heading down the ramp with practiced, well-measured steps.

When she reached the ring, Bunny slid in under the ropes, hopping back up to her feet and giving her bunny-tailed behind a quick, playful wiggle. She moved towards her corner, and began throwing a few quick shadow punches at the air, staring up at the entrance to the arena all the while, silently and patiently waiting for her opponent to make her own arrival.

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Re: MITB Qualifier - Bunny Bomber vs. Harumi Hazama

Post by Tarantulust on Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:03 pm

While Bunny Bomber was hopping around in excitement, Harumi sat quietly in the locker room. Her entire form was covered her entrance cape, which matched the teal colored attire underneath, and her head was covered with a hood. To those passing by, it would appear Harumi was psyching herself up for the fight ahead, as her face wore the same serine, calm expression she always seemed to have that made many fans think she was both cool and unapproachable. Her emerald eyes stared intently at the screen as the fighters were announced for tonight’s event. It was a special type of match, apparently. A preliminary round to which the winner would advance to…some kind of match. Harumi really didn’t understand what this was building up to, honestly. All she knew was that tonight, her opponent was supposed to be a high-profile veteran with years of experience.

That was why Harumi watched the monitor so intently. Despite her appearance of refined confidence and relaxed grace, Harumi was extremely nervous. She still considered herself to be pretty green when it came to AFW and its zany characters and wacky rules, so to be put into a high-profile match with one of the federations big names was both flattering, but also quite a bit daunting. Had it not been for Harumi’s new manager, she probably would have respectfully declined in respect for someone who had been their longer. But here she was, sitting in the locker room, hoping her cape and hood hid away the nervous shivers and shakes her body created in its desire to perform adequately, and avoid embarrassment.

Harumi stared and waited to see what her foe looked like, at least. All she knew was that her foe had tons experience in a myriad of different match types, and a string of victories to her name. Sadly, before she could see anything an AFW employee came to collect her, her intense gaze mistaken for quite confidence.

“Ms. Hazama? They want to start a bit early…because of the specialty of the match”

“Ah…but I haven’t seen my opponent yet.” The tone was quiet, yet had force behind it. The employee had seen a myriad of lovely women in their line of work, but Harumi’s beautifully sculpted face and green eyes made her appear more like a piece of art. Something created with passion, force, will, and love. Even partially covered with a hood, the judoka’s face seemed to exude beauty and grace, making the employee feel as if there was already a huge wedge between them.

“W-well, you won’t have to wait long. She’s just about to make her entrance, but we need you to be ready for yours when the time comes.”

Harumi sighed, and the AFW employee noticed a strain of her silky hair fall from her hood, complimenting her further.


Despite the calm exterior she displayed with master skill, Harumi was shouting out in frustration at having her hopes dashed to bits. She would just have to face her foe head on, and do the best she could with what she was provided with and the skills she had honed.


As Bunny Bomber’s entrance song finally died down, Ring of Fortune began to play over the speakers of the arena. The overhead lights dimmed to bring focus to the opposite entry way. A shower of cherry blossom petals rained over the audience as Harumi steeped into the light. Her face was partially obscured due to her hood. Rather than show off, all the Silent woman did was let her arm snake out of her cape, and raise her fist into the air like she had already achieved victory. The fans she had earned seemed to adore her confidence, as well as the hard stare she gave the woman in the ring, her green eyes standing out amongst the blue. Really, it was just so she could take a proper look at her opponent for the night.

She was actually surprised to see a girl in a cute, if a bit revealing bunny girl outfit. She could recall her eldest sister was actually really into these outfits, thinking they were actually really cute and always referring to them by a nickname…what was it again?

She walked down the ramp and towards the ring like a phantom, soundless and agile steps making it seem as if she was gliding across the floor. She made one large leap over the top rope and landed just as silently, her green eye piercing the hood’s veil as she inspected the bunny girl closer. All at once, Harumi recalled the nickname her sister always called these bunny girls.


It was a simple nickname, which made it all easier to forget. Perhaps if things went over well enough, she could get a picture for her sister…but at the moment she needed to focus.

With a movement that seemed to have been done dozens of time before, Harumi grasped the shoulder of her cape and with one swift motion removed it, letting it fly behind her and revealing her teal costume with white fur accented around the collar. Her stoic mask did not break, Harumi keeping her calm despite her nerves. She could separate her anxiety when in battle, her mind already preparing for the fight to come.

“I’ll be you opponent tonight. My name is Harumi Hazama, and I hope to have a great match with you.”

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Re: MITB Qualifier - Bunny Bomber vs. Harumi Hazama

Post by Sponsored content

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