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Looking for anything

Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:47 pm by skip-stop


I’m looking for anything for my character Hawk Moth. Easy or hard match (except FvM, although and it can be discussed), backstage or gym meeting, long or short storyline

If someone is interested, then I propose to contact in Discord to discuss any thoughts and ideas. My Discord skip-stop#4063. PM on the forum is also opened, but Discord will be better

Peace to everyone

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Looking for some fun

Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:04 pm by anime_hentaifighter

It bin a while since I done a post like this , but just wanted to let everyone know that I'm looking for a match or two here

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Looking for a story/backstage thread for Janis

Tue May 21, 2019 12:30 am by TomboyTsuka

Since I'm done with Janis' debut match, I'm seeking someone to do a story/backstage thread for her. If you're interested, just reply to this thread or hook me up via PM

I'll be seeing you soon!!

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Storybook Fuck Club #4: Belle "The Beauty" VS Gaston "The Perfect"

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Storybook Fuck Club #4: Belle "The Beauty" VS Gaston "The Perfect" Empty Storybook Fuck Club #4: Belle "The Beauty" VS Gaston "The Perfect"

Post by M.J.Caboose14 on Sun Dec 30, 2018 3:51 pm

Belle "The Beauty":
Storybook Fuck Club #4: Belle "The Beauty" VS Gaston "The Perfect" 5KbWo8t
Gaston "The Perfect":
Storybook Fuck Club #4: Belle "The Beauty" VS Gaston "The Perfect" Cn9ZTNL

Furniture Destruction Match
There is various furniture items outside the ring area to be used
Win by KO

Wearing a slingshot bikini with various strings, Belle stood in the ring across from her old foe, Gaston. The man always wanted her, but she was never interested. Her heart belonged to the wildest man on earth, the Beast. Gaston was merely a cocky jock who couldn’t stand rejection. So tonight they’d be having a hardcore KO match. Sex wasn’t needed to win, but it wasn’t prohibited either. So on top of pummeling the man, Belle could also humiliate him sexually.

Gaston of course has similar intentions. The man still held a grudge against Belle for not only refusing him, but for Beast had pummeled him. He was wearing only a red speedo that left nothing to the imagination when it came to his cock size. He was flexing arrogantly to the crowd, but few people actually rooted for the man due to his poor treatment of female opponents. So as the the bell rang out, the two combatants would walk to the center of the ring and circle one another with fierce looks in their eyes.

“Are you ready to feel shame, Gaston~” Belle purred with her hands raised to defend herself.

“Are you ready to have you bell rung~” he asked back with that cocky grin Belle hated far more than that stupid play on words he made with her name.

Then, without another word, the two would lock up and try to over power one another. Gaston was stronger than the brunette, but she was fairly strong as well. So she wasn’t going to simply be overpowered during their struggle. Then, as Gaston strained his muscles like a brute, Belle would suddenly spin around and twist his arm. That way she could put him into a painful wrist lock.

The man growled out in pain as she twisted his limb, and Belle took advantage of their position by leading him around for a bit like a dog. Then the curvy brunette would release him with a sharp smack to his ass. The move was meant to simply embarrass him, which succeeded as the crowd laughed. Gaston was enraged by her little stunt, so he’d charge at her with a lariat. Belle was too late to dodge since she’d been showing off by blowing kisses to the crowd, so her opponent’s arm struck her hefty chest like a bat!

“AAAAACCK!” Belle cried out as she was dropped onto her back. Gaston wouldn’t taunt her, though, he would go for another attack as he jumped up, and came down while extended his limb for a leg drop across the brunette’s chest and neck. The woman cried out yet again as she was hit, while her opponent kept his leg on top of her while flexing arrogantly. Belle would let out a groan then as she rolled out from under Gaston’s leg. She couldn’t let him gain too great an edge. So the woman tried to get out of the ring, but the cocky male was quick to grab her by the ankle.

“Where you going bookworm?” he asked while dragging her back to the center of the ring.

“Grrr…let go!” the brunette shouted back as she was pulled. However, Gaston would roll the woman over and put her into a Boston crab. Belle cried out as he bent her back while sitting on her spine. Pounding her fists into the ring mat, the woman couldn’t stand being woman-handled by the arrogant brute. So seeing as this was a No DQ match, the brunette would give her all to slowly roll over. It was difficult, but soon enough the woman was on her side as Gaston struggled to hold her. That’s when she’d suddenly kick her legs and strike his manhood with her feet!

Gaston let out a horrid scream as she low blowed the man. He immediately fell to his knees and then his face would fall flat on the ring mat. Belle smiled as this all occurred, and she’d get back to her feet soon after. Then the brunette would pull Gaston up by his hair with a wicked smile on her lips.

“My turn, big boy” Belle purred as she suddenly pulled Gaston across the ring before finally sending him over the ropes! The man would land hard, and with the furniture spread around the ring, he’d land right on top of a fancy, white table. The table splinted and shattered as he landed on the wooden item. The man was in agony after the hard landing, and soon after Belle was stepping through the ropes to go after him.

Belle would grab her opponent’s red speedo before pulling him up by them. The man was incredibly dazed, so it wasn’t difficult for her to get her way. Then Belle would shove him face first into the next closest piece of furniture, a huge closet. The wooden door of the closet broke as Gaston’s big head struck it, and Belle would then slam his head into it a second time. This sent his head straight through the door and he’d remain struck in it!

With her enemy contained, Belle would tear off the leg of the broken table and begin to batter the man’s back and ass with it. Many in the crowd were clearly eager to see the cocky stud get his karma, but Belle was far from finished. The woman would open the door, revealing Gaston’s head on the other side.

Then Belle would send a knock out punch straight at Gaston’s stupid face! She clocked him so hard his head would shoot right out of the door it was stuck in! Dumbstruck by the punch, the man would fall flat on his back in a daze. The ref would come over to check on him, but Belle still wasn’t finished. She’d quickly go back after Gaston and drag him towards big kitchen table before laying him on top of it.

“Time for your desert~” Belle would purr as she got on the table and hovered her large rear over his face. Then, without mercy, the curvy brunette would sit her ass on top of his face while pulling down his red speedo. Then, with Gaston’s huge cock freed, Belle would begin to suck on it into order to get him hard. It wouldn’t take long, as she managed to get him to full size within a minute.

Gaston was moaning underneath the woman as she sucked and smothered him. Despite her huge ass covering his mouth, the man was able to lift his legs and wrap them around Belle’s head while she was still sucking! Now Belle was chocking on her opponent’s huge cock, and shortly after he’d roll them over to their sides. This allowed Gaston to breath as he choked the curvy woman, and he’d even pull her attire to the side to lick her out.

“MMmmmgggffff!!!” Belle would groan out as Gaston rocked his hips. He was loving the feeling of his cock choking the woman out. His lips and tongue assaulting the woman’s sex made this even sweeter for him, though. The crowd booed Gaston as he turned the tables on Belle, and soon enough it was clear both combatants were going to cum!

“MMMMM!!! Thats right! FUCK! Take it all, Belle!” Gaston growled as he came hard down the woman’s throat. The brunette was gagging on his thick jizz, and soon after Belle would cum as well from the man’s tongue.

“MMMMMGGGGHHHHFFF!!!” she cried with a dick still in her mouth. The woman was starting to get dizzy from the lack of air, but before she passed out, Gaston would finally release his legs and pull out his cock. Belle would spit out the man’s spunk immediately as she hacked and coughed. She desperately needed some air, but the man would grab her hair and pull her back up. Barely able to stand, the woman would be lifted up by Gaston and he’d keep her pointing straight up for a short amount of time. Then, without warning, he’d fall back and slam her with a vertical suplex that shattered the table they were standing on.

The crash left both combatants in great pain, but Belle was clearly the one who took the most damage from the landing. Still, they were both left groaning and rolling around in pain. The official would’ve ended the match, but the girl was getting calls from management to keep it going. So after a long break from he action, both Gaston and Belle would slowly get to their feet. It seemed like both were on even playing field from all the punishment they’d taken. But only one of them would walk away on their own from this match. Gaston charged forward first, and he’d tackle Belle onto a couch and start to strip the curvy woman.

“You’re mine…and the Beast can’t save you!” Gaston growled as he freed Belle’s tits from her sling shot attire. The brunette wasn’t going to lay back and take this, though. She’d reach over towards the coffee table set up in front of the couch before grabbing a tee pot! Seconds later the woman would smash the pot on the side of his head!!!

Gaston immediately go blank eyed before as the item struck him, and shortly after Belle would kick him off her. Gaston’s head was bleeding, and it was clear he didn’t have much fight left. So Belle would finally take her revenge on the arrogant man by wrapping her arm around his neck from behind, and then start to jerk off his huge cock with both of her feet! Up and down they went and they stimulated his dick to a pleasurable hell.

“I don’t need the Beast to handle a pitiful man like you~ I’m more than enough...” she purred evilly into his ear before biting it. Gaston was weak, and he was growing weaker as she choked him out. Soon enough, the man’s cock was throbbing as his eyes rolled up from the lack of air. Even as Gaston passed out, Belle refused to release him. She wanted him to be humiliated, and destroyed! The ref girl was shouting at her to let go, but Belle still held on. Then, when his cock finally shot out a thick load of sperm, the brunette would release her grip on his neck.

Belle would continue to stroke his sensitive cock with her feet, though, and soon Gaston was brought back to consciousness by the overstimulation of his cock. That’s when Belle rolled him onto his belly and stood up to the cheering crowd. But before the ref could check on Gaston, the brunette would walk over to the bump a huge china cabinet with her big butt. Down it went then, right down on Gaston’s body with a huge crash followed by the sounds of dishes shattering.

Now, Belle was done…and she’d walk away as the ref called for medics. She didn’t even look back to see Gaston’s sorry state underneath the mountain of shattered plate and the cabinet. He wasn’t worth it, he never was to her...

The End

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Storybook Fuck Club #4: Belle "The Beauty" VS Gaston "The Perfect" MiMAWbv

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