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Looking for a feedback partner.

Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:13 am by WrestleMind

Howdy! I'm looking for someone to receive feedback from and give feedback to. In part, this is for improving my writing but more so just to enjoy discussing it with someone like minded.  Very Happy

What I mean when I say "feedback".

  • This section was a bit redundant.
  • The way you described that move was exhilarating!
  • This part of the match was a real curve ball!
  • That character's actions were vile!
  • I would've enjoyed more detail here.

[ Full reading ]

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Shadow-y Avalanche?

Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:39 pm by Vcom7418


Looking for a match for Avalanche for GASTER!

If interested, please contact me via PM or via Discord (address in my sig! Razz)

We can discuss the storyline, and it can be long term and even go past Avalanche! Whatever you prefer, I'll prolly be up for it Smile

Comments: 2

Looking for a match ot her return

Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:57 pm by Edward_Lightner


My little Becky is back and is searching for a new match or training!
In hentai or everithing else!

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Bullet Club vs. S.A.S. - Sibling Rivalry

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Bullet Club vs. S.A.S. - Sibling Rivalry

Post by killcarrion on Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:04 pm

Stirrings about recent talent acquisitions were a routine aspect of the wrestling business nowadays. Online dirt-sheets frequently spread unsubstantiated rumors simply as click bait when the news cycle was low. But one particular bit of wrestling gossip seemed to only get more headway and gather more steam until it was finally reported as being entirely factual by the newsletter of wrestling's most renowned journalist and dispenser of star ranking's for high profile matches, Danise Seltzer. A certain anarchistic tag-team that had been winning championship gold, wreaking havoc and generally running roughshod over every wrestling organization that hired them was now traveling halfway around the world, and bringing their cult-like online following with them...

Bullet Club....For-For-For....LIFE....

The trademark assault rifle skull and crossbones illuminated the monolithic screen, the same infamous depiction that was already on the t-shirts of practically a third of the audience members. The merchandising juggernaut that was the name brand of the Bullet Club was already in full effect with this only being the group's inaugural debut, and yet T-Shirt stands were already selling out simply at the mention of the notorious sister's becoming a part of the AFW roster. Grungy guitar riffs and and a flickering light-show of white and black spotlights brought the ecstatic wrestling fanatics out of their seats even before the sisterly pairing made their nonchalant, cool as ice water, sauntering approach through the curtains.

Bullet Club:

The Mackenzie Sister's waltzed out shoulder to shoulder wearing their Bullet Club tees, armbands, splatter painted pants, and heavy duty wrestling boots with blue tassels flickering around as they walked. Dressed identically with sneering, cocky indifference written on their faces, giving off the distinct and disdainful aura of not being one iota thrilled to be there. The pair obnoxiously chewing gum through their casual stroll down the ramp to the deafening cheers of those who followed their exploits in other wrestling organizations. Eventually they hopped up the apron and simultaneously vaulting themselves over the top rope as they continued their stride across the ring to collect their microphones. Mackenzie, the older and more slender of the pair, was about to talk when she noticed her younger sister apparently having back pains. Nikita slouching over with a wincing grimace as she started massaging her lower lumbar...

"Nik...What the hell's the matter with you? We just get here and you're already about to be put on the DL?"

"...nngh..Sorry,'s just that...well, my back has been KILLING me from having to CARRY ever single wrestling organization that was smart enough to hire the BEST damn thing going on in wrestling today, and by the looks of the piss poor excuse for a wrestling roster, it looks like we'll be having to do more of that here in AFW..."  The rambunctious younger sibling straightened out her back to reveal the facade and stand shoulder to shoulder with her taller sister, both of them brandishing the same arrogant smirk.

"Yeah sorry people, but this ain't 2015 anymore. New management's in office, and they have the good sense to pay the big bucks for the best, of the best. Cause their was no other way we we're gonna take an eight hour airplane ride all the way to Japan and reestablish ourselves all over again unless they flashed that moolah, or yen or whatever the hell it is over here..."

"That's right losers, we're here, and once we start expanding our brand in AFW and spreading the word of The Bullet Club, we're gonna be the ones calling the shots around here. We're the ones who sell the most merch and we're the ones who're gonna be selling out arena's. And seeing as how we're not in the mood yet to be tag-team champions,...Blazing Blizzard...Jesus that's a stupid name...

"I know, right? Doesn't even make any meteorological sense? Sounds more like a shitty cocktail they sell at Applebee's..."

"Anyway, we're going to let Blazing Blizzard enjoy being tag-team champions for now just because Mack and I don't want those things weighing down our waists just yet. So for now, we're gonna start small and squash some no-name talent till we get our feet wet around here. And we're gonna make it look real easy people...cause every...thing...we just...


The Mackenzie sister's threw up the Too Sweet gesture and bounced them off each-other's hand as they waited to see what dorks we're going to be the first ones invited to the Superkick Party.

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Re: Bullet Club vs. S.A.S. - Sibling Rivalry

Post by Vcom7418 on Thu Nov 08, 2018 3:54 am

With Clara and Alice booked to wrestle quite a recent acquisition by AFW, Alice would take a train from Kyoto to join her sister and give the noobies a challenge...

...although, as the sisters were looking at their foes' entrance on the TV, it turned out that they weren't quite "noobies" to the wrestling game. While Clara only heard the name on the forums online, Alice would actually hear the name "Bullet Club" quiet a lot in the locker rooms of a few promotions that didn't have Deathmatch wrestling, mostly getting from the few passed words that the duo were unbelievably cocky.

And sure enough, on the monitor in the locker room, the duo could not have came across as more arrogant even if they tried. Not even a minute on Friction TV, and they were already staking their claim for the tag team belts, as well as insult the two of them as some "no-names"

Clara let out a quiet growl at the insult, while Alice simply laughed it off. She knew she could shove the duo's words into their mouth after they beat them tonight.

And, shortly after the Jackson sisters were done, the Gasters were asked to proceed to the gorilla position for their entrance.

A short while later, darkness would be put over the arena as a lone spotlight shown down on the ramp, with GASTER and Alice making their way down to their theme tune.

The Shadow Lord would maniacally laugh on her way down, whilst the Pale Rider would point her kendo stick around the crowd, before pointing at her foe's in the ring.

Once they were in, GASTER would stare for a moment at their soon-to-be foes, and grabbed the microphone out of the taller sister's arms.

"I will not stand by this disrespect! To call a Shadow Lord a no-name?! How dare thee! You measure your worth in that "moolah" you speak off...but I will make sure your greed is at an end once we are done with you! Mwahahahahahahaha!"

With GASTER done with her promo, she dropped the mic onto the floor. Alice relaxed as she sat down in the corner, finding Clara fusing her frustrations into her character amusing. Still, after a promo like that, her sis was likely more ready to go than she was, so as Clara turned her back to head to her assigned corner to prepare, Alice would start heading onto the ring apron to get ready for the start of the match.

My fighters:
Melody Serperior (Friction)
Navi Florges (Friction)
GASTER (Friction)
Alice Gaster (Tension)
S.A.S. (Tag Team)

Open to PMs at any time. Also, all the time on Discord: Vcom7418#0756

Despite the primary show mentioned in the brackets, my gals are all open for matches on both brands (though I would like them to be more on their primary show Razz)

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Re: Bullet Club vs. S.A.S. - Sibling Rivalry

Post by killcarrion on Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:24 am

The rambunctious, immature defiance of the delinquent duo earned a fair mix of resentful booing and cheering adulation from those in attendance after having cut their scathing promo. Millennial's and those of a younger generation rallying behind the punkish antics of the anti-authoritarian faction, while veteran wrestling fanatics just found their mischievousness immature and disrespectful. The Bullet Club tending to have this exact type of polarizing reaction in whichever federation they hung up their frilly boots, but it was that exact same contention which gave them buzz amidst the wrestling world. And the sisterly hoodlums took little time in re-establishing that divisive aura after having talked shit about practically the entire Friction roster as well as the Tag-Team champions in practically record time of them stepping into the ring.

The referee gave the club members a brief pat-down before the arena darkened for the other sisterly tag-team's entrance, apathy and disinterest sprawled across the Bullet sisters faces as they simultaneously spat the gum out of their mouths to the side during their entrance. Nikita doing some leg stretches from side to side while Mackenzie limbered up her arms by stretching them across her chest. Alice just looked some reject from a Kung-Fu flick and GASTER was just some sort of weirdo freakazoid in a Halloween mask, a presumption that was emboldened from GASTER snatching the mic out of their hand and cutting her own villainous promo. Mackenzie balking slightly while Nikita wiggled her fingers at the masked Shadow-Lord in mock fear.

"Ohhh...I'm soooo scared...ya got me shaking in my hundred dollar UGG boots, ya Charlie Brown looking weirdo-" Nikita's obnoxious taunting was interrupted by her older sister halting her in mid-rant by placing a hand on her shoulder and whispering something in her ear. Both of them brandishing a sinister smirk as they watched the masked wrestler casually stride back towards her corner...a few seconds before being ambushed from behind by the club members sprinting up to her, twisting her around by her shoulder, and Double-Superkicking the Shadow-Lord right in her chin underneath her mask and clear over the top rope!!! Mackenzie than delivering a swift boot to Alice's stomach to make sure their under-handed attack wasn't reserved just for GASTER.


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Re: Bullet Club vs. S.A.S. - Sibling Rivalry

Post by Sponsored content

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