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Shadow-y Avalanche?

Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:39 pm by Vcom7418


Looking for a match for Avalanche for GASTER!

If interested, please contact me via PM or via Discord (address in my sig! Razz)

We can discuss the storyline, and it can be long term and even go past Avalanche! Whatever you prefer, I'll prolly be up for it Smile

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Looking for a match ot her return

Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:57 pm by Edward_Lightner


My little Becky is back and is searching for a new match or training!
In hentai or everithing else!

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Looking for a feedback partner.

Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:13 am by WrestleMind

Howdy! I'm looking for someone to receive feedback from and give feedback to. In part, this is for improving my writing but more so just to enjoy discussing it with someone like minded.  Very Happy

What I mean when I say "feedback".

  • This section was a bit redundant.
  • The way you described that move was exhilarating!
  • This part of the match was a real curve ball!
  • That character's actions were vile!
  • I would've enjoyed more detail here.

[ Full reading ]

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Hazel Garden

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Hazel Garden

Post by Chaos on Wed Oct 31, 2018 9:01 pm

Name: Hazel Garden  
Alias: Moonlight Cat
Real Name: Rebecca Victoria Hizenvaltz  
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Eyes: Brown Eyes
Hair: Dyed dark blue  
Height: 1,80m/ 5’11 ft.
Weight: 154 pounds/ 69, 9 KG
Nationality:  Portuguese /British
Alignment: Face
Entrance music:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Hazel likes to imagine scenarios, come up with some situations even if they aren’t that easy to pull off, or even be able to do it. Due to her low strength, she tend to relay on her speed and martial art skills to fight opponents that are bigger than her, even if these tend to fail sometimes. When she faces opponents around her size, she balances by using more strength and less speed.
Style: Pro-Wrestler/Martial arts  
Type: Striker
Preferred Attacks: Fast strikes, aerial

Preferred Matches: Normal Match, Mats, Handcuff match

Endurance: 3
Strength: 2
Speed: 4
Defense: 3
Technique: 2

Favored moves: Diving Leg Lariat| Hurricanrana | Bow and Arrow Hold
Signature Move(s): Tiger Feint Kick, Fisherman Suplex, and Flying spinning heel kick

Finishing moves:
Falling Panther Axe – Hazel, from the top turnbuckle or top rope, jumps forwards towards a standing or a leaning opponent. She performs a somersault leg drop, however this is made with to be hit with the heel, as well it is made with one leg only, while the other is retracted, while aiming for the back of the head. This can also be used without an elevated position, however would only be used on an enemy down on all fours.  
Moon Crusher– Hazel duck grabs the opponents their head using her right arm, putting it under her armpit and use her left hand to pick up their left leg, into a fireman’s carry. She would fall backwards, slamming the opponents back into the ground/mat, similar to a Samoan drop. Then Hazel would warp her hands around their necks in a shape of a lock, then wrap her right leg around her arms, crushing their heads between the leg and both legs, and possible chock them.


Personality: Hazel is mostly laid-back, happy and sometimes serious. She enjoys having fun, like playing videos games, hear music. She usually get along with everyone easily, not having that much problems with people at first.
Hazel, normally tends to change personally to a more serious side, on the ring, and then adapting depending the situation. Even though this sometimes, might be some kind of act, this is her mostly showing her actually emotions. There might even be times where she gets angry, adopting a more aggressive style.
She doesn’t like to talk about her mask, having her to mostly dodge questions or topics about it, also as thing from her actual life. Hazel hates when the opponents try to remove or mocks her mask, as she would flow with rage rapidly.

Past/History: Rebecca when was young, due to her kindness and no satisfaction towards fighting, she felt weak and sometimes was bullied, which started building an urge to get stronger, so she decided to train. She started training martial arts, in order to defend herself and as more time was passing, the less she mind fighting.
Years later, she travelled to Japan to improve her combat. Rebecca brought her younger, Cathy, sister along, leaving their mom behind, due to her work and she though would be a fun experience for both. While on Japan, she joined a dojo and entered a couple tournaments against some other dojo. On one of the tournaments, someone watching her offered her a place in Illegal Wrestling matches, in exchange for money.
Sometime later, she felt that was those match didn’t fit her and that was wrong. So she decided to quit, but she didn’t knew that to leave that life it would much more difficult than that. Rebecca couldn’t leave unless she had to pay a lot more then she could receive and couldn’t just quit, because then people would sent after her. So in order to quit, she faked an accident and disappeared, changing her identity.
With now the new name of Hazel Garden and with the new combat style that she gain in those matches and to gain easy money, she would now go for real Wrestling matches, the AFW League. Before she entered, Cathy gave her the mask, and said that made her look like some kind of Heroine. Hazel, would now in every match use it ,because not only represent the love for the present that her little sister gave it, sheering it for life, but also to hide her shame for the previous error she committed,  making it the most important thing ever and she wouldn’t forgive who would offend it or try to remove it.

Wrestling Attire: a Dark Blue and white One-piece type swim suit, as well dark blue and white boost and mask.

Fun Facts:
-Likes Video games.
-She owned a cat
- Likes to hear Rock.

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Re: Hazel Garden

Post by Person on Wed Oct 31, 2018 9:06 pm

Approved, you may now rp as you wish.


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