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Marilyn Martinez is searching for a challenger!

Tue Oct 16, 2018 6:43 am by WrestleMind

My new character, Marilyn Martinez, is looking for someone to face in her first match. 

My top preference would be for her to face a strong heel. Though I'm open to hearing any other ideas. Razz

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Avalanche Plans!

Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:27 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Hi all! I wanna give Himeko a place at Avalanche!

Things I am looking for, but am not limited to!

- A fellow big girl

- Creative match type

- Could be minimal or detailed build up

- For it to be fun!

Message me if you are interested! I will be a bit picky about this though because I've struggled with most of my PPV appearances and I want to change that!

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Open invite Friction/Tension hardcore promo

Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:49 am by Lotuswarrior

Samantha Fox is looking for a match where she can cut loose a bit. So I decided for her to throw an open invite match to both Tension and Friction roster members. So the match will be a first to 3 tables match. There are a few special rules though.
1. No repeat moves through tables. Basically a different move must be used to score a point through a table. If Samantha is choke slammed through a table, then a second chokeslam through a table won't score you a point.

2. 30 second break between …

[ Full reading ]

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Sisters of All Styles Vs The Unrightable Wrongs!: The enemy of our enemy!

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Sisters of All Styles Vs The Unrightable Wrongs!: The enemy of our enemy!

Post by Tarantulust on Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:27 am

Sisters of All Style vs The Unrightable Wrongs
Standard Tag Match.


Miranda had been busy the past few weeks. So very busy, to the point she seemed to hardly sleep anymore. Everyday she was slaving over a table filled to the brim with beakers that had all kinds of liquid chemicals, powders, and clear solutions all with their own purpose to serve in her true employers overarching goal to make a new addictive drug that payed on athletes specifically. Hours quickly turned to days as she concocted each formula from the ground up to insure it met the quality her employer hired her for, but creating something completely new took time no matter the creator. Because of her more pressing matters, she had been easily ignoring her “other” job at the AFW federation, hiding away in a separate building while her two associates dealt with the menial tasks of acquiring supplies and coming up with reasons as to why the chemist could not come into the gym that week. Despite Miranda’s rather strange and violent debut, the emotionless scientist still cared little for the sport she had been ordered to enter and corrupt from the inside out.

And yet she still filed the proper paperwork to insure her “employment” with the federation. With her criminal background, it would be extremely difficult and tedious finding employment anywhere else, and should she lose her position, it would be difficult to spread any kind of crime ring inside the organization.

How painful it was to work for two different employers with two completely different goals in mind. Especially when they both came knocking looking for results. Miranda had a deadline, and had to meet her criminal superiors to go over her progress with her production line and how she was doing on expanding her influence inside the AFW, but a slight problem had cropped up during the past few days. The federation had apparently booked her team for some sort of match against…well, whoever.

Inconvenienced at every turn, it seems. No matter what I do it seems some illogical being will be there to destroy my hard work. Typical.

There was no way Miranda would be able to make it to the match and luckily, she did not need to. The match was only set for a two-on-two confrontation, with Miranda easily able to send her two goons to do her dirty work, but she was still hesitant. Trusting others, even those under her own employ, was not something Miranda made a habit of doing. There was little choice, however. Miranda would give her goons the order to participate in the match, and quietly hope for the best outcome.


Bridgette and Kristy:

The audience was seemed packed in, ready to witness the tag match between the two relatively new teams.  New talent was always popular at AFW, and though neither of the teams had been around for very long, they both seemed to have grown something of a cult following. The hustle and bustle of excited fans filled the large arena with idle chatter and excited shouts that only began to die down as the lights dimmed, and the entrances seemed to be getting prepared to start.

A few moments passed before anything began to happen. The entrance doorway seemed to slowly belch a thick fog as the tune Blumenkranz began to play. The lights dimmed further, and the entrance fog lit up using a bright red light, making the entire entryway look like a burning pit of fire. Blue lights flashed repeatedly within the mist before a figure emerged. She was short, and wore primarily red clothes that matched her hair color. She wore something a respirator mask, protecting her lungs from the mist like it was harmful while she twirled about on the ramp. The flashing light source was quickly identified, the girl in red firing off two personal defense tazors to create something like a mini lightshow. Even with the mask, it was clear the red headed woman was smiling ear to ear as she twirled down the ramp.

As soon as the first woman left the fog, another followed suit, this one a tank of a woman and wearing primarily blue, with a full gas mask attached to her face. She carried a metal hammer, and with one quick swing dispelled most of the mist the surrounded her, showing off her impressive strength right off the bat.

It was becoming clear that these two cared little for subtlety.

The music continued to play as they walked down the ramp, the woman in red always in the lead while the larger brute trailed not far behind. By the time they made it inside the ring, the two had removed their masks, the woman in red named Kristy wore a smug smile on her face, as if she had already seen the outcome of this match. The larger woman, Bridgette, had a more neutral look, her face resting in a sharp glare that caused many to look away when their eyes crossed it.

Now, all that was left was for their opponents to make their entrance. What type of foes would they be facing? Neither of the women knew, but it hardly mattered to them. They had every intention of beating the foes and moving on to the next task at hand.

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Re: Sisters of All Styles Vs The Unrightable Wrongs!: The enemy of our enemy!

Post by Vcom7418 on Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:44 pm

With Clara's and Alice's tag debut not going fully as planned (and Clara still shaken by partaking in the hardcore match despite the result), Clara would call in a favor for being roped into the hardcore match by getting Alice to come to Tokyo to tag with her, feeling that Friction's tag division would have nicer, more noble wrestlers than Tension's...

...but, as the two sisters saw their opponents for the night make their entrance, Clara would gulp and Alice would snicker. Let alone the fact that the duo was looking quite menacing with their masks, but the bigger of the two carried a massive hammer around as if a fan to get rid of the fog for their entrance:

"'Ooooo, those Tension wrestlers are too scaaaaawwwyyyy...I wanna go to Friction where it's all sunshine and rainbows!'", Alice would speak looking away from her sister, in a faux, high-pitched voice.

"Sh-shut up! How could I have expected this to happen...", Clara would reply, less annoyed, and more worried about the match at hand. She didn't think she would have much difficulty going toe to toe with the smaller of the two of their opponents...but she knew if she was matched up against the bigger woman clad in blue, it was, more than likely, game over for their team...

"Relax, Clara. Just tag out to me when the big girl is getting into the ring. Even if she gets you, I'll be your knight in shining armor!", Alice would wink at her sister:

"Th-thanks...", Clara would reply, still quite unsure of the match coming up...

A short minute after The Unrightable Wrongs made their entrance, a girl wearing a full face mask and a yellow hoodie and a shorter girl in grey by her side came onto the entrance ramp, Warriors by Imagine Dragons playing on the speakers. As the yellow girl let out a loud laughter, her partner would point her wooden kendo stick at people in the audience...and then onto their foes, before the two girls would make their way towards the ring, Alice looking around the arena at people, looking quite relaxed despite the match coming up...while GASTER kept her eyes squarely on the ring where battle was about to commence...

The two would roll in, as Alice would raise her weapon up into the sky in a triumphant manner, whilst the Shadow Lord let out one more diabolical laugh. As the song died down, GASTER would request a microphone from the referee, a plea that would be easily obliged by the woman in a striped shirt.

"Mwahahahaha! You think you can scare us with your own dimensional fog, hammers of iron, and your masks? Ha! There is more to being scary and having a powerful presence than that, mortals! Now prepare to grovel before mine, and my first general's, might!"

Alice would simply nod along to her sister's promo, understanding that this is just something that she should just come to accept when it came to her wrestling. Whatever helped her feel comfortable in the ring.

GASTER would quickly take off her hoodie, leaving it outside as she stepped onto the apron of her team's corner, whilst Alice would sit down at it, leaving her stick outside the ring as she waited for their foes' reply...and the ringing of the bell...

My fighters:
Melody Serperior (Friction)
Navi Florges (Friction)
GASTER (Friction)
Alice Gaster (Tension)
S.A.S. (Tag Team)

Open to PMs at any time. Also, all the time on Discord: Vcom7418#0756

Despite the primary show mentioned in the brackets, my gals are all open for matches on both brands (though I would like them to be more on their primary show Razz)

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Re: Sisters of All Styles Vs The Unrightable Wrongs!: The enemy of our enemy!

Post by Tarantulust on Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:36 am

Neither Kristy nor Bridgette knew what to expect from their opponents. They had been practically pushed out the door by their boss, and neither of them took the time to look into who or what the Sisters of All Styles were. The two had crooks had made up their own stories in their heads, with Kristy imagining the sisters wearing a variety of beautiful garments that would highlight their natural beauty makeup that was applied by an artist and Bridgette assuming they would be powerful fighters that were masters of a variety of fighting styles.

Needless to say, when the Sisters did arrive they were hardly what either of the duo were thinking. Ing like some of the giants they had seen around the They both seemed so…short. Nothing like the giants that seemed to fill the roster here at the federation. Both of the sisters seemed to share a picture of a strange smiley face, one on the taller girl’s mask, the other on the shorter girl’s shirt.

“Quite the grungy looking pair. I was kinda hoping…y’know never mind.”

For the most part, Bridgette and Kristy were ignoring the sister’s flashy entrance, too engrossed in their own thoughts to really pay any attention to foes that seemed as if they would both fall from one decent punch from the blue brute. The Unrightable Wrongs hardly gave the girls a second look until GASTER began to speak using a microphone, issuing a challenge while dismissing the entrance Kristy had worked so hard on and spent so long creating. The red-haired girl’s smile still hung on her face, though her eyes narrowed as GASTER spoke. Bridgette seemed to fidget, a clear expression of annoyance lingered on her face as her bright yellow eyes bore into GASTER’s smaller frame.

“What’s with the mask? And why are you talking like that? Did you get locked in your room as a kid or something?”

“I think that is supposed to be her character. Some kind of kindergartener pretending its Halloween, and bringing her pet along with her.”

“Bridgette big buddy, I think that pet may actually be her sister, though I can see why you would think she is an animal, with such a hideous scar on her face~”

“Really? I saw her carrying a large stick around, and thought that maybe if we threw it, she might just chase it like a wild dog.”

“Well, that is assuming her so called “master” is smart enough to teach her any tricks in the first place. Looking at her outfit, I wouldn’t say she is too bright.”

Kristy began to snicker, both her and her large friend sending looks over towards Alice and GASTER, as if they were considering attacking them before the bell even rang. Neither of the goons seemed interested in playing along with GASTER’s performance, and Bridgette actually seemed to be irritated by the overlords over-the-top acting.

“Since you think we are not too scary and give off a weak presence, you won’t mind facing my heavy hitting friend first, would you?” Kristy was intentionally mocking GASTER, poking her and seeing if she took the bait, “After all, to talk so high and mighty and then run away because you are too scared might send a bad message, don’t you think?”

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Re: Sisters of All Styles Vs The Unrightable Wrongs!: The enemy of our enemy!

Post by Sponsored content

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