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Gimme stuff

Thu Nov 29, 2018 3:22 am by LtLukas

Yo. Looking for anything, really. I was sort of looking for a rival for Eka, so maybe something long term with her. Or it could be a one off, I am pretty much up for anything.

Zulime is also looking to mix it up a little, so if you want to do something hentai, shoot me a message.

Josey is always up for something brutal, but that is a steep hill to climb.

Jessica is up for grabs as well, but she is even harder to beat. Would look for more regular match types with

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Group project deadline/presentation season

Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:21 am by Jaystar


Just to update everyone I'm having threads with - right now I'm having a crazy couple of weeks with uni group project deadlines and presentations, so I have little capability to RP right now. Things should begin to improve by the end of the week though, so I'm expecting to be posting again by then!

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Sakura’s Lucky Opponent!

Sat Dec 08, 2018 1:20 am by Cicilia

I’m looking for a match for my character Yayuuki Sakura (or Lucky)! What type of match and stuffs we can talk about! Post here and/or pm me if ur interested!

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Twisted Steel: Rianna Kennedy VS FUKA

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Twisted Steel: Rianna Kennedy VS FUKA

Post by M.J.Caboose14 on Thu Oct 04, 2018 1:31 pm

Match Type: Steel Cage (No DQ)
Win Conditions: Escaping the cage


Fuka was ready for her Friction Debut. She wasn’t sure if she’d enjoy the competition here, but beating people down was all she needed to enjoy herself. So the towering woman would get into her jet black attire and put on her ominous gas mask. Then, after catching a sight of herself in the mirror, Fuka would shatter it with the sledgehammer she was carrying around. A grunt-like laugh could be heard coming from under her mask, and then she’d kick open the locker room door before walking through the halls silently.

The crowd tonight wasn’t sure what to make out of Fuka as she walked out to the song Shotgunner. Many weren’t aware of her history, but could tell just by looking at her that she was a menace. So they’d cheer like the mindless drones she saw them as as she walked towards the steel structure. An official approached her at the bottom of the ramp before asking her to leave the sledge hammer outside. But she refused, and she grabbed his face with her hand for good measure. Then the towering woman would throw him to the side and got into the steel surrounded  ring. It seemed like Fuka had actually hurt the guy when his shoulder hit the barricade. So a new ref was sent out to replace him. This time it was an even short official with a cute face and just so happened to be a girl.

Out of all the things that Fuka could hurt on this Earth, a cute girl was not one of them.

So as the ref girl shouted at her about hurting the last official, many of the fans though Fuka would throw her too. However, the woman just stared down at her and did nothing. So, after the girl finished preaching, she told Fuka to get in her corner and wait for the match to begin. Which the menacing figure obeyed as she went to the corner and stayed their. Still, with her gas mask on, the ref girl would be lying if she said that Fuka wasn’t terrifying her.

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