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looking again

Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:35 pm by anime_hentaifighter

So looking for a few more matches.Plus may upload some new characters this weekend

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Sorry for the inconvenience..

Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:31 pm by TomboyTsuka

Sorry if I'm being inactive lately... I was applying for a job around a few weeks ago, and had to go through several interviews. I'm kinda tired and had no time to reply here...

But the good news is that I finally got my new laptop. It's an ASUS Vivobook i5. It should be able to run Honey Select and finally give some life to my empty Pixiv gallery. Maybe I'll make your OCs soon? Stay tuned!!

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Looking for a Match for Megumi Mutoh

Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:49 am by RadiantKarna332

So, I finally get myself Megumi Mutoh, and the first thing I'd like to use her for is, of course, a match! I'm looking for anyone interested to have their girls facing Megumi in the ring. You can contact me via PM here or DM me on Discord.

And here's the link to her profile so you can see what she's like:

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Giulia La Rocca vs Kyo Akamatsu - Grudge In Chains

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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Giulia La Rocca vs Kyo Akamatsu - Grudge In Chains

Post by Jaystar on Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:34 am

Standard match
No rope breaks
Victory by pinfall of submission
Special stipulation: Wrestlers are connected by a chain attached to their other wrist, disconnecting from the chain causes disqualification. There are no other restrictions regarding the use of the chain.

Giulia La Rocca knew that she had to often plead guilty to being a perfectionist. But for her, it usually was not a terribly bad thing. In fact, it had helped her a lot in life. Being obsessed with grades meant that her education was stellar. When she had began gym training, becoming strong and sculpted had been guaranteed. And when she had picked up interest in wrestling, countless hours of practise had been mandatory.

All those things combined had ended her up here in AFW. And Giulia was absolutely loving it. The crowds loved her, too! The short and curvy powerhouse had gained widespread admiration across AFW for both her physical assets and wrestling skills, having begun her career in the brand by sternly putting the men of Tension in their place, the big and the small, the strong and the weak.

With one exception. One exception that the Italian perfectionist could not get out of her mind. An exception that kept bugging her day after day, week after week. An exception that needed to get fixed.

The name of that exception was Kyo Akamatsu. The Japanese man had been the Italian's second opponent in the league. He had specifically invited Giulia to come to face him in the ring, and Giulia had naturally not turned down the challenge.

She had had absolutely no reason to. There had been nothing in Kyo, that would have appeared as something Giulia couldn't have overcome. There had been nothing in him, that would have suggested that he'd be capable of defeating the Italian powerhouse. And during their match, Giulia had indeed gotten extremely close to defeating him.

But she hadn't. Instead, one lucky little roll-up pin performed at the right second had spelled doom on the Italian.

Tonight, that had to be fixed.

Giulia La Rocca - La Forza Italiana:

So here she was, standing in the dark, in the middle of the Tension ring. She had a mic in her hand, and a chain on her shoulder, but the fans weren't aware of her yet. She was aware of them though, thinking of just the right words she should say. The right words that would convince them of her superiority, and ensure that Kyo Akamatsu would soon be making his way down the ramp she was staring at.

Suddenly the spotlight turned on, revealing La Forza Italiana to the crowds. They immediately erupted in cheers and roar, until it was time for the girl to say some words.

"Buonasera Tension.... I hope you're doing well... I am! And that's why I'm here tonight, to right some wrongs..." Letting the crowds roar for a while before continuing... "Some time ago, I had a match against Kyo Akamatsu. It went very well, until he got lucky... Now I admit, that yes, he did win that match.... But... It is something that should have never happened. No, not if there's any justice left in this world!"

According to what she was hearing, at least most of the crowds agreed with her. A good reason to continue. Not that she even needed one though... "So, Kyo, I know you're back there. Come here! Come here to face me, unless being out of luck this time scares you too much!" By now it was obvious, that the crowds definitely wanted to see him appear. But Giulia still had one addition to make. "Oh, and one more thing... I hope you're not scared of chains either... Because tonight, this chain that is on my shoulder, will connect my wrist, and your wrist... And there will be no rope breaks! Now don't worry, we can have otherwise a perfectly standard match, but getting rid of the chain is going to mean disqualification. And that is just so that you can't try escaping from me all the time like a little prey, just like you did last time..."

Now that last sentence might not have been exactly true, but Giulia didn't care.


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Re: Giulia La Rocca vs Kyo Akamatsu - Grudge In Chains

Post by Underdog21 on Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:25 pm

Kyo could barely believe what he was hearing coming from the Titantron. He had heard of some people being sore losers, but this...this was just ridiculous.

Several minutes ago, he had recieved a text from the Tension GM, tipping him off that he was about to be challenged from the ring by a new opponent. He had hurried to the change room and slid into his ring gear, all the while wondering at who the person he'd be fighting would be. Maybe it was one of those new tag teams, like the Red...Nation, were they called? And the White Army and the...whatever those guys who dressed in blue were called. Or maybe it was one of the other newcomers, like Brunhilde Larrson or Ivy Emerson. Or maybe it was one of the GASTER sisters (he could never tell them apart), or one of the two Irish Amazons wanted a piece of him again. If it was the latter, he found himself both frightened and excited by the possibility of it being Alaina Sanders again...

But then, as he watched on the Titantron, his opponent had turned out to be a familiar face: Giulia la Rocca, La Forza Italiana, the diminutive terror who, even when exhausted from a previous match, had still inflicted plenty of pain on him. She was in the ring. She was angry. And she was declaring that he had gotten lucky and then run away like a coward.

Kyo prided himself in his emotional control, in his ability to keep cool...but Giulia's words stung. Deeply. The one other thing he prided himself upon was his skill, on his ring ability, and on winning matches thanks to those qualities. Giulia's implication that he had just gotten lucky stabbed hard at the perfectionist in him.

Taking a deep breath, he focused himself as best he could, and strode into the arena.

Kyo's new look, complete with tats:

He strode down the ramp, ignoring the cheering fans as his gaze fixed in the small but powerful form of Giulia. He was wearing his standard ring gear, the only exception being the black and red AFW t-shirt he had neglected to take off while changing. Sliding under the ropes, he took a few steps towards Giulia and stared at her, the size difference between them becoming apparent.

He motioned for the ref to give him the microphone. He wasn't normally one to indulge in these theatrics, be he needed to clear the record. "Giulia la Rocca," he said, "when we fought, you fought well. I admitted it then, and I admit that now. But as good as you are, and as skilled and as powerful as you were NOT defeated by luck." He paused for a minute to let the audience take measure of that. "You lost, simply because you were unable to follow what I was doing. You lost because you did not anticipate my counter, and got stuck in a pinfall. In short..." He almost paused when he realized he had made an involuntary pun, " lost because I am better."

As the crowd went into an excited sussuruss at Kyo's verbal jab, the so-called Samurai of AFW continued. "But if you want me to demonstrate that again, I will be all too happy to do so. Today, you did more than question my ring ability. You questioned my integrity. You questioned my honour." His grip on the microphone tightened involuntarily. "I will NOT let that stand. I accept your challenge, Giulia la Rocca, and when I defeat you on your own terms...then you will see just how much I rely on luck."

And with that, he passed the microphone back to the ref girl, pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside, and waited to see what Giulia's reaction would be.


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Makie Akamatsu, the rising star
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Re: Giulia La Rocca vs Kyo Akamatsu - Grudge In Chains

Post by Jaystar Yesterday at 8:33 am

It could have been one, it could have been two. It could have been five, or maybe even ten. Who knew how many minutes Giulia would have had to wait, before Kyo would have showed up. If he actually did show up! It was always a possibility, that the Japanese guy would decide to spare his skin from further treatment by Giulia, and her chain... But that's exactly what the Italian had wanted to prevent when deciding what to say. She wanted to ensure through her words, that Kyo was definitely going to appear.

It was ten seconds. Maybe less. He appeared in an instant, and he was angry. Giulia grinned.

There was going to be some tension in the ring tonight. Even more, than usually at Tension. It was good news. See, the last time that she had faced Kyo in the ring, it had been her who had become somewhat frustrated. It had been her, who had begun losing her patience with his persistence. This time, it had to be exactly the opposite way. This time, Giulia wanted to get Kyo frustrated. She wanted to get him to lose his cool. And she was confident, that her own mind had what it took to stay mentally on top of the situation, to stay in control. It had happened countless times before. Why not tonight?

Giulia stayed silent, stayed still as Kyo entered the ring, and began his little monologue. She was determined not to show any emotion, any reaction to his words. And frankly, it was far from easy.

The thing was, despite the sour taste that their last encounter had left with Giulia, deep inside she remembered a few reasons Kyo deserved some credit. Throughout their match, the Japanese had stayed reasonably polite, honest and honorable. It was obvious that ultimately, he was not a bad person. He was not one of those heels, like Killer King, who would have deserved to get destroyed as badly as possible. And ultimately, Giulia was not a bad person either. She did have a faint sting of her own in her heart for calling out Kyo in such a ruthless way.

But all this was about her own honor too. She just had to settle the score with him.

Finally, Kyo stopped talking. It was obvious that he was more than ready, even realizing to take his shirt off. Which in turn made it obvious, that sparing his skin hadn't exactly been a big thing for the man recently... Giulia cleared her throat, concentrated, and relighted the microphone for some additional words.

"Eww, so that's what's new... I was already afraid that you'd gotten fat, since you had that shirt on..." she began with a mocking tone, before becoming more serious again. "But fair enough! You seem to be holding on to your own delusions so stubbornly, that you certainly don't leave me any other option than beating them out of you... And apparently you're more than willing to let me! So, without further ado, I'll just chain us up then..."

Throwing the mic away, Giulia approached Kyo, locking the other end of the chain around his left wrist. But as she did so, she had some final words for him, away from the ears of the crowds. "I knew that you were honorable enough to accept the challenge..." this time with a distinctively more honest tone, looking him deep in the eyes for a second before retreating further away again. Then, the Italian locked up the other end of the chain around her own wrist, prompting the ref girl to come performing her final checks that everything would be set for the match to begin.


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Re: Giulia La Rocca vs Kyo Akamatsu - Grudge In Chains

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