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Kawaii newcomer looking for first match

Sun Feb 17, 2019 1:07 pm by Leonid

Heya. y'all!

I recently learned of this place through an acquaintance of mine, and now there is a kawaii fighter looking for an opponent! (Profile in signature or here if the sig does not work).

So... basic infos:

- No preferred matches/modes, types of opponents or anything. It's just about getting the character rolling, so she meets and interacts with people and starts to form relationships.

- Win or lose, I don't particularly care. I like winning (who doesn´t), but as I said this is …

[ Full reading ]

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More balanced match simulations and new content!

Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:56 am by WrestleMind

Howdy, everyone! I've recently put some work into making the match simulations more balanced and inclusive of a greater variety of stats.

New stuff:

Since many of you have expressed interest and provided helpful feedback I decided to add a few other tools people can use on the site.

  1. a tournament simulator! Essentially you enter a list of wrestlers decide the odds for each individual match and the tournament bracket will automatically adjust.
  2. A random character creator. Press a button and a character …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 9

open for Matches or rps

Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:02 am by kiranar

I have several characters open if someone wants to wrestle them. Message me if you want to face one of them with the match ideas. If you have a character that was wanting to hunt we can somewhat copy the concept of the new Monster Hunter movie to warp your character into that dangerous world or your character contacts mine to hire me guard them while they gather herbs or minerals from the area.

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Selina Lash: The Princess of Pleasure and Punishment.

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Selina Lash: The Princess of Pleasure and Punishment.

Post by Tarantulust on Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:46 pm

~Selina Lash~

~The Princess of Pleasure and Punishment!~

Name: Selina Lash
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Eyes: Grey. (Black and yellow with contacts.)
Hair: White (Natural hair color: Blonde)
Height: 6’1”
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music: Mirror Temple

Wrestling Information

Prefers to humiliate her opponents with strikes, chokes, and submission holds. Often seen carrying around a whip or prod, though she will set them aside if weapons are not allowed.

Style: Violent Strangler

Preferred Matches: Any

: ★★★★
usually pumped up full with adrenaline and having a masochistic side to her, Selina is able to take a hefty amount of damage before calling it quits or submitting to her own desires. A long fight filled with constant jabs and light attacks are her greatest weakness.
Strength: ★★★
Keeping up with her own physical fitness has granted Selina the benefit of being attractively muscular. Despite having a very alluring frame, each part of her body has muscles toned and prime for deliver hard strikes and kicks, or maintaining excruciating holds or even chokes.
Speed: ★★★
While not the fastest person around, Selina’s reaction time is nothing to scoff at. Usually fast enough to block a lazy hit, the princess of pain can often make a hasty retreat or a speedy counter if the need arises.
Defense: ★★
Due to her desire to control or humiliate her opponent, Selina focuses more on offense rather than defense. She more often uses counters or simple dodging to escape her foes wrath, reacting to her opponent’s attacks rather than preventing them in the first place.
Technique: ★★★
Selina has worked hard to perfect her craft, learning the ins and outs of her holds and counters, but sometimes struggles with moves that are not associated with her persona.

Favored moves:

Rear Chokeholds

Curb Stomps

Full Nelson

Grinding Foot Stomps


Pedigree Slam


Finishing moves:

Know your Place!: A quick, yet devastating spinning knee often aimed at the temple. Great for smashing trough powerful defenses or finishing off foes.

Now lick it~: A simple, yet surprisingly effective stomp to the head or face. Whichever is readily available works for Selina.



Often seen wearing conservative clothing when outside of the ring, items like sweaters and long dresses are her common wardrobe items. She has also been known to tie her hair up when in casual attire, hiding her face through thick rimmed glasses and a shy attitude.

In ring attire consists of a highly revealing suit made more out of straps then anything else. Her long hair is often worn down in this attire. She almost always comes to the ring armed in some way, usually with a whip, and a mask that covers only half of her face in an attempt to be intimidating.  


Outside of the ring, Selina is a quiet, almost shy girl. She constantly fidgets around, and hates to be stared at by others, usually fearing for her safety even when danger is nowhere to be found. While it can be difficult, once someone become close enough, Selina can become quite attached and loyal, hovering around her friends both in time of need and even in everyday activities.

However, when the makeup and mask is on Selina becomes a sadist in every sort of way imaginable. Whether it’s the screams of pain from her foes or the surprise, twisted expression of the crowd, Selina enjoys it all. Her desire to be in control of every situation often leads her to take risks many wouldn’t take, but her strange durability and luck often see her through unharmed. Oddly, Selina does sometimes give off masochistic tendencies, enjoying her own suffering when others would not. These tendencies seldom come up, as she is usually focused on being the one in control, rather then the submissive one.


The woman who calls herself Selina grew up in a fairly normal home. Growing up with a single mother, she did not have much, but she never went to bed hungry nor did she never have a warm place to sleep. She did fine academically, usually staying in between the range of a B+ student, though she struggled with social circumstances.

In elementary school, she became friends with two girls that were similar in age. Selina would often hang around the same two girls her entire school life, somewhat limiting herself and under developing her social skills. Whenever she was not with her two friends, she became somewhat withdrawn, almost shutting down when by herself. She became much quieter in class, more awkward in group projects. She had her click, and never bothered to go any further than those two friends.

Sadly, nothing ever stays the same. Sometime in late middle school, Selina and her friends simply drifted apart. Their interests and hobbies began to grow far too different from one another, and they began to see less and less of each other. As expected, Selina became more and more withdrawn, suddenly becoming the quiet kid who sat by themselves often.

It was in high school where she first experienced bullying. In a somewhat stereotypical fashion, a group of girls always bugged her for money to buy things. At first, they simply made fun of her when she had nothing in her purse, but as time continued and she continued to have nothing, the bolder girls began to get physical. Pushing her down, pulling her hair, and eventually hitting her. Selina kept her mouth shut about the bully’s, both to her mother and to her teachers. She had no friends to talk to, to discuss her feelings with, and she was honestly too embarrassed to seek out help. However, she was not embarrassed because she was getting picked on. It was because she enjoyed it.

Selina had been going through puberty and was experiencing all sorts of emotions and feelings she never had before. Suddenly the things she cared about became more mature, more material in a way. When she was first bullied she hated it, despised how the girls ganged up on her because she was alone, beat her down when she was defenseless and took what little she had. But, then the bullying continued, and the distain and loneliness morphed into what she thought was a much darker emotion. She grew excited at the thought of her own humiliation and being roughhoused in front of all her classmates. It began to get to the point where she purposefully brought nothing to school just so she could receive a punishment from the bullies. Selina did not understand what she was going through, and kept it hidden from everyone but herself.

Years would pass, and Selina would eventually graduate high school, learning a bit more about herself and her “preferences” all the while. She learned about her masochistic feelings, but also developed a desire for dominance, for being the one in control and dishing out the pain in her own way. This desire led her to a few interesting paths.

Selina had entered a strange world, one where she was suddenly in power, where she was the bully, and where she could be as outgoing as she wanted. She learned different types of degrading attacks, how best to use a whip, and took self-defense classes for an extra layer of protection and authenticity. Strangely, she was a natural fighter, picking up attack techniques faster than most, all while developing a persona that utilized these traits well, becoming the person she wanted to be, rather than the one she was.

Her new persona was more impulsive, but also far more violent to the point where she was often kicked out of establishments of all kind, eventually forcing her towards underground type areas, including fights. Though many of the fighters she met were far more skilled or stronger then herself, her dirty tactics, surprising power, and violent whip attacks often saw her through to the end.

But still she needed more.

Selina wanted an audience to go along with her domination, for someone to get just as excited as she did when beating a foe or getting beaten! Sadly, there were few places like that which didn’t stage the entire conflict. She had little interest in pretending to hurt someone, for them to pretend to be submissive as the genuine article was far more exhilarating and stimulating.

It would only be by chance that Selina would past by a flyer for the wrestling association AFW. It insured real fights, violent matches, and beautiful combatants. After thinking about it for a small time, she finally submitted an application, and was picked up alarmingly quick. It appeared the morals of the company were extraordinarily low but that was how Selina liked them.

"Beg! Beg on your knees!"

Wrestling Attire:
Alternate Attire:
Sans Hair color:
Sans Hair Color 2 :
Full Body:

Fun Facts:

Selina has a strange voice. Due to its pitch, many confuse her laughter for straight out shrieking.

Due to her shyness, she has a tendency to apologize for no reason when outside the ring.

The in-ring persona seems to hate pretty girls, often degrading their appearance while using moves meant to destroy their looks, such as hair pulling or slaps, even low blows seem to be on the table.

Despite being shy, Selina often goes to the gym to work out, though she refrains from interacting with others.

It is a toss up if Selina has split personality disorder, or is she simply gets way too into her persona.

AFW Information




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