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Looking for some fun

Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:04 pm by anime_hentaifighter

It bin a while since I done a post like this , but just wanted to let everyone know that I'm looking for a match or two here

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Looking for a story/backstage thread for Janis

Tue May 21, 2019 12:30 am by TomboyTsuka

Since I'm done with Janis' debut match, I'm seeking someone to do a story/backstage thread for her. If you're interested, just reply to this thread or hook me up via PM

I'll be seeing you soon!!

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Absent this week

Mon May 06, 2019 11:06 am by BritBrat

Hey all~

Just letting you know that I'll be traveling this week so I won't be posting until Sunday possibly. I'll be back soon!

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Kylee Williams: The Olympian

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Kylee Williams: The Olympian Empty Kylee Williams: The Olympian

Post by WrestleMind on Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:38 am

The Olympian
Kylee Williams: The Olympian _capta10
Real Name: Kylee William Age:25 Eyes: Olive
Hair: Red Height:6'5" Weight: 205Lbs
Sexual Preference: Men/women
Alignment: Lawful Good
Nationality: American
"My goal?" Kylee tapped her index finger to her pressed lips as she pondered this question. "Well, its obvious isn't it!? Once I've earned my stripes around here I'm gonna be going for every belt that I can carry! Anywhere, Any match, any rules I will still come out on top!" After a few minutes of scribbling furiously, the biographer followed up. "Any other plans?" Kylee instantly clapped her hands together and then firmly onto the reporter's shoulders. "Heck ya, bro! I need to find a tag team partner; Cant compete for tag team belts alone... I think." Kylee paused once more. " I'd be freakin awesome if my partner matched my brawn with her brain" To punctuate this final point Kylee grinned and flexed for the reporter.


Wrestling Information
Strategy: Use her superior physical abilities to defeat her opponents in the seemliest way possible.
Style: Powerhouse, Striker

  • Kylee stands literally head and shoulders above the rest of her competition.


  • Her naivete and inexperience with wrestling.
  • Her stubborn insistence on following standard wrestling rules even when stipulations are added.

Physical Stats
██████████(While Kylee is adorned with thick armor like muscles she has been in a few fights.)
██████████ (Kylee has developed her strength to win gold medals in discus and hammer throwing.)
█████████ (Kylee won silver in the 100M dash.)
██████████ (Kylee won gold at Sochi in the woman's marathon.she can go the distance in almost any match.)
██████████(Kylee can be a bit of a ditz, though she always means well.)

Kylee Williams: The Olympian 410

Wrestling Stats
██████████ (Kylee's long brawny limbs while occasionally slow and imprecise leave a trial of declaration in their path.)
█████████ (Kylee knows little about submissions and "technique". All she really knows is to grab her opponent and squeeze... Hard.)
████████(Unless crippled in some way Kylee can lift and slam wrestlers in any weight class.)
██████████(Except for the occasional drop kick Kylee prefers to stay firmly on the ground.)
██████████(Kylee knows almost nothing about wrestling. Her overwhelming strength and height advantage helps make up for her ignorance.w)

Kylee Williams: The Olympian 4410


Finishing Move set
Classic Piledriver
From a position in which the opponent is bent forward against Kylee's midsection, She grabs around his / her opponent's midsection and lifts so that the opponent is held upside down facing in the same direction as her, Kylee then drops to a sitting position with the opponent's head falling between her thighs down to the mat. Ver.2 / Ver.3 / Ver.4
Belly to Belly Driver
Kylee first stands facing an opponent and places her stronger arm between the opponent's legs and her weaker arm on the opponent's opposite shoulder. She then lifts the opponent onto her stronger shoulder, turning them upside-down. The opponent is then lowered while being held so that the opponent's head is hanging between her knees. She then falls or jumps to her knees, driving the opponent's head into the mat. Ver.2 / Ver.3 / Ver.3
HammerLock DDT
first applies a hammerlock on the opponent's further arm, then goes for a front face-lock, and then falls backward on to his back, driving the opponent's head down to the mat. Ver.2 / Ver.3 / Ver.4
Dead-Lift Stunner
he opponent is first raised over the shoulders of Kylee. From here, Kylee twists the opposite way and quickly switches back throwing the legs of the opponent out backward and drops down to the mat while taking hold of the opponent's head to force him to fall into a high impact cutter.Ver.2 / Ver.3 / Ver.4
Olympic Suplex
the wrestler stands behind the opponent, grabs them around their waist, lifts them up, and falls backward while bridging his back and legs, slamming the opponent down to the mat shoulder and upper back first. The wrestler keeps the waist-lock and continues bridging with their back and legs, pinning the opponent's shoulders down against the mat.Ver.2 / Ver.3 /
Olympic Slam
The wrestler holds the wrist of his opponent while putting his head underneath the opponent's chest, grabs the inside of one of the opponent's legs then lifts him up onto his shoulders whilst falling backward.Ver.2 / Ver.3

Scissor Sleeper
this hold sees Kylee approach a supine opponent and sit next to them before turning onto their side towards the opponent and wrapping her legs around either side of the opponent's head, crossing the top leg after it has gone around the opponent's chin. Kylee then tightens her grip to choke an opponent by compressing their throat. Ver.2 / Ver.3 / Ver.4 / Ver.5

Combined Lariat
It is performed when an attacking wrestler runs towards an opponent with the arm bent upward at the elbow 60–90 degrees, wraps the arm around the opponent's neck forcing him/her to the ground  Ver.2 / Ver.3 / Ver.4
High Kick
a piston-action kick to an opponent's head or chin. Ver.2
Olympic Kick
Kylee jumps up and kicks forward with one foot after the other in a pedaling motion, with the foot that gets lifted second being extended fully to catch a charging opponent directly in the face. Ver.2 / Ver.3

Super Spear
This sets Kylee charging towards a standing opponent, bringing her body parallel to the ground and driving one shoulder into the opponent's midsection, pulling on their legs,  and forcing them back-first into the mat. Ver.2 / Ver.3 / Ver.4


Check out these babys:
Kylee Williams: The Olympian 92249810
Watermelon Crushing:
Kylee Williams: The Olympian B19f3910
Kylee Williams: The Olympian D8a08710
Kylee Williams: The Olympian 1f3cd410
Kylee Williams: The Olympian Ad63d110
Freshen up!:
Kylee Williams: The Olympian D3330510
Kylee Williams: The Olympian _0004_10
Kylee Williams: The Olympian Captai10
Kylee Williams: The Olympian Dckkiz10
Your winner is...:
Kylee Williams: The Olympian _0000010
Hair Dyed:
Kylee Williams: The Olympian Captai10
Kylee Williams: The Olympian Captai11
Kylee Williams: The Olympian Captai13
Kylee Williams: The Olympian Captai12
Kylee Williams: The Olympian One_pu10
Kylee try's to shows respect to almost all her opponents. To her enemies, she at least shows common courtesy. Above all else, she does her best to not break any rules. As an obsessively competitive girl, Kylee would be furious if her victory or loss ended up being tainted by unethical means.

Despite being the epitome of a jock Kylee can be a bit of a dork and admires intelligence in others. Probably because it was one aspect of herself she wasn't able to master. 

Ever since she was a girl Kylee has always idolized those proved the mastery of their pursued talents. From Alan Turing to Usain Bolt despite their different fields, no one could surpass their accomplishments. That is what Kylee wants for herself.
After crushing the track and field competition in her years at primary school in college it was time for the big leagues. The Olympics. Eventually, this too did not prove to be an engaging or fresh challenge. Kylee searched relentlessly for a new sport to conquer; yet she struggled. "Badminton? NO. Swimming? Too wet! Football? Too many people!" On and on Kylee went rejecting each sport as more of the same.  Finally after catching a few matches on the AFW she found her match in the sport of wrestling. A sport in which the personalities vary widely and the rules are only loosely adhered to. In this environment, it will be an uphill battle for a clean and honorable girl like Kylee to excel in.

-Fun Facts-

  • Kylee won't be your friend until you face her in the ring. Win or lose you'll have earned her respect.
  • Kylee doesn't feel right unless she has her hair tie on.

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Howdy i'm WrestleMind and there's nothing i appreciate more than honest feedback and discussion. Wanna tell me I suck? You would make my day! Razz
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Kylee Williams: The Olympian Empty Record

Post by WrestleMind on Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:56 am


  • Defeated Ivy Emerson in an embarrassingly short match.
  • Currently in a match against Mako the shark

Howdy i'm WrestleMind and there's nothing i appreciate more than honest feedback and discussion. Wanna tell me I suck? You would make my day! Razz
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