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Any girl up for a boxing match?

Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:02 pm by headshotgunny

Hey folks, I would love to play Sasha again and she needs a worthy opponent, either another kawaii or an older boxer^^ Any takers?

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Yo! Looking for rivals!

Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:44 pm by Cicilia

Looking for a rival for Cici! Maybe someone she can hate, maybe a friend! Someone she can fight on the regular xb I intend to make her a better wrestler and need a true rival to battle against x3 let me know if yur interested!

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Looking for a long-term, single (or multi!) ppv storyline for GASTER or Alice (Or both!)

Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:20 pm by Vcom7418


So, with new PPV rules requiring more of a build to one's matches...I figured I'd try and look for at least one!

Currently enjoying the GASTER sisters way too much so let's get something with them to do Very Happy

But, to specify what I am looking for:

For GASTER, I am looking to boost her profile on AFW with a couple of, if not wins, then very very close losses. As such, looking for one of the 3 rivalries. Either a simple rivalry of technical skill, a fellow chuunibuyo gal to feud with...or a …

[ Full reading ]

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Himari Saito: The Dexterous Doll.

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Himari Saito: The Dexterous Doll.

Post by WrestleMind on Mon Aug 06, 2018 5:59 am

The Dexterous Doll

Real Name: Himari Saito
Age: 18
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Sandal
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 90Lbs
Sexual Preference: "Wha-? What does that have to do with wrestling!?
Alignment: True Good.
Nationality: Japanese, Osaka.

Wrestling Information
Strategy: Himari is a lightweight fragile girl; due to this she avoids grappling or exchanging strikes with her opponent. Instead, she will retreat in an attempt to drain her opponents' stamina and patience before landing a highly effective aerial move.
Style: Highflying Gymnast.

  • Himaris time as a gymnast has given her a strong sense of balance. Walking on the ropes is no large feat for her.
  • Himaris small size makes her an elusive game to capture.
  • Himari has developed a great degree of flexibility in her years of training. Submissions involving bending, twisting, or stretching aren't very effective on her.


  • Himari is just too kind for her own good sometimes. Before she arrived in her new wrestling division Himari had never been in a fight in her life.
  • Himari is out like a light with one good finisher.
  • Himari is the lightest wrestler in her division. She can be lifted by anyone with functioning arms.

Physical Stats
██████████(While soft physically Himari will always fight until she has nothing left to give.)
██████████ (The only thing Himari can lift is herself.)
██████████ (Himari has strong legs but a short stride.)
█████████ (Himari is experienced in long hours of physical training and gymnastic competitions.)
█████████ (Many people assume Himari is a dolt due to her broken English. Yet in truth she is quite clever and well educated.)

Wrestling Stats
██████████ (While not very good at throwing strikes, himari can perform gymnastic moves that give her strikes extra oomph.)
██████████ (Himari only has the strength for minor choke holds on exhausted opponents.)
█████████ (Himari has trouble bringing in a large bag of groceries much less performing a power move.)
██████████ (Himari is the master of ropes and aerial maneuvers.)
█████████ (While she's never been in a fight, Himari is an avid wrestling fan. This has given her a strong base of knowledge in finishing moves.)

Finishing Move set
The Rising Sun

Himari goes to the top rope and applies a front face lock to an opponent from an elevated position (for example, sitting on the top turnbuckle against an opponent standing on the mat, or from the apron against an opponent standing on the ground). She follows this with her own tornado DDT. Ver.2 / Ver.3 / Ver.4 / Ver.5 

The Zero

Only when she knows she is likely about to lose; Himari runs and dives through the ropes; hurling herself at an opponent outside the ring.Ver.2 / Ver.3

The Buzen Bomb

Himari executes a quick front somersault off the top turnbuckle, landing on the opponent back-first. Ver.2 / Ver.3

The Edo Equalizer
This is a standing version of a leg drop performed on a bent over opponent usually in the middle of the ring. Himari bounces off the ropes, jumps, driving one leg into the back of the head / neck of the opponent, similar to a pair of scissors. Ver.2 / Ver.3 / Ver.4

the Fuji Fall: Himari stands on her hands and falls with her knees angled towards her opponents head or neck.

Saito Suplex
Himari stands behind and to one side of her opponent. Himari wraps one arm around the waist of the opponent and grabs the back of the opponent's near leg with her other arm. Himari then lifts the opponent on to her shoulder and then falls backwards, driving the opponent into the mat at a high angle. (Himari can only pull this off against opponents equal in size.) Ver.2

Preferred Weapons

  • "Weapons? Those aren't honorable!"

Merry Christmas!:
You woke me up!:
Its festival time:
Good Luck!:
Does my eyepatch make me look cool?:
Best friends.:
Feeling Stylish!:
Stretched out:
Torn Up.:

Himari is a sweet, polite, and hardworking girl.
Even when savagely beaten in a match Himari forgives her opponent easily. The only thing she can't forgive is the harming of her dear friends.
Though she may seem out of place in the squared circle her passion for wrestling is genuine. That's why she can often be found in the gym or an empty ring practicing her moves.

Since she was a child Himari enjoyed binging both Japanese and western wrestling in her free time. She would've liked to participate in some way but her parents shut this down. Instead, they pushed her to excel at gymnastics; which to them seemed dignified and prestigious. Himari was happy to go along with their wishes because she secretly hoped these skills she was developing would become useful in a wrestling career. When Himari won silver in the Japanese gymnastic nationals last year she had many options. She could've gone to international gymnastic competitions and maybe the Olympics one day. Yet against her parent's wishes, she moved to America after being offered a position as a professional wrestler by a factional GM.


  • Find a mentor.
  • Become the featherweight factional champion.

-Fun Facts-

  • There's nothing Himari likes more than the taste of hot green tea.
  • Himaris tears can melt the heart of any villain.
  • She has a tendency to over-apologize and bow over nothing.
  • Himari adores local carnivals and fairs.

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Re: Himari Saito: The Dexterous Doll.

Post by WrestleMind on Fri Dec 21, 2018 8:21 am

Howdy i'm WrestleMind and there's nothing i appreciate more than honest feedback and discussion. Wanna tell me I suck? You would make my day! Razz
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