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Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:32 am by Old_Man_Tai

So, let me start by apologizing to those I'm in threads with. Thank you for your patience.

I've been kinda off an on last few weeks, and, much as I hate to say it, that might continue. Fell into a little financial trouble (Red Light Camera's are fucking bullshit I tell ya!) so been working a lot more to compensate, life's getting busier and more hectic, and my great grandmother, 102, is on Hospice, so the families been meeting in her room every night to be with her, in case its her last.

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Looking for a match.

Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:43 pm by BloodstalkerZ

Hey guys I'm looking for a match for fiction vs tension.. or if your game to rp over discord. My user name is merrickboys#0506.

Theres my guys and the type of match and if there a jobber or not.

Christian darkheart = jobber = any match with hentia in it.

Kyle darkheart = not a jobber unless asked= any kind of match with hentia.

Tony thunder = not a jobber= ANY …

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New Character: Yuki Arashi!

Wed Jul 25, 2018 7:45 pm by Cicilia

Looking for a match for my new character Yuki Arashi, the white ghost!

Please let me know if you're interested!

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Brünhilde Larsson vs. Stone - Wagnerian

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Re: Brünhilde Larsson vs. Stone - Wagnerian

Post by Yori on Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:09 am

Reiko Ishida had slipped out of the rest room to find her Valkyrie sisters had left without her. Initial annoyance gave way to acceptance, as Stone did have a match so they likely had hurried on without her. Still a bit queasy from her earlier meal of corner store breakfast burritos and bubble beer, it wasn't like the two of them could just sit by and wait for her. That said, having someone to check on her would have been nice as she had been hung up dry heaving for a good ten minutes before things settled. She hadn't actually thrown up, a mark of pride and accomplishment, though one best left to herself. After a quick initial check of the area revealed both of her companions had vanished, she slipped back into the bathroom to take a quick smoke to even herself out.

With her cigarette butt flushed down the toilet, Reiko took to the halls. Unfamiliar in their design, she had only been through them a handful of times and never alone. In retrospect she should have paid better attention to the turns, landmarks, and wrestling terminology that made up the signage. A few minutes of idle wandering had been fine until she returned to a place she was certain she had been before, somehow looping back around. As frustration grew, so too did her anger, stomping through the halls shooting glares at passerbys rather than asking for directions like some chump.  

She had happened upon a screen in the back, one that displayed the current in ring action. Sure enough, it had Stone and some other lady she didn't know duking it out. She assumed it had to have been the start of the match still, since Stone hadn't already snapped this chick in half. Arms folded she stood by, brow furrowed as she watched Stone taking a beating. She could have dismissed this as the large woman playing into the match just to crush this nobody, but a few of the other talent were sitting nearby, hooting and cheering each time her sister took a blow. She could practically feel a vein pulsing along the side of her head.

There was one thing of note that caught her eye however. Stone was alone. Was this some trumped up management move to screw them out of being ringside? Had this brunette bimbo Stone was fighting taken they out while she was in the bathroom? "You bitch..." She huffed under her breath with a slow seething hatred, making this stranger out to be something that she may not have been. With her teeth grit, she hurried away without confronting her unsupportive coworkers... though she may have "accidentally" kicked out the chair from under them in passing. They didn't seem overly pleased about it, screaming after her as she jogged down the hall.

She wandered for a few minutes more before spotting a familiar face. Her jog slowed, trying to compose herself before getting to close. She did her best to hide her huffing pant from having been running around for a bit now, walking up to Makoto. The former leader of the Valkyries, though she was still the woman in charge as far as Reiko was concerned. The biker gang was an all woman organization. Just because some clown with a gimp mask got lucky, didn't make her any less of the leader she was suppose to be... if anything, she had been a targeted victim to another plot from the AFW to screw them out of the business. They were still here though, so fuck them.

"Hey." It took a bit of focus to keep herself calm and collected, giving Makoto a small up nod as she neared. It wasn't often she got to see the woman one on one. When the two did speak, it tended to be a one sided affair, being given a task to do this or that... it was fine, Makoto was busy. She had things to do, people to manage, heads to bust. She stopped a healthy distance from the other woman, a invisible barrier of importance seemed to keep her at bad, willingly. "What's the deal, why is Stone solo? They going to fine and fire us or something if we go out there?"

Always looking for roleplay. Take a look!

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Re: Brünhilde Larsson vs. Stone - Wagnerian

Post by acuya on Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:33 am

The crowd clapped, impressed that Stone’s little acrobatic show worked. She appreciated that, but frankly, she was just glad that she pulled it off without busting her face. She wasn’t the biggest woman on the roster, but she was far from the smallest, and that sort of thing was harder for than it would’ve been for most highflyers.

But it worked. Mission accomplished.

Not only did she succeed in getting the drop on Brunhilda, but she managed to capture her in the full nelson. Simple? Yes. Effective. Hell yes. But it wasn’t the sort thing she could wring a reliable submission from, not with a woman this hardy, which meant she had to transition. Into what?

”Let’s see how much distance I can get.” With that, she lifted Brunhilda up as high as she could, twisted about when she was at the apex, released her from the hold and threw her back-first into the canvas with all the power she could muster, sending her crashing down with a full nelson slam.

As this was all going, Makoto was still hanging in the same place she had been, sparing the occasional glance towards the screen and grumbling its way. One of the stagehands would come by every once in a while, looking like they might tell her that she wasn’t supposed to be here and that she needed to move along - but a glance their way would send them scampering off fast enough. She wasn’t in the mood, she didn’t look like she was in the mood, and she wasn’t making any efforts to hide it. Anyone with good sense would steer clear of her.

Reiko Ishida wasn’t on that list.

Makoto smelled her a moment before she heard, taking in the heady scent of cigarette smoke that tended to hang around her like a cloud. When she heard the voice to go along with it and got confirmation, she closed her eyes and sighed. Long, hard sigh. She’d kind of hoped Reiko would’ve just left after she was done redecorating the bathroom, taken a train back to the house. But no, the girl was a little lost puppy, always close behind.

She gave Reiko a halfhearted wave, then pressed to fingers to her lip and held out her hand, an unspoken order to give up a cigarette. Makoto wasn’t much of a smoker, nowhere near as hooked as Reiko was, but they were okay when she needed some edge off. Times like this. ”Stone’s just having a hissy fit, didn’t want me out there. Tired of me watching her back, I guess.”

Makoto sounded sadder than she meant to when she said that. Weird.



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