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Shadow-y Avalanche?

Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:39 pm by Vcom7418


Looking for a match for Avalanche for GASTER!

If interested, please contact me via PM or via Discord (address in my sig! Razz)

We can discuss the storyline, and it can be long term and even go past Avalanche! Whatever you prefer, I'll prolly be up for it Smile

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Looking for a match ot her return

Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:57 pm by Edward_Lightner


My little Becky is back and is searching for a new match or training!
In hentai or everithing else!

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Looking for a feedback partner.

Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:13 am by WrestleMind

Howdy! I'm looking for someone to receive feedback from and give feedback to. In part, this is for improving my writing but more so just to enjoy discussing it with someone like minded.  Very Happy

What I mean when I say "feedback".

  • This section was a bit redundant.
  • The way you described that move was exhilarating!
  • This part of the match was a real curve ball!
  • That character's actions were vile!
  • I would've enjoyed more detail here.

[ Full reading ]

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Mistress Paige Vs Harumi Hazama: A Seductive Sensation!

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Re: Mistress Paige Vs Harumi Hazama: A Seductive Sensation!

Post by Tarantulust on Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:44 pm

A wise man once said, “The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.” In Mistress Paige’s world of robot henchman, flashy heroes, and high octane fights it was easy to forget what even a small amount of compassion could accomplish. Those sad monsters and ghouls created for the express purpose of fighting the heroes just to get blown up in the end never got to experience such an emotion. From the moment they come into being, their vile masters and cruel creators send them off to a land they don’t know, with a plan the can’t comprehend to fight an overwhelming force single handedly. Though many of those monsters tend to boast some wacky personality, was it not possible that was a coping mechanism? To build themselves up so they don’t panic in the face of such rampant adversity and violence?  How many truly knew the damage they were creating, when all they have ever known was destruction and hate?

That was why Harumi could not just push her conscious aside and mercilessly beat her opponents like other competitors in sports might do. It was so much easier to knock someone’s teeth out and be done with them, but that does not solve the problem and only leaves a negative outlook on life. To leave someone who could be hurting on the inside broken and alone when she could have done something-anything! - to help them at their lowest point was not a feeling Harumi wanted to experience. Sometimes all it takes is a little kindness to turn a dark soul from bad to good, and at that moment, nobody looked so torn, hurt, and alone like Paige did.

Harumi never saw the attack coming. That could be why it turned out to be so effective. The stoic hero was unsure of what results her appeal would net her, but she could never have predicted such a violent outburst. She had underestimated the fury Mistress Paige had at that moment, and once again whatever advantage she had was brutally ripped away by a heartless trick.

Harumi squirmed as Paige pulled herself from the ground like an undead banshee, and casually strolled to the other end of the ring. The Emerald Warrior could hardly keep track of her seductive foe, too busy trying to will the incinerating pain away from her loins, trying to control her breathing so she did not panic or waste what precious energy she had left. The ominous shadow of the treacherous traitor cast itself onto Harumi’s downed form. Harumi knew what Paige wanted to see most, just as Paige knew what those Emerald eyes wanted to witness. Neither competitor would likely get their wish that night, as the hero put on a brave face despite the suffering she was forced to endure.

The words Paige spoke were harsh, biting at Harumi more then the heel the Mistress decided to grind into her face. Paige would never accept Harumi as she was, claiming to be far too infatuated with the world of darkness. Harumi stared into the sky-blue eyes and could see the absolute pleasure Paige got out of beating on her. If Paige caught a glimpse of those green jewels herself, would she recognize the emotion of pity that lingered in them?

“I don’t…think its weakness…to see the good in people, Ms. Paige…it is too easy to brush someone off as being “evil” or “wicked”, like the world is black and white…But nobody is all good or all bad. Deny it all you want, try to prove it to all these people by using me as your tool…but the only one living in a fantasy is you. If you can pretend to be nice, then you can be nice.” It was at that moment Paige presented the Cat-O-Nine tails whip, lightly swinging it in her hands. Harumi simply broke off eye contact, staring straight ahead in defiance, her face like the stone mask it was before.

“I hope that someday, you find somebody you can confide in, and call a friend. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you…”

Mistress Paige then began her torture, whipping Harumi’s backside while laughing maniacally. Each strike was like a blade slicing across the Judoka’s posterior, and Harumi’s eyes scrunched closed just to keep herself from seeing it coming. She was indeed scared of getting smacked again, but she couldn’t let Paige see that. Her insides were still reeling from Paige’s low strike, but the slicing fresh pain was starting to help her get over the previous infliction, dulling one pain in exchange for inflaming another.

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Re: Mistress Paige Vs Harumi Hazama: A Seductive Sensation!

Post by killcarrion on Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:06 pm

Having one's consciousness and tangible soul become wholly corrupted by the injection of such unmitigated darkness was merely the culminating trigger of Paige's descent into madness. Unbeknownst to her, the malicious King Of Darkness himself, Overlord Zed, had masterfully orchestrated Paige's ultimate downfall from behind the scenes until surrendering herself undeniably to him was the only sane decision to make in her insane world. In the negative zone that housed his vile kingdom, basic human concepts such as friendship, affection, remorse, and companionship were incapable of being fostered. And what better place could there be for one whose pure maiden heart was utterly shattered into a million little pieces. A place where she could no longer be devastated by heartbreak again. Corrupting other souls into accepting such beautiful despair into their heart was Paige's specialty as one of the evil overlord's high ranking generals in his villainous army of demons and clay soldier's.

But if Mistress Paige somehow could not lull a hero's soul into her black-hearted embrace, then she would delight in crushing it under her boot heels by any mean's necessary. Never had she encountered so noble-minded and righteous a heroine as the one whimpering at her feet. And while she saw reason to offer the Emerald Heroine kudos for resisting her tempting wiles this entire time, such insolence also deserved to be punished in as despicable and humiliating a manner as possible. Paige's attempt to crush Harumi's virtuous ideals and her futile pursuit of the goodness within Paige's heart was so deliciously satisfying, as was having this paragon of justice now be bowing to her ravishing Mistress with her plump backside lewdly sticking into the air with her face being grinded upon from her boot. The alluring ecstasy of it all practically giving Paige goosebumps as she delighted in whipping that smooth backside of Harumi's, to and fro with maniacal cackling-

"...a friend. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you…....Ms. Paige...”

...until her depraved lashing suddenly ceased, as did her devilish laughter. Torrents of nostalgic images from her long since abandoned memories began overwhelming her thoughts. Mistress Paige abruptly backpedaling with a grimacing snarl, her Cat-O-Nine tails whip sliding out of her hand as she clamped onto her head as if suddenly overcome with a mind-warping migraine. Students...Students calling her Ms. Paige started echoing in her ears from all sides...Young minds whom she took such pride in instilling knowledge and the morals of being upstanding citizens...The joys of being a wholesome teacher and surrogate parent towards those whom had no one else...and than...a lone image...illuminating her mind...


The joyful, heartwarming, uplifting smile of a woman long since thought dead flashed across the vile domme's psyche. Mistress Paige's legs began quivering as if the ground she stood on, and everything she thought herself to be, was crumbling apart all around her. The blackened cauldron that was her mind was beginning to settle with clear blue distinction as she eventually slumped down to her knees while fiercely clamping onto her head. The empowered words of the Emerald Warrior having not fallen on deaf ears, and were in fact always resonating within the kind soul that had been locked away and starved within the bowels of the darkened prison of her subconscious. Paige scrunched her face in pure anguish, then looking at Harumi with all of her malice having seemingly become subsided...a doe-eyed look of confusion, innocence, and sadness on her face...tears dripping down as Paige continued to battle the evil within for control of herself...


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Re: Mistress Paige Vs Harumi Hazama: A Seductive Sensation!

Post by Tarantulust Today at 9:20 am

Nobody in the entire audience would disagree that they were certainly getting their moneys worth tonight. Inside the ring was a battle of heated passion, with what was once just a physical battle made for entertainment evolving into two different outlooks of the world clashing together with these combatants as their avatars…

The villainous Mistress Paige, whom lived a happy life until the cold claws of darkness dug its way into her heart. The evil acts of betrayal and loss orchestrated by a vile puppeteer in order to corrode her happy life into one of hurt and sadness, until she could resist the cold, jagged embrace od the dark no more. No longer would she be hurt by others, not before she hurt them first. She would make her own happiness, force others to be her toy the same way the world had forced her to be its play thing!

And the stoic yet naïve Harumi, whom had grown up with the heavy feeling of darkness pushing on her evermore. Her childhood starved of the freedom her soul so desperately craved, and the love she yearned for. How she hated the stoic mask she wore upon her face, yet feared what might happen should she drop it for a moment. How cold and ridged her household had been, and yet it made her physically strong. And yet, what delivered upon the woman her truly darkest thoughts was what many would consider her greatest attribute. Her talent. The darkest gift of all, that one word which wrote off all of her successes, and emphasized all of her failures. That one attribute that kept her alone, and cold for most of her days. Yet, Harumi refused to accept that was all there was to the world. Joy could still be found in even the saddest places. She never wanted anyone to feel the constant stress of cruelty be pushed upon them, as it once did her. If there was only darkness, she was determined to be the strike of a match that lit the way, if only for a little while.

Though the battle was one of two different shades of grey, the crowd would not see it that way. It was a simple “good vs evil” fight, one where the hero was currently in peril, and at the mercy of the cackling coot, her vicious whips cracking loudly against Harumi’s plump posterior.

Each strike from the knotted whip sent a fresh wave of searing pain for the stoic woman, whom was still suffering from her earlier damage, desperately trying to find any sort of respite from Paige’s cruelty. Paige offered her none, only providing her with a humiliating beating and a merciless laugh that resounded deep into the poor girl’s mind, a laugh that would fill her bad dreams for weeks to come.

How far must one fall before they could laugh at someone’s suffering like Paige did?

The heroic woman was trapped. Her head pushed against the floor underneath the seductress’s grinding heel, and her entire lower half was being tortured by her foes cruel whip. The only thing Harumi could do was keep herself from screaming or crying out. It was a task far more difficult with each passing second, and it was one she was beginning to fear failing, as she heard the whip slice the air once again in preparation for yet another strike, Harumi’s brain like an alarm screaming to her sore and sluggish body to move before it hit them again, the body refused, and the woman kept her stoic mask on, waiting for the next blow to strike, her emerald eyes hidden behind lovely eyelashes, unable to watch the weapon come down on her!

And yet, there was nothing. Time seemed to pass, or did it really? The pain made seconds seem like hours, and with every nerve firing of in her brain the severe damage it had received, it was impossible to focus on what was so obscure at the moment.

5 seconds…10 seconds…30 seconds…In that time Paige had removed her heel from Harumi’s head, and the final strike had yet to come. Even the crowd had grown silent, quite whispers of confusion was all Harumi could make out. Perhaps the vile Mistress was waiting for Harumi to open her eyes, wanting to see the emerald jewels look in hope that the pain was over, only to see the villain ready with another strike, and see that hope burn away before a new flash of pain erupted. After all of the dirty trick The Mistress had pulled in the fight, Harumi would not put such a dark hearted one past her.

The judoka knew she had to get up, to try and stand tall for those out there watching and fight back against Paige…but the truth filled her with shame, and brought back so many of the dark feelings she had been trying to dissipate for so long.

She was afraid.

Afraid of being struck with the whip once again. Afraid of being kicked down and called a “worthless hero”. Afraid to see a woman who she tried so hard to help look down on her with hatred and anger, and tell her she was nothing. Harumi’s gentle heart filled with love for the sport and the possibilities that came with it began to grow heavy…Stress, pain, fear, and loneliness all eating away at that love.

A single tear rolled down her cheek. She knew what she had to do, even though she did not want to do it.

She began to ascend, getting one arm underneath her, then the other. The muscles in her lower back and below were on fire from her earlier beatings, but she willed her way through, sitting up on her knees, which felt oddly comfortable. With her eyes closed, it was almost like being back at her father’s dojo…but she was well aware where she was, and it was time to face the monster in waiting.

When Harumi opened her eyes, they were unapologetic, strong, and ready for whatever Mistress Paige had in store for her.

Or so she thought. Much to her surprise, Mistress Paige was not waiting overhead, ready to smack her with her whip or smash her in the face with a mighty blow. Instead, she was on Harumi’s level, somehow having fallen to her knees a few feet away. The woman behind the domino mask did not even look like the same person, tears streaming down her face with such child-like innocence, it was hard to believe that actions he had done mere moments ago. Those innocent eye looked at the judoka with a questioning, confused look.

The emerald eyes that stared back were just as hard as before, but now had a sharp glint to them.

Did Paige really think this low of Harumi? Pulling the same trick twice? The negative feelings seemed to mount inside her, fueled by her pain and humiliation she had received at the hands of this woman. Even the mask stoic expression began to crack, Harumi’s face looking as if it also belonged to someone else, like that of a young girl who had been teased one too many times, and the cruelty was starting to get to her.

But it was not the trick that made Harumi so emotional. It was the fact that even now, after having experiencing it first hand and knowing what Mistress Paige was capable of…she still wanted to help her. The villain did not want her help, but the face she was making now seemed so genuinely scared. A true testament to her acting abilities…

Once again, Harumi found herself torn. If it was a trick, not only would she probably set herself up to be seriously injured by the sadist domme, but she would likely be known throughout the federation as a fool, a moron who fell for the same trick twice in a row. But…what if this was not the same Paige as before? Why did she stop hitting Harumi? Was it really just to try and pull off the same trick twice? Questions and feelings circled in Harumi, whom began to shake with uncertainty.

After a quite moment, Harumi lowered her head, her bangs finally hiding those piercing green eyes. It was as if the entire arena was holding its breath, waiting to see what she would do. The teal attired woman was the only thing moving, and she held the entire crowd’s attention.

Suddenly, she burst forward. The silent samurai cut through the air like a blade, the pain in her legs and rear hardly slowing her down as she quickly approached the downed Ms. Paige like a homing missile. In less then a second, a few feet became a few inches, one intense green eye shining through the long black bangs of Harumi’s lovely hair. Some of the more zealous fans cheered, as it looked as if Harumi was going for a speedy tackle. But what happened next…

Harumi came down hard, the ring shaking slightly from the force she generated. The Judoka’s arms were…wrapped around Paige’s shoulders in a deep embrace? Harumi had dropped to the floor not on top of her foe, but rather right in front of her and brining the hurt young woman in for a tight hug. Harumi’s face was still hidden underneath her bangs, trying to throw her vile feelings away and support the woman in her arms. If Paige was tricking her, then the villain had found her weakness. Harumi would never strike a foe on their knees, nor ignore their tears for something as ultimately meaningless as a “win”.

Harumi would simply stay there, hugging her fiendish foe quietly, gently patting her on the back without saying a word, focusing on the good she could bring to this woman rather then the harm she did to her. Now it was all up to Ms. Paige to choose how this ends…

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Re: Mistress Paige Vs Harumi Hazama: A Seductive Sensation!

Post by Sponsored content

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