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Gonna be slow the next week or so... just had surgery IRL

Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:33 am by SleeperAgent94

Hey guys, got back from surgery today. Ruptured abdominal wall. In a LOT of pain right now, so posts will be VERY brief the next few days.

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Character updates.

Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:14 pm by Lotuswarrior

Since I'm starting to get a bit busier here, I'm trying to be a bit more professional. With that I'm going to overhaul my characters and update their profiles or release them all together. I'll post any images here of the characters I release, so that you guys/girls can claim them if you want.

Also looking for some characters to interact with outside of matches.

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My Absence

Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:45 pm by Shutter

Heeeey again. Very Happy I wanted to apologize for my recent absence and state that I'm back, now!

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I work a job that keeps me traveling quite a bit. Usually this is good time for me to write and kill time, which is why I was here in the first place, but I had limited data this time that kept me from using it for much recreation. It shouldn't be a problem anymore, or not for a while. That said, I will be messaging the people who had threads or ideas with …

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Yasha Love, the Demon of Love!

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Yasha Love, the Demon of Love!

Post by Tatyina on Mon Oct 12, 2009 10:21 am

Name: Yasha Love, the Demon of Love!
Alias: Hilde Von Creuzfeldt
Sex/Gender: Female
Age: 35
Eyes: Yasha: (Green) | Hilde: (Blue)
Hair: Blonde Yasha: (Cut short) | Hilde: (Long braided pigtails)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 146 lbs
Nationality: Yasha: (Japanese) | Hilde: (German)
Citizenship: German

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Offensive
Style: Acrobatic, flashy and high risk
Type: Face
Preferred Attacks: The bigger the better!
Preferred Matches: Standard Matches.
Difficulty level: Hard

RPG Style Stat spread:


Signature Moves:

Love Crash!: A Frankensteiner

Justice Bounce: Yasha puts her hands behind her back and leaps forward, driving her breasts forward into her opponent's face to try and tackle them into the ground or at least daze them.

Sidewalk-Smooch: Yasha will kiss her opponent deeply and while they are engrossed in the kiss, lift them up and slam them down onto their backs.

Love-Plex: Yasha comes from behind and grabs both her opponents breasts and performs a belly-to-back suplex.

Justice Jug-Drop: Like the Love-Plex, Yasha will come up from behind her opponent and grab them by the breasts. But she instead will lift them up into the air and slam them hard down on their back.

Finishing Moves:

Justice Love!: Yasha will climb to the top ropes and blow a kiss before leaping off the ropes and smashing her breasts into the opponents face. Then while landing over them, she will pin her opponent, keeping them breast smothered the entire time.

Demon Love!: Yasha will Irish her opponent into a corner and then run at them, slamming them with her ass. She will then crouch and kick their feet out from under them. As they fall, she will catch their head between her thighs, face first into her crotch and squeeze until they pass out or submit.

Demon's Embrace of Love! The Ultimate Dazzling and Beautiful End!: It is a camel clutch but Yasha grabs her opponent's breasts instead of their chin and stimulates them while painfully arching their back until they submit through pain or humiliation.

Entrance Music: "Start the Riot" by Atari Teenage Riot


Visual Apperance:

Yasha prepares for Justice Glory!

Yasha Super Pose!

Hilde in business-casual wear as chosen by her sister Lukretia. (Though it is rare to see here hair not in braided pigtails)

Yasha: Yasha is flamboyant and superhero-esque in her personality. She tries to be larger than life and fancies herself an ally of Justice. She lives for the thrill and wrestles like it. Though her persona appears to be bigger than she is, she will always help out those who are weak or unable to help themselves and is friendly and caring to be around. Though Yasha can be a little bit of a playful tease on occasions.

Hilde: Hilde is kind to a fault. She is willing to do anything for anyone regardless of how it may affect, or even harm her. She is quiet and soft spoken but is firm in her convictions even if she is often unable to express those convictions. A better friend than Hilde there is not. She tries to please everyone and is a very meticulous person as well. This may sometimes make her seem a bit rigid but she is also a very calming person. She is like an anchor.

Past/History: Yasha is mysterious and little is known about her other than she has come to AFW as an Ally of Love and Justice.

Attire: Same as in the picture.

Fun facts:
-Hilde keeps her identity as Yasha Love a complete secret from everyone. She hasn't even told her friends or her sister and doesn't plan on telling anyone. She even went so far as getting contacts and cutting her hair. To keep up the secret identity she has bought hair extensions so that she still looks like she is wearing her hair in long braided pigtails.

-Like her sister, Hilde prefers industrial and techno music. Unlike Lukretia, she prefers the hardcore techno over the industrial and prefers the Speedcore genre. The louder and faster the beat the more she likes it.

-Hilde's idea for Yasha Love came when she saw one of the Super Sentai shows on Japanese television. She loved the over the top poses and how overly dramatic everything was and decided that she could tailor an outfit and persona that fit her just as well.

AFW Information

Record: 6-0

Vs. Shiki via Submission
Vs. Judy West via orgasm
Vs. Princess Nocturnal via submission
Vs. Park Jung Hye via Pinfall
Vs. Shiki via sumbmission
Vs. Bullet Ant via submission




Everyone (Hilde)



Princess Noctournal
Shiki (Yasha)

Shiki (Yasha AND Hilde)


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