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looking again

Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:35 pm by anime_hentaifighter

So looking for a few more matches.Plus may upload some new characters this weekend

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Sorry for the inconvenience..

Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:31 pm by TomboyTsuka

Sorry if I'm being inactive lately... I was applying for a job around a few weeks ago, and had to go through several interviews. I'm kinda tired and had no time to reply here...

But the good news is that I finally got my new laptop. It's an ASUS Vivobook i5. It should be able to run Honey Select and finally give some life to my empty Pixiv gallery. Maybe I'll make your OCs soon? Stay tuned!!

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Looking for a Match for Megumi Mutoh

Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:49 am by RadiantKarna332

So, I finally get myself Megumi Mutoh, and the first thing I'd like to use her for is, of course, a match! I'm looking for anyone interested to have their girls facing Megumi in the ring. You can contact me via PM here or DM me on Discord.

And here's the link to her profile so you can see what she's like:

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Playing With the Big Dogs

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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Re: Playing With the Big Dogs

Post by Yori on Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:37 am

Every time she blinked the roar of the crowd seemed to vanish… she was blinking, wasn't she? It was hard to tell, coherent thought seemed fleeting. Her fingertips could trace the edge of a idea, just barely touch it before it was gone. She knew where she was… wait did she? Her blue eyes remained open now, brow furrowed in consentration as she willed her mind into focus. The pounding drone of pain wracking her head actually served to help fight through the haze, giving her something solid to hold onto that grounded her in reality.

Tension ring. A match.


Ow… ow…

Ow….She whispered softly as the pain took hold of her to the point she registered it as more than just a sensation. In her youth, she had heard people claim she had been dropped on her head as a kid more than once. A chipper oddity, to the point people felt the need to explain why she was the way she was. She never was dropped on her noggin, not that she recalled. Children were just cruel, saying things like that to make her feel bad. Edgar always made them apologise though. He was thoughtful like that…


She heard him somewhere off in the distance. To the… right? He seemed to have a lot to say at the moment. Was the match over, had she lost? Her head turned to the side, blond hair hanging unkempt around her face, annoyingly covering on eye as it hung down. He was still on the outside, Beowulf wasn't far either, just at the ropes.

She couldn't make out what either man was saying. It normally wouldn't be an issue for her, whose mind would fill in the blanks with her own narrative. She couldn't really read lips, but her brain liked to insert itself into most creative opportunities it was presented. Thinking on it seemed to make her brain hurt more so she let it slip away as she worked to recover her breath.

Beowulf had some rather sound advice. Surprising given that the titan of the industry seemed almost inept when it came to anything past the sport. It was almost commical how detached he had been socially up until this point. There was however one critical flaw to the big man's logic. It needed an apt listener. Edgar had already filed Beowulf away under someone he didn't give two shots about what they had to say, so the commentary fell on deaf ears. He had only one goal, which was to distract and it failed.

He wasn't about to roster grabbing for the man's legs again, a few fans behind the barrier nearby were already shouting warnings to both Beowulf a d the referee as if the blond was about to try something. It was too risky right now… maybe if things went South he could consider taking a chair to the large man after the match, if for no other reason than getting revenge for hurling his sister outside the ring at him.

Leah became more aware of movement, the vibrations of the ring jarring her back into what was going on. She made no move to rise past her head, one eye closed as she peered to the side just in time to feel the whoosh of air pass over her in the wake of a large shadow. It took her mind a moment to register it had been a person, her opponent. Her eye followed Beowulf to the far end of the ring, she would have time to roll by the time he came back, maybe…

But he wasn't running back, oh no. Her jaw tensed as his boots hit the ropes. This was bad… this was so bad! She strained, struggling to curl up protectively. Her body didn't want to follow her direction, limps shaking in protest. She didn't see him, wasn't watching, but the crowd was so loud, the lights above blotted out by a shadow encroaching over her. At the last moment she managed to bring her knees up, hugging her legs up to make her laid out form into a compact human ball. Regardless of what happened to Beowulf, his flipping weight alone was about to squash her pretty badly.

Always looking for roleplay. Take a look!

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Re: Playing With the Big Dogs

Post by killcarrion on Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:07 pm

People usually didn't expect Beowulf to be a veritable fountain of overflowing wrestling wisdom, but you don't get tutored by as many wrestling coaches as him and have a decades spanning career without picking up a few things here and there. The business having practically been ingrained into his psyche to the point where he could probably write a few best-selling books about the grappling world. Though he always saw that type of career-reflective stuff as something to look into maybe once he officially hangs up his wrestling boots for the last time. "A Wulf In Sheep's Clothing" was a title he was mulling over, but there was one issue that could come up should he ever start doling out those words of wisdom...

...and that was whether today's generation would take them to heart. Kids these days having the attention spans of gnats meant that there was a decent chance they would fall on deaf ears. Which he kinda felt was the case here with the slacker brother at ringside given the lack of even a witty comeback, snide insult, or any reaction at all. Ah well, can't reach them all. He just wishes some of what he said broke through that skull of his. Beowulf having more important things to worry about anyway, primarily making sure this badass looking moonsault stuck it's landing. The Wulf-man nimbly hopping up to clamp onto the top ropes while balancing himself on the middle ropes, which jostled from the weight before he spring-boarded back from whence he came.

Beowulf spread his arms to the side like only a flying wulf-man could, arching backward and angling himself as best he could to make sure the full totality of his weight came splashing down directly upon a softer landing platform known as Leah Shaw. And while he kinda got his wish, it wasn't without a few hiccups. Namely that the wily blonde had tucked her legs in so only a stiff pair of legs would "cushion" his descent, expelling all the air in his lungs and sending the wulf-man into a bit of a coughing fit as he tumbled off of her and cradled his midsection. That's what he gets for taking so long to instill sage-like wisdom to the new generation.


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