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Offline for next week or two

Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:17 pm by peek6

I need to go back offline for a bit, probably gone for about a week and a half.

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Thinking about making my return

Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:46 pm by KillerV

After it feels like a long long time, do feel like coming back but gonna keep it minimum on how many rosters Im using, currently three right now? But I am strictly doing male (me) vs female and maybe female (me) vs male, intergender matches that is.

So if theres anyone is interested, please let me know through PM, thanks.

Though I would like to use my King in matches >.>

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Gauging Interest For A Couple Matches

Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:07 pm by HighFly

Hey everyone! I was just throwing this out there to see who would be interested in doing matches with either Suzumi or Peggy! Look them over and if ya have any ideas please PM me!

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Chloe Mason vs Shae Valentine- The Meaning of Submission.

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Chloe Mason vs Shae Valentine- The Meaning of Submission.

Post by Stylish on Thu Feb 15, 2018 3:17 am

Match Type Submission Match
Win Conditions Verbal Submission Only
Ring Type Standard

Shae Valentine:


Chloe Mason:

Shae's music hit the stage as she made her entrance into the ring. Just like before, Shae was determined to prove herself in the ring. She had her first real match so she wasn't as nervous this time around. The Brunette walked down the ramp and threw a fist in the air as she marched down.

Shae wasn't fighting in a normal match this time. It was a verbal submission. She had known these matches had a tendency to be rather daunting. It was never easy to make another wrestler submit but out loud? She shuddered, it was hard for her to see herself actually giving up, knowing how stubborn she was. It would prove to be interesting and she was confident she could handle whatever her foe was going to throw at her.

Shae slipped into the ring, the spotlight on her as she limbered up for the match. The brunette had short hair and a nice figure. With her red tube top, her white buttoned top, black gloves, boots and panties underneath the skirts of her white top, her outfit was complete. She tugged at the back of her gloves and formed a fist makimg sure it fit snuggly.

With a nod, she told herself she was as ready as she could be and all that was left was to give it her all.

"Alright! Let's get this show on the road!"


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Re: Chloe Mason vs Shae Valentine- The Meaning of Submission.

Post by BrittanyW on Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:51 am

Alright then. Time to get back to the swing of things. 

She didn't really think that she would have needed a bit more time to recover after her last match but with how hard and daunting the Iron Woman match was, Chloe needed that break. And she has been looking forward to the time she returns to the ring. No, she wasn't one of those types that enjoys the thrill of the fight. The main reason why is a simple one in fact. To dominate. Interesting that rest, keeping his secretary Marc in line and where he belongs hasn't killed off her interest in getting back into the action. It was like the first time she discovered her love for being in the ring.

Though now was not the time to reminisce. No, time to focus on her return. To a match she loves so dearly. Nothing could come close to having someone submit, verbally submitting was even better. It was way more satisfying than knockouts, she would believe. A knocked out person can't admit they are beat. She just hoped it was one that is a tough nut to crack. Double the satisfaction when they reach their breaking point.

Her theme plays on the speakers, the blonde coming out with her two body guards on each side, looking so ravishing indeed. Must have changed her hair. All eyes on her as she came down in her red attire, not excatly the kind to pump up the crowd, they would know what she could bring to the table. And with the previous match, show how tough she was.

Hopping up to sit on the apron, the bodyguards needing no orders to come and take off the tall red heels that only added inches to her petite frame. Unsheathing her weapons so to speak, the audience giving some whoops and hollers,  knowing too well of her weapons of choice amd her....interesting methods. She soon rises up and steps inside the ring. 

Flicking her blonde hair with her right hand, the left on her hip as she looks up and down at her opponent. Always one to keep tabs on the ones she faces, she knew Shae to be quite the newbie. Mmmm...she loves playing with fresh meat. "Mmmm..." Giving a haughty smirk as she scans her opponent. "I'm gonna have some fun with you..." Her own right foot rubbing on her left, just itching to meet Shae.

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Re: Chloe Mason vs Shae Valentine- The Meaning of Submission.

Post by Stylish on Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:33 am

'God... Fucking Damn it!' She thought to herself as another one of her opponents had a way cooler entrance than hers. She knew it didn't really matter but still! Next match, she was going to enter the ring in style. She let out a sigh, Shae looked at her blonde opponent. Why was she not surprised, her second opponent was blonde too. Like her first, this one looked confident. In fact, Chloe oozed of it as if it was an aura that permeated around her everywhere she went but what was more while Maddie Lux, her first opponent, was more or less inviting? It wasn't the word she would use but-


That was it.

This opponent was intimidating. The way she carried herself like she was the most important person in the room. Shae had the impression this was not just some act or a mask she put on just for the ring, it was too natural. This woman was the domineering type, a bully who always needed to put people in their place... underneath her heel. However, this was just the first impression, it would be unfair to label someone she hardly knew.

The hungry look and her ominous words she gave Shae confirmed her suspicions. It was as predatory as a look could get. The way she looked at her ignited some primal instinct inside her to run like when a rodent hears the cry of an eagle.

Shae didn't of course but a part of her wanted to. She looked at Chloe and tild herself she had to say something. After all, she would look so uncool if she didn't say anything right?

"Yeah! M-me too!" She said rubbing the back of her arm as she nodded her dumbly.

"Y-you wanna play Monoplay? Or hey! I have a PS4 somewhere in my apartment... still unpacking cause you know just moooooved here from Canadark." Shae's voice grew smaller and smaller as she spoke, she rocked back on her heels and toward her toes.

"Ahem." She cleared her throat but inwardly screamed at herself. Shae had a tendency to talk utter nonsense when she got nevous.

"Well luck of bes- Best of luck! I mean! To yooooou... Clarissa? C-Cayle? Cleo.... patra? Corriander?.... is it Collie? No, that's the dog breed.... Clora phorma? No? O-okay. I'm Shae-"

Slight Pause, as a lightbulb went on in her brain. Yes! Brain! Yes! Work your magic!

"By the way!" She said giving a wink and pointed at Chloe.

She told herself to stop talking but the words flooded out of her like water bursting out a dam.

"Y-you see what I did there? I umm made a rhyme. I am A certified RAP GOD! Ha Ha-you were supposed to lau-I'll uhh.. shut up now." She said and mimed zipping her lips before pressing her forehead into the turnbuckle.

'Et Tu Brain? Why do you not function the way I want you too?'


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Re: Chloe Mason vs Shae Valentine- The Meaning of Submission.

Post by Sponsored content

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