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I have a pirate. Who wants to fight her?

Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:54 am by Alexandra

Perhaps someone wants a match with her?

I'm open for discussing possible stuff with her.

Drop me a line if you're interested. Y'all know the drill.

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Gimme stuff

Thu Nov 29, 2018 3:22 am by LtLukas

Yo. Looking for anything, really. I was sort of looking for a rival for Eka, so maybe something long term with her. Or it could be a one off, I am pretty much up for anything.

Zulime is also looking to mix it up a little, so if you want to do something hentai, shoot me a message.

Josey is always up for something brutal, but that is a steep hill to climb.

Jessica is up for grabs as well, but she is even harder to beat. Would look for more regular match types with

[ Full reading ]

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Group project deadline/presentation season

Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:21 am by Jaystar


Just to update everyone I'm having threads with - right now I'm having a crazy couple of weeks with uni group project deadlines and presentations, so I have little capability to RP right now. Things should begin to improve by the end of the week though, so I'm expecting to be posting again by then!

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Jack Halls

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Jack Halls

Post by BrittanyW on Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:09 pm


Jack Halls

Nickname: NoneAge: 27 Gender: MaleHeight: 6'4" Weight: 240lbsEyes: Hazel Hair: Black╏ Nationality: BritishEntrance Theme: Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen

Jack’s Personality!

Years of working in a pub would show Jack as mostly a kindhearted, friendly, charismatic and polite person to those that come in. If one can handle his dry, wicked sense of humor and his sailor levels of swearing then he's also a great drinking buddy too. The only time you would see the angry side of him is when someone hurts or insults his employees or if one part of the pub is destroyed because of a drunken brawl. Always one to take care of things that he possesses, he would rather defuse a situation before it really gets explosive and years of experience has made him pretty good at that.

His mindset when it comes to facing women in the ring is...not chauvinistic in the fact that women should not fighting in the ring in the first place but more that he takes a fight less seriously than the male opponents, although he will do so when the competition heats up. Neither will he takes it seriously as well, if he loses. So he lost. So fucking what? Generally cool-headed who treats most things by the notion that there can be fun to be had and if there is, he will have it.

Jack's Appearance!

A charming lad...:

Jack's Wrestling Information

Alignment: Face
Preferred Matches: "Anything that doesn't have fucking hentai in the fucking name."
Jacks's Stats' and Style!

Strategy/Style: Jack tends to be old school when it comes to the culture of wrestling and his move set incorporates this, mixing power/strength based moves with some classical catch wrestling. He isn't quite lacking in speed, though most opponents who have more superior speed will be able to run circles around him. His endurance makes up for this since he could tank hits. He has no problem going bare knuckled though don't expect him to be a professional class boxer. Although his punches certainly doesn't lack in power at all.

Preferred attacks: Most power moves, suplexes, powerbombs, big boot, and a few grapples.

Physical Statistics
Endurance: ★★★★★

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes: ★★★
Submissions: ★★★
Powerhouse: ★★★★★
Counters: ★★★

Finishing Moves


Iron Arm

Jack's History and AFW record!
Wins: 0Losses: 0Draws: 0 Total: 0-0-0Rivals: N/AEnemies: N/ACrushes: N/A Friends/Allies: N/A
Past/History: Growing up with a sick mother and a deadbeat father that left him, Jack didn't have it easy. Academic studies were also hard since he spent time taking care of his mother than studying, which had him dropping out before he could finish secondary school. He had to get a job working in a pub in order to fund his mother's treatment. It wasn't enough and he soon found himself doing underground fighting just to help pay the bills. He has some talent but skill and experience goes a long way and he didn't do all too well. Not only that, his mother soon died after her condition worsened, leaving Jack all alone. But soon he met a man that would one day change his life. A former catch wrestler who now works in a large pub in England took him in. Knowing how rough it can be in the streets, Jack has been given some training as well as a steady income and a roof over his head. For Jack, that man was like a father to him than his biological one could ever be.

He spent most of his time working in that pub, not really knowing what he wishes to do after that but content with what he has. For him, life was good. His adoptive father soon put some curiosity into him when he talked about his success in his wrestler days. He felt interested in trying out himself, the father wants him to make a success in his life and show him that there is more to life than being in a pub.

So Jack tries this wrestling stuff out. And to his surprise, he has a natural knack for it, doing pretty good in the lower leagues.
This made Jack interested in making a life for himself and being successful in his life. His father soon points that Japan does have some nice wrestlers that he could try against. If that wasn't enough, there was a pub in Japan that is in need of a new owner.
Seeing it as an excellent chance to do something good, Jack bags the ownership of the Pig & Whistle pub and even more good,
signing up with the biggest Japanese wrestling promotion, AFW

Jack's Match History!

Official Matches:
Backstage & Promo Threads:
Out With The Old, In With The New - Jack meeting the new pub that he now owns, looking forward to his future in Japan and reminiscing about the old days.


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